Border Militia a Reaction to Government Betrayal

Larry Hopkins / Johnny Horton (Dona Ana County Jail/Facebook)

U.S.A. – -( “The FBI on Saturday said it had arrested Larry Hopkins, the leader of an armed group that is stopping undocumented migrants after they cross the U.S.-Mexico border into New Mexico,” Reuters reports. “Hopkins, 69, also known as Johnny Horton, was arrested in Sunland Park, New Mexico, on a federal complaint charging him with being a felon in possession of firearms and ammunition, the Federal Bureau of Investigation said in a statement.”

Compounding that, if it’s true Hopkins was making statements about assassinating “George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama, because of these individuals' support of Antifa” that were then phoned into the FBI’s snitch line, we are looking at a group infiltrated with CIs and maybe even provocateurs. further reports Hopkins was convicted of impersonating a police officer.

While a spokesman for United Constitutional Patriots said they weren’t worried and Hopkins would be cleared, that’s problematic. Assuming the feds did not make a mistake it should be expected that if you loudly call attention to yourself while opposing power interests, they’re going to bring actionable charges if they have them.

And call attention UCP did, compounding their leader’s colorful optics with armed members reportedly detaining more than 300 “asylum seekers” for the Border Patrol, which couldn’t distance itself far enough from the group and its actions. With Mexico, the American Civil Liberties Union, Democrats, and a sympathetic media joining forces, the government moving in became a foregone conclusion.

That’s because those ensuring a porous border and thwarting all efforts to fix things “legally” are the same ones who won’t let private citizens protect their own interests. They’ve created a “Catch-22” scenario, and worse brought us all a step closer to John F. Kennedy’s warning about “mak[ing] peaceful revolution impossible.”

Prominent in the betrayal is New Mexico’s Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan-Grisham, who says there’s no emergency and ordered the National Guard to withdraw from the border and further advocates:

  • Earned path to citizenship for DREAMers and others
  • Fight funding the border wall; advocate for DREAMers
  • Prohibit local law enforcement from enforcing federal law
  • Oppose exiting the U.S. to apply for citizenship.

The true guilty parties here are those who are making “violent revolution inevitable” through their deliberate betrayal of their country and by disallowing the one thing the Founders considered “necessary to the security of a free State.”

We shouldn’t be surprised that the media portrays UCP as “Trump’s army.” What the “journalists” don’t realize, because they’re trying to smear rather than report, is that a Constitutional militia would be in terms of command. Article. II. Section 2. Of the “supreme Law of the Land” designates:

“The President shall be Commander in Chief … of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States;”

Further, Article I. Section. 8. assigns to Congress the power:

“To provide for calling forth the Militia to … repel Invasions;

“To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia, and for governing such Part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States…”

And what is the militia?

“It is the whole people, except for few public officials,” founder George Mason noted. That vision is codified in federal law, 10 U.S. Code § 246. “Militia: composition and classes,” to be exact, as:

“[T]he unorganized militia … consists of the members of the militia who are not members of the National Guard or the Naval Militia.”

Basically, it’s you and me, with effective organization, qualified leadership, training and arms necessary to be a viable defensive force. Yet do you see any “conservative Republicans” in Congress touted as “pro-Second Amendment” making an effort to do their duty – and that’s what it is – to activate a sustained militia? Did they when they controlled the House, the Senate, and the Executive? Instead, the arms-related initiatives they are enacting will enable the states to conduct more “red flag” confiscations.

The Swamp has no intention of trusting that kind of power to the citizens whose birthright it is. So instead we see an invasion going unimpeded, and the “official” response being one of catch and release and, as we saw happen the other day, surrender.

“Armed Mexican troops disarmed two United States soldiers while they were on the American side of the border,” The Washington Times reports. “Officials confirmed that the Mexican troops were armed with what seemed to be rifles. They raised their weapons when they saw the two U.S. soldiers, and then took a pistol from one and put it in the CBP vehicle. [T]he two Americans obliged ‘in an attempt to de-escalate a potential volatile situation.’”

