Waging a Full-Spectrum Fight for the Second Amendment

Wayne LaPierre
Wayne LaPierre

United States – -(AmmoLand.com)- When we are discussing the present situation, to include how to defeat the long game being used by anti-Second Amendment extremists, one big thing we need to do is to understand that the fight has shifted. We’re no longer just fighting the normal battle on political and legislative fronts. The fight has now expanded to cultural outlets, corporate boardrooms, Silicon Valley censorship, and social stigmatization. It is now a full-spectrum fight.

The fact is, Second Amendment supporters and the organizations we have relied on to defend the Second Amendment, including the National Rifle Association, Gun Owners of America, and others, have been really ill-equipped for this expanded fight. The blame for the lack of preparation goes to everyone, from Wayne LaPierre, Larry Pratt, and other big names to the average Second Amendment supporter, including myself.

The fact is, Second Amendment supporters were too busy fighting amongst ourselves when we should have been keeping an eye on what Michael Bloomberg and other anti-Second Amendment extremists were doing, and either preparing to address their schemes or finding ways to minimize the damage. This failure of planning belongs to all of us.

Pro-Second Amendment groups and Second Amendment supporters did little, if anything, to put pressure on Hollywood to respect our rights. Corporate boardrooms were ignored – as long as they weren’t bothering us, we left them alone. The same applied to Silicon Valley. All in all, it was a stew of complacency that has now come back to bite us. It wasn’t like we didn’t have warnings going as far back as 1995.

This is why Wayne LaPierre should step down after the 2020 elections. If President Trump wins re-election, we have time and breathing room to address these new threats. If he is defeated, then it will be time for new blood to address a situation worse than our present situation. At a minimum, the social stigmatization of Second Amendment supporters would be backed by the bully pulpit in the White House. More likely, we would see a replication of the same tactics used by Andrew Cuomo, as well as something akin to the “John Doe” investigations in Wisconsin in addition to the increased social stigmatization.

This is no small matter. In fact, that combination could be devastating to the many grassroots volunteers who are working to protect our Second Amendment rights, to say nothing of those who have devoted their professional lives to it as well. The chilling effect of the “John Doe” investigations could very well have swung the 2018 gubernatorial election against Scott Walker, a champion of our Second Amendment rights.

Second Amendment supporters win the arguments when they can present the facts to the American people. Pending campaign finance legislation threatens the right to make the argument in the first place. In addition, such legislation would likely be struck down on First Amendment grounds with the present Supreme Court, but a packed court would be a different story altogether.

The reality is that the fight for our Second Amendment rights is now one that covers the full spectrum. We not only need to fight bad legislation and enact good legislation as well as supporting those officials who defend our rights, but we need to expand our horizons. The fight for our freedoms now extends from comic books to a cubicle in the headquarters of Facebook. It could take place in a meeting room at a Fortune 500 company or in a local PTA meeting.

We will need creative writers who can tell compelling stories that counter anti-Second Amendment narratives as much as we need lawyers for legal action. We will need people who speak fluent Spanish, who could go on Univision or Telemundo to explain Second Amendment issues as much as we need lobbyists. We will need Second Amendment supporters who are into information technology to work at places like Facebook and Google – or to start the next big IT company – as much as we need NRA-certified instructors. It short, it will be important for Second Amendment supporters to reach out to all walks of life and to come from all walks of life.

Harold Hu, chison

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post, Strategypage.com, and other national websites.

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Wild Bill

You may have already seen the news. President Trump has nominated an anti-gunner to lead the ATF. His name is Chuck Canterbury, and he is the president of the anti-gun Fraternal Order of Police. Sadly, Canterbury has a long track record that should concern gun owners: He’s testified before Congress to support anti-gunners like Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor and Attorney General Eric Holder. Under his watch, the FOP backed Congressional measures to expand the unconstitutional and failing NICS system — which is the same system where 95% of the initial denials are false positives. And on the state level,… Read more »

Bill Snyder

All gun clubs should consider buying JPFO’s “Grandpa Jack” books. These could be placed in Barbershops,et al. Jews for the Preservation o Firearms Ownership (JPFO.org) is like Marine Corps raider battalions of WWII. In defense of freedom they are a ferocious defender of 2A. To those misguided folks who think gun ownership is evil you should be familiar with Biblical passages like Luke 22:36; Leviticus 16:16 Matthew 26:52. In Luke, the Apostles were told to arm themselves. In Leviticus we are commanded to defend our neighbor. In Matthew we are told to put our weapon back in our holster; not… Read more »

The Revelator

@Bill Snyder

Excellent Argument.

