KC Eusebio Becomes a Six-Time World Champion in the City of Speed

KC Eusebio joins the Howard Leight Pro Team
KC Eusebio\

TALLADEGA, Ala.-(Ammoland.com)- Fresh from his win at the 2019 US Steel Nationals where he set a new record in Carry Optics Division, shooting speed freak, KC Eusebio, has earned his sixth Open Overall World Speed Shooting Championship title.

The remarkable accomplishment took place at Talladega Marksmanship Park on May 15 at the 2019 World Speed Shooting Championships. KC competed with his ZEV KC OZ9, Limcat 2011 and Volquartsen Scorpion pistols and Howard Leight Impact Sport MULTICAM hearing protection.

“My 6th Open Division victory was very special, and being my first competition under the Howard Leight banner only made it better,” says Eusebio. “My Impact Sport MULTICAM electronic hearing protection not only helped me hear the report of the steel targets better, but also protected my ears from the loud concussion of my pistol.

“My hearing is a priority in the many important aspects of my life away from shooting, so I trust Howard Leight technology to protect my ears every time I step foot onto the range,” the world champion continues. “I’m proud to be a part of the Howard Leight Team.”

KC’s next match is the USPSA Area 7 Action Shooting Competition at Dunbarton, New Hampshire on June 21-23, 2019.


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