So Americans get arrested for “gun law violations.” Mexican troops illegally armed on our side of the border get obeyed. And an unchecked foreign flood continues as traitors at the highest levels of government do everything in their power to subvert original intent and bring about a tyranny that George III could not have imagined in his most fevered bout of madness.

“The leader of an armed militia group that spent the past two months detaining migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border has been hospitalized after he was attacked in the prison where he was awaiting trial on federal firearms charges, his attorney said.”

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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    1. Regardless the felony conviction of Larry Hopkins, the crime he was convicted of, or how his rights have not been restored, the origin of the problem is the ongoing invasion of the United States which is being encouraged and financed by agents within our borders. These have been identified but not prosecuted. Why is this crime against the citizens of the United States being allowed to continue?
      Are the very wealthy allowed to operate under their own rules?
      What we are witnessing in this invasion of the criminal, destitute, unskilled, and diseased is the implementation of the cloward piven strategy in an effort to bring down capitalism and the Constitutional republic we currently enjoy. The federal legislature has become kabuki theater, producing nothing more than posturing statements of condemnation, even when one party has a majority in both house and senate.

      Flush ’em all.

    2. So I guess nobody told these militia guys that Trumps USMCA replacement for NAFTA locked our north and south borders open to create The North American Union? The John Birch Society on you tube breaks it all down. America’s sovereignty was signed over but I guess these patriots didn’t get the memo. Border crisis is psyop.

    3. The questions of the century: 1) Of what use is a House of Representatives whose members no longer represent the people? 2) Of what use is a Senate whose members no longer represent the sovereign states?

      1. @Woody W Woodward, ANSWER of the Century: ” “The ability of governments to over power and destroy those that are governed is directly proportionate to the amount of effort the governed put into maintaining their government.” – Gregory Romeu

    4. Organize, arm, equip and train as militia for mutual defense. Set up a 5/10 program in your AO. Logistics, more is better. All of you who enjoy using the term Felon or felony should understand that the term was only used by the crown in admiralty court against American patriots BEFORE the American War for Independence. It is a term of the alien and hated Admiralty Court that we shot out of this country. The founders knew this and the present regime of ring knockers love it when ignorant slave state types parrot the word felon as a way to support their present idea of a British cast system. It is only since the implementation of the War Powers Act of 1933(FDR, the communist who implemented it) that the word comes into play by the outsiders who declared war on the American People. That is what the Act was a declaration of …. war against the American people by the crown/corporation of the UNITED STATES. You either have a Bill of Rights as a BIRTH RIGHT or you are stupid enough to believe you can dole out rights which means that you do not believe in the Bill of Rights but ROYALIST TYPE PRIVILAGE that can arbitrarily be denied at the whim of the “crown”. (those people and system we SHOT OUT OF THIS COUNTRY by 1783) Slave or free…which will you be? As the founders said….Many enjoy their chains. Liberty1775

    5. Oldmrine
      That is weird….. “Felons stopping Felons”. I think a good lawyer could have a lot of fun with this and the Government wold come out with a lot of red faces.

    6. I applaud this group of citizens stopping illegal immigrants and turning them over to the border patrol.
      I have very little sympathy for their leader, who was a convicted felon and forbidden to possess firearms and ammunition.
      The FBI came to visit him and he invited them into his office where there were rifles stacked in a closet that had no door.
      While his wife claimed ownership of the rifles, he had constructive possession by having them in his office unsecured.
      If you are married to a felon you can own firearms, they have to be on your person or locked up where the felon has no access.
      As a militia leader he should have been careful not to have firearms and have others handle any firearms needed .
      Agree or not with the lifetime ban on firearms ownership by convicted felons, it is a fact of life here in the United States.
      He Could easily have worked around it and continue his good work stopping the flow of illegal immigrants.
      I hope the organization survives this setback and keeps turning illegal immigrants over to the border patrol.

