Oregon Firearms Federation Calls for OR Republicans to WALK OUT Over SB 978


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Oregon Firearms Federation Calls for OR Republicans to WALK OUT Over SB 978

Oregon – -(AmmoLand.com)- Our backs are against the wall. If Oregon Democrat’s Omnibus gun control bill, SB 978 passes almost all of us are at risk of becoming felons. It is that simple.

SB 978 was created to turn as many Oregon gun owners of us as possible into criminals.

Virtually all Democrats support this bill.

There is one tool to stop it. The Senate Republicans have to take a courageous stand and WALK OUT.

Period. That is the only hand they have to play. If they don’t, your gun rights will be gone, end of story.

  • You will be a criminal if someone steals your gun.
  • You will be a criminal if you own an older firearm that never had a serial number.
  • You will be a criminal if you don’t lock up your guns.
  • You will be a criminal if you DO lock up your guns.
  • You will be a felon if you drive NEAR a “public building” with a firearm.
  • You can go to prison for 5 years for picking up a friend or family member at an airport.
  • You will be a criminal if you have ever built a firearm at home.

In short, you will be a criminal if you do virtually all things normal law-abiding gun owners do.

The time is short. If Oregon Republican Senators don’t walk out and deny the Democrats a quorum we will have very little chance of saving any gun rights in Oregon.

Please take a moment to demand Oregon Republican Senators take a stand to keep their supporters out of prison.

Please take action here.

Oregon Firearms FederationAbout Oregon Firearms Federation:

The Oregon Firearms Federation has proven itself to be Oregon’s only no compromise lobbying group, OFF takes the same tough stands and serves as a vehicle for educating gun owners, promoting their rights and when necessary, fighting the freedom haters in court. Visit: www.oregonfirearms.org

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Dan R Donahue

Never before in the History of Oregon has the legislature been poised to divide the people of Oregon as they are today. SB 978 will be a scissum that will not be repaired. County officials, county sheriffs, thousands of tax paying law abiding citizens have stood up to the unconstitutional poised act of this legislature. Our own countries Independence started with the same hostile and disdain that this legislature has shown to its own people just as at Concord, Mass April 19, 1775 when the British marched to confiscate a militia’s arms. . Over riding a state wide vote of… Read more »

salesh Mishra

My Name is Salesh Mishra And I want to tell you why this bill and others like it are here. These people know the Collapse is coming. What you might not know is that this has nothing to do with safety. Actually, I want you to imagine if your LEO’s are going to be disarmed? Are they? No. Are they going to have weapons? Take a look. Also If you think that this has anything to do with safety? You sir are a fool. Good luck. You can’t place numbers on Mold. Neither with what else is coming. Oregon as… Read more »

David Klaus

The Demoncrats in our legislature think that just because they have a super majority, they somehow have a mandate from the people to do whatever they want. However, I think they are overplaying their hand and are about to find out the hard way that they DO NOT speak for all Oregonians. I have reminded them that in order for laws to be enforceable, they must first secure two things: (1) The compliance of the citizenry, and (2) The cooperation of law enforcement. A vast majority of law enforcement officers in our state are patriots FIRST, and law enforcers, Second.… Read more »

salesh Mishra

@ David KLAUS This is about something else. Just take a look at why and WHO is passing this. I would also like to note that the Republicans that are IN RIGHT NOW are in fact voting the same way. I sure hope you get some new faces in there. And stop voting for the old. I think it’s time you men take control of your county’s and state. If I don’t see you go door to door and letting people know that you are going to leave and replace them with the Boarder Kids? I think you are not… Read more »


Ezra these gun laws infringing on the rights of every law-abiding citizen an estate what about when we want to go hunting what about we want to protect our children please do not pass these laws

salesh Mishra

Jerry, Have you not asked nicely enough for a long time? Brother, they are not going to listen any longer. They now you will simply just take it. It’s time you make your voice heard loudly. They do this to you. Its time to use the same tactics. Be damn the consequences. This is our land and our freedom.


Did you all click the link and write you letters to the legislature?I did, and I also wrote a personal email to my State Senator, Floyd Prozanski. He is the worst of the bunch, adding amendments to this bill in the middle of the night, after all opportunities for public comment have come and gone. He is the ultimate definition of a traitor, and may he rot in hell for selling out his patriotic, law-abiding constituents.


