Crime Report for Indianapolis after NRAAM Rolls Through Town

NRA-ILA LEADERSHIP FORUM - Friday, April 26, 12-3 p.m.* - Lucas Oil Stadium
NRA-ILA LEADERSHIP FORUM – Friday, April 26, 12-3 p.m.* – Lucas Oil Stadium

Indianapolis, IN-( This past weekend members of the National Rifle Association met in Indianapolis for the NRA Annual Meeting.

According to a lot of left-wing politicians and media outlets, the NRA is a terrorist organization and is responsible for mass shootings across the country. In fact, during the CNN Town Hall after the Parkland shooting, NRA personality Dana Loesch was told she had blood on her hands for the shooting.

Every day Loesch's Twitter is filled with vile and hate by people wishing harm upon her and her children. This targeted vitriol isn't something uniquely directed at Loesch. A few days ago, a prominent Democratic operative took to my public Facebook page to call me sick for my support of the Second Amendment.

So, if the NRA is full of bloodthirsty monsters, and there were tens of thousands heavily armed members of the NRA in Indianapolis, then there should have been mass carnage across the city. The blood should be running through the streets of Indy.

That brings us to the question: how many crimes were committed by NRA members last week in the host city of NRAAM?

AmmoLand reached out to the Indianapolis Metro Police Department to see how many arrests that they could tie to the tens of thousands of visitors that came into the city for NRAAM. Unsurprisingly out of the 6125 incidents during NRAAM they could not link a single arrest to any attendees of the annual meeting with the lone exception of one intoxicated anti-Trump protestor that threw a phone at the president as he took the stage to speak to the NRA membership.

There were no mass shootings in the city over the weekend. No NRA members got into gunfights in the streets. No NRA members shot anyone in Indianapolis during the meeting for any reason. Not a single member fired their gun in anger. The membership crushed the anti-freedom narrative of the left.

So, if these very well armed law-abiding citizens didn't go on a shooting spree during NRAAM then what did these members of the NRA do in Indianapolis over the weekend?

They spent money, a lot of money.

Restaurants and hotels in Indianapolis took in millions of dollars from NRA members. Hotels across the city were booked solid for the meeting. Restaurants experienced a massive boom in food sales. At a minimum these members added $50,000,000 to the local Indianapolis economy.

These members celebrated their constitutional right to bear arms. They celebrated their fellowship with other gun owners. They rebuked the liberal anti-gun narrative that gun owners are uncaring monsters and that gun culture is dying out in America.

NRAAM was a massive success. The meeting showed the country the real gun culture. We as members of the Second Amendment community are not uncaring people. It is just the opposite. We care about our rights and our children’s rights.

We understand that we are only one generation from tyranny. The Second Amendment keeps oppressive regimes in check. The Second Amendment is the only right that the government cannot take away. It can only be given away, and no matter what you think of the NRA, NRAAM showed that we are not willing to give up that right so easily.

About John CrumpJohn Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot News Podcast which can be found at John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%'ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on leftist deplatforming methods and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, on Facebook at realjohncrump, or at

  • 21 thoughts on “Crime Report for Indianapolis after NRAAM Rolls Through Town

    1. I never saw the 25 protestors who got coverage on every one of the local newscasts for three straight days! Pretty much the whole town was friendly and welcoming, and I know they appreciated the food and drink business downtown because not much else was happening then

    2. I was in Indy it was a great meeting I love the NRA without them we would be throwing rocks. Everyone involved was well behaved as it always is at these get togethers. There is no such thing as common sense gun control period 2nd amendment shall not be infringed.

    3. Great piece. Wish I could have been there. The
      Demo-Nazi’s are not going to stop. They are ridiculous and are
      Way out of hand. We have got to vote them out and get more likeminded Republicans and Independents (like myself) voted into
      Office. We need republican super majority’s in both the House and senate and especially re elect Pres Trump.

    4. The only thing the NRA contributed to this lack of law breaking is the fact it was their convention. The actual citizens that were there are the individuals that kept their kool and did not create any problems. Usually, when a large group of people get together they have a few too many drinks and that causes some problems. Gun owners know it is not good to drink while in possession and as the old saying goes, an armed society is a polite society. Good job to those toting guns.

      1. The majority of those attending were NRA members – they ARE the NRA, so, therefore, the NRA was the primary contributor.

      2. Read the article before you comment!!!
        the actual citizens did this
        Unsurprisingly out of the 6125 incidents during NRAAM they could not link a single arrest to any attendees

    5. By now it has become apparent that you can not debate or rationalize with an anti gunner. They are incapable of logical thinking and you can not reason with them. Anyone who thinks that teachers should teach and should not have to carry firearms because one might go off and kill a child, is obviously either an idiot or incapable of critical thinking. We must not allow these people to gain elected office for they can do and have done great harm to the Nation

      1. I agree, however, we have witnessed in the last few elections “wolves-in-sheep’s-clothing”; so-called republicans who are in fact democRATS running AS republicans. Or, we have those who claim to be republicans but are only in it for the money and prestige and have sold us out for personal gain. So in the end, how do we REALLY know, with certainty, the ones we vote into office will carry out their sworn Oath to defend the Constitution and not their pockets?
        At 68, I have become very cynical and do not trust any politician; none!
        I believe voting days are over as not even a real conservative/republican will stand up anymore to the tyrannical communist-run democRATs and elite/deep swamp or whatever the hell you want to call “them”.

        1. Follow their voting records through The New American magazine Freedom Index published twice a year. Judge them by the Constitution.

    6. How many unarmed Americans are going to be added to the dead list today from obeying gun control while the rubber gun squad demands more?

      Gun control has replaced 2A just as planned.

    7. The antigun Left are immune to facts, persuasion or reasonableness. People on the Right and gun owners especially had better learn that real quick. Our defense lies not in trying to change Leftist minds, but share gun culture with moderate voters that are not wedded to a particular party. That way maybe they become gun owners too, and vote with us for pro-gun outcomes.

      1. Something that the miscreants fail to understand and some gun owners and sportsmen forget. We pay excise taxes on our guns, ammo and archery supplies. We pa6 these taxes with no complaint because they go for wildlife restoration and habitat through Pittman Robertson. Food for thought!

      2. Nick, there usually is, but it is not easily found, since MSM will not report facts that do not confirm their bias.

    8. The only crime was committed on the members by the BOD in allowing Wayne La Pee and his merry band of miscreants to escape unpunished.

    9. Open carry gun demonstrations across the USA have always been pretty darn peaceful and it’s surprising but Antifa and Hogg boy never find time to show and strip those guns away by force from gun toting Americans. They do a great job shooting their mouths off in front of a CNN camera but in real life they are pansies. Cops don’t even bother open carry rallies because they know how boring they are with no violence. Gun rallies of any kind are the safest place to be and there aren’t any people walking around with their eyes all bugged out at you like the left. Gun rallies are like being around family on a holiday. Good vibes, people and times. What America is about.

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