      1. How is it you could even remotely believe ANYTHING the FBI has to say??? If you are a TRUMP supporter you should KNOW BETTER! Gee, did the FBI lie nonstop for 30 months plus about everything Trump? Do yah think??? NOTE: remember the Hutaree Militia case here in Michigan. You do know that it was proven, in court, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the FBI and the prostitutor absolutely lied. In the latest forced release of discovery as the fed is being sued by the Hutaree members even more has been forced to light. In the Chambers Minutes you can read that the lawyers, the Prostitutors and the JUDGE ALL KNEW THAT THERE WAS NO CASE AND THAT THEY HAD NO EXCUSE TO PROCEED WITH ANYTHING BUT DID SO “TO SEE HOW MUCH THEY COULD GET AWAY WITH USING LIES”. The Fed agents were forced to admit that there was no law broken but the DC supervisors wanted to see how much they could get away with while FABRICATING the whole thing. Official Court Record. There are two tera bites of data from the case and all of it points to the lies and deceptions by…..THE “FBI”. So, gee, I wonder what the POLITICIZED FBI is up to yet again? Can we gues that they are siding with America’s ENEMIES from outside the country? Liberty1775

        1. @Docduracoat, where this felon screwed-up was that he was not credible enough to first make cobra t 28th the USBP, CBP or even the County Sheriff to communicate his / their intended activity and coordinate his / their information with the proper authorities.

          You don’t come to the border all Rambo’s up, thinking you are going to, “take charge” of anything. You research, confer and ONLY approach if the authorities in your perspective area of operation(s) welcome whatever it is you offer in ASSISTANCE! Or, you buy property along the border and as an owner, you defend it! DUH?

          If our nation becomes further overrun by illegals it’s the fault of the complacent citizens that are sitting on their dead asses whining and bitching and moaning because their personal little lives are in turmoil I at whatever distractions they have created in their lives where they could care less about the bigger picture of being a dutiful citizen of the United States and stepping up in force to face Congress, demanding they shut down the Border and take charge of the illegal immigration problem in this country.

          Right now I would say that we have actually 3% of US citizens that really give a damn about this situation on a 24/7 basis and 3% of that 3% that are trying to do anything about it and 3% of those are running out of time and resources from years along the border.

          so sit your ass back in that big old lounge chair enjoy your latte and your Netflix and we’ll continue to handle it down here.

        2. Quick! Go down to the border pronto! Since YOU obviously were an eyewitness to what happened! I am sure they will listen to your account of what really occurred! GO!

      2. @Doc….I also applaud them. From what I heard, Horton and his Unified Constitutional Militia have been in that area for several months, helping the border patrol by asking the migrants to sit down in place and wait for the border patrol. That seemed to be what was happening in the 45 minute video that they released. That area, Sunland Park, NM seems to be a very active crossing point, and this last episode involved 300-400 migrants. That is a very large group who all came walking up the railroad tracks at once. The militia members were heard remarking about how large the group was, and the fact that many of them were coughing their heads off. It seems that there is an incurable virus that has now jumped from Mexico to the USA. This is no joke because it also kills people after making them very sick.
        I have some questions as to how Horton got to be a felon. All I heard is that it had something to do with something he was accused of in 2017 or 2018. Was he set up and railroaded thru a kangaroo court ? Is the case in Appeal ? Is he really a “FELON”, as they would like you to believe, or is he a targeted individual because he had the balls to get up off his ass and do something ? Anyway, the news came out today that he was assaulted last night in prison and is now suffering what they think are fractured ribs. This man and his crew had a working relation with the over stretched border patrol, and the video proves they very much appreciated his help. He needs all the support we can give him and his militia crew. We should all be down on the border with him. That is only one crossing area in New Mexico. There are many more, and hundreds at a time are crossing, while all attention is focused on the caravan stopped at the border in California.

