How to Beat the Blacklisting of Second Amendment Supporters

Andrew Cuomo
Andrew Cuomo

United States – -( When discussing the full-spectrum threat to our Second Amendment rights, one of the weapons we have to contend with is blacklisting. Whether it comes from Andrew Cuomo or social stigmatization, this is a weapon intended to chill activism on the part of Second Amendment supporters. What it does, for all intents and purposes, is to tell them, “If you oppose our agenda, we will destroy your ability to make a living and wreck your life.”

Harsh, but that is the reality that a lot of Second Amendment supporters are facing. It should not be the case, but it is. How do we handle this threat? Well, in the case of government officials who are abusing their offices to enforce a blacklist, the courts are the best option, followed by reaching out to local media.

This is because of local, state, or even federal officials are retaliating against you for your advocacy on behalf of our Second Amendment rights, then they have violated your First Amendment rights. At the very least, it will result in an adverse court ruling for them, and you have a chance to lay down a precedent prevent others from similar abuses, even if you are never made fully whole yourself.

In the case of social stigmatization, you will probably want to look to local media, but you will need to be very careful about how your Second Amendment support comes across to people. This is because social stigmatization by private parties can be just as protected under the First Amendment as our advocacy for our Second Amendment rights is.

Now, according to, in some states, if you do face professional repercussions for your political views, you could argue you are the victim of discrimination. You will need to check with an attorney who specializes in employment law for that. That said, the best protection against blacklisting are not legal action or laws.

Your first line of defense is always to maintain the esteem of your friends, family, neighbors, community, and co-workers. If you own a business, then you also should make sure you have a sterling reputation on that front, maintaining a very good reputation among the community and your customers. This reputation, combined with one as a Second Amendment supporter that is credible, knowledgeable, and respectful of others, is crucial to beating a blacklist.

When you do get targeted for a boycott or a blacklist, that is when you go to local media outlets. If you have been involved in advocacy to support our Second Amendment rights, you should be on good terms with at least one or two local reporters. If they are good reporters, they will be talking to friends, neighbors, business associates, etc. That is when your very good reputation comes into play.

If you have that good reputation, those the reporter contacts will stick up for you, even if they don’t see Second Amendment issues the same way you do. It gives you much better odds of a favorable story when you are forced to fight back against a blacklist. You can then leverage that media report to get other groups and associations (your local American Legion post, chamber of commerce, etc.) to condemn the blacklisting. Local media will invariably cover that as well.

If you have that good reputation, and you have worked well with the local media, then you will have a good chance to beat the blacklist. There are no guarantees, of course, and even a successful fight against a blacklist or boycott won’t mean you come out unscathed. But when anti-Second Amendment extremists do try to blacklist you, a hard but successful fight beats the alternatives.

Harold Hutchison

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post,, and other national websites.

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The Revelator

Ok Everyone. Looks like Och Will chose to go coward and run away with his tail between his legs(Again.). Considering that he made his comment here on June 3rd, I thought some of you might appreciate a little background on it. See, on June 2nd, I replied to another of his comments where I explained why what he was talking about was not in any way shape or form related to “Safety”. That can be found here…. His habit of trying to spam a lie over and over again, getting caught and disproven, wetting himself as he runs off,… Read more »

Och will

As always, at AmmoLand , in order to be a “Second Amendment Supporter” you must be fervently AGAINST ANY gun safety legislation like universal background checks, a military high capacity weapons ban, no bump stock common sense laws. Do this and AMERICA can stay on the gundeaths leader board. GO USA GUN NUTTERS

Wild Bill

@Oswill, Common sense laws? What sense is common to all? What we are fervently AGAINST is faulty logic and amateur agitprops.

The Revelator

@Och will The second amendment says all levels of government are forbidden from passing any form of restriction or infringement. So yes, it does mean to be a Second Amendment supporter you must stand against all forms of gun control, including ones touted by idiotic morons to be “Safety”. Further, It’s a guaranteed Right, which means at no time does any level of government have the authority to demand we come get permission from them(Universal checks). The Supreme Court has already ruled on the Military issue as being central to the Right protected by the Second Amendment. Military Arms are… Read more »

Get Out

Och, What does a military high capacity weapon look like, were you ever issued one in the Corps? Why would you want to ban any weapon the military has?
Yes I’m fervently AGAINST ANY gun safety (Code for Gun control) legislation like universal background checks (Code for gun registration scheme) too.

The Revelator

@Get Out

At the end of the day, it isn’t “Guns” they are trying to control….

It’s people.

Never comply, never surrender your liberty, and never compromise.

