Booker Goes Bonkers with Plan to Regulate 2A as Privilege

Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) has just launched a plan to combat violent crime that essentially treats the right to keep and bear arms like a regulated privilege. (Screen snip, YouTube, CNN)

U.S.A.-( Democrat presidential hopeful Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey has released a plan to combat so-called “gun violence” by essentially relegating the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms to the level of a privilege that is strictly regulated by the government, including licensing every five years, fingerprinting, and limiting handgun purchases to one per month.

His plan would also repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) so the door would be opened for harassment lawsuits against firearms manufacturers, holding them responsible for crimes committed by third parties, and for illegal gun trafficking.

Under Booker’s plan, so-called “universal background checks” would be required for all firearms transfers. Microstamping would be mandated, even though the technology would be prohibitively expensive.

“Microstamping is technology that allows law enforcement to identify the source of ammunition used in crimes by making a shell casing traceable to the specific gun that fired the round. Unfortunately, in many cases, there is little evidence left behind at crime scenes, resulting in a homicide ‘clearance rate' of just 62 percent. Microstamping technology would allow law enforcement to trace crime guns as soon as a shell casing is found, helping to prevent future crimes from occurring.” —Cory Booker website “Cory’s Plan to end The Gun Violence Epidemic”

Firearms experts have already explained that this scheme would not work in cases where criminals use revolvers that do not leave spent shell casings at crime scenes.

Quoted by the New York Times, Booker promised, “I am going to come at this like folks have never seen before.”

Except that “folks” have seen it before, every time an extremist gun control package is thrown at the wall to see what sticks.

(Snip, headline from Booker's website)

Reaction from gun owners on social media began almost immediately after Booker’s proposal was unveiled, and it is negative. One rights activist, responding to the licensing proposal, stated, “I already have one (a license). It’s called the Second Amendment.”

But under Booker’s proposal, the right to keep and bear arms would be subject to a five-year renewable license. The plan would require the following, according to a Booker website:

“Individuals could seek a gun license at a designated local office, widely available in urban and rural areas, similar to applying for or renewing a passport. They would submit fingerprints, provide basic background information, and demonstrate completion of a certified gun safety course.”—Cory Booker website “Cory’s Plan to end The Gun Violence Epidemic”

Booker’s plan smacks of the same extremism that inspired Washington State Initiative 1639 last fall, and legislation introduced in the state earlier this year by anti-gun Seattle-area Democrats in the State Legislature. The training requirement was likened to an unconstitutional literacy test by the Washington State Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors Association, which opposed the gun control initiative last year. I-1639 passed, but the training requirement for getting a state concealed pistol license died in the Legislature with proponents suggesting they would be back again in 2020.

Red Flag Gun Grab Laws
His plan supports “Extreme Risk Protection Order” (ERPO) laws, generically called “red flag” laws that allow authorities to seize someone’s firearms without due process.

His plan supports “Extreme Risk Protection Order” (ERPO) laws, generically called “red flag” laws that allow authorities to seize someone’s firearms without due process. Increasingly, gun owners and rights activists are voicing opposition to such laws because, in order for someone to recover his/her guns, they must go to court, essentially to prove they are innocent of a crime.

Booker would ban so-called “assault weapons” and original capacity magazines. He’s talking about turning millions of gun owners into instant criminals by classifying their legal semi-auto firearms and cartridge magazines as contraband.

The one-handgun-a-month scheme has been tried before. It’s just another way of regulating gun ownership for law-abiding citizens, but didn’t prevent criminals from obtaining firearms.

“Limiting bulk purchases of firearms is essential to combating gun trafficking. Under current federal law, which contains no limit on the number of firearms one can purchase, traffickers will make bulk purchases in states with weak gun laws and then resell in states with stricter rules.”—Cory Booker website “Cory’s Plan to end The Gun Violence Epidemic”

As if to underscore the fallacy Booker’s scheme, the Associated Press and KTUU News reported on two different gun store thefts in Washington State in recent days that netted more than 100 firearms. Ninety-eight of those guns were taken from a shop in Gorst, and another 30 were stolen from a shop in Sequim. Rewards of up to $11,000 are being offered, but the proverbial bottom line is that these guns are now in circulation, or soon will be, and not a single one of them will be transferred with a background check, license requirement or any of the other things Booker’s plan demands.

