The Stakes in 2020

Donald Trump speaks to NRA
The Stakes in 2020

United States – -( The 2020 presidential election may turn out to be one of the most momentous for the Second Amendment in history. The 2000 and 2004 elections mattered, as President George W. Bush brought in Chief Justice John Roberts and Associate Justice Samuel Alito, who provided two of the five votes in the Heller and McDonald cases. The 2016 election saved those cases – and President Donald Trump has brought in two more pro-Second Amendment justices.

Now comes defending those gains in 2020 (as well as advancing the position even further). As has been discussed earlier, packing the Supreme Court could very well be on the agenda the next time anti-Second Amendment extremists get control of the House, Senate, and White House. The Heller and McDonald cases would be high on the list for a packed Supreme Court to overturn.

That alone is a reason to work very hard to re-take the House, and to hold the Senate and White House in 2020. But things go beyond that. The fact is, even with only control of the House of Representatives, anti-Second Amendment extremists are already pushing legislation that doesn’t actually solve problems, but instead just punishes law-abiding Americas who merely wish to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

Sure, it’s not going anywhere this Congress thanks to a pro-Second Amendment Senate, but it still means that rather than work to improve the situation, for the most part, we’re stuck on defense, at least on the legislative front. What does that mean? It means Second Amendment supporters have to adjust to the situation as it is, and not succumb to the tempting complacency of wishful thinking.

For example, it means coming up with real NICS fixes that advance Second Amendment rights elsewhere – if for no other reason than to show our fellow Americans that anti-Second Amendment extremists really don’t care about anything other than confiscating the guns owned by law-abiding citizens. It means loading up a bill like HR 8 with loads of amendments for things like concealed carry reciprocity, the Second Amendment Guarantee Act, or other legislation. If the anti-Second Amendment extremists swallow those pills, fine. If they kill the bill, even better.

Such tactical and strategic thinking does not make a person a “Fudd.” In fact, it’s the opposite – the people who understand the current situation, make the proper plans for the defense of the Second Amendment over short, medium, and long term, and then adjust those plans as the situations change do far more good for the future of our Second Amendment rights than those who self-righteously label them “Fudds.”

In fact, the alleged “Fudds,” often portrayed as sellouts, are extremely eager to wipe away the useless laws that needlessly restrict our Second Amendment rights. Duane Liptak made that clear last month. The problem is, we’re not operating in a vacuum. There’s those anti-Second Amendment extremists on the other side, and they aren’t just going to let us restore our rights.

The reality of the situation is that the only major offensive front is on judicial nominations, and that is where President Trump has been excelling. The confirmation pace has already been record-setting, and it will continue through this Congress. There may even be more Supreme Court fights, as two justices are over 80. This is part of the long-term battle, and while not decisive, it is important.

The real long-term stakes of 2020 will rest not in our ability to put on Supreme Court justices, or to block (or pass) major legislation. They will instead lay in how well we convince our fellow Americans of the rightness of our cause. Getting our message out will be important, but so will how we come across to them. No Supreme Court ruling can cancel out social stigmatization, and serious blows to our rights could very well come from corporate boardrooms and Silicon Valley.

It’s time to get ready for the upcoming fight. Let’s get to work making our situation better starting in 2021.

Harold Hu, chison

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post,, and other national websites.

  • 21 thoughts on “The Stakes in 2020

    1. Better a mushy 2A position from Trump than an absolutely hardcore anti-2A Demonrat POTUS in 2020, people!! Simmering pot or raging campfire, take your pick!!
      As for me, I’d rather we vote Trump in 2020 and buy a few more years to stock up on ammo and other preps, because we all know when the commies take over, the shooting war will follow soon after!!

    2. The appeasers on Ammoland whom write articles like these on should stop-pull-head-out-of-sand or go elsewhere. Those that believe in give and take to the detriment of the 2A do not realize there are NO give and No take aways.
      If Schittt is looking for friends he’s found one in HH and a few others.

      1. I don’t won’t to offend you, but I do know what you’re saying..
        No compromise-Shall not be infringed- is what I’m after too, but the left is sending foxes against the vine.. we have to do some pest control, to clear the vineyard.