Michael Medlin

What I do not understand is why people are arguing about the 2nd amendment, when in fact, the 14th amendment is what we should be defending. It was the 14th amendment that guaranteed gun ownership to citizens that we’re not engaged in militias. It is the 14th amendment that states that our constitutional rights cannot be abridged by states. Why has this not been our fight? Leftists decry a facist government by Trump, if so, then they should be the ones to buy guns to defend themselves from the government. They don’t listen to their own retoric and only spout… Read more »

pjh 421

Have you noticed when speaking with them that they dont fully understand what they say. Nor do they appreciate how foolish they sound when regurgitating what the people who influence them say. They sure aren’t bashful about being intolerant of your views though. Remember that old saying that a liberal is simply a conservative who hasn’t been mugged yet, lol?


If you mean I don’t understand getting killed by a full semi auto ar47? Then yes. I know a thing or two about guns and the ar47 and ak15 are weapons of war! They have no business in our schools. I recently have been hearing about a new problem gun, the sniper rifle, you know the rifles with a scope. OH GEEZ LEWEEZ! WHAT’S NEXT!

Wild Bill

@Marty, Good humor!

Dave C

Is there a difference between full semi-auto and just plain old semi-auto? Or is it a move to make it sound more scary. Last I heard, they were illegal in our schools. Shouldn’t that solve the problem, or will it take a caring teacher with a Glock. Israeli teachers are armed, and they don’t have a problem….

Wild Bill

@Mike M, What do you mean arguing about the 2nd Amendment? Who is attacking the 14th Amendment. As to your third sentence, no, the 14th Amendment is what is used to incorporate Civil Rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights against the states.

The Revelator

@Wild Bill

A simpler way of saying it is just that the 14th amendment is a reaffirmation of the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution.

Will Flatt

Ahh, the village idiot of Ammoland speaks again. The Revelator is right. Harold, don’t think you can pawn off the failures of the NRA leadership on the entire 2A activist community. We tried to warn you, but shills like you never listen. So GFY, and the donkey you rode in on.

Rocky Mountain

It’s good to finally see everyone pissed off enough that maybe it’s coming time to kick some ass. Bootlicking complacency has no place in an armed society.


If you are going to run an article promoting the NRA don’t show a picture of Wayne. We don’t need the target practice.


And out come the Blomingidiotberg trolls pretending to be GOA.


Every mass shooting advances the eventuality of Australian type gun laws in the US. The Communist US lawmakers know If every firearm were confiscated frrom law abiding citizens the criminal element will still have access to guns. The Communist lawmakers dream of more mass shootings to advance their agenda. In fact the Communist lawmakers may resort to secretly facilitating mass killing to advance their cause. If crriminal Gun crime will not be stopped by draconian gun bans, then why the push to ban them ? I believe its not about crime and saving lives, but instead a Communist scheme to… Read more »


VERY well thought out and written. Sad but true scenario of what is going on in this country and see this behavior by the Communist politicians (NWO), as the standard or even worse going forward.


Molon Labe. mic drop.

I’m done throwing good money after bad. I’m now in the tax revolt phase and directly behind that is armed defense. Seriously, come and take it.

Wild Bill

@dwest, May I suggest that annoying the hell out of your elected representatives is a most entertaining hobby. Letters are taken way more seriously, but emails are a fun start. See Whitehouse.gov/contact

Jay Wolf

Waging a Full-Spectrum Fight to protect his over paid worthless ass position at the NRA.


