Gillibrand Lying about Gun Past and Media Helps Her Get Away with It

What, like shamelessly lie to the American public on national television? (

U.S.A. – -( Townhall’s Beth Baumann posted proof Saturday that Senator and Democrat presidential nomination contestant Kirsten Gillibrand knowingly lied to CNN’s Alisyn Camerota on “New Day” when she dismissed her 180-degree shift on guns as “a simple mistake” because she wasn’t “thoughtful.” True to deceptive form, Gillibrand now portrays her reversal as a sign of “humility to know when you’re wrong,” and as supposed validation that she’s now ready to “govern all of America.”

The smoking gun in question is a letter Gillibrand wrote to NRA-ILA Director Chris Cox in 2008 when she was pandering for the Association’s endorsement. In addition to professing to believe in “the correct interpretation of the Second Amendment” and bragging of “pro-gun” measures she had supported,  Gillibrand’s letter provides proof positive that she outright lied trying to dismiss her past policy endorsements as merely being remiss:

 “On the question of outright banning certain firearms for cosmetic features, bullets of random size, or banning magazines holding an arbitrary number of cartridges, I am adamantly opposed and do not believe that laws should be based on random limits just for the sake of limiting gun ownership or usage. Furthermore, the attempt to limit the purchase of firearms to arbitrary time periods – such as ‘one-gun-a-month’ – will not solve any crimes and will only curtain the Constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens. I share your concerns about these and other attempts to that could contribute to the slippery slope of government confiscation of people’s firearms based on the arbitrary whims of politics and public opinion.”

Compare that to what Gillibrand told reporter Sharyn Alfonsi of “60 Minutes” — and all that program’s viewers — when she pulled the same routine in 2016 and represented her past rating as merely trying to appeal to upstate New York hunters.

The fact is, Gillibrand was calculating back when she was capitalizing on her “A” rating from NRA and bragging about being “an ardent opponent of legislation that will curb the Second Amendment for responsible gun owners [who] currently has a 100% voting record with the National Rifle Association.” A mere four months after her letter to Cox, she was sending out an olive branch to Carolyn McCarthy on background checks while she and Barack Obama were singing each other’s praises. A mere month later I documented how:

  • Claims that she kept two rifles under the bed to protect her children turned into the guns weren’t loaded and then turned into the guns had been removed.
  • She was “evolving” under Chuck Schumer’s leadership.
  • She pledged gun legislation with Michael Bloomberg to “take guns off the street” and took a swipe at “laxer gun laws” in the South.
  • She reversed herself on a bill she’d sponsored less than a year earlier.

It’s interesting to go back through some of those links and see some of the main people attacking the reports (and me) were supposedly “pragmatic” gun rights activists. Not to belabor the point, but I see this still going on with excuse-makers today rather than admit they’ve been betrayed, and note we’ll never find freedom listening to those who would rather kill the messenger than admit there’s a pig behind the lipstick. It’s also interesting to note that even after those reversals, NRA was still claiming it was “too early to discuss whether her approval rating would drop.”

By allowing Gillibrand to mask the extent of her deception without challenge, Sharyn Alfonsi, Alisyn Camerota, “60 Minutes,” “New Day,” CBS and CNN and the rest of the DSM are deliberately allowing their viewers and readers to be lied to. They cannot claim ignorance here, and they cannot claim this is merely a difference of opinion. Either they get her back on camera and pose some tough, unequivocal questions, including why she deceived them, or they will be her willing accomplices in treating their audiences, and the truth, with contempt.

Not that Gillibrand is capable of anything different. Her serial prevarications evoke nothing so much as a powerful courtroom scene from the classic ”Witness for the Prosecution”:

“The question is … were you lying then or are you lying now. Or are you not, in fact, a chronic and habitual LIAR? My Lord, may I also remind my learned friend that his witness, by her own admission, has violated so many oaths that I am surprised the testament did not leap from her hands when she was sworn here today.”

“Oaths”? “Sworn”?

Yeah, that’s the ticket.