The fatal flaw in Booker’s proposal is that criminals don’t follow the law, and passing another package of laws will not bring a change.

About Dave WorkmanDave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

  • 53 thoughts on “Booker Goes Bonkers with Plan to Regulate 2A as Privilege

    1. City ghetto trash boy born and bred. Knows nothing but how to kiss urban black and liberal ass to get elected. His plans, which will never happen, would be as effective as a fart in a whirlwind.

      1. Same same for AOC . Read an article where she moved into a swanky new apt. Turned on a switch in kitchen, something made a noise scared her to death .. it was the garbage disposer . Never seen one didn’t know what it was for had to have it explained . Then ask if it was environmentaly friendly .

    2. What this progressive / liberal / socialist in trying to make 2A a privilege. It isn’t a privilege it is a right. Most of the gun violence is in the urban area, where the criminals don’t obey any laws let alone gun laws. he was the Mayor of Newark, NJ for a while, still had crime. No mention in his proposal about enforcing the existing laws against those committing “gun violence” but like the other presidential candidates and pols they want to eradicate our 2A rights
      NJ already had the Red Flag law here with 10 round mag capacity and other anti gun measures. With NJ being among the states having some of the strictest gun laws in the country, one may think that due to these “Strict Gun laws” crimes involving firearms would decrease, and conviction rates would increase for use of a gun in a crime.
      Booker is like all the other anti gun politicians they are.”SUBVERSIVES” I live in NJ .

      1. 2A is not a right, it protects a right you already have. Soon as you call it a right given to us by the government it can be taken away by that same body.

    3. Why is anyone worried about what this TWAT would do “as President”? That’ll NEVER happen. The two A-holes we should be concerned with are Biden and Crazy Bernie. Biden is bad enough but, Crazy Bernie is worse.

    4. Booker has no real plan to be POTUS, he is just using this to get a practice run, he can’t beat TRUMP.
      Cory is waiting for 2024.

      as long as it is like a BRIDAL Registry,
      If you want a Glock, somebody buys you that Glock,

      No not my idea but Gregg Gutfeld came up with this today on The FIVE on FOX.

    6. Booker is an Obama opportunist — nothing more then that! Ask the clown what his plans are not what he wants to take away from America just like Obama’s 8 years of misery, but what he intends to do for America! I’ll bet a carbon copy of Obama!!

    7. Talk is cheap…Democratic talk is even cheaper. Booker talking is the cesspool of hypocrisy…the cheapest of cheap.

      Playing to his dwindling audience…

    8. Second Amendment is part of the Bill of Rights. Get it Spartacus? Bill of Rights. Rights is the key word. You can’t take away our rights. Damn Buffoon.

    9. Sounds more like Cory’s plan to lose the 2nd American civil war……. Anyone who is not prepared for the shooting to start is a fool, let us get this party started.

    10. Looks like booker does not understand the difference between a right and a privilege , let me explain , a privilege is something like driving a car there’s other ways of getting around, that’s why you have to pay for your license and your registration , and you have to pay for insurance , or you cant drive anywhere at all for none payment , and you lose your driving privilege, Having a gun is a Right , and in no way shape or form can you make me pay for a Right , (ie) get a license , pay for insurance , or any other way that I would have to pay for my constitutional and god given RIGHTS !!!!

    11. If you want to see how well “Sen.” Booker can govern, look at Trenton, NJ. When he was Mayor, it went from barely livable on the first floor to below the basement in quality of life especially for minorities.
      The man is a total idiot and I apologize to anyone who may have an IQ less than 70 because this person makes them look like geniuses.

      1. Being from nj I know he destroyed Newark and when Christi held a special election whe a nj senator died instead of appointing a republican to finish out the term of the dead democrap, booker won and along with menandaz has been screwing over nj ever since .Ihope America is too smart for that.

    12. I’m shocked by the number of Presidential candidates clearly stating that they want to be Commander in Chief during the second U.S. civil war.

