‘60 Minutes’ Either Duped by Gillibrand’s NRA Stance or Helping Her Cover Tracks

No, it’s about pandering liars and turncoats. Will CBS News demand her NRA questionnaire, or will it continue to accept her “hunting” whitewash to help conceal what she promised when that was the most expedient way to gain political power?

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- “Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (N.Y.) said in an interview aired Sunday that she is ‘embarrassed’ and ‘ashamed’ by her previous pro-gun position and tough stance on illegal immigration,” The Washington Free Beacon noted Monday. The story was reporting on a Sunday “60 Minutes” interview by reporter Sharyn Alfonsi with the politician once given an “A” rating by the National Rifle Association.

“I was wrong,” Gillibrand claimed. “What it’s about is the power of the NRA and the greed of that industry. Let’s be clear, it is not about hunters’ rights. It’s about money.”

She got one thing right— the Second Amendment is not about hunter’s rights. But the greed was Gillibrand’s — for gaining more power by abandoning her local constituency when the opportunity for a wider one was offered. And she’s still lying when she tries to pass her past rating off as merely trying to appeal to upstate New York hunters.

How can we know?

“The NRA-PVF ranks political candidates – irrespective of party affiliation – based on voting records, public statements and their responses to an NRA-PVF questionnaire.”

While we don’t have a copy of the questionnaire Gillibrand returned, we do have a copy of one another federal candidate completed that tells us the types of questions she would have had to “get right.”

Conservative candidate Joe Miller shared his “perfect” questionnaire with me, back when NRA was sidelining him in favor of establishment pick Lisa Murkowski.  Among the things Gillibrand would have had to freely say she agreed with:

  • She opposed legislation banning semi-automatic firearms and their ammuniton and magazines.
  • She supported right-to-carry.
  • She opposed legislation ending private sales.
  • She agreed a judge’s record and belief in the Second Amendment as an individual right should be “important factors” for confirmation votes.
  • Importantly, because it directly refutes the whitewashing deception she gave “60 Minutes,” she opposed “sporting purposes” requirements.
  • She agreed that the Second Amendment is a fundamental individual right applicable to state and local governments as well as to the federal government.

There’s plenty more, but how the questionnaire may have been changed from the time when she completed it is unclear. Still, it’s a near certainty that the fundamental queries above would have been asked, and answers would have had to be on the mark with gun owner interests.

That Gillibrand would try to cover her tracks by downplaying her involvement with “gun rights” to one of “mistakenly” pandering to hunters is not surprising. She’s a veteran politician experienced in deception and betrayal, something I documented numerous times over the years, from her initial turning to her coming out as a full-blown enemy.

She hasn’t worried about that in the Senate because blue state New York is a “safe” seat for her. This is an attempt to sanitize her for a wider electorate as a presidential bid is pondered.  And gun owners talking about it on gun websites will not be enough to impede that.

Instead, why not appeal to a media outlet that has broader reach?

To CBS News: “60 Minutes,” correspondent Sharyn Alfonsi and your viewers have been duped with misdirection and lies of omission. Unless you present the full record, you will have allowed Kirsten Gillibrand to use you and put your credibility at risk.

She reduced things to hunting to conceal the depth of her willing involvement. She left quite a bit out – on purpose.

Why not demand to know the promises she made (and then discarded) about semi-autos, right-to-carry, private sales, judicial nominations and the like? Why not demand that she release her NRA questionnaire to you, and then make it available to the public?  If nothing else, it would be a scoop.

As for Gillibrand’s “switch” on immigration, that’s not hard to understand at all. Democrats are depending on the “pathway to citizenship” to dominate the electorate. That our “gun rights leaders” (current and prospective) refuse to recognize the existential threat that represents to continued legal recognition of the Second Amendment is on them.

Gillibrand should be embarrassed by her own shameless political opportunism. And if they don’t expose her for playing them, Sharyn Alfonsi, “60 Minutes” and CBS News should be embarrassed for being willing tools. Unless they’re complicit in trying to help her get ahead of predictable criticism…

Still, why not take a few seconds and share this message?

@60Minutes demand @SenGillibrand  #ReleaseTheNRAQuestionnaire .

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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Terence Colligan

Mr. Schuster ain’t no rooster.


The more these politicians and CNN hosts run their mouths off they continue to show they are
uneducated in the common working of firearms.


If just one teacher who could hit what they shoot at had his weapon at these mass shootings, there would be fewer , or perhaps, no deaths at all. If I were still teaching I would carry secretly every day to protect the students.

Clark Kent

And your ‘secret’ would be out within a week and you would be out of a job. Nice try; no cigar.


And how, may I ask would his”secret” be out if he is diligent in carrying ‘concealed?’. This is why”concealed” is called “concealed” and not”covered up.”
May I suggest that you try to convey your comments in a more thought through positive manner?


This guy is a well know troll, and is best to be ignored.


all politicians are corrupt or will be (includes all gov’t employees with some power, even state level). VOTE THEM ALL OUT. It’s either power or money or both.

Clark Kent

Next flight to Canada departs in 10 minutes, MattGinOK. You won’t be missed. Buh-bye!