Get Out

IMOA politicians gun control agendas like his are the reason for the continued gun, ammo, gun related component purchases and NICS checks being so high every month. Went to shoot at the LGR last Wednesday and it was a 45 minute wait for a shooting lane. Wednesday’s are usually the light day. It was filled with new shooters in there getting firearms training and instruction to use their firearms.

Rocky Mountain

If you’re going to war in Cabalorado just be sure not to pull off the road to take a leak in the forest because if cops see you they will put you on the sexual predator watch list. Especially around the Denver suburbs. Same cops have teenage girls over to the house for cocktails and get busted and have to transfer to another jurisdiction to avoid citizen rope. Colorado is beyond saving just so you know.


The TOP PRIORITY of the global progressive socialist democrat party is CITIZEN DISARMAMENT! Everywhere they have enough of a majority to force their unconstitutional citizen disarmament laws through, it is a done deal, currently at the state and local level of government. The Second Amendment is EFFECTIVELY REPEALED in many areas across the nation. As soon as they seize power federally – THE NY SAFE ACT (or worse) BECOMES LAW COAST TO COAST – SEA TO SHINING SEA! The reality of our great SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS: In Australia there is no Second Amendment and politicians are free to outlaw vast… Read more »

Jonathan Lemaire

Lol the sky isn’t falling chicken little, I have seen your exact rant for decades and we haven’t lost our guns! I should get back into gun sales though because the NRA is doing it’s job at scaring up sales rather well…

Wild Bill

@JL, That is not exactly true. Congress has been slowly and unconstitutionally restricting full auto firearms to the point that they are too expensive for the ordinary person. Full auto firearms are investments, now, and too expensive to shoot.

Heed the Call-up

Jonathan, no, the sky isn’t falling, but in some repressive states, your rights are being illegally diminished. The problem with that is, who has the time and money to fight these unconstitutional laws? Not the average citizen that is affected by these laws. Can you honestly state that the NYS “SAFE” Act is good for firearm owners? How about the stupid Maryland magazine ban limiting the number of rounds you are allowed to have in your firearm? One of the stupidest parts of that law is that you are still allowed to posses your over the limit mags, and you… Read more »


Well Jonathan Lemaire, you are either a fool or a progressive propagandist. Our guns have already been outlawed, can’t buy them anymore. Sold outside of the jurisdiction, surrendered to the state, or REGISTERED to be SURRENDERED TO THE STATE upon death – those are the options. The sunset of the Second Amendment is now in sight. (Of course a demand to surrender registered guns could be precipitated by a public mass shooting at any time before the “death” deadline) Our magazines have already been outlawed, can’t buy them anymore. Sold outside of the jurisdiction, destroy them, or turn them in… Read more »

Archie F Danisan

Animal and we will take care of our own internal problems we don’t need any advice are your personal opinions keep them to yourself will fix problems without your help

Rocky Mountain

Civil war will be fun but why not simply arrest people for treason. Gov wants civil war and anytime gov wants something there’s a catch. They’ll throw the entire Constitution in the trash so you better have a plan or you will do more harm than good and by looking around at cops hiding and no longer driving marked cop cars I can honestly tell you that in my area they DO expect civil war to break out. You will be very hard pressed to find a single marked cop car or uniformed officer anywhere around here. But don’t let… Read more »

Jonathan Lemaire

Lol good luck with that, no amount of small arms will be a fight against the military! Afghanistan is a great example, for every us soldier killed, we killed five thousand of them, and they even had military hardware! Civil war is a dumb idea, evil at it’s core, and if you want to kill my fellow American Citizens because of a disagreement or misunderstanding you aren’t a patriot, you’re an enemy of the USA!

Wild Bill

@Jonathan Le, You are correct, sir! And that is why we need to lure the democratic national socialists into rebelling. I am hoping that after the next Trump victory, the enemies of this Constitutional Republic will engage in the Libtard Mutiny of 2020. Oh and thank you for your service.


What “service” ? He drew a paycheck for every minute he “served”. The word “service” comes from the word “servitude”, which is close to the word “slave”, as in “he was a slave to his cause”. If he was truly “serving”, he would have done it for free. What you should say to him is “Thank you for being a mercenary to our cause, don’t spend it all in one place”.