    7. So when do we start firing feeb management for not doing their job to enforce the 4th amendment? When do we start disciplining the street agents for accepting illegal orders? When do we start prosecuting feebs for blatantly violating the 4th amendment? Any of you thousands of LE readers, DA’s, or AUSA’s want to explain how the 4th protects law enforcement, but not law abiding U.S. citizens?

    8. What gets me is you always hear the news say we caught 2,500 in the month of April and that seems to be everyone. The demoncrats say that isn’t that many people, we can handle it and there is never any mention of the posdibility that we didn’t catch all of them. We have solid evidence that many more are getting through then we know of and they are never part of the equasion. We are being infiltrated, attacked and overrun and this is a crisis. 418,000 caught this year, that we know of. I bet thats only about 50%. Demoncrats, we have a full blown crisis and proof that the Federalis thought the Americans were on thier side of the border is it. If thier was a Fricking wall, thier wouldn’t be any question. Bulid that wall.

      1. On the Southern border, specifically the Rio Grande, there is a smuggler crossing point every tenth of a mile from the coast at Brownsville, to Del Rio and points West. Every night, weather permitting, illegals cross by boat, about 20 to a stick, at each crossing point, making about 4, or 5 trips by boat, at each point. The caryels crossing teams have to report paying customer crossers head counts back to their command centers. Every plaza (29) from Matamoros to Tijuana operates crossing teams. When they aren’t crossing illegals at $2300 a head with a 3 day guarantee, they are crossing dope. The democrats have ordered the AUDA’s not to accept cases from CBP. Democrats have ordered CBP management to do the absolute minimum possible. So consider the reporyed numbers caught, as the absolute minimum possible. In Texas DPS has hundreds of flir videos of CBP agents running blocker for the smugglers, lights and sirens on, with DPS chasing, but following safe chase protocols. You can drive down into the vecindarios on the North side of the river, and find yards full of fake police cars, under tarps. They are operated by the cartels at night in support of drug crossing operations. The fbi, and ausa’s are fully aware of this, yet they chose to do nothing. Does “impersonating a police officer” ring a bell? Well, the fbi will only arrest U.S.citizens allegedly impersonating. Evidently, it’s perfectly legal for illegal criminal infiltrators to impersonate a U.S. law enforcement person. The fbi academy should start issuing swords to managers to fall on, since they are not complying with their oath of office!

        1. @Mike A, Every federal supervisor, down to the GS 13 level) should be required to carry a signed letter of resignation in their shirt pocket, at all times (swords are too expensive.)

    9. Border ” militia ” man arrested … script taken exactly from TV propaganda show ” The Rookie “.
      Plot – Bad gun owners protect their own neighborhood , ( gasp , how could they ? )

        1. Every man that fought in the WAR FOR INDEPENDENCE was in violation of the “law” and a HIGH CRIMINAL. I’d rather be with them than all of the panty waist nay sayers we see today. How can you take away the bill of rights from any AMERICAN. All elements of the Bill of Rights are a BIRTH RIGHT. No right can be taken but only during a TEMPORARY PUNNISHMENT phase can even part of those rights be with held for a very temporary period of detainment/incarceration. Once the scales of JUSTICE ARE BALLANCED then no restriction can be applied. Other wise stop telling me you support the Bill of Rights while undermining them. The felony title is a fabrication title in and of itself and everyone PARROTS what the ring knockers have fabricated. You either have natural rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights putting chains upon government or you have NONE!

          1. @Woody W Woodward, ANSWER: “The ability of governments to overpower and destroy those that are governed is directly proportionate to the amount of effort the governed put into maintaining their government.” – Gregory Romeu

        2. Ron, It is the ones like you that crow the loudest condemning someone else that have the most to hide in your past! Of course you will never admit your past. Yeah, you were lucky enough to not get caught, but still not innocent. What is it you have to hide? Will you be honest enough to admit it to anyone?
          I doubt it!

