When All You Can Do Is Limit the Damage

Signing of the Gun Control Act on 22 October in 1968 with President Lyndon B. Johnson
Signing of the Gun Control Act on 22 October in 1968 with President Lyndon B. Johnson

United States – -(AmmoLand.com)- What we are about to talk about is something that may annoy some of our loyal readers here at Ammoland. Well, ignoring this potential situation is something that is not in the best interests of securing out Second Amendment rights in the future. In fact, not discussing what to do in this situation is one of the biggest helps we can give to the likes of Michael Bloomberg.

What is the situation we potentially face? Well, it’s one where the circumstances and/or landscape are worse than our present situation. To review, we have lost the House, and Jerrold Nadler is leading attacks on our rights in the House Judiciary Committee. Thankfully, we have a pro-Second Amendment Senate and a pro-Second Amendment president, so we do not face the prospect of legislation passing.

That may not always be the case. A little over a quarter-century ago, we faced a different prospect. Anti-Second Amendment forces controlled the House, Senate, and White House. The push was for the Brady Bill and a semi-auto ban. The balance as to how bad it would be rested on nominal Second Amendment supporters in both parties who faced difficult balancing acts.

For some, it was how to support the Second Amendment in a way that would not cause them to lose to an anti-Second Amendment extremist in the next general election. For others, it was how to support the Second Amendment, and not be primaried by an anti-Second Amendment extremist. So, to do this involved coming up with something that was less onerous than what might pass if Second Amendment supporters just said, “No.”

The result, in 1993, was the passage of NICS. Now, it could have been even less onerous had the NRA succeeded in getting NICS to override all state and local waiting periods and licensing schemes, but the fact was, the intent was to create a permanent, federal waiting period, and that didn’t happen. This is not to say NICS doesn’t need fixes and improvements, but when you think about the whole scam of waiting periods, NICS largely short-circuits the arguments for them.

A quarter-century prior to Bill Clinton’s first year in office, the NRA faced a similar situation. Lyndon Baines Johnson wanted a federal licensing and registration scheme, which is the keystone for what made the confiscation laws passed by New Zealand and Australia workable. In 1968, the NRA worked to make sure the legislation that would pass in the wake of the assassinations of Robert F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. did not have that, and succeeded.

In essence, the “second problem” HCI activist Nelson Pete Shields described in 1976 would have been solved if not for the NRA’s successful efforts to limit the damage in 1968. When Franklin Orth said the bill “could be lived with,” he wasn’t endorsing it. He was saying, “We did what we could to keep this bill from getting too bad.” Similarly, look at Lyndon Johnson’s statements as he signed the bill and hailed its passage. You think he was happy that licensing and registration weren’t in the bill? He knew that he’d been beaten in the long game.

The other benefit damage control can have is that it could prompt anti-Second Amendment extremists to kill a bill. This happened 20 years ago in the wake of the Columbine shooting. After the NRA’s damage-control bill became the preferred version in the House, anti-Second Amendment extremists voted it down, teaming up with “no compromise” Second Amendment supporters.

If we are to truly see the Second Amendment prevail, Second Amendment supporters must recognize that there is a time for a stand, a time to go into damage control mode, and times to let the tactical and strategic differences between NRA and GOA work in synergy to achieve victories, whether it is passage of pro-Second Amendment legislation, or defeating a bill that would punish law-abiding gun owners for crimes and mass shootings they didn’t commit.

Harold Hu, chison

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post, Strategypage.com, and other national websites.

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    1. Somebody needs to find out for sure..but from what I understand, Everybody with a concealed firearms permit has their record of it stored at the UN!

    2. I understand the “long game” scenario but when do you draw the line??? Which other Amendment needs the long game? As for the hardliners, on the flip side, as another commenter said, what about leadership, air support, air defense, logistics, comms? Without those, everything said is a moot point…. Farting in the wind…..

      1. @the Grey Man

        Then let me pose a question to you. How do you defeat a group of people who cant be intimidated, bribed, coerced, or ordered into doing what you want?