Heed the Call-up

Jonathan, I was unaware the US military won the war in Afghanistan. Please enlighten us. Also, the last time I read about the Revolutionary War, it had the colonies winning, and they were fighting the largest, best equipped military in the world at that time, too. Secondly, do you really believe that soldiers will take up arms, against the Constitution, and against their families and friends? Thirdly, there are many more armed civilians, many of whom are former LE and military, than there are current military members. Lastly, it would not be on a battle field, but guerilla warfare, where… Read more »

Harry in Ohio

I have seen pro-gun groups at fairs. They stand there guns on hips, many bearded, and some form of camouflaged clothing. Have any of you considered dressing like a professional person? Keep all firearms out of sight? Look like someone’s well-dressed uncle or grandfather. Don’t go looking like people expect. Throw them a curve and speak calmly using a good vocabulary. Old saying… you catch more flies with honey not vinegar. Don’t give me that garbage about “if people don’t like the way I dress, screw ’em”. That attitude will gain support.

Heed the Call-up

Harry, you stereo-type too much. I do dress well, and I am educated and speak well. I also am not bearded and don’t wear camo. None of the men and women that I do events with meet your stereo-type – and I attend a lot of events. I do at times OC at events like that because one issue we want to address is the general attitude often seen in the media of fear and loathing of firearm owners. Seeing real people in public with firearms being law-abiding and respectful will help people understand that we are not ones they… Read more »

Larry Brickey

I have seen a number of wannabes with ARs on their backs being loud and obnoxious. That does not help. Sure wear your gun but also wear clean, decent clothing. Don’t try to look like you’re ready for a second civil war. Have well-written handouts. Maybe offer free classes for women.

Heed the Call-up

Larry, not representing 2A groups at fairs, etc. There are groups that stage protests, etc., but you do not find them at fairs, etc. Usually they are on sidewalks, parks, etc., trying to garner attention. Rights advocacy groups do not do that, we lobby the government, contact our reps, and discuss our rights with others.

Heed the Call-up

Larry, I have taught many women firearm safety and how to shoot. I am an NRA certified instructor and I teach for the sake of teaching people firearm safety, the joy of shooting, and for them to learn how to defend themselves, if God-forbid, that is ever needed. Several of the women told me they were victims of domestic violence and learning how to shoot made them feel safer, especially in their own homes. Yes, armed, OC or CC, but when CC you can’t teach others anything about us, because they will not know you are armed. In situations, such… Read more »


Wow you are the first to say what I’ve known for years. Thank you!

Wild Bill

@Harry, Some people are put off by clean shaven, suit and tie wearing individuals. Should we bring a token business person, a token lawyer, a token rancher or just conform to a uniform of your preference? Some people are attracted to firearms, others repulsed. You are repulsed, and since we will never win you over, why meet your demands?

Matt Irving

As the man in the suit destroys the country that the man in coveralls built

Rocky Mountain

Oh that’s nothing you should see how people dress in my community where lots of buildings throughout town are condemned and really nothing is freshly painted. It’s old America with rust everywhere. Camos are not uncommon at all and many look like they dress right from the thrift store on a good day. Everyone smells of gun powder and not a liberal in sight just the way we like things. Vets are everywhere and camo is actually kinda upscale. We love the smell of camo with fresh burnt gun powder on it and in fact I spent the day with… Read more »


Just exactly what do you mean when you say that you “played with her kitty” ? Is that some sort of code ? I’m trying not to get confused because I know a lady who has 4 kitties that we play with from time to time. And there is a lady across town that has 8 kitties, but she is rather elderly, about 90, and I don’t know if anyone ever plays with them. Please elucidate if you are so inclined.


This article and the commenters scream of Looney Tunes. Need I say more.


Yes, please do say more – so the rest of us can determine for ourselves exactly how ‘Looney Tunes’ presents itself. 🙂

Keep Calm & 2A On

I too find lots of people making extremely counterproductive comments on Ammoland articles. Looking and sounding like the typical “gun-totin, anti-government prepper” is exactly what doesn’t help us preserve our rights. If you’re going to go out and try to win hearts and minds over then wearing “tactical gear” like your plate carrier is unnecessary and will likely turn people off to your message just by the sight of you before you even get to talk to them. The reality is we as 2A supporters need to present clear and cogent defences of our rights in a well communicated manner.… Read more »

The Revelator

@Keep Calm & 2a on “The reality is we as 2A supporters need to present clear and cogent defences of our rights in a well communicated manner. It is very dicey times politically and in this millennial day and age image is everything.” You see, most of us do indeed communicate well, and we are quite cogent with how we present our arguments. I am perfectly happy being congenial with someone who is willing to be respectful of my rights in the way I am respectful of his. The minute that respect is gone because they are insistent that their… Read more »


Harold is young, articulate, and a thinker. As has been pointed out he just lacks real world experience. I would refer him to the recent urrerings of Jeffrey Wright. Harold, read this individual’s perspective, and understand that he is but one of many, then review your recent post in this context.