    10. The FBI has become the Jack-boots that the NRA warned us about. Focusing more attention to free citizens who are supporting the US Constitution rather than focusing on dangerous criminals. After what the FBI has done over the past few years, politically harassing President Trump, I have validity in seeing them as jack-booted thugs with zero regard for the US Constitution. I respect law and order, but free citizens have the right to support and defend the US Constitution and being labelled a “felon” for expressing one’s opinion and protecting one’s self and community is absurd and a complete waste of tax dollars and enforcement. It’s time to compartmentalize and defund the FBI. Is he really such an existential threat to Hillary Clinton and President Obama? There are significant Mexican cartel presence in nearly every state in the USA (DOJ) why is the FBI worried about a militia leader? He maybe a bigger threat to the jack-boots and their police state vision of law and order behind bars… Something worth considering. It almost seems the FBI is in the business to keep the border open to the flow of criminals, terrorists, and drugs?

    11. Before you commit to ANY group such as a militia, do your homework. In my experience, most have been infiltrated by FEDGOV snitches. The fiasco in Eastern Oregon a few years ago was a classic example. The Famous But Incompetent had their people right in with LaVoy Finicum and his true patriots. When the balloon goes up, the greatest dangers you and your tribe will face will be within five miles of your home. Ask yourself: Have I identified these dangers? What will I do to counter them?

      1. Before talking shit, change your profile to your real name. Otherwise you are just another armchair quarterback who thinks that they can hide behind their keyboard and spout a bunch of crap.

        1. Yeah, ignore the truth, focus on the messenger. Standard FBI investigative procedure. The facts stand, and support themselves. Speak to the facts, not the irrelevant messenger.

        2. @Ron, First using one’s real name would be really poor opsec. Second, DTW is correct about infiltrators. The Fat Boy Institute has bragged about having informants in every known militia group. Every militia group should have a counter-intell section. If you suspect one of being an informer, feed him lots of false information, false ops, and “newly formed militias over in the next county” to report to his handlers. Soon they will fire him. No fuss, no muss.

        3. Says the guy identifying himself only as “Ron”, who is more likely to be a CI than anything else for trying to “shame” someone into ID’ing himself to the goons monitoring this site.

      2. Dweez, must we do out own background checks? It would seem so. As for the 5 mile rule, that would encompass hmmmm? The state Capitol falls within range. I really needs tuh git the heck out of the valley! Lavoy Finicum was an unspeakable tragedy. Hard to trust government when you see that and know they will do all they can to make you a felon enroute to removing your God Given Rights. I speak of SB 978 specifically.

        Thanks for letting me comment on yours’!
        Respectfully, NF Long live Frank Zappa

        1. Yes you should be doing your own background checks and validating who you are running around with while armed and doing dangerous things. Who else do you think is going to do it?
          One should not just throw in with any ole bunch that might have similar ideas or values. I’ve seen full blown, listed on the website of registered, chomos running around sporting 3%er swag. You’ll get some nut job who will shoot you in the back when things heat up too.
          I can’t think of a single reason not to validate anyone you are running around with in this capacity or many others.

        2. @No Filter, If you are within five miles of your state capitol, perhaps you should consider moving. I would never tell one what to do, but when the SHTF, there won’t be time to get away from there. Only a suggestion.

          1. Will Bill, the desire to move is a strong one. Making it happen will take some time, something that is surely running short. Thank you for your kind words!
            Matt, growing up with trust issues has led to a somewhat solitary existence but that’s okay. I do have brothers in arms that l would trust with my life. You are OK be me!

    12. If true, people like Larry Hopkins and organizations that don’t oust people like him are causing great harm to our freedom by giving excuses to the enemies of freedom.
      Sadly, my local militias are defunct. I would like to see an article on finding, forming, and maintaining militias based on the Constitution.

      1. @Proctor, Maybe The Fat Boys were bringing LH in from the cold. The Boy Scouts, 4-H, Future Farmers of Am. are all great places to begin future militias. Perhaps volunteering to help one of those groups would give you an opportunity to sow a new garden.