Great response there D-bag.

Buck Cassidy

Winner winner!! Chicken dinner!!


First of all, we got off the actual article of the blond b. from N.Y. She is nothing but a self serving wench with a political agenda that includes herself and only herself. She hanged tight around slick willie while she needed his money and support then came after him for his carousing. She did not give his money back, though, as she was suggested to do. She made a big deal over the dems that couldn’t keep their hands of staffers, but she still works with them. Maybe there are people in N.Y. that voted for her because of… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

old vet, I liken it to any other training, the more we practice the better we get. My anti-rights reps use the same talking points as these posters. One recently inferred I am a criminal and would “sell nukes (sic) to Al Qaeda.” I told him that his proposed bill didn’t cover nuclear arms sales, only firearms, unless I read his bill wrong, but doubted they would be coming to me for nuclear weapons. I believe it is already illegal to possess weapons-grade nuclear material, but I will give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he doesn’t know… Read more »

Johnny B

I had a feeling she was going to crawfish on her promises. Just another typical lying politician. Banning guns would not have changed this one iota. Black market is full of guns and I’m pretty sure they don’t do NICS checks. We have plenty of gun laws that are not enforced as it stands. Why not make the penalty for this a little more strict, LIKE EXECUTION!.


Um… she crawfished on them over ten years ago. Did you miss it?

Marc DV

Wasn’t she the one who got money from the Clintons ?
And stood side by side with Hilldabeast during the Election ?
Also Never Denounced Billy boy’s Actions Against Women !
CBS … You Brought any disgrace to yourself.
She’s a Con. and You where the Mark !
She will say and do what ever it takes to Gain Power .

Gas station susshi

Zale schuster was a cut and paste talking poin from an anti gun site. He did not pay attention to where he stopped his cut. Nice try faker.


60 minutes lost any credibility it had long ago I havent watched it since


CBS = Communist Broadcasting Station. In other words, they are a supportive PROPAGANDA station for the “deep state” / “nwo” / “cfr” / “trilateral” THUGS (otherwise known as the “elites”). They have proven themselves to be OPERATIVES an otherwise, or what SHOULD be an, HONEST profession. I have taken note of the NEGATIVE OPINION TWIST that has been coming over the air for the last 12 years. SHAME on CBS.


Here is what I consider a tragedy….the deaths, woundings and maimings of tens of thousands of American military in 19+ undeclared wars since 1946. Yet where is this communist whore Gillibrand on ceasing Amerikan imperialism across the globe ?

For Gillibrand and all the gun-grabbers and their badged thug errand boys:

COME AND TAKE THEM ! Kill ALL they send.

Clark Kent

Next flight to Canada departs in 10 minutes, Dan III. You won’t be missed. Buh-bye!



I could give a rat’s ass if I wouldn’t be missed by a copsucker like yourself. Fact of the matter is you are a statist weasel.

Now go fellate the nearest badged thug or a politician of your choice.

Country Boy

Hmmmmm, a democrat politition that campaigns promising to act in a constitutional manner and uphold the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, and when elected…. does the exact opposite.

Somehow I am not really surprised. She should be brought up on charges for failing to uphold her sworn oath to uphold the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, found guilty in a court of law,then sentenced to a lengthy jail sentence for same.

Just my 2 cents.

Wild Bill

@Country Boy, The anti-Second Amendment Civil Rights propaganda masters have sent to us the paid trolls calling themselves Zale Huckster and Da Juan Haze to spread ridiculous misinformation. We must be on someone’s radar.

Zale Schuster

DO people understand that it is too too late do do any thing about the sea of automatic gas operated guns and rifles that the NRA and Manufactures have inundated America with . Its done we will endure these mass shootings for our life times and our childrens life time every two weeks. Its too late for tears , now is not the time for your tears. Even if the NRA changes its stance, as it is their responsibility to do , Its too too late. Who is going to go collect the guns ….. NO ONE ….. In America… Read more »



Well, I see you Soros/Bloomberg trolls are active again. Doesn’t take you communists long does it ?

Here, it is simple….continue to defecate on the Constitution and my God-given rights, but do so by getting out of your pajamas and:



Apparently you do not know the difference between auto and semi-auto weapons. You can go back to Democratic Underground now. Molon labe.

Wild Bill

, I don’t believe that ZS has one true sentence in his entire rant. I think he, and the other low level propagandists are paid per response. So I will not comment to them, but rather to someone about them.

Richard L

Schuster, you do not know what the Hell you are talking about.

Heed the Call-up

Zale, and prior to smokeless powder, we had gun powder. Prior to gasoline engines, we had horse-drawn carriages and steam power. That odd thing called technology and its advancements are tough for you to grab, eh? What part of illegal are you having difficulty with? The firearm isn’t bad, it’s the criminal use that is. We already have laws against certain acts, which we label as criminal and have punishments for said acts when one is convicted in our courts for having committed said acts. Heroin has been illegal for over a century, buying, selling, possessing, using – all illegal,… Read more »


Where does one find all these “automatic gas operated guns and rifles”? If you’d bother to check, you’d find that fewer than half dozen crimes have been committed with such weapons in the past 75-years. The only place you see them blazing away indiscriminately is on TV dramas.