I don’t see additional people becoming pro-mass shooting. Gonna have to work on that.

Dennis Sirman

The NRA is a positive force for gun rights. Sadly, recent revelations of exorbitant spending and poor decision making have tarnished the organization. The forces of tyranny and evil are relentless. Gun owners MUST UNITE. 1% of the 93,000,000 gun owners in the USA equals 930,000 or the equivalent of about 46 Army divisions. As with biker gangs, “FEAR THE 1%ers.”

The Revelator

@Capt. Shep Sirman

We will not unite under the NRA until its current leadership leaves and some serious reforms are made to the organization.

If you feel that uniting is the most important thing, then you are more than welcome to come join us at the GOA. They take a no compromise approach, and we won’t settle for less.


@Squim – squelching gun rights is cowardice. Using mass shootings as a justification to take away gun rights is demagoguery. If you live in fear of guns, consider perhaps moving to places like Venezuela. History has shown that once citizens have lost the means to defend themselves they are at the mercy of police and army. The former will never be at the scene of a crime when it happens, the latter will force you to do as you are told. It’s ok if you agree with that reality, but it is immoral to impose your view of reality on… Read more »

The Revelator


If the Constitution is the law of the land, then why do you defend illegal immigration which is a violation of it?

Consistency matters. You either support the entirety of the Constitution, or you aren’t really supporting it.

And yes, I can cite evidence of you doing this.


I think Wayne needs to pack up all his finery and step aside. If not, my hard earned dollars will only go to GOA , FPC , SAF etc. I can’t justify spending any more $ on the NRA so W.L can live like a king. Wake up board members , stop making excuses for him. Send him packing ,and the NRA may have a chance to redeem itself. Stop bargaining our rights away !!

R Sweeney

This is so hilarious, and so sad. The author speaks about how Second Amendment supporters have spent more time and effort fighting each other than fighting the anti-2A movement (quite correctly, I might add) and the geniuses here immediately prove his point by attacking him and pointing fingers. When gun owners are too stupid to understand that they need to work together to defeat their enemies, then those enemies have already won. So just keep on worrying about Wayne LaPierre’s suits and dreaming about “The Revolution” that is never going to come and squabble amongst yourselves while the globalists continue… Read more »


Don’t waste your breath on comments,it’s trolls that love to trash the nra, I mean really,do they really care if he buys a few suits a year and wine and dines with politicians if he is working for us,that’s politics.i mean ,how could you not agree with that article,I’ve been saying thus forever,join all 2 nd amendment groups.


Harold is right! I am a member of a national church body that for more than decade could not get get a conservative theologian elected as president because of nit-picking squabbling by the various conservative factions. Finally, after a dozen years, they somehow agreed upon a leader who had the “stuff” to unite them and stop the slide toward theological leftism. The same thing has to happen among the 2A groups: someone, preferably with Lombardi-like charisma, has to be found who can get the various groups to speak with a unified voice on Constitutional issues common to all. Don’t work… Read more »


Seems your point is that for the “good” of the movement we must tolerate Lord Wayne and his minions jsut as Wayne wants. Sorry but NO!
How much does it Pay to blog for Wanye?

Dave C


James Barry

External Image
The Supreme Court Ruling on the 2nd Amendment Did NOT Grant an Unlimited Right to Own Guns
Have you read the 2008 Supreme Court decision that gives all Americans the right to own guns? Probably not. I hadn’t, until the other day, when I was stunned to find that the decision is hardly the blanket protection for gun ownership that the National Rifle Association and adamant gun rig…


Again, useful idiot. You talk of the majority as though the minority has no say in the matter. You also speak of the SCOTUS as if they make law or decide what I’d legal based on their personal interpretation, and as if their say is the last and final say. This one is unfortunately a common mistake as the SCOTUS is only supposed to determine whether or not a law is constitutional, based on the original intent of the framers of both the law in question and the Constitution. But then again, most people don’t understand the Constitution or how… Read more »