    13. Legally armed citizens assisting the Border Patrol when the BP is severely understaffed and overworked (in addition to being “hamstrung” by liberals/Democrats) should be welcomed, not be considered a criminal act. A “Citizen’s Arrest” is legal in this county and the practice dates back to common law in England. A Citizen’s Arrest is when a citizen who is not a law enforcement agent detains a criminal for committing a crime, and crossing the border illegally is definitely a crime regardless of what the liberals/Democrats claim.

    14. I agree with one of the last comments, WHO THE HELL WAS THE SOURCE THAT WAS NOT NAMED, sounds a lot like the sources that Clinton news network, Mucus Sh*t Nazi Butthead Craptrap, Nanny Yankee Traitor, and other lame stream communist, socialist propaganda spreaders in this country used to try to kick a President out of office that we elected with our DEPRLORABLE VOTES! I DON’T CARE IF YOU VOTED FOR TRUMP OR DON’T LIKE TRUMP WHEN YOU START LETTING THESE ELITES AND THEIR JACK BOOTED THUGS START TAKING OVER THERE WILL ONLY BE ONE SOLUTION——-CIVIL WAR! Folks we are almost there, WE HAVE SHEEPLE THAT KEEP ALLOWING OUR FREEDOMS TO BE TAKEN ONE SMALL PIECE AT A TIME, JUST LIKE THEIR LOVE & LEADERS CARL MARX AND SAUL ALINSKY TOLD THE SOCIALIST DEMONCRAPS TO DO! If Larry Hopkins was a Felon around guns or ammo HE SHOULD HAVE KNOWN IT WOULD OPEN THE GATES FOR THE CROOKED GOVERNMENT AGENCIES TO STRIKE!! I agree we are knocking at Civil Wars Door and as JFK said A PEACEFUL REVOLUTION WILL BE IMPOSSIBLE!

    15. Hell Fire! I say fling open the gates and bus them in and fly them in. Let us see how long it takes to become more populous than China or India. At least it would shorten our destruction by a decade. Perhaps those that prefer our present form of gov’t can repopulate the vacated south American countries; but wait, then they would begin to come back home and begin anew the whole process.

    16. The Dems will punish anyone that tries to prohibit their Plantation voters from crossing the border.. they want to destroy the middle class.. they only want two classes in this country.. The Haves and the Have Nots.. that is how communist or socialist governments form … there is no middle class in a communist or socialist government .. they are slowly but surely ensuring the end of our Republic …the Republicans want the cheap labor.. neither party wants to stop illegal immigration.. IT IS ALL AN ACT!!.. if it were true they would have done it 20 years ago… both parties are trying to end our Republic form of government.. in the near future there will be a socialist Revolution, in our borders, just like Cuba and other Central American nations..

    17. The bottom line is that if the militia leader was a felon who illegally possessed a firearm, of course he would be arrested. It wouldn’t matter if he was on the border or simply pulled over in a traffic stop.

      There are a lot of things wrong with our government, but this isn’t one of them – and certainly not the reason to be talking about an armed revolution! In fact those kinds of threats do more harm to our cause than good!!

      1. If he really WAS convicted of a felony, he’s now out of jail, served his time, paid his “debt” and SHOULD HAVE< per law, had his right to arms restored. If he can't be trusted in public with a firearm, why the hell is he not required to have a custodian?

        Then, what WAS his felony? That's another thing wrong with this country… seems gummit invent all manner of things to be called "felonies", thus disarming one more citizen. How about driving 81 mph in a posted 60 zone (that SHOULD be posted 75 anyway)? Or in my county, shooting nuisance feral cats is a felony. Or maybe was it possession of a handgun wihtout FIRST getting the infringing Mother May I Card and paying the mordita to the government to "allow" him to carry concealed, or in some places to even own a handgun?