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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Ooh Rah

Bye ya !!! We have had enough of the sleasy Demorats …Hopeful to replace you one by one ! There is no place for Socialist Democrats in any American’s hearts. You have proven yourselves to be unAmericans and enemies of the States!


Killibrand is nothing more than a lying hypocritical slime ball like uglery Clinton, Clamidia Harris, Prozac pelozi, etc…. killibrand is like all women and men who enter the political arena with their own selfish agenda. She could give a rats ass about an the American citizens. But we are like Rome crumbling right before our very eyes. Once the illegals and hooks finally take our country we’ll see how the politicians like having their shit taken from them. When the sercret service personal haul ass to save their own families then morons like kliibrand who start getting bent over the… Read more »

Phil in TX

Child Molester: The only form of life lower than a politician.
The main reason I never wanted to be one.

Phil in TX


She, is why I got rid of my Lifetime NRA membership.
After numerous email go rounds with the NRA, which they have in there servers.
It was obvious to me then what this weasel was…..
I have had no use for the NRA since


Follow the money!


A few years ago she was just a freshman in the political game. Then she hooked up with Bill and Hill and there a re numerous pictures of them all and sometimes just her and Bill. Maybe she was injected with lies, cheating and killing babies. You never know.

Sargent Carter

Gee, a double talking sack of shit politician.
Like Gomer sez, “Surprise, surprise, surprise!”

Timothy Votaw

SIMPLE SOLUTION: Don’t vote for this bimbo, and make sure your liberal friends don’t, either. She can piss away money on a campaign that goes nowhere. Same for the rest of those freaks, running like a pack of drooling hyenas for the votes of the ignorant, the uninformed, and yes, the illegals. We better plan on a political, possibly even a for-real street fight ahead if we are going to keep the White House and Congress from going under, and taking We the People with it. . Not kidding, people. 30 years in federal harness, some in management, gave me… Read more »


They have lied for so long they no longer are able to tell the truth. Now they acculey believe their own lies.


You quoted Lenin quite well: “Lies told often enough become truth.”


“Pig behind the lipstick”. David this is PERFECT!!!! And hilarious!!

One of a whole herd of ’em this go-round. Seems most of ’em are pugs behind bow ties, but they all be pigs.
In a perverted way this is somewhat comforting. If all 23 continue to slog on and mud-wrestle for their (dis)respectable places at the public slop-trough, only one of them will end up slipping through the gate and into the final run-off. By then perhaps enough more Americans will be able to see past the smoke and mirrors and get a glimpse of the fraud.


dhimmi-rats can’t help themselves, will do anything


CNN’s ratings are dropping like a rock, so theyre lieing to a lot less people these days 🙂


She is just a dumb ass blonde lying baby killer


When you are polling in the single digits you’ll say anything for some publicity hoping that everyone has forgotten your previous stance on an issue. Jonathon Gruber (one of the architects of ACA) was correct, voters are stupid.

Roy D.

Most voters are like most gun owners in that they don’t bother to become knowledgeable about the subject matter. This is because of a variety of reasons primary of which is plain old laziness. You can be lazy these days and it not be too painful. Eventually, however, the bill comes due.

110% American

She is a liar and someone should publicly call her out on this bullshit! The media is definitely not going to do it. They are the enemy of the people. If the people are stupid enough to vote for this lying bitch then they deserve what they get. She has no chance of ever being president and should be recalled from the position she currently holds!


To bad we have no recall ability in N.Y. state otherwise king Cuomo would be on the street


Liberals (and the media) all the know is lie, steal and cheat!

rich z

She has a D after name . It doesn’t mean dummy. They will do anything to get elected ,Just look at her NOW.

Wild Bill

@Rich z, Yep, only in America is the initial D an abbreviation for Fascist, civil Rights denier.

Roger Katz

Was Gillibrand lying back in 2008 about her policy position on firearms and the Second Amendment, or is she lying now? Or, is Gillibrand simply an inveterate liar, period?

Wild Bill

@Roger K, Well … she is a politician. Which is to say that she is a professional liar.


i believe she said ” i will lie to become president”. ( perhaps a picture of her at a nxvum dinner sitting near hrc is available)