        The answer is you can’t. The only option left is to kill off the entire group if your goal is control. That is why the American form of revolution works. What starts as 3% grows when the undecided group see’s what is going on. You’re position also automatically assumes the entire military, which would be outnumbered, would be on board knowing that their mothers, fathers, little brothers and sisters, their own families are in the bomb sights of those aircraft or that the goods they are hauling will be used to kill their own families. Do you really think they would be on board with that? Maybe you could say the UN forces would be used.

        That’s why most of us “Hardliners” who understand the founding fathers talk about the difference between the American and French revolutions. Give it a little thought before you automatically assume outcomes in your head.

    3. The NICs is a registration, all those 4473 forms that have to be retained and turn into the atf when the gun shop closes.

      NIC and the NFA should both be overturned as unconstitutional!

      1. @Cam

        What most of us have been saying for a long time, along with the others, the GCA of 68, the GCA of 86, ect.

    4. Limited damage.
      Limited damage..
      Limited damage…
      Limited damage….
      Limited damage…..
      Limited damage……
      Limited damage…….
      The only constitutional arms laws are those that INCREASE the availability of arms, of all types, to the people.

    5. Hmm, there are a lot of people commenting here who would rather die on every hill that would ultimately lead to losing the war instead of simply accepting a few tactical losses in order to win the war. I suppose we can use them. A little known part of history is that the people who died at the Alamo disobeyed an order to abandon the fort. See, Sam Houston knew the Texans could not win a head-to-head fight with Santa Anna’s army. He did, however, know that Santa Anna’s army could not sustain supply a supply line deep into Texas. Sam Houston knew they could not win at the Alamo. Anyhow, the truth is that those people who died in the Alamo essentially contributed nothing to the war. it did, however, make for great propaganda, a rallying cry for the war, and it became the most memorable event of that war for the history books. I wonder if those people who refuse to consider that the NRA is playing the long game, who would sacrifice the cause for some strategically insignificant “fort”, can serve another purpose for the cause.

      1. @Bob999

        Tactical Losses? So over the last 100 years, all those losses were tactically necessary? Please explain why they were necessary.

        You see, we have Rights, and we have a Constitution which restricts Government from messing with those rights. Why is it in your view necessary that we give up something which was already ours from the moment we were born, which those taking it away never had the authority, power, or right to do so in the first place? Explain yourself.

        Explain why you think a slow process of minor transgressions which ends in a loss is better than opposing it. “Tactical” has become the politically correct term for a group of cowards with no spines because all they hope to do is maintain the status quo.

        The NRA isn’t defending anything, they aren’t playing the long game. They are slowly managing the destruction giving away little pieces at a time while trying to milk as much money out as possible in the time they have. You question those that “Refuse to consider”, why are you refusing in spite of all the evidence against the NRA, after betrayal after betrayal, why do you insist it is better to tuck tail and run instead of standing up for what is true?

        It is you who refuses to consider. You brought up the Alamo, but you forgot several other historical battles. The Battle Of Okehazama, just under 3,000 men defeated and routed over 25,000. Thermopylae, 300 Greeks stood off against 1,000,000 Persians(Who won that conflict in the end smart guy?). Or perhaps our most important as Americans, when just 3% stood up to the most powerful military in the world and sent them back to England.

        Those who are willing to give up a little essential liberty for temporary security deserve and receive neither.

          1. @Wild Bill

            I think wishful thinking is more within his area of practice.

            The truth is, I don’t expect a response from Bob, since in all my time I have never met anyone who can explain what I just asked him. Why are they adamant that we roll over and give up what is not and has never been within the ability of the other side to take. They cant answer because they understand to do so shows them as not being concerned with defending the 2nd Amendment but instead makes them violators.

            That level of insecurity and weakness compared to others causes them to get as many to go along with their nonsense as they can so they can feel better about it.