“You also speak of the SCOTUS as if they make law or decide what I’d legal based on their personal interpretation, and as if their say is the last and final say. This one is unfortunately a common mistake as the SCOTUS is only supposed to determine whether or not a law is constitutional, based on the original intent of the framers of both the law in question and the Constitution.” I don’t mean to be rude, bugs, but have you ever taken a class on US history in your life? Or on government? The Supreme Court IS the final… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Anon, I am sure it was merely a typo, but the Supreme Court does not have the final say regarding Constitutionality. The power of judicial review is not among the powers given the S. Ct in Article III. Judicial review was created by the S. Ct for the S. Ct in Marbury v Madison. Judicial Review is a fiction. (Please note, also, that in Marbury the S. Ct said The thing is not constitutional YOU CAN NOT MAKE US DO IT. Somehow, over time, that has been morphed into That is not constitutional WE CAN MAKE YOU not do it.)… Read more »

The Revelator

@Wild Bill.

Spot on!

Wild Bill

@Rev, Thank you. Thank you very much!


As I said, it all goes back to the Original Intent. Anon, you provided a great example of a well read and intelligent individual who unfortunately hasn’t taken the time to look at the Original Intent. Your argument is well thought out and presented. Just like many others that regurgitate what has been created by and for the regressive movement working towards the collapse or disposal of the Constitution and the only free nation in their way. It’s kinda like the creation of the political arguments surrounding what exactly the government should do for the people, i.e. right vs left,… Read more »

Wild Bill

Geez Bugs, Why do you give him so much credit, he did not even get the right Article of the Constitution; knows Marbury only superficially; and he says that he doesn’t mean to be rude to you and then slaps you in the face with the wrong info!

Dave C

I think the bigger problem is the left has neither read, or wants to read, the original intent articles. They are too busy chastising them!


Oh, and by the way, We The People have the final say.

Dave in Fairfax

THAT is the eternal truth in the matter. I thought I was going to have to state it.
Jefferson was quite clear about this, and if the Left keeps pushing it will become the final option.

Get Out

IMOA the problem with SCOTUS is they tend to vote along party lines and don’t interpret the BoR as intended.

Amendment II
A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

Salvatore Trentacoste

I am a second Amendment Supporter.But I fear that our 2nd amendment right is in extreamly deep trouble.The left’s attempt to overthrow our duly elected president and his administration because the Demarats have lost and never accepted the election results It going to be the downfall of America.Corruption is running out of control in Washington and the GOP is just as bad .Sitting on their asses in their safe place instead of doing their jobs.All while the Demarats look to collude within their corupt circle to remove Trump and his administration.The Demarats are hell bent on creating a new world… Read more »

James Barry

Dear Sir, You must never forget the court has made it very clear that The second amendment like the much more important first amendment does NOT grant you unlimited rights and that several Conservative groups of professionals don’t really have a problem with fencing in the right to bear arms The ( i’m thinking of the police chiefs of America). and you must never forget demographically speaking America is changing very rapidly just as the GOP of Georgia. and this new voting majority has a uniquely personal and uniquely determined view in regards to gun rights . In the end… Read more »

Wild Bill

@JB, Rights were intended to be complete and unlimited by the founders. Rights were described as “…a shield behind which one could step and not be touched by government…” The theory of Rights being limited were promulgated by elitists on the S. Ct. (e.g. Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.), in Congress, and in the presidency, over the years, for the purpose of unchaining government.

Get Out

Gun control isn’t working out so well for Venezuelan citizens that turned in their weapons is it. IMOA those same abuses would happen here too if the ruling party deemed you a threat. https://www.policeone.com/gun-legislation-law-enforcement/articles/6186552-Police-Gun-Control-Survey-Are-legally-armed-citizens-the-best-solution-to-gun-violence/ More than 91 percent of respondents support the concealed carry of firearms by civilians who have not been convicted of a felony and/or not been deemed psychologically/medically incapable. A full 86 percent feel that casualties would have been reduced or avoided in recent tragedies like Newtown and Aurora if a legally-armed citizen was present (casualties reduced: 80 percent; avoided altogether: 60 percent). More than 81 percent… Read more »


most teachers and school officials are opposed to this measure. What is your ACCURATE source of information? Every teacher who is not dwelling within a steel bubble KNOWS that when that crazy shooter walks into his/her classroom and she is not armed, she is dead, along with most of her students, for whom she would gladly lay down her life if it would save them. They also know the reality is the gunman will shoot her first, then the rest. EVERY TIME a school or district changes the policy to allow teachers and staff to become armed and trained, and… Read more »

Get Out

Here’s the link it was copied from.

