Defeating the Other Side’s Long Game

Chris W. Cox, Donald J Trump, Wayne LaPierre
Chris W. Cox, Donald J Trump, Wayne LaPierre

United States – -( Let’s face it, far too often, anti-Second Amendment extremists beat Second Amendment supporters in long-term planning. All too often, Second Amendment supporters are caught up in the short-term – battling each other over the minutiae of this bill or that primary election. Or when a case like Heller or McDonald is won, too many let up a little.

On the other hand, anti-Second Amendment extremists have embedded themselves thoroughly in corporate boardrooms, many mainstream media outlets, our schools, amongst medical associations, and in academia. In essence, the massive stigmatization campaign against the Second Amendment has been in the works for a long time. Remember when Eric Holder called for brainwashing people against guns? That was in 1995.

Look at today’s cultural and social climate, and for all we were angry about that comment, Holder’s strategy has succeeded in large part. Why? Because they had a long-term strategy to take our rights away. Even as they lost elections and legislative fights in the 1990s and 2000s, they were content to work their long game.

What sort of long-term planning did many Second Amendment supporters do to counter Holder’s brainwashing plan? Well, looking back, it seems like there wasn’t much. Far more energy was spent on damning the NRA for compromising here, or for whatever power struggles took place amongst the NRA Board of Directors. Tactical and strategic differences turned into personal feuds, and score-settling, not focusing on the long-term future of defending the Second Amendment.

And just as was the case when passage of the Firearms Owners Protection Act in 1986 masked the problems that the feuds of the 1980s were causing in the early 1990s, the passage of right-to-carry legislation and the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, plus the Heller decision, in the 1990s and 2000s, masked the fact that anti-Second Amendment extremists were consolidating their power and were preparing to leverage it.

Now, the likes of Bloomberg can hit Second Amendment supporters from all angles. Hollywood will portray ownership of guns as risking everyone around the gun owner. Corporate policies can deprive gun manufacturers and FFLs of the credit lines and payment processing that they need to survive as businesses. Silicon Valley censors Second Amendment supporters. Andrew Cuomo uses financial regulations to target Second Amendment supporters, and now there are rumblings that New York’s anti-Second Amendment attorney general may launch attacks of her own. If they can take out the NRA, then other pro-Second Amendment groups will be the next target.

Whether you’re a supporter of the Knox faction or the LaPierre faction, it doesn’t matter. Whether you like SAF, or GOA, or NRA also is irrelevant. We all share the blame for this, and we all have the responsibility to put what are relatively petty disagreements aside to deal with this. Continued focusing on them will only help Bloomberg.

So, how do we fix this? For starters, with one notable exception, we must ensure all pro-Second Amendment groups survive. Similarly, we must now look at what other pro-Second Amendment entities can bring to the table now and in the future, and let the past be the past. Perhaps Ackerman-McQueen, doesn’t just do advertising work and PR work for the NRA, maybe it can expand its clientele among the entire Second Amendment community. Forget the complaints about how much NRA money goes to Ackerman-McQueen – this firm is uniquely situated to help firearms manufacturers, instructors, and FFLs get their story out to local media and affect how exercising the Second Amendment is perceived. It could also help get pro-Second Amendment candidates elected.

At the same time, Second Amendment supporters must work their own long game. Take the time to go over the textbooks your schools use. Ask your kids what is being taught. Get involved with the PTA, and also with the local school board. This will take time. Other Second Amendment supporters will need to work their way up in the corporate, media, and creative arenas.

One thing is for sure: If Second Amendment supporters don’t get serious about long-term planning, they will lose, big time.

Harold Hu, chison

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post,, and other national websites.

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    1. From a nine-year NRA Director (on the Finance
      Committee for 5).


      Over half of them are Wayne’s long-term sycophants
      who have KNOWN about the management’s problems
      since 1997 when THEY conducted a three year purge
      of the Board by defeating the 30+ reformers on it.

      They are EACH every bit as guilty of dereliction of duty
      as Wayne LaPierre is of self interested mismanagement.