        1. Yeah I don’t see you guys up in arms over passage over any of those laws. Plenty of Americans have high end AR-15s and scores of ammo but don’t use them. Where is that 2nd Amendment when you need it?
          I keep seeing this same old garbage “molon labe” and “X,Y,Z is unconstitutional” but we never do anything about it. Keep howling into the wind but not invoking the rights we claim to have. So what good is it? One day, though, right? Maybe your kids will do what you weren’t man enough to do in the first place.

          1. @Jim Mackey

            Thank you, for demonstrating ignorance of why our founders did what they did in the first place. After reading this, you may want to go and re-read the Declaration of Independence.

            Even with all those AR-15’s, all that ammo, we are not murderers. We are good citizens who want to be left alone, want our rights left untouched, and want our kids to have the same.

            You agitating about “We never do anything about it”, well let me ask you something then. Why are you so eager to go out and kill? Why are you trying to stir up that sentiment?

            The difference between the American Revolution and the French revolution is that the American Revolution was a Defensive one. The reasons given were listed out, and we currently have a long train of abuses to speak of. There was an attempt at dialog, our attempts today to get them to leave us alone and stop trying to control us have fallen on deaf ears just like those of the King. The King was given an ultimatum, as we have drawn our line on the ground. When the King ignored that ultimatum they broke away and fought, and if they ignore us we will defend and throw them out.

            That is what makes this work. Any other way ends up trading one tyrant for another. Think before you speak. Otherwise, if you are so worried about not moving fast enough, why haven’t you gone out first? Don’t be so quick to attack others when you are bringing up the rear.

    6. Yet another apologist article for the NRA by H. Hutchison. Compromise is FAILURE when it come to ANY Constitutional rights and there is no excuse for it. The NRA under LaPierre is corrupt and does more harm than good. If LaPierre goes, the NRA has a chance to recover and become an organization that can defend the 2nd Amendment successfully, but only if LaPierre and his cronies, sycophants and toadies (like H. Hutchison) are shut down and/or gone.

    7. I can actually spot a Hutchinson column by the headline. I don’t have to look as far as his name. He never saw a compromise he didn’t like. I certainly am glad the founding Fathers didn’t think like he does. What a sellout.

    8. All ‘gun control laws’ are un-Constitutional.

      Article 6, U.S. Constitution “The Constitution…shall be the supreme law of the land”.
      THAT is referred to as “The Supremacy Clause”. Therefore, no legislative law, Executive
      Order or local decree may limit, deny, change or modify the Constitution.
      Article 6 continues “All laws must conform to and be made pursuant to the Constitution”.
      Therefore, any legislative law, Executive Order or local decree not in 100% harmony
      with the U.S. Constitution, is null & void.
      Americans could own any firearm of any type they wanted until the 1934 NFA.
      The U.S. Congress fearing the WW1 veterans they screwed over, enacted the NFA.
      While reviewing the NFA, the SCOTUS noted “…you may not ban machine guns, grenades…and
      any other weapon of the soldier. American citizens must have access to these weapons to
      fulfill their Constitutional obligations”.
      Ignorance of the nature of the government as servant not master, or just sheer cowardice
      and kneeling to governmental tyranny as ‘gun control laws’, is why we have politicians
      thinking they can ban anything and disarm the American People.
      Look up April 19, 1775. THAT is how Americans treat ‘gun control’.It used to be called
      “Patriot’s Day” until democrats had it removed from publications.
      The American People are the ultimate power & authority in America.
      The People created governments. Governments exist because the American People allow it.
      Kneeling as slaves to gun control laws insure governments as master.
      “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots
      and tyrants”. Thomas Jefferson.

      1. Omgosh, nonbootlicker found. You rock brother and are a real American. I am proud to have the honor of finding you and would have your back in the fire, anytime, anywhere. Rest of you pathetic bootlickers need to take note of what this real American has to say if you can get up off your knees and stop sucking that stock.