        This guy was doing something we need a whole lot more of….. citizens standing in the gap government are ASSIGNED but REFUSE to occupy. Sort of like when the city garbage collectors go out on strike and a citizen with a decent sized dump trailer collects the refuse from the neighbourhood and carts it off to the rubbish tip. SOMEONE has to take out the trash… seems that's what this guy was doing. The municipal dustmen were out on strike.

        1. What law restores gun rights to a convicted felon when he gets out? A convicted felon’s dumb moves just turned a thousand attaboys into an aw-shit! Citizens protecting the border would result in “some” positive press, right up until this stupid move…. Before doing something think – will the end result be positive or negative. Bulldozers don’t work if you need to propagate a field of congeniality…..

          1. Clark Kent, maybe the screen door should hit you in the ass with a bazooka!
            Before 1968, when people were released from prison their guns were returned to them because it was seen as unconstitutional to not return them. In some states, if the prisoner did not have a rifle, one was provided for him upon his release.
            These are the UNALIENABLE RIGHTS OF ALL FREE MEN! Isn’t someone that served their sentence free when they are released from prison or parole?
            You crow pretty loud Clark, what are you hiding in your past that you are not proud of????

      2. What kind of felon was he ? What was his crime ? Was it trumped up and ramrodded thru a kangaroo court ? Did he perhaps fail to pay tax to the illegal IRS, that never bothered to get the 16th Ammendment properly ratified ? Everyone says he was a felon. So what ! I would like to know the details of him becoming a felon. And I would like to know the details around him supposedly “impersonating a police officer”. Who testified against him. I only want to know because we all should know that there are many people who are wrongly convicted for all sorts of things. That is no secret.

      1. our cause … are you serious … there is no cause … there is no country … this nation is dying quickly and tptb will aloow it to continue unabated …

      1. The problem is people have not wanted to listen to the old guy on the street and now its coming back to bite them on the ass !! People have forgotten the past and very shortly I think they may be repeating it !! If you don’t fight for your 2nd amendment rights now you can kiss them goodbye!! You think it’s bad now! Wait till it happens ! All those who want the 2nd amendment abolished will be crying after it happens because they themselves will be victims of their own ideas and beliefs !! ( watch what you wish for!! You just might get it )!!!

    18. The American Patriot will not be denied. Those who are aiding and abetting the treason we see today will eventually get a bullet to the head or rope to the neck. A reckoning is coming, and when it gets here the blood will run in all the streets. Every enemy of America had better think of getting out NOW, because once the first shot is fired, there will be no escape.

        1. Well Clark, why don’t you elucidate us all on what he allegedly did ? We want details as to what the charge was, who made it, who testified in court against him, and whose pocket they were in. Who the judge was and whose pocket is he in, and how many were on the jury, and whose pocket were they in ? Was he targeted and set up because of the activism he was involved with ? WAS HIS “conviction” on appeal and what did he have to say in his defense ? Did he have any previous convictions, was he ever arrested before ? Was he married and did he have any issue ? We all want to hear all the FACTS, not just some smear crap that came out of a kangaroo court, please. And we want to know how you would know any of the details.

    19. Larry Hopkins exemplifies one of my main concerns with the Unconstitutional behavior of the Government.

      After someone serves their punishment completely, they should have their complete rights back. Maybe sooner. Anything less is, in fact, a violation of the 8th and 9th Amendments, and any other Amendments the State or Federal Governments believe they can sequester.

      You’re right David, this is all leading to a dark place we shouldn’t have to go.