Most teachers and school officials are opposed to this measure.
What is your ACCURATE source of information?

Heed the Call-up

James, you fail to understand that our rights are *guaranteed* by the Constitution, not “granted” by it. Whether or not the Supreme Court’s decisions fully acknowledge our rights or not, as Jefferson stated, our rights, natural and unalienable, pre-exist government. You cannot pass laws that infringe on our rights. Well, you can, but it still doesn’t make it right. If you believe that a majority can vote away your rights, you might not like the result. The Black’s certainly didn’t not like the Jim Crow Era. People’s views may change, but your rights remain. People have been fighting bad laws… Read more »


Very well said. I would like to present one point for consideration. I contend it is God or in some views the law of nature that guarantees our Rights. Not a government or the Constitution. The Constitution and more to the point the Bill of Rights merely spells it out.

Wild Bill

@Bugs the founding fathers intended that the Second Amendment pre-empt all later Congresses, S.Cts., and lower courts. Now that the Bill of Rights is applied to the states, counties, and cities that pre-emptive quality applies to the states and subdivisions, too. That is the guarantee that the founders gifted to us.

Heed the Call-up

Bugs, I did state that. I stated our rights pre-exist government and that the Constitution only *guarantees* our rights, not “grants” them.


The NRA LEADERSHIP SELLOUTS WAYNE LAPIERRE AND CHRIS COX, both support RED FLAG GUN CONTROL SIESURE LAWS. WAYNE LAPIERRE, NRA LEADERSHIP SELLOUT, that led a coup against Oliver North Former President of the NRA, during last months NRA gathering in Indianapolis. Allen West, high ranking member of the NRA wrote a letter to the NRA MEMBERS stating that he felt that WAYNE LAPIERRE NRA PRESIDENT should step down from his position after the conference. Any organization that is ANTI-2A, but proclaims to brand makes MILLIONS of dollars$$$ from it’s MEMBERS, should be sued in Court! JoinAMERICAN FIREARMS COALITION.com Marty… seriously,… Read more »

Dave in Fairfax

Tracey, you missed this one. Do a search on “fully semi-automatic” and listen to the idiot General. Watch the video as well.

Wild Bill

I just want and expect the NRA to stop all newly proposed anti-Second Amendment Civil Rights statutes, and get current anti-Second Amendment Civil Rights statutes repealed. Those should be our missions. If Wayne and cronies can do that and maintain their huge salaries, all the other programs, museums and the Whitington Center, that is fine. If not sell assets, end programs, and get different people.

James Barry

Trump is not my president
Trump lost the popular vote never forget that fact


Who gives a flying rats ass what you think about the president James. Go curl up in the corner and suck your thumb you big baby.

James Barry

I have cried for joy over November 2018. And, I’ll have you know and I intend to dance for joy (for 24 hours) following Governor Nikki Haley defeat come Number 2020.

Wild Bill

@JB, How multi-talented of you: Constitutional expert; Delphian disambiguater; and Radio City understudy.

The Revelator

@JAMES Barry Thank you for showing everyone here you have no idea how the country works, how our constitution was written, well pretty much civics in general. The popular vote does not elect the President of the united states. The popular vote determines the Electoral vote within each state. The states then cast Electoral Votes. This was a system put in so that large, populous states could not run roughshod over small states like New Jersey and Delaware. It is a continuation of the principal of Majority rule with Minority Rights. It is for this same reason that 3/4s of… Read more »


Your a tool James Berry. A useful idiot.
The popular vote equals rights only for the majority. It equals different treatment for the minority. The Electoral Collage is in place to keep the big populated cities and states from having a say in the lives of those in lass populated states. I cannot believe this still has to be discussed. Read the Constitution and the works of those who created and signed everything to it. The original intent is the only way to understand it.