    9. When “all you can do is limit the damage”
      It’s time to crawl under a rock and pray there is someone stronger, smarter and more courageous to take care of YOU

      1. @Graham

        Harold Hutchison has been a well known apologist for certain gun control agenda’s for quite a while. Lately it looks like he is trying to cozy up to GOA members, but we aren’t buying it. We already know him for what he is.

        He spams articles urging gun owners to compromise with those on the left intent on destroying the second amendment while whispering words of soothing about tactics, strategy, and necessity at the same time. He’s been a castrated animal for a very long time now.

        He has zero reputation here, and is essentially the village idiot of Ammoland.

        1. @Rev, Yes, the Harold issue… What to do? I can hardly believe, based upon his writings here, that he, once, was a consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine. I call on Harold to turn over a new leaf; pull up his pants; and get with the Constitutional freedoms program.

          1. @Wild Bill

            He won’t. He had his balls removed long ago, and has shown he has no intention of changing.

            He doesn’t engage here because he knows he wont win a factual argument against us, and rightly so since he cant argue about what has been done when he is trying to sell what his imagination thinks will be in the future. He just spams more articles from his hiding spot in his closet.

        2. Yeah and if you look up n down my street you will see it is not only Ammoland that is infiltrated by communists, Muslims, DS operators from every kind of soup etc. Heck this Harold thing is nothing. What he is failing to tell you while attempting to disarm you is that you have 2 selections for Oresident coming up. 1 is Trump and 2 is Hillary. Your guns will determine which one you get. Bootlickers should be prepared because nobody is handing you the easy way out this time. You will have to seize your desire, no free rides. Bus has left the terminal. Clock is ticking.

          1. @ Rocky Mountain

            Along with the Communists, and DS operators, you forgot to mention racist national socialists…

            Oh wait, there you are.

            The Constitution is applicable to all. I am on the side of the Constitution, not yours.

            1. Oprah is the racist and the farthest thing you can find from a socialist. Might have something on the nationalist label. I carry a pocket constitution. National constitutionalist is probably a more precise label. The guy with no political party. Every post on all channels these days wants to kill white Americans and I’m the racist eh. Liberals, Muslims, Iranians, BLM, Antifa, Hollywood, deep state, cartel, etc. all want to kill white Americans and openly advocate for our genocide and I am a racist somehow. That’s a good one. Loooooool.

            2. @Rocky Mountain

              I’m going to tell you straight up, I don’t trust you. Ive seen some of your other posts over the last several weeks. If at anytime you attempt to use identity issues as your driving argument, then by default you can’t be a constitutionalist.

              A constitutionalist operates on the founding principles that all are created with equal rights, the same rights, and that those rights only stop where they collide with the rights of another regardless of who they are or what they believe. The minute you start advocating for unequal or disproportionate rights based on the stupidity of others(political ideology, religion, ect) you advocate against the constitution even if you are saying you agree with the words and only seek to limit it to one side.

              You have a right to believe what you wish to believe, but I will neither acknowledge you as a constitutionalist nor call you an ally since you do not follow the principles of the constitution. The idea that you can pick and choose who is worthy of Constitutional protection for one reason or another is a Leftist ideology, and one I will never support.

              The constitution applies to all. That’s the difference between a Constitutionalist and someone like yourself.

    10. Well done article. I know the sub group of zero tolerance will scream about the realities of politics and slippery slope but they also fail to see the advances we have made concerning concealed carry and the amount of shall issue and constitutional carry states that exist compared to 30 years ago. Changing public policy and opinion takes time and work. Leftists understand this and work for success a bit at a time. Shouting and threatenings of civil war is not conducive to changing public opinion, it only makes us ugly.

      1. @Stevie

        And if leftists work to get one small piece at a time, what does it say about the weak apologists who work only to give them a little at a time?

        Whether you admit to it or not, the left is getting more violent about not getting their way the way they want it. Whether you admit to it or not, we are at a position now that has been caused by people like you as well as those trying to tear down the republic that has our rights threatened in ways that have been forged over a century to get us here. Grow up and get a spine. You criticize those who will stand for something, so let me ask you this. What will you do if they take power and decide to ignore the constitution? Will that be reason enough to fight then, or will you bow your head as you hand it over?

