Is Cory Booker Dangerous, Or Just Stupid When It Comes To The Constitution? #GUNVOTE

Opinion By Larry Keane

Cory Booker Dangerous Or Just Stupid
Cory Booker Dangerous, Or Just Stupid?

USA – -( Presidential hopeful and New Jersey U.S. Senator Cory Booker has made headlines recently for his list of wildly unconstitutional gun control proposals. At the top of his list is requiring a government license to buy and own a firearm.

To make his case, Sen. Booker argues that if one needs a license to drive a car, the same should be required to own a gun. What he misses is that unlike the privilege of driving a car on public roads, owning a firearm is a Constitutional right. A better analogy is requiring a license to exercise the right to freedom of speech or to practice one’s religion. Of course, then even he would have to admit that would constitute a dangerous threat to our rights as Americans.

Barriers to Rights

He is arguing that it is ok to set up barriers to make it harder for law-abiding citizens to exercise their Constitutional right. As if requiring fees and photos and fingerprints will not necessarily prevent some from their right to protect themselves and their families is somehow acceptable, particularly those with less income and free time to spend in government lines.

It wasn’t ok to require a poll tax for voting, why should it be ok to restrict the rights of citizens now?

So maybe he is just confused, and he hasn’t really thought this through. After all, why would he also be arguing for a return of the so-called “assault weapon ban” that did nothing to prevent criminals from committing crimes, or for microstamping technology that doesn’t actually exist?GunVote

Real Solutions

Perhaps if he actually wants to help ensure that those who should not have guns don’t get them, he should call for making sure all states and federal agencies submit their disqualifying records to the FBI’s background check database? Or help educate law-abiding citizens about options to safely store their firearms?

If he wants to know what policies actually work, we can help. The firearms and ammunition industry has real solutions for safer communities. And none of them require limiting any of the fundamental Constitutional rights we enjoy as U.S. citizens. Whether he is aware or not of how dangerous it is to toy with American freedoms, we hope he does his homework and supports actual solutions to the real problems in our country.

Meanwhile, if you are a firearms owner or anyone who cares about protecting the Constitution, you should be sure to register to vote – #GUNVOTE.

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  • 40 thoughts on “Is Cory Booker Dangerous, Or Just Stupid When It Comes To The Constitution? #GUNVOTE

    1. When booker hook starts running his mouth it looks like he is really mad. For the safety of the children they should put him in a straight jacket then a noose. Problem solved and for a good cause.

    2. Any, ANY politician who would propose, vote for, enact or even speak of doing anything that would deprive the GOD given right and constitutionally protected RIGHT to keep and bear arms is literally committing TREASON. Any enforcement people who would go along with any treasonous law are, themselves, committing treason. It is just that simple. There is a valid, legal and virtuous penalty for treason. That penalty is death and it is earned so, therefore, is righteous. Should it ever happen, as D. Feinstein would quote ” Mr. & Mrs. American–turn them in” , there would be civil war. Just like the battle of Concord, where the British attempted to deprive their “subjects” of their arms, the result of gun confiscation would be and will be war. Nobody wants war, you don’t and I don’t, but surrendering arms, ammo, magazines or any other gear is out of the question. Just like every other nation before us, when the people are deprived of their guns, the people suffer, starve and die. This has happened in every instance. Case in point: Venezuela Freedom is worth standing up for, arguing for, defending, fighting for, warring for, killing for and dying for. Freedom has never been free. So, if war must come, let it be in my generation in the hope that my children can know peace.. What is right, good and true is right and good and true for ALL mankind–under GOD. Right is not subjective, truth is not subjective, good is not subjective, this is regardless of anything a politician would tell you. For the record, I have actually listened to a state official say “one person’s truth is different from another person’s truth”.

      Should the time come when the government outlaws free men to keep and bear arms the outcome can only be poverty, desolation, starvation etc. It is worth fighting against.

      Arm up and carry on.

    3. Every day Cory Booker wakes up and walks into the bathroom. He looks into the mirror and says, “Damn, another day as a Black man!” Because that is what really matters to him.

      1. Yeah, them he uses some meth, thinks of Charles Schumer and Michael Bloomberg and starts to masterbate furiously!!

    4. Booker is just another politician running his mouth about restricting law abiding citizens exercising their Constitutional 2nd Amendment right. I’ll bet him a case of .22 ammo he wouldn’t like it if someone stood up and told him to shut his mouth and quashed his 1st Amendment right the next time he wanted to speak at a fundraiser.

    5. Any Luciferian in government is dangerous and most are stupid. Cory Booker is exceptional in and excells at evil and stupidity .