    13. This NJ creep rents a woman to show up with him at events. He has always been a fake. Years ago he entered a burning building to rescue someone BS. The voters in NJ just get stupid and more stupid. Keep running booger.

    14. He’s pandering to the uninformed anti-gun crowd for votes as well as to Bloomberg for campaign cash. It’ what politicians do. He could give two hoots in he** about the safety of Americans. His opening statement claiming an ‘epidemic’ of gun violence proves this out. It doesn’t exist.

    15. No doubt Booker, with his failed presidential run, has to say and make outlandish statements in order to get another 5 minutes of attention from his base. He spews the same crap, like the other 20 some dems running, just to see what sticks on the wall. Who can outdo the other is the new norm for these self serving servants.

      With the ever seeming goodie two shoes legislation of ERPOs (Red Flag Laws) spreading from State to State, and the likes of Rubio introducing same in the Senate, one must wonder if these attempts by “law makers” are the bait to get law abiding gun owners to “go off” on social media, resulting in the back door firearm confiscation?

    16. Dumbass from the dumbass party saying dumbass things. Like my previous sentence, its repetitive thinking in the dumbass party.

    17. He’s been breating the fumes of the Jersey Lowlands Swamp for too many decades.His brain is turned to much, and his heart is about as black as they come. This critter is delusional. One more piece of evidence to mandate a test before anyone can run for public office in any position higher than dogatcher: take a test like we had to take in Third Grade civics classes back in the 1950’s and 60’s: questions on the structure and functin of our government, responsibilities and limits on office holders, and the basics of the content of our Constitution. These clowns all will have to swear an oath to uphold, defend, apply, our US Constitution to their work in office. HOW can they do that without knowing what it says?

      This nutjob seems to think that’s a cute piece of antiquity safely ensconced in a controlled atmoshere glass case in some building in DeeCee. He’s in for a surprise ,and too many of us think its that little booklet, well worn and tattered, we keep in our pockets or on a handy shelf, and refer to when eedjits like Booger spew nonsense like this. “See it sez raght heyah that thet ahdear don’t fly heah.

    18. Nothing this moron says is new to anyone. He isn’t smart enough to think anything original. In fact his “proposal” is very close to being plagiarism. He is not smart enough to know that either. I can’t imagine anyone that far left that would actually donate to keep him in the running.

    19. Little known fact: you have to have an IQ lower than a snakes belly to think that gun laws will regulate criminals.

    20. Another foolish politician with a idiotic idea. When I go out shooting on BLM land, I’m always policing the area of trash left from shooters, including shell casings. So if I want to commit a crime I can just litter the crime area with microstamped shell casings. Duh !!

    21. I saw My Gun Control standing behind booker as he spoke. His motivation for gun control may be a tad biased if bloomie is funding his bid for the WH. Looks like cory sold out the Constitution for cash.

      1. Where are the State Police ? Shouldn’t they be arresting him for Felonious Perjury, i.e.: Swearing to uphold the US Constitution while knowing he wants to wage war against it ? How about Conspiracy with the likes of Bloomberg to deprive law abiding citizens of their God Given Rights ? How about charging the Son of a Bit*h with TREASON, for waging war against the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND ? I am sure that Snooker Booker is aware that 2 weeks ago in Chiapas, Mexico, at the Immagration Station, was a small riot where 1400 or so North African Muslim Economic Freeloaders are amassing, planning on getting to our border and crashing it. Could this possibly be his made to order police force, coming here to follow Bookers orders and go door to door ? Is that what this SOB is planning ? I wouldn’t trust that TRAITOROUS piece of crap not to pull something like that. Search up the clip “Black Muslims Riot At Chiapas Mexico Immigration Station April 2019”, and see for yourself. These are the same type of dirtbags who turned Europe into a sh*thole war zone during the past few years, and now they are heading here, and our “Senator” wants to disarm us. Something stinks real bad about this !!!!!