James Barry

Dear sir, I am very much aware of what the Constitution says and how the electoral college works and I am not suggesting it should be eliminated. I’m sure you’re aware that in the 19 century there were four presidents who lost the popular vote and all served one term starting with the son of John Adams. Mr Bush‘s son broke that historical curse only because (in my humble opinion ) September 11 happened or otherwise he too would have been a one term president if you examine voting for and the number of votes received by Republican candidates since… Read more »

Wild Bill

@JB, So?

Get Out

I wasn’t a Trump nor Hillary fan, but.
The purpose of the Electoral College is to prevent regional candidates from dominating national elections…
If you take California out of the total, Donald Trump won the popular vote by 1.4 million.

Wild Bill

@GO, If you took all the dead voters out of the total, Trump won the popular vote.

James Barry

Dear Sir, The only people who voted for Mr Trump were basically the living dead white working-class southern and rural Westerners resent the only demographic group that is disappearing from this country fun fact there will be at least 940,000 fuel white voters on January 1, 2020 then there was on January 1, 2016 and I’m sure you’re aware the fact that on or before January 1, 2048 non-Hispanic weights will make up less than 47% of the total US population. US military is There’s always a reflection of this great country and the people in it it is now… Read more »

Wild Bill

@JAMES Barry, The US military is not “… a reflection of this great country and the people…”! The military goes to great lengths to make sure that everyone in the military thinks military, rather than like whatever they were before entering the military. The military is a society with in a society, in and of itself. When military people look at each other they see rank, branch, and scars. We evaluate each other in a way that you will never understand. You see gender, race, and other weird civilian shit. Please do not talk about the military because it grates… Read more »

Wild Bill

P.S. , And that thing that you write about white, working-class, southern, rural, and westerners being the living dead … is pretty arrogant from a metro-sexual, amateur propagandist that makes his living by voting.


James Berry , you obviously have no life. Take your pathetic self and troll elsewhere. You UN-AMERICAN waste of good air.

James Barry

Dear sir,
Your general sour tone suggest one of two things to me that either you have a tooth infection or you live in the south. Either way you have my sympathies.
A descended of Commodore John Barry

Jack Mac

JB. The election was about D=26.5, R=26.3, other=2.2 percent, not a landslide. 55 percent voter turnout, meaning 45 percent opinion is unknown. The Electoral College still represents 100 percent of the voters and those eligible but registered to vote and those to young to vote and those second class citizens not eligible to vote and other non-citizens of legal residents not eligible to vote. The College selected the President for all these people. Unless you are illegally in our country, Trump is your President.


That’s right everyone, Trump lost the popular vote which we all know is a mute point. Fortunately James we are a Republic so popular vote does not count. Trump won the electoral college , never forget that fact. You must have been sleeping during your government class.


The idea that Trump lost the popular vote is due to the skewed population numbers in the big cities of the East and West coasts, plus a few big cities within the Heartland. They all have some things in common: large Democrat leaning minority populations; large numbers of union-influenced, Democrat voters; generally underperforming public schools that “graduate” kids whose teachers are too often “educated” by the likes of Prof Ayers with their radical, Marxist mindset. A true popular vote win would have shown the majority of the 3000+ counties voting blue, but the 2016 voting map instead shows the counties… Read more »


James Barry

Do you realize how non-adult that statement is? If you are a Citizen of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump was the dooly elected President. Like him or, in your case NOT like him, he is still your President! Just a fact, now, if you are not an AMERICAN Citizen, then you may very well have a good point!!!