        Those of us who you label as a subset that wont compromise, well guess what, we actually stand for that. If you or Harold Hutchison continue to come to us trying to sell a bs reason why we need to compromise on our rights we are going to kick you out of our doorways. We will not work with you on that, ever. Get over it. We also won’t care when you whine and cry about how it can all be lost if we don’t join up with your plan. Screw you.. We are not moving, and if you think its just a numbers game then you can line up behind us. We are tired of getting hosed on the deals cowards like Harold seek to get. If you enjoy servitude and being led like an animal, do it on your own.

        So if being ugly means telling you no when you try to take our rights for bargaining chips or saying no to your proposed ideas, then yeah I guess we are ugly. But that is a heck of a lot better than having a yellow streak down the middle of your back and a puddle forming around your shoe. Harold is a well known apologist for gun control and the current corrupt NRA leadership. Nothings changed, but now at least we know where someone named “Stevie” stands.

        1. And as long as we have our guns, all will NOT BE LOST. it’s the reason The Founding fathers wrote the 2nd Amendment for that very reason. And I will stand up to tyranny just as they did.

          To the author….Either you’re with us…or against us. There’s no fence to straddle here.

          1. @CB, Small arms are fine, but we need to think of asymmetrical methods of destroying the enemies of the Constitution. We need to think in terms of target lists, logistics, operational security, and secure comms. So put your thinking cap on.

        2. Well said Rev! When are people going to realize that some people have certain principles and positions they won’t budge on? If there isn’t something that fits into your belief system that you refuse to capitulate on. You stand for nothing.

          1. @ Ton E

            Probably about the same time people also realize that they can’t redefine terms just to make themselves a part of a group. Here are just two examples. Keep your guard up, and stay true to the constitution.

            1. People who willingly violate or attempt to restrict who the constitution applies to are not constitutionalists. I’ve seen more than a few here who want to claim to be constitutionalists, but have advocated the worst kind of tyranny and unconstitutional practice because they look at the other side and want to say “Get em! Make em pay”.

            2. Just because you own a gun, it doesn’t make you a supporter of the Second Amendment. Anyone who advocates for regulation of the right to bear arms is an enemy of the second amendment regardless of what they own.

    11. Man up. Arm up. Stockpile your Beans, Bandages & Bullets.
      2020 is going to be long and hot. 2021 will be downright interesting after DJT gets rehired and the Libtards all totally melt down.

      1. @Gunner, That would be pluperfect! We could use the Federal logistics train to “help” police up after the sharp end of the stick gets done.

    12. Anything LBJ did was suspect. Look at Nam for example. How many of our friends and relatives did LBJ and Robert McNamara kill with their BS. Many think LBJ had JFK killed. He knew he would not live long enough to run for president after JFK served 8 years because of his heart problems. It was common knowledge in Washington and the USA that LBJ HATED Kennedy. LBJ was a crook, phony and many other things none of which can be printed here.

    13. My new truck is ready to be picked up from auto body shop where I had plate steel welded to exterior for upcoming conflict. I can’t wait. Looks like right out of Mad Max documentary.

    14. Don’t think you are safe just because Republicans are in office. Percentage wise, more Republicans voted for the GCA than Democrats did. Remember, Baby Bush said he would have signed a new Assault Weapons Bill.

    15. Ardvark; Welcome to the wonderful world of MODERATED, I read ammolands policy and tried to find out how I got on that list to be moderated with no success, so I post very little any more, there are several people that have hit this list and we all seem to not be able to find the reason. I blame it on their location and the east coast virus! Now as far as the thing about the N R A they are now trying to cover all bases of shake the tree just enough but don’t drop the fruit, stay under the radar but keep the money coming in, G O A does a lot of the leg work and fighting and the top of over-paid N R A brass tries to take all of the credit! We do need the N R A but it is time for the members to say vote and get these people out of the N R A and suspend any over the top pensions they have worked out for themselves, this could lead to major problems on funding the N R A! Time to move LaPierre and Cox out they have been in so long they are stagnate in their representing the N R A.