Utterings, blather, was typing on an iPad … Sorry


As a victim of a socialist regime I will tell you every word of the article is correct. Furthermore I see a complete stripping of the 2A within 25 years. Please do not tell me NOT IN MY STATE etc… it is coming and soon. I live in communist NY, in 2014 th SAFE ACT passed, where was the NRA? Drinking coffee and letting us die. A few groups are fighting, and we make small gains but our rights are GONE. Now they want to legalize pot…well if you indulge (I wont) you are violating federal law, and are banned…NYS… Read more »


I’m with you brother, literally as I also live in New York. And while it may seem like a minor detail we’ve been stuck with the unconstitutional unsafe act since 2013 not 2014.

Free Helicopter Rides For Commies

You’re right and we should all PRAY TO GOD THAT REVOLUTION COMES IN OUR LIFETIME, so that our children – and their children – will know peace and freedom!

People who tell me that they hope for the tyranny to come so slowly that it matures after their demise are actually telling me what cowards they are, that they are not willing to fight now so others won’t have to die later. That is the creed of slaves!

John Andrew Kociuba

Notice to all Patriots. Find me at Facebook “John Kociuba” & Instagram “JohnKociuba1” because theres too much information to share here


@JAC…I find it my patriotic duty to warn people to stay far away from FaceBook. If you want to let the international Kommie NWO Dirtbags learn everything about you and your friends, then just sign up for the tarbaby that ZuckerLips built for you.

Rocky Mountain

Sheriff says if those pesky aliens mutilated all those cows outslobg my fence line they were driving a pick up truck due to the tire tracks leading up to the dead cows. I’d say he is correct.
Do Freemason cattle ranchers play alien games? Uh huh, they do.


Sometimes they use helicopters, as evidenced by the dead cows found dropped into tree tops. But despite that, don’t ever surmise that there are not advanced civilizations whizzing around the cosmos. They are very concerned that we will destroy this gem of a planet with our nuclear weapons. And each detonation bleeds over to adjoining dimensions that make up our multiverse. You might want to check out “The UnAccounted For $21 TRILLION”, and the “Secret Space Program”, and the “Breakaway Civiluzation”, and “Dr. Greer’s Disclosure Project”. Getting back to cattle mutilations, some think that the parts removed from the cows… Read more »

Rocky Mountain

Chuck at MUFON told me the aliens come here in the desert for the water. Bahahahahahahaha. Water is 1000’ feet down. Bahahahahahaha. Guess the aliens are stupid and don’t know there are at least 5 lakes inside 20 miles of here so the aliens go where water is a thousand feet below ground. Bahahahahaha. Yet somehow these aliens are smart enough to travel through galaxies in the blink of an eye. Bahahaha.
Man that’s a psyop if one ever existed.


Writing your Local Congress, Senators, and Legislators can have a significant impact. The difficult part is quantifying whether you were blacklisted overtly or covertly. @Rocky Mountain: if you are serious in your Comme ts, you need professional help.

Rocky Mountain

Ah the old you need help bit eh. How about the get back on your med’s bit is that next? You guys wore those sayings out years ago. Your fake cattle mutilations are right here in the newspaper and busted by the local sheriff. Anybody that can read can go look this scam up it’s been on the internet for as long as we have had internet. Now it’s front page news. Space aliens are coming prepare for chaos of the popes NWO of totalitarianism. He’s a man of god (Satan) get on your knees and lick his boots. BOOTLICKER.… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Core, Writing to my elected employees in government is one of the most fun, for me, and annoying for them, hobbies that I have. They take letters more seriously, but email is a convenient start.
Rocky is just blowing off mixed concept steam. We all do.

Rocky Mountain

Sorry that you run to hide the facts. Go look up cattle mutilations in southern Colorado by Robert Wolf on the Tim Reed Ranch and bone up then look at FOX news reporting UFOs and be scammed.

Rocky Mountain

Give Chuck at MUFON a call. He will tell ya all about it but remember it’s a scam.

Rocky Mountain

Then go read up on Hagalian Dialectic before running to discredit what is posted as public information across the internet. I’m just pointing out these facts because it is my front yard and I don’t buy into scams at the expense of my rights. Put that in the notes.

Richard L Kemp

What I find amazing and pathetic is politicians are bound by OATH of office, Waring against the constitution is PERJURY, PERJURY is treason and a felony under state and federal law. they cannot uphold their oaths and war against them, yet no one nails these traitor politicians in the media or courts with it. Pro 2nd amendment people could end the war on our gun rights so easily bring CHARGES of PERJURY against every politician promoting or pushing any weapons laws or bans,charge them also with the gun hater groups under title 18 u.s.c. section 241 CONSPIRACY AGAINST RIGHTS and… Read more »

Richard L Kemp

Not bra, nra bloody spellchecker.