sounded at first like you wanted a leadership change in all the organizations- then .. no– just another NRA hit ……

if you are going to say that all the organizations and us – are to blame- then push for real change- have a plan , if that requires leadership change- then be open- that means all are complicit – not just one organization you have a hard on for.
sorry guys – you are letting your NRA hatred run your narrative- there is always a path forward- but you are still hiding in the weeds…


If you go into a debate (basically all legal battles) with a leader with NO credibility (LaPierre) due to proven corruption, abuse of office/authority, a piss-poor recent record of failures and with a confidence level of his group’s supporters of less than 10%, you cannot prevail, regardless of the argument or the stance. The opposition will use LaPierre’s record to make an Ad hominem attack, which is not justifiable nor good logic, but since when does the opposition worry about little things like logic, common sense and facts? When dealing with politics and the public, being honest and above board… Read more »

Ray Davidson

The NRA is fighting to restore my standard capacity magazine 2A rights as we speak. Sometimes I wonder how many of these attacks on the NRA are coming from leftists seeking to device us.

Wild Bill

@White_Collar D, What is the NRA doing, as we speak, to restore our Right to 50 round capacity magazines? Come on share some specifics.


Wild Bill , I’d like Ray to answer that question as well ?

Wild Bill

@RicksterAR, We will give him some time.

Dave C

I can’t speak for the mags, but I can report from TSRA that NRA has been with them every step of the way fighting in the Texas legislature!


Ray, I’m sorry… it’s like finding out that after years of tithing at your church, that the pastor has been LYING to you; you have been indoctrinated and cognitive dissonance is deeply set in. The NRA takes more than they’re giving. Here Ray, a shiny button. A golden bullet. Pry it from my Cold Dead hands…

Timothy Scott

The anti-Second Amendment extreme left is but a very small group and has little to no power or ability to pass any laws much less the ability to outlaw any firearms, so please stop pushing this narrative, this anal retentive, fear mongering bs! As a Democrat I fully believe in the Second Amendment and will challenge anyone who tries to strike it down!

Roy D.

The trouble is, who gets to decide what the meaning of “is” is. But, as a Democrat you should understand that better than any real American.


You obviously don’t live in Illinois.

Wild Bill

@TS, Really? What do you believe about the Second Amendment? I find, from past experience, that Democrats are ignorant and lazy, so TS probably will not write what he believes about the Second Amendment.


Timothy Scott , you are a DemocRAT , you are not speaking the truth regarding the 2nd Amendment. You & yours would love nothing more than to trash our Right to keep and bear arms. C’mon now , you know I’m RIGHT !!


Wrong. We paid a lot of money into the NRA, spent our time responding to legislative alerts, and sorting through the angst of who is who running for the BOD. We support the organization, but the organization is RESPONSIBLE for watching the enemy, for planning strategies, and for taking the fight to the enemy. NOT US.

The self-absorbed, self-bloating leadership of the NRA is what has failed to perform it’s duties and it must be flushed.

Ray Davidson

The NRA is fighting to restore my standard capacity magazine 2A rights as we speak.

The Revelator

@White_Collar Davidson

And fighting to give government the authority to confiscate them right after you get them back at the same time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7sNiklO506A

Green Mtn. Boy

Harold you may lead one to believe that you are on Wayne’s payroll to extol the virtues of Negotiating Rights Away with him at the helm of the organization.

Alan in NH

I’m an ‘old school’ endowment level NRA guy too, and I appreciate the hard corps sentiments expressed here in the comment section but I think Harold has some good points here. While the 2nd is a timeless and, to us, a non negotiable part of our civil liberties, we also need to be able to effectively fight the vast array attacks against us. We need all the help we can get from as many voices as possible to counter the constant and ever changing tactics we face. I think the NRA has been slow to adapt and really needs some… Read more »

Steven Pape

What a disappointing diatribe on blaming and shortcomings. How about recognizing all the hard work completed, along with “New opportunities” to do more
This article may have been well intentioned, but it left a bad taste in my mouth and did nothing to inspire needed actions.


Nice suit Wayne. happy I could pay for it with my dues.