    16. “Tolerance is the lube that helps slip the dildo of dysfunction into the ass of a civilized society.” Plato

      Your article is the lube…

    17. I Just love your, we must “Compromise” on our Rights defending post. This is a disgusting and unconscionable to even suggest this. Can you imagine if the founders COMPROMISED with the British, they all would have been shot!

      The NRA and you evidently are trying justify their backstabbing of their members and gun owners in general. This will cause you to lose more members not help. We have over 25,000 gun laws in this country and counting, The NRA’s VP, former President, has now been caught wasting members money on extravagant life style to say the least that could have been put into fighting more anti-gun laws across this country.

      I don’t want the NRA destroyed, I want it fixed. But if you continue this attitude of appeasing the anti-2nd Amendment Zealots, you can go down in flames. We must be fighting to repeal all these Unconstitutional Gun laws in this country including the ones you surrendered too. This is unacceptable and you better righting this ship fast. Until then, you will be losing even more members.

      BTW, here is a little history lesson, the NRA has always surrendered our 2nd Amendment rights. This needs to stop or the NRA is finished.


    18. Free people armed.
      Armed people are free.
      A well regulated militia is necessary to the security of a free state.
      The People ARE the militia.
      Better to fall in the struggle for freedom than survive to see defeat.

      1. Yes.

        the assassinations of Robert F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. did not have that, and succeeded.How about the assissination of JFK? Johnson is heavily implicated in all three of the above travesties.

        I find it VERY troublling that LBJ, while not picking up the gun in his own hands, sems to have been largely responsible for the three major gun crims of his time. His hands dirty, he then stumps to put the punishment for these acts upon we who abide by the law.

        My only satisfaction in this dilemma is that, when he left this big dirtball he had to stand face to face with the One who made him, and answer for his actions while he was here. I like to think his work toward remving our own right to defend our own lives was on the list of things for which he had to account.
        His conduct of the VietNam war is another… seems he did not like Kennedy’s moves toward ending our involvement in that conflict, this being a major reason for JFK’s “removel from office”. Seems Johnson had some lucrative connexions within what a former president (Eisenhauer) called the “military indusrial complex”.

        We see Johsons legacy yet with us.. today’s poenchant for our government to play policeman in every corner of the planet is what stirs the messes in which we’ve been complicit> Egypt, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Syria, to name the shortlist.

    19. While I agree with most of what is posted here, I’d like to point out that it is very hard to take most of you seriously, due to atrocious grammar. If you want to be taken seriously, you need to sound like you are intelligent and well educated. Statements like “Some of the other amateur operator is also are former military” should have been “Some of the other amateur operators are also former military” of “are former military as well”

      Please take note, I am not being critical of you. I am trying to help us all, when we sound like we know what we are talking about, others pay attention. If we sound un, or under educated, we will be ignored. I don’t want our opinions ignored, as I happen to share those opinions.

      Our government is currently the most corrupted body of “leaders” to ever be assembled in the history of the “free” world. We need to rectify that situation.

      “Freedom isn’t free” so lets take the government back form the posers and shake the riff raff out.

      1. Uh, that would be every single one of them to be shaken out to continue to repeat history by putting identical one back in once again. To desire gov (US Corporation) is to desire tyranny. Gov is tyranny and has always been tyranny. No such thing as tyranny free gov has every existed. Duh.

    20. Yes, sometimes all that can be done is to mitigate the damage. However, once that has passed then you work to reverse and eliminate the damage in following legislative sessions. This is not what the NRA has historically done. They have accepted the restrictions as the new norm and only fought back against them when one of the smaller groups has gained traction and too much publicity. In addition, in too many cases the NRA has actively worked against small, gun rights organizations instead of supporting them.