    2. It is not rocket science to turn this around. First and foremost it must be pointed out these anti’s are authoritarians. Make them defend their authoritarianism. They can couch they loose. They will get red faced, they will get angry but just calling their ideas authoritarian and point out the way they are wanting authoritarianism. What they are saying is government is the determiner of rights – your owner, the same government that murdered 18 million native Americans, the same government that ran The Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male was an infamous and unethical clinical study conducted between 1932 and 1972 by the U.S. Government, the same government that murdered students at Kent State. With affiliated sister organizations around the world murdering 262 million in the 20th Century. What other conclusion can one come to when you have to ask permission or are denied the right to buy anything except that the government owns you? We did away with human ownership in the mid 1800’s and these people are wanting to take us back in time – but this time it will be government as the owner.

    3. Ackmc, LaPierre, Powell, cox, north….. they have a unique mindset on how to rid the second amendment clientele out of money. Every single one of these need to be sued by the NRA for everything from breach of contract, mis management, fraud, conspiracy to deprive etc. Killing every contract and pension of these people and ackmc, stripping them of any and all power, removing them permanently, and suing them to recoup monies from them during their reign of self promotion and self profiting from their positions.

      The only way the NRA can ever be able to get past the financial and political issues it has is first to do the above, then to remove most of the changes that Wayne finagled into the organization that prevents the rank and file to recall an officer and make changes.

      Besides, the NRA bylaws need to be rewritten to mandate fighting for each and every law that restricts the civil rights and liberties afforded to each and everyone of us by our creator by birthright and affirmed by the constitution. It also must have a set scale of approval ratings for politicians, not who takes you to dinner. Another thing is the extravagant lifestyle we peasants have been so blessed to give to those that allow us to worship once a year at the nra annual meeting. Wtf on the salaries and perks for a group of surrender monkeys????? Wayne and his lapdog, their cronies, nepotistic contracts, all have to go. No way about it. Now Wayne is playing the game he has been trying for twenty years to make ackmc give him statements. Yeah, right. Those requests were on Hillary’s server, right? Puh-lease…. i was a fed, buddy, my bs detector is still ringing. Ackmc, Wayne, chris, Powell, north are all poison…. you can believe that the only way to save the NRA is to get rid of every bit of all of them and move the NRA out of New York.

    4. How about bringing an understanding of what a Civil Right is, and what our Constitutionally enshrined Civil Rights are back to the third grade (and all grades up to 12th).

    5. Finally. Glad to see that SOMEONE is thinking strategically. The bickerers that only bicker will lose. I for one, don’t want to lose this fight.
      Cut the bickering folks.

    6. Harold is nothing but an apologist for LaPierre and I’d wager benefits from member funds via LaPierre for his undying support of Emperor LaPierre and his corrupt organization.

    7. We, the gun owners of america, Don’t have enough PR to educate the general public about firearms. MSM sucks when it comes protecting the second PR can only help and LOTS OF P.R.

    8. Certainly strategic planning is important. And a key component of strategic planning is getting and keeping one’s own house in order. If we are to prevail, we must ensure that the organizations that represent us are in fact working on our behalf and not their own. If we want to win, we must direct our “2nd amendment groups” to act consistently in our behalf. It is not to our benefit to simply insist that we forget their flaws – we must correct them forcefully. We must first reform from within so as to present a united front to the enemy. We must ensure that 2A groups are leading us forward and not padding their own nests. We must demand respect and complete support from them. We must counsel them to remember Sun Tzu’s advice to our “leaders” — “Regard your soldiers as your children, and they will follow you into the deepest valleys; look upon them as your own beloved sons, and they will stand by you even unto death.”

    9. “Perhaps Ackerman-McQueen, doesn’t just do advertising work and PR work for the NRA, maybe it can expand its clientele among the entire Second Amendment community. Forget the complaints about how much NRA money goes to Ackerman-McQueen – this firm is uniquely situated to help firearms manufacturers, instructors, and FFLs get their story out to local media and affect how exercising the Second Amendment is perceived. It could also help get pro-Second Amendment candidates elected.”

      Harold, I think you had an epiphany with this statement: it’s called taking a lemon and making lemonade.

      1. Harold has a point. Ack-Mac may be a bit sleazy in how they handle their personnel and their contracts with the NRA, but they possess a very unique intellectual property knowledge specific to 2A issues. Any other PR firm would just be comprised of clueless snowflakes, mercenary managing VPs who could care less about the bigger picture, and would be gone as soon as the money dried up.

        I hope Ack-Mac sees opportunity elsewhere in the 2A community. And I hope Bill Powers finally developed an appreciation for the 2A and its reason for being in our Constitution. He wasn’t a die-hard supporter 24 years ago when he was helping out ILA with its post-OKC messaging.