Great ides.. in principle. But, like the old story goes, WHO WILL BELL THE CAT? Before any such “legitimate and needed” charges can get laid against any individual violator, there will need to be a prosecuting attorney in office IN THE JURISDICTION where the offense took place (which is nearly every one in the nation). And at least in my state (I’m sure we’re not flying solo) the state’s crooked rotten AtG would immediately step in and quash any such action. He’d likely go so far as to conjure up phoney charges against the one trying to get the lying… Read more »

George Hunt

If I not mistaken I don’t think the article said anything about writing Congress, also did not mention about going on the defense. I believe he said stay local, go to you friends, community, news personnel. Not nearly on the same level but at work, three times I was falsely accused of incidents that I did not take part in or my actions were grossly reported. However, because of my reputation, the supervisiors handling the cases doubted the stories that were reported about me. After I had a chance to give my side, in each case, everything was dropped. Integrity… Read more »

Rocky Mountain

They do those fake cattle mutilation scams right here in my front yard for years preparing for this day. My front yard is famous. Welcome to the circus. Lol.

Free Helicopter Rides For Commies

Fuck off, you Colorado Commie.

Rocky Mountain

Right on “Q”.

You are deep state commie and failing drastically to derail facts. Lol.


the only mutilating and/or rustling going on is YOURS, rustling print space from we who would use it well, and mutilating what is alledgedly truth for your own promotion. My advice.. Colorado is a great state fyr cycling. Take up long distance cycling as a pasttime. Out on the road, you can’t be typing. And as you put back the long chain of miles, your cardiovascular system cleanses all the foul stuff from your system,, including your brain. It will give you a different perspective on reality, as you will have a different vantage point on those mutilated cows and… Read more »

Rocky Mountain

Really, an alien lottery? Are you smoking that funny stuff again?

Michael Marx

It is time the gunners in the United States start standing up for the rights there’s approximately 90 million of us would 90 million soldiers conducting asymmetrical Warfare against the anti-gun haters it’s a very tough for me to beat I hate to say this but this is what is going to come to there will be another civil war in this country won’t be about black white yellow green it’ll be over firearms and the main thing control what they want they want control of everything

Rocky Mountain

Yeah, that’s why they’re in a rush to run the space alien scam now to pick up where the book of Revelation wipes em out for good. They need aliens to keep in power so now they’re saying GOD is an alien so everything can continue forward with them ruling over mankind from the Vatican. They’re just a bunch of criminals. All of them.


(another civil war)
I have referred to this also. After thinking about it, I begin to wonder if this is a real civil war, how are the gun control freaks going to fight, political action only? If it comes down to ‘rules and laws’ who is going to enforce them? Will the many gun advocates holding jobs like law enforcement, or military going to fight, as their job indicates, or be on the side of gun advocates? All this, while the religious zealots threatening to take the USA away from us and put it under the islamic rule?

Rocky Mountain

Really it’s just a big psyop to rule Popes Roman Empire by saying space aliens are a threat so we must do as world gov says which is the pope antichrist. He is the queens henchman and both rule all the Empire of which USA is in. I got FBISIS crawling in the cactus here to play their space alien game and they’re busted. Will be fun watching their antigravity craft flying over cities freaking everyone out though. Space aliens demand you surrender so the criminals can murder you off in their Roman Empire like last time.

Rocky Mountain

Won’t be long now till Harold is telling you those space aliens in the news that the fake pope has them do articles on require global government to defeat because they are a threat and you must surrender your arms to Satan’s new world order. If bootlickers haven’t noticed this scam coming straight to your screen then you’re smoking far too much crack.

Mike K.

As a social worker I was once given a reprimand for a conversation about guns and gun violence that I had not said a word during. When confronted my supervisor said some women in the office had complained I scared them because I had guns, was in the Army, and knew how to use them. Which is true about guns and the Army. So I did not need to say anything as everyone thought they knew what I would say During the arbitration hearing, under oath, in front of a judge everyone one of my co-workers swore the exact opposite.… Read more »


I’m not at all convinced that the advice in the column will work. There are just too many haters and too many people who want to stomp on our rights. You don’t win if you are always on defense…

Ansel Hazen

Agree, I have always gotten the impression Harold doesn’t have the life experience to know that writing your congressman won’t get you anywhere these days.