        We have to start where we’re at, ..not from the “ideal” of No infringement!
        They’ve already trampled on our 2nd Amendment..
        Now it’s time to get some offensive/defensive action going on the issues at hand..

        If Trump is the only choice we have in 2020, we need to deal with it.. starting now..
        If a better candidate rises to the occasion, I will consider it, as I hope you will.

        We need to be patient and not hasty…

        Trump hasn’t been a total buffoon for the 2A. Look at the SCOTUS nominees who were put in place..
        The future is now brighter for conservatives..
        We can’t drop the ball now; just because he gave the soccer moms a law to appease them over the children being shot/murdered..
        A gun stock is a small sacrifice to win the war!

      1. Whether or not we win or lose, this Country is lost & will never again be what it was! There are too many against the American way of life yet want to infest it. When we have Muslums in our Govt….Yeah we lost!

      2. @MARTIN, I have great confidence in the national socialist democrats (e.g. AOC and Ilhan Omar) demonstrating why Trump should be re-elected. But we must do our part to drain the legislative part of the swamp by helping the “nonpartyhack) win in the primaries.

      1. We’re not going to see reciprocity because law enforcement doesn’t want us to have it! That’s why the NRA pushed for LEO carry and dropped us citizens off.

        Pres Trump is far better than #LooserHillary if you had her for a US Senator and the other new yorkisstanies you’d understand why.

    3. Pre disposed to think that President Trump is the best president ever BUT HE HAS DONE NOTHING FOR 2A, Bill Barr is a horrible choice, erpo’s are taking the country.

      I have to see national reciprocity and or some federal attacks on commie states gun restrictions before the president gets my repeat vote. So far, he’s lost me by taking gun owners for granted and doing NOTHING TO ADVANCE GUN RIGHTS and appointing a deep state attorney general.

      Rather bernie won and we cut straight to killing the commies than vote lesser evil.

      1. @ John Galt You must be kidding to say that you want bernie to win. Why would we ever need an admitted socialist that is older than dirt to run this country? If you are serious then I would suggest you let it all out and openly support socialism/communism.

      2. John Galt has a point. If 2A supportters were forced to take a stand maybe something would get done because the Trump/GOP are doing it ALL for them.
        Trump is a total [email protected] Up! We need a viable candidate to replace him in 2020 and it needs to start NOW!
        He will get FIRED 2020! There’s no saving this gangrenous limb of a POTUS.

    4. If Trump will loses in 2020 it’s because the GOP and President have been SPINELESS IN CONGRESS. I we wanted a slug. We’d voted for a slug. We thought we voted for a slugger!

    5. Great write up Ammoland/HH…
      I agree 100%

      We’re starting to get up on our feet, and running with the ball.
      Thanks for giving a place to assemble and give voice to our cause!

      If there’s something you can do to get some link ups for pro 2A leadership, I see you’re doing that some already, but if it were available on the site for action/references/news, etc…, it would help!

      I’m preaching to the choir now, but…
      We do need to clean up our attitudes and words a little..
      I see a lot of negativity and name calling.. it offends the opposition, and fuels their fires against us..
      We need to exercise peace and kindness, in order to win some over to our side..

      I wonder who pissed off Bloomberg?
      At least Trump did listen to Apple over the tariffs 🙂

        1. Well honestly,
          I had to look pretty hard, and convince myself that I was seeing some good in the forum, not just every one being negative, self righteous/centered, name calling, and hateful… It was pretty hard to ignore the BS.
          If we can’t collectively/individually take action upon the circumstances before us, we may as well stop complaining and demanding our rights they’ve already trampled on.
          I am not trying to force my opinions on you or anyone else either.. I’m not a Hitler!

      1. We are not going to “win over” any socialists (leftists, alt-left, Marxists, communists, progressives, or whatever the hell they call themselves this week). We can only convince moderate, middle-of-the-road undecided, non-gun owners.

        1. My hopes were for the ones on the fence, not across the line already..
          At the same time, it does us no good to antagonize the enemy; with enough resources to drown us in their shit!

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