      1. Yes, and anyone who supports his views ( plantation Democrats mostly, because he looks like them ) are ultimately voting to keep their status. Apparently a lot of people like being sub-servant to a government that is not interested in making things better, only keeping the peasants entertained with bread and circus. Pure evil prevents humans from achieving all they are capable of, and is the worst form of racism.

    6. Just look at the scum that New Jersey and New York (along with Washington state) send to Washington D.C., and you have to wonder about the viability of our election process any more. When idiots and crooks like Booker and his fellow travelers can influence the entire nation, something is very, very wrong.

      1. Why, if we “have to do something,” don’t we change the Electoral College system to one where every COUNTY in the U.S. gets ONE electoral vote? The existing system that was designed to ensure that the big states didn’t trample the little ones in national elections is at (or possibly past) its’ limits. The big cities and states pretty much run things now. Let’s plant some seeds on this idea with people who can make a difference.

        It would be hundreds of years before the leftists could overwhelm the votes of those that vote as if they still possess all of their faculties.

    7. Corey Booker is just plain stupid. The idiots that voted for him are stupid. The fact that he holds an elected office makes him dangerous.

    8. Have any of the Democrats in office or running for office read the Constitution? Do they know anything about the Constitution or our system of government? Do they know any of the intellectual foundations of the Constitution?

      From observation, the answers are no, no and heck no. The same holds true for most Democrat voters. They don’t accept the plain language and meaning of the Constitution and instead hold that it must be a living document. The Constitution only means what they say it means. Their interpretation changes rapidly depending upon what is fashionable at the time.

      1. Guarantee you that they wouldn’t want to play poker with you if the rules were “living.” (OR go into traffic court or some other such thing!)

    9. Cory Booker wishes he had some street cred as a thug. He is just a libtard puppet with someone else’s hand shoved up his ass. Marionettes hang by strings, puppets are fisted.

    10. He is just doing what politicians do, pander for votes, selling a sense of false security to the masses and to potential campaign contributors. He really doesn’t care about the health and well being of his constituents, nor the rule of law.

    11. He is dangerously stupid, and stupidly dangerous. Emphasis on dangerous. People like him have no business being in public office!!

    12. In my opinion one should have to take an iq test to breed and vote. Possibly wear a “special” sticker if you are just freaking dumb so everyone knows. This world protects, hell even rewards stupidity. There is no thinning of the herd, in nature the dumb animals become dung piles in short order. Sharticus should have a nice shiny sticker so people know he is a moron and not to take him seriously. Obviously the people of NJ need help identifying the truly dumb ones.

    13. This clown is nothing but a street thug out of crime ridden Newark, NJ. As mayor he did NOTHING to make Newark safe except talk, talk and talk but never said anything.

    14. The only statement in the article I disagree with is that even he would find restrictions on voting or speaking a threat to our constitution. He and his ilk have already demonstrated that they’re fine with restricting other’s speech. I’m sure if he could restrict other’s vote he’d do it in a heartbeat.

    15. Booker is an attorney – so was Obama; neither of which understand the Constitution one bit. But even there he should back the F off, pissing off 100M+ gun owners in the US is the best way to occupy a mausoleum in a rapid manner. Then again he is in a contest of how much stupid shit a POTUS candidate can say to bring up their polling – he sits at 2% right now. Also he is going to lose he senate seat next election, making him at best assistant dogcatcher for Newark (if the mayor gives him the job).

    16. He should be arrested for attempting to subvert the US Constitution. And yes, he’s dumb as &^#*.

      1. Agreed ! Where are the State Police ? They should have him in bracelets by now, IMHO. This man (Booker), along with the NJ Governir (Murphy), and the turban wearing Attorney General (Grewal ?), and NJ Senator WhiningBerg, and a host of other lackeys to the Globalist NWO, like Menendez, are enemies of the US Constitution. They display this propensity over and over again. Their only legacy is higher taxes and diminished rights, along with importing illegals into their sanctuary cities to increase their voting bloc. The big brag that WhiningBerg has is how much USA dough she has diverted to Israhell, while NJ vets and citizens suck wind. They all pontificate over a State that has one of the highest property tax rates, almost to the point of being confiscatory, while they ride around in limousines and vote themselves outlandish benefit packages. It’s no wonder they want the citizens disarmed. IMHO, they are all running a criminal enterprise that enriches no one but themselves. Each and everyone of them should have to pee in the cup at least once a week, and have their books audited regularly.

        1. H C you are right on with your opinion I said basically the same thing on Tuesday glad to see some one agrees

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