Ezra these gun laws infringing on the rights of every law-abiding citizen an estate what about when we want to go hunting what about we want to protect our children please do not pass these laws


Reynolds V. Sims The ruling by Chief Justice Warren forced the Senate to also be apportioned by population. That ruling was illegal. That unlawful ruling amended the constitution of 30 states that modeled their state constitution after the federal standard, taking away their rights guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution, Article IV, Section 4. “THE UNITED STATES SHALL GUARANTEE TO EVERY STATE IN THIS UNION A REPUBLICAN FORM OF GOVERNMENT. That’s pretty clear and it is reinforced by the 10th Amendment ” – The powers delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Zee, There are two other branches of the federal government that could repudiate Reynolds v. Sims, and then that would be the end of it.

Dan LaMoreaux

I would like to remind the “Powers that be” of one simple fact, they themselves are proud to be Americans.
*Note: a proud American is someone who is a descendant (most of us, at least) of people who were considered rabble rousers by the establishment and they rebelled.

Keep pushing us like you have been, and you’ll see another revolution.


I was thinking of moving out to Oregon!! I no longer have that plan in mind! And now my family is looking to move back out of Oregon!! It is a beautiful state but now just to visit ! I guess they don’t want law abiding citizens who don’t want to be pressured moving there ! Their loss! Now to find a constitutional carry state who would like to have hard working professional people who pay taxes move into their state!! Please send me info and pictures of your constitutional carry state and why I would want to live there!… Read more »

Wild Bill

, The Texas state income tax rate is zero. Texas is calling!


TX legislature (al least) is run by straus-clones


..typing!…(at least)


If the new law passes turning people into criminals that have been and are upstanding citizens it will end in a bad way. The outcome will effect how law enforcement handles even the smallest traffic offense. The question of do you have any weapons in your vehicle should not be asked. I will lie. They run your plate and the dispatcher tells them if you have a permit or not and with some officers how they handle you is different. Some officers are more aggressive, usually the younger ones and that isin’t right. So, they are told you have a… Read more »

Brandi thoma-mclaren

I agree 110% with you and just feel sick over this entire situation. There will be people who just flat out need to be in jail for horrific crimes that will be left walking free to do only god knows what cause the law will be busy with something that should never even been allowed.. If they pass this its going to be a free for all for any one of the constitutes of our UNITED STATES OF AMERICA to be next in line to be taken away ..all our for father’s would cringe at the way things are ran… Read more »

Dennis Nowik

The republicans are wimps.

salesh Mishra

YOU GOT THAT RIGHT. I’m telling you, we got to change out the paid for ones. WE MUST NOT VOTE FOR THE OLD GAURD. THEY ARE ALL BOUGHT AND PAID FOR. And they know what happens when they don’t do what everyone else says.

Jeff Ellis

SB 978 was drafted by constitutional criminals. I identify these dishonable “pick-and-choosers for what they are: Constitutional criminals. They are cruel, brutish, intolerant bullies who demand total conformaty. Their goal is never to persuade, not debate. It is to humiliate and vilify all who hesitate to support them. Their ultimate objective is to destroy independent thought. They are not good people, not good citizens.


It’s people like that in history that have started world wars!!

Frank L Lengele Jr

If you Oregon Republicans have any testicular fortitude you will walk out of the dog and pony show, don’t be intimidated

salesh Mishra

They have Families and rent. What do you expect them to do?


The USSC started this mess with Grey v Sanders and Reynolds v Sims. These cases created the one man one vote scam, ending the ability of States to have representation by County in one house of state government. Justice Frankfurter, in his dissent said,”if we do this we will create a nation with an entirely city point of view. Salem and Portland control Oregon politics. The rest of you are serfs in the state your fathers created to protect your Liberty. A California group CFR is seeing California in federal court to free ourselves from exactly what is happening all… Read more »


I’ve lived in Oregon most of my life. Born here. Moved away for a awhile, but now I’m back. What the hell happened? The saying used to be “Don’t californicate Oregon”. I guess now we are californicated. We let it happen. I’m with you, Jefferson! Molon Labe