      Whether that is because the NRA is at its core an elitist organization tasked with making sure that the “right people “ retain access to firearms while slowly removing access from the unwashed masses, or because it is nothing more than a scam to fund a handful of con artists is irrelevant.

    21. It’s all well and good to say that occasionally damage control might be all we can do, but it is unacceptable to say that damage control is all we should ever do.

      The NRA has always supported anti-RKBA federal legislation. They asked for the NFA and asked for the FFA. More recently it was the NRA that asked for and orchestrated the Bump Stock Ban. In between they have occasionally defended our rights but the NRA’s interest is strictly in fighting, without ever winning — because fighting brings in the big bucks.

      The NRA’s notion of a Give & Take on gun control is entirely that we should always give and the gun controllers will always take.

      The idea of ever winning scares the NRA leadership, because without a constant threat their cash flow might dry up. The Republican Hat Trick of 2016 was the NRA leaedership’s worst nightmare. Rather than press the advantage to make a serious effort to restore some of the rights they had negotiated away, the NRA sat around bemoaning the sudden drop in revenue when they didn’t have a daily “crisis” to announce. Wayne et al breathed a sigh of relief after the Las Vegas shooting because it gave them an opportunity to orchestrate a new threat.

      1. Oddly enough Americans see gun groups (corporate tyrants) as pro 2A which is delusional and just one reason why crown colony USA under foreign country corporation (US Corporation with branch office near each states capitol typically a law firm of esquires that represent the crown) owned is going down for count. Nancy said millions will die and she for once is 200% accurate. It will be a good day when all is burned to the ground. Only cure for the desease.

      2. The NRA never asked for the NFA — do some objective research for God’s sake. When you do you will see that the NRA was the one who got handguns removed from the NFA legislation.

    22. NICS is literally the only reason the Brady Bill is still in force. The NRA expanded the damage, they didn’t mitigate jack.

    23. You will never have rights even with Trump unless you take them back and refuse to comply to thier face. You will know when you get good at refusing because you will have visitors so don’t answer the door and continue to REFUSE TO COMPLY. Don’t fall for thier fake papers trick when they come knocking and don’t listen to your esquire he works for them.

        1. Fake legal documents that are nothing more than bait. Not real. Old school Nazi tricks. Sometimes they will claim they have papers to serve when Attorney calls dispatch to verify but no papers in hand or in sight then they run off after dispatch tells them attorney is on the phone. They’re real good at physically attacking the exterior of homes with this psyop. Attorney says let’s sue them in federal court. Me, well I’m not a letigous type. Would rather go fishing and read my pocket Constitution.

    24. Line in the sand time. Start loading ammo and cleaning guns.
      Join your states militia. I did.
      And I’m doing everything above.
      Because voting at the ballot box has been compromised.

      1. But most importantly,
        REFUSE TO COMPLY to the deep state tyranny. Compliance is consent.
        Shove their agenda UP THIER ASS!
        Flux them!

      2. Well done! I hope your State’s militia has a fair number. 100 guys can do nothing. 60,000 however is a different story.

        There are number I’ve radio hams in my area that have signal to me that they wish to form a militia. I am also a radio ham. But I also had 15 years military experience. Some of the other amateur operator is also are former military. We even have a couple of law enforcement. I intend on meeting with them to discuss this but they need to understand that I have no interest in forming a militia of 100 guys. We need to raise about 20 brigades in the state as a minimum. We are going to need a wide variety of skill sets as well as fire teams. We will also wants civilian oversight with a committee very similar to the Committees of Correspondence and Committees of safety. And I wish to engage the Constitutional sheriffs that we have to be on those committees. Those committees will be responsible for the appointment of officers.

        Civil War is inevitable. We need to prepare for it and drive the tyrants to to The Gallows.

        Be well!

        1. You sound like Wild Bill.
          So called Constitutional Sheriffs are a myth like Bigfoot. Replicating the same thing we want corrected is why history consistently repeats itself. To me it’s a disqualifies. Jack booted authoritarian Nazi’s can flux off.