      2. Seriously?? AckMac is part of the reason why the NRA is nearly 40 million in the red with their overpriced bill for ‘services rendered’. That and the fact that they have inserted themselves into the NRA senior leadership, or is the NRA senior leadership into AckMac? You can’t tell because the incestuous relationship between the NRA and AckMac runs so deep.

        Allowing AckMac to destroy the rest of the 2A community would be the crime of the millenium. Fortunately, the rest of the 2A community has seen what partnering with AckMac looks like, what all with their greed and willingness to bleed the NRA for every penny. If public relations is the goal, and you want to see a unified 2A message across all gun groups, how about a NONPROFIT association that partners with gun groups at both the state and national level to get the job done? The cost benefit is that gun owners would not be wasting money duplicating their efforts between groups. There are plenty of people out there who are in public relations who are gun owners. It’s just a matter of recruiting them to be the tip of the spear for 2A Rights.

        1. We need to audit the NRA, the Fed, and Fort Knox. And a sworn statement from AckMac delineating all the invoices from the NRA for those forementioned “Services Rendered” would also be in order. And hope to hell nothing fishy has been going on, because that will certainly destroy the NRA and 2A supporters.

    10. I think there’s just a principle of warfare and geology that attackers will always win eventually, if they can keep attacking. We can’t defend forever. Important to get good court decisions over next 10 years establishing limits and forestalling as many attacks as we can going forward.

      1. Which is exactly why Donald Trump is needed for four more years along with SOLID Republican majorities in both the House and Senate. This makes the job of installing the Constitutional Conservative judges we need to shield us from the Democratic Socialists that are pushing gun control (along with many other seriously bad ideas).
        As for the NRA, they will continue to work as they have in the past until there is an awakening in the ranks of membership and they force the necessary changes to restore fiduciary responsibility. Meanwhile, join GOA, CCRKBA, etc. We are all in this together and if we become divided, we will fall.

        Phil in TX

        1. Speaking of installing Constitutional Judges, has anyone heard from, or of, the Ginsberg lately ? If she is old, sick, and dying, and incapable of doing her job on the bench, then don’t you think she should be replaced ?

      2. This is why we can no longer afford to defend. We must go on the offensive but not with lies or antisocial behavior. We need truth, stories, to speak to the fears of the disillusioned anti-gunners and to teach real history which also includes Constitutional history. We need to teach the fallacies of Rousseau’s philosophy that supports the Marxist stateism. We conservatives tend to be independent and less involved in community affairs. We need to be elected to school boards, local government. Teach the children the past and why the Constitution was created not to repeat it.

        1. The Globalist elite are relentless in their plan to turn the USA into a turd world feudal system. All over the world they are placing ads in the media that tell people to immigrate to America. They have already decimated many European countries by financing the importation of millions of North African Muslims, and Muslims from the Middle East. Those “economic migrants” went to Europe because of promises of free living. The global elite KALERGI PLAN implementers are now targeting the USA. Two weeks ago a video surfaced of 1400 Black African Muslims being detained in Chiapas, Mexico. The video showed them rioting inside the immigration compound that they were being held in. Word had it that other groups from Africa and the Muddle East were on the way, and when the time comes, all of them would be unleashed at OUR border, all at once. Then last week, video surfaced of hundreds of South Americans who walked up the railroad tracks at Sunland Park, New Mexico. The Constitutional Militia asked them to sit and wait for border patrol to arrive, which they did. As they were resting, you could hear that half of them were coughing their heads off. The leader of the Militia was then arrested for some trumped up charges. They had already been working with border patrol in that town, and had already gotten 5,000 illegals to get processed by the BP. Now today, May 1, 2019, I see an article from Yuma, Arizona. Hundreds more illegals flooding in. These are just a few examples. The groups are now in the hundreds each, and they are sick, and they all have the same story about newspaper ads in their hometowns telling them to cross the US border and there will be people on this side to facilitate them to get a job and housing, and economic aid. WE ARE BEING SYSTEMATICALLY INVADED AND THERE ARE BILLIONS MORE WHO WILL WANT TO FOLLOW THEM. America will be over, and the elite globalist will have their KALERGI PLAN SOCIETY. Where there will be no middle class, a very large class of low IQ, easily controlled slaves who continually vote the .00001% into power. And then the eradication of the “Useless Eaters” will commence, until the numbers match what is written on the Georgia Guidestones.

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