This moron doesn’t even know that the NRA (which only represents about 6 million – out of a total of 100 million – gun owners… is absolutely NOT the firearms-manufacturing industry’s lobbyist. The NSSA is the industry’s lobbying arm. This sheep-dip-for-brains doesn’t even know who his avowed “enemy” actually is! There are so many things wrong with this cuckoo-clock Zale’s message… where to begin? How about… “a sea of automatic” guns, and “auto fire” weapons. He is completely ignorant of firearms, and cannot distinguish the simplest differences between firing mechanisms. Then there’s “weapon of WAR”… anyone who seriously thinks US… Read more »


gas operated …will they run on unleaded regular or do you need high test in your AUTOMATIC GAS OPERATED GUNS…… if you people got any dumber you would forget to breath

Clark Kent

Jim: You might not want to call people dumb when you are unable to spell the word ‘breathe’ correctly.


im surprised the spelling Nazi didn’t tell me to take the next flight to Canada its a new spelling rule you drop the E and add GO FK YOURSELF


Wow! You win the prize for the most stupidity crammed into a single post. NONE of what you spewed is true.


When did NRA start selling guns?
Any bargains?
Couple cheap autos available?



Now what?

Send *government* thugs with *government* guns to *make* me?

Clark Kent

Who, exactly, are ‘government thugs’? Methinks you are a typical loudmouth punk who talks big over the internet but would fold like a deck chair if given the opportunity. Grow up.


Clarkie, “Government thugs” = Law ENFORCEMENT/Cops/Po-LICE and copsuckers such as yourself. Seems to me you should take your own advice about being a loudmouth. Now, as you enjoy making your anonymous insults why don’t you lead by example and post your: 1. Complete birthname. 2. Social Security Number. 3. Drivers License/State issued ID number(s) and state of issue. 4. Your current home address. Seems like YOU are the keyboard warrior here tough-guy. Post 1-4 above and wait for a visit from one of those you categorize as a “loudmouth punk”. Then again, you are just another keyboard warrior spouting the… Read more »




How much are you being paid to attack gun ownership? Maybe Soros will give you a raise? Go away. We don’t like paid trolls.


One only has to glance at your posting – without reading a word of it – to see the numerous times NRA jumps out. This leads me to one question – “Why is it that the majority of gun owners in the USA Do Not belong to the NRA and yet the NRA is blamed for Every illegal use of a firearm?”

DaJuan Hayes

Oh well. This is the new normal. The occasional gun massacre is the price we pay to let gun hobbyists have their fun. We may as well keep the flags flying at half-staff permanently.


Well Daaaa-Juan, perhaps you should concern yourself more with the millions of human life slaughtered in the womb. Or perhaps the 10s of thousands slaughtered on the highways every year. How about the 1,000s of KNIFE attacks every month in London, England ?

Like I wrote…Come and Take Them Daaaa-juan. Just get your sorry ass out with the other communist weasels and come get them.

Heed the Call-up

DaJuan, occasional overdoses is the price we pay for criminal use of illegal drugs. That is just the price we pay for criminals using illegal drugs, along with robberies, burglaries, assaults, etc. Oh, well, it’s just the new normal. Are you flying your flag at half-staff for those victims? Why not? Many more die from ODs. Why are you not out saving them? If it saves just one life, right?


YOU, you ignorant ass, do not have the legal, moral, ethical, or practical ability to LET gun owners do anything. You never will. Get over your egotistical, maniacal idiocy… now!


Wow! You win the prize for the most stupidity crammed into a single post. NONE of what you spewed is true.


Mentiroso…… you lie. No, the occasional gun massacre is the price we pay for REFUSING to allow anyone at those city-sized schools to have ready to hand the ONLY effecive means of preventing or stopping these massacres. Yes, I mean armed and trained individuals with their own tools carried about with them ON THEIR PERSONS< not locked in some safe somewhere. Millions of us carry our own handguns everywhere we go every day, and our record for killing innocent people with them is far better than the cops' record. Refiew the record: over the past 75 years, with two exceptionis… Read more »


Excellent response. Spot on.

One minor point… although the car parking lot was not itself a prohibited area, the building that the parking lot served IS a “gun-free zone.”

Clark Kent

Please provide specific proof that civilians have a higher rate of justifiable homicide than police officers. Put up or shut up.


According to FBI published statistics, in 2014 – the last time I bothered to check – there were (in round numbers) about 4,000 “justifiable homicides” in the US. Of those, about 3,000 were ascribed to legally-armed civilians and about 1,000 were attributed to police. Roughly 3-to-1 ratio.



#’s 1-4. You need to put up or shut up.



Well Joe, you “put up” for the weasel Clarkie Kent. However, you won’t read a thank you or acknowledgement from keyboard warrior Clarkie Kent.

Good job on the stats/reference. You punked weasel Clarkie.

Wild Bill

@Da Juan Haze, are you an amateur propagandist or just a new hire?