    20. Ok, lets go down the checklists-
      An anonymous phone call does not qualify as probable cause, or even reasonable suspicion. So, how to we make the fake news work. As with Waco, and the republic of texas scams. So, a law abiding citizen(s) with guns, doing their due diligence, and duty to protect the U.S. won’t work. How do we make the guy a felon? Let’s call our own office, and report the guy for impersonating a police officer. Check mark next to felon. They have guns. Ok- call ATF for title 18 weapons related authority! No, we can’t do that. They are being scrutinized, so they won’t help the feebs fabricate any scam charges at the direction of their communist democrat handlers.
      4th amendment states that U.S. citizens will be secure in their papers, places, and homes. So, since the feebs are tasked with, as are all law enforcement, enforcing the 4th amendment. So criminal alien invaders count as violating the U.S. citizens 4th amendment rights by invading, let alone breaking and entering, theft, and other crimes. But the feebs can’t protect the democrat criminal voter base by enforcing the law, and arresting the criminal alien invaders. So the manufacture nonsensical charges, and remove the law abiding citizen good guys from the equation. The 4th amendment works both ways!

      1. We not only know the logistics of the war that is needed, we have been building for decades as we have watched the total betrayal, step by step. The enemy has played too many cards that cannot not be hidden back under the vest. (The pedophile card was played and then they tried to slide it back out of sight….too late!)The creatures taste the destruction of this country by boiling frog compromise and are absolutely overt about their intentions and our deaths. This nation was started with a rifle putting a lead vote in a federal gun confiscation officer ballot box. Multiple times and for a number of years. You are NOT going to “vote” the vultures away from your children. You are going to have to get rid of the vultures once and for all. Anyone who is a dual citizenship liar is an enemy and has been one of the biggest problems in these most resent years of betrayal. There is no forgiving anyone who is not an American only for you cannot serve two masters and there’s is outside the country. We will never forget that. The checks and balances system includes our arms and NOT as a last resort….”should we wait until the chains are upon our hands and feet and we lie supinely on the ground?” the words of a man who also had no problem “give me liberty or give me death!”. It’s the cost we now have to make because everyone thought they could…compromise. Liberty1775

        1. It was the “Dual Citizen Neocons” who wrote the PNAC DOCUMENT about a year before the event at the WTC complex occurred. In the Project For a New American Century (PNAC) document, it called for a “catalyzing event, like a NEW PEARL HARBOR” to happen, that would speed up their plans for global control. Guess what two countries the “Dual Citizen Neocons” belonged to ??? I wonder if “Mrs. Specter from Sweden” is a dual citizen neocon herself ?

    21. The lack of response to all the fraud by DNC in the 2018 elections has proven to me that my efforts need to be focused on training with others around me for that inevitable clash.

    22. I have said numerous times that a violent revolution is inevitable. Hell, it has breached the gates already yet Americans refuse to fight their half of it Maybe we have already been handed over to Satan for destruction, God knows we have more than begged for it and more than earned it. If Americans cannot be bothered to defend against this evil and defend our families and this nation then we deserve what is coming because I can promise you no one else is coming to help, just to partake of our guaranteed destruction.

      We are about to reap what we have sewn. We could still win this, but it would require enough people giving a damn about their own families, and giving a single care for their fellow Americans to make it happen. I am just not sure there is enough left who care or we wouldn’t be where we are now. This will require a heavy toll in blood, but blood is what we will be spilling regardless, will it be on our terms for freedom, or on their terms as slaves to Satan’s minions now in control of this nation?

      1. This fight does not require an Army. It goes not require a Militia. All it requires is Patriots. Patriots willing to do what needs to be done. Their are many Problems scattered all across Our Nation. Each Problem can be dealt with singularly. Once the bigger Problems have been eliminated. Simply choose a new Problem to solve. While 1 army of 1000 may solve a large problem. 1000 armies of 1 can solve 1000’s of Problems. Keep Your Powder Dry.

        1. @Dark, I concur. All this talk of civil war is by those who neither know the logistics of such a calamity, nor the procedures that our founders set up for us. Find a candidate that has not been corrupted yet, and throw a barbecue to raise money for them. The logistics of a barbecue we can all handle.

          1. Wild Bill, Thanks for pointing that out. I hear a lot of chest beating but little planning or understanding of either the costs or abilities. Call it what you will, but working without killing is more likely to have a good outcome than jumping into an unforced error.

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