            1. That’s a good one. Right on.
              Are you having FEMA camp training at your location like us here? Been here 20 years and never had FEMA camp training till this year. People say civil conflict is coming. I say come and see us prepare for it right here and right now. Could give a tour.

            2. @Rocky, Thank you for the invite. I’d love a tour. I accept. What is your address? When is a good time for your group?

        2. Article, Section and Clause in the Constitution that mentions the office of sheriff? Can you quote it?

          100 men can do quite a bit. One man shut California down for days. Two men caused Boston to go full police state.

          1. He just wants to go full scale war when all you need to do is take out key people. Burn key cities. Could take a lesson from Tet Offensive. Oh well, not to worry because soon enough none of you will have to do shit because this mess is coming to your front door full throttle as I type. You have run out of options by sitting on ass. Now it will be a matter of how prepared and ready to engage that you are. Enjoy the beer because soon it won’t be around anymore like everything else like food etc. they’re preparing right now to burn the Rocky Mountains down and lots of other places too so be prepared and don’t attend the FEMA camp training like they just started here.

            1. Who, exactly and specifically, is ‘they’? Methinks ‘they’ only exist in your active and paranoid imagination. Seek professional mental health treatment.

            2. Would be the same guys who burned down the forest up the street killing those people who declared they’re not liable due to state law immunity aka “them” or “they”. “They” were front page news for intentionally lighting forest fire in a fire ban resulting in dead citizens which made “them” famous. “They” claimed immunity from the law due to being employed by the gov. All common knowledge around here.

          2. @Chris Mallory, In the US Constitution at Art. VI, clause 3 there is a vague reference to state officers, but does not specifically name Sheriff as one of those.

            Article VII, Section 4 of the Constitution of Virginia. Va. Const. Art. VII, § 4 reads as follows: “There shall be elected by the qualified voters of each county and city a treasurer, a sheriff, … etc, etc.” is the earliest that I could find. Hope that this helps.

          3. When Boston took away all Constitutional rights and went full police state, the country sat around and did nothing. Like Waco, like Ruby Ridge, heck Mr. Ruby Ridge William Barr is now attorney general and are the people calling for pitchforks and torches? Nope, they are content to vote for the lesser of two evil’s and if the evil they vote for wins, they turn a blind eye to the evil they voted for.

        3. Dozen Antifa armed with ignorance and on meth stand down entire big city police forces. Bahahahahahaha.

          1. Because the police were ordered to stand down. They won’t be ordered to do the same with conservative groups. Bahahahaha.

      3. You are correct! The word compromised will seem small compared to the massive fraud that the democrat party will pull with the next election and no one will do anything about it, so unfortunately we probably need to prepare for suffering under a democrat commissar after that, which should then lead to the civil war they keep threatening us with!

      4. I will try again, last post , no threats, no swearing, but still get my comment moderated out of posting! You may as well accept the fact that there will be massive voting fraud and nothing will be done about it!

    25. Brady Bill was due to hit on Reagan which was deep state. Shooter was out of Evergreen Colorado where neighbors watched government sedans coming n going from shooters house for long time before the event which prompted the Brady Bill. This info not ever reported in the fake MSN. Evergreen Colorado is still Deep State enclave. They stole your rights with false flag events for as long as USA is a country. Even USSC is stacked against rights. Barry had Brennon due Operation Hammer which gathered intel on sitting USSC justices and at minimum resulted in Stevens being blackmailed by Barry. Bootlickers been ripped off of rights by the illusion of gov when all you got is a corrupt US Corporation based in lies for 150 years.

    26. While the NRA takes all the credit. The GOA does most of the actual leg work. And while no fly by night laws can over ride the Constitution. I don’t see the NRA standing up and pointing that out. And I don’t see a single politician actually taking his oath of office seriously. And obviously the DOJ who is charged with enforcing the constitution, has fallen on so many swords, or deserted and abandoned the Constitution, that they no longer have any credibility for anything but being pooperscoopets for the communists, and democ rats.

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