Big Daddy

Wayne LaPierre is everything that is wrong with NRA at this point. I have been a Life Member since 1991, and am a Benefactor Life Member, and I think his leadership has been absolutely atrocious. The plain truth is that ever since LaPierre orchestrated Neal Knox’s demise from NRA, the organization has been more about money-making, and less about 2A defense. I find it particularly disgusting that I have received at least 5 e-mail solicitations from NRA begging for cash since the convention, stating that NRA will ‘cease to exist’ if I don’t pony up some more money to fight… Read more »

Mary spoonmore

Thank you for useless comment. People like you just make things worse. I do not like the man either but I am going to defend the right to own a gun and I’m going to work with you organizations who protect this right. Making personal comments about a man’s suit just makes me laugh at you.

Big Daddy

Learn how to direct your useless comments to those that made them.

Roy D.

Mary, when I read your name and your comment this quote came to mind, ““Please sir, can I have some more?”.

Harry Vandoloski

The other commentor was not making a personal comment about another man’s suit. It was referring to $400,000 bills for an individual’s clothing paid for from nra funds. There are also unexplained 24 million dollar payments to a lawyer etc. The current NRA president, Oliver North had uncovered vast missuse of finances and asked Lapierre to step down but was instead forced out himself due to the imbedded power structure. We owe the NRA a great debt for what they have done tight on our behalf but should also demand othat our hard earned donations be used appropriately


I only hope that whatever the difficulties being experienced at the NRA ere that they get ironed out fast. The other side is not kidding around. More and more politicians are screaming for bans on sales and ownership of guns and gun accessories. The anti gun side is using emotion and hysteria after tragedies to turn public opinion against the Second Amendment more every day while we argue among ourselves.


I have been very involved in the State fight against Bloomberg efforts to destroy our Second Amendment rights in Nevada. The biggest observation that I have made is that Bloomberg has dumped over 22 million dollars in Nevada since 2016. The biggest problem that the state organization, the Nevada Firearms Coalition, has is that the vast majority of gun owners aren’t involved enough. In many cases this is no fault of their own because they have to work and unable to volunteer and donate time and money. However the gun owners that are connected to the state organization do a… Read more »


Wayne and Cris: GO! No $


I’m being minimzed by the moderator again.


“We are ill-equipped”…Why does Ammoland bother with this guy who is here blaming gun owners for the mess we’re in. Even puts Weinie Wayne’s pic up there for some perverse reminder that 2A rights are under attack. Duh! Altogether it reads like some poorly veiled subliminal message to accept that we are all lazy and should put up with the damage being done on all the new fronts. I think it all stinks when this pussy hat Harold is really minimizing gun owners !!!

Mark gandet

I hope somebody does something soon. I live in TN and we are all about hunting recreational shooting and protection of our loved oned.

Green Mtn. Boy


Just do members and American gun owners a favor and resign,Not One More Penny Until You Are Gone .


@ GMB It would sure seem like LaPee would think of the benefit of the organization for once and turn it in. After all the millions he has made off us that cash cow is getting slow and may stop some day. He could stop the bleeding if he wasn’t so greedy. We need gun rights support but not backward like we have been getting with him and Cox.

Rocky Mountain

“I’ll equipped” Harold says and once again Antifa strikes. The US Constitution is defined by Harold (Antifa) as “ill equipped”. Harold is butt hurt over Supreme Law of the land and declares it futile. Why do they keep him here? Should be over at GQ writting self help trannies stuff.


I still say he looks like him a David Hogg could be best buddies.

The Revelator

Harold, Harold, Harold. Your last garbage article put up a few days ago had you trying to open your arms to us GOA members as if pleading to take you in. Now, we have this. “The fact is, Second Amendment supporters were too busy fighting amongst ourselves when we should have been keeping an eye on what Michael Bloomberg and other anti-Second Amendment extremists were doing, and either preparing to address their schemes or finding ways to minimize the damage. This failure of planning belongs to all of us.” No Harold, the failure belongs to you and people like you.… Read more »


Nicely done. You just saved me a lot of typing.

The Revelator


No problem.