    22. Crazy Booker is a mentally unstable, meth addict who masterbates too much! Who in the hell voted for this piece of trash? New Jersey, isn’t that the headquarters of the Mafia? Don’t they call the “shots” (play on words) in New Jersey? So this piece of trash deciedes to go after law abiding gun owners as if they are the ones committed crimes. What about his” bros ” the Bllods and the Crips? I’m sure he wouldn’t pass any laws affecting them!

    23. Booker should go back to being a failed mayor this is just another thing he’s not qualified to do and doesn’t do well at all ! Another guy who thinks he sounds intelligent he should go away he’s self serving and transparent

    24. I demand Sparatacus renews his license every 5 months to open his mouth. After all the 1A isn’t a real Right, right?

      1. Pepe,

        You forgot to add:

        1. Bernie Sanders
        2. Schumer
        3. Pelosi
        4. Cuomo
        5. Kamala Harris the unconstitutional anchor baby
        6. Rosenstein
        7. Feinstein
        8. Soetoro-obama
        9. Trudeau
        10. Every registered Democrat in this formerly USA.

    25. Oh my God is President Trump going to have a blast playing with this Band of Fools. #Keep America Great 2020

      1. Exactly how Darkman will President Trump do that? The minute he opens his mouth or tweets denouncing Booker’s idiocy, Booker will throw it right back at him…hey Mr. President, I just hitchhiked on your “Seize Guns First, Due Process Second” policy. Let us not forget President Trump’s executive action banning bump stocks and the making of law abiding gun owners into felons.

        I voted for Trump so I can and will be respectfully critical of his idiotic comment and action thereafter. Law abiding citizens engaged in legal commerce, to sell, to buy, to possess and to use a product, yes this was the norm for bump stocks for a decade or better. With the swoop of his presidential pen, not only did that stop, it was made retroactive back to day one.

        Think about that….what was published as legal commerce was a decade later published as illegal commerce retroactively with criminal penalties attaching.

        “…..going to have a blast playing with this Band of Fools”? I submit it will be the other way around relative to this subject matter, unless President Trump changes his tune, Due Process First, Period!

    26. Yet another un American DemoCommie,since Americas Constitution doesn’t suit him,he is free to leave for a chit hole of his choice where he will find happiness,or Not.

    27. I might need more than 1 a month because I may get additional arms (12) attached and they will need to be armed. I heard there are free arms and other body parts on the ground down at the border for the taking and with Ruth Baders doctor probably can get em sewn on no problem then I would be well armed for the rebellion. Lol.

      1. ALCON,

        The comments here regarding the tyrant Booker’s attack on the God-given rights of Traditional Americans are laughable. Numerous commenters here write as though 2A and Constitutional enumerated rights are only attacked by Booker. What is it with you fools ? Do you not understand the attacks on citizen’s Freedoms and Liberties have been made into law, turning citizens into subjects in multitudes of venues across this nation of sheeple ?

        How is the tyranny emanating from the mouth of communist Booker any different from the attacks against former citizens in:

        1. California
        2. Oregon
        3. Washington State
        4. Hawaii
        5. Massachusetts
        6. New York
        7. Vermont
        8. New Mexico
        9. Maryland
        10. Illinois

        Along with:

        A. New York City
        B. Chicago
        C. Baltimore
        D. San Francisco
        E. Pittsburgh
        F. District of Columbia
        G. Puerto Rico

        All the above just a slice of the venues within this formerly great nation where Freedom and Liberty have been eradicated. Thanks not only to communists, but also thanks to the fools like those here who whine about Booker, yet dismiss the destructions of American Freedom & Liberty within the above listed venues.

        The Constitution is dead. Courtesy of the ignoramus’ I sadly have to acknowledge as fellow “individuals”. Individuals as communist Booker likes to describe his subjects.

        A. Chicago

    28. Colorado now uses those licenses and registrations as evidence to confiscate. Just the presence of paper qualifies for a court order to search for and confiscate firearms in the absence of any crime whatsoever. Will Buger bug his eyes out from the meth use when he “comes at this like folks have never seen before.” USSC has opined on many occasions that rights require no licensing or permits. 2A is irrevocable license & permit. Booker can kiss Barry’s ass. Baldylocks piece of trash scum.

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