We Need a Strong, Focused, & Reformed National Rifle Association ~ VIDEO

Editors Note: NRA-BOD Allen West has been one of the NRA Leaderships’ harshest critics in the last few months and has the back of America’s oldest civil rights organization, the NRA.

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We Need a Strong, Focused, & Reformed National Rifle Association

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Okay, there has been quite a bit of reaction to my statement earlier this week about the National Rifle Association. I took my public stance because we need to have an NRA that is laser-focused and ready to do battle against the progressive socialist left.

Unless you have been completely ignoring the news from Venezuela, and its history, disarmament of the people is a necessity for the tyranny of the left to succeed. This is indeed an “all in, all hands on deck” moment for freedom and liberty loving Americans. I have a special, and sincere, affinity for the NRA, which I had the honor to express in a speech at the NRA-ILA in Atlanta, my hometown, in 2017.

As a black American, I know what the NRA did to ensure people who look like me, recently freed slaves, were able to have their Second Amendment right. I bestow the title of “hero” upon a simple man, Otis McDonald, who took on the City of Chicago before the Supreme Court to guarantee his Second Amendment right.

If we are to defend this great nation, it means defending that one constitutional right that precludes us from being subjugated. In order to achieve that objective, that goal, we do not need the distractions that currently face the NRA. We need not focus on single individuals, but rather what shall we secure, and pass on, for future generations.

This past week I spoke at a Second Amendment townhall in Clifton (Bosque County) Texas. Clifton is a reminder of what real Texas, real America, looks like. Just hard-working people who want to believe that their elected officials can be trusted, and issue advocacy organization leaders, as well.

To all these leftist media outlets that want to talk with me [about the NRA], please stop contacting me. Trust me, it was not my intent to give y’all talking points with my statement. My statement was all about reforming the NRA, focusing it on its core competencies so we can kick Michael Bloomberg in the ass. I long for the day when I can look down to this little tyrannical Napoleon and let him know he will not succeed. I want to see each and every single anti-gun group defeated. I want to stand before the CEO of Levi Strauss wearing my Wrangler jeans and let him know he will not enable the disarming of the American people.

There are a couple of other folks that I would like to give the “stink eye.”

As reported by CBS News:

“California Sen. Kamala Harris will announce at a campaign stop Wednesday that she would use executive action to ban imports of AR-15 style assault [semi-automatic]weapons if elected president, a senior campaign official tells CBS News.

The Democratic presidential hopeful is scheduled to speak at a Girls, Inc. of New Hampshire town hall in Nashua Wednesday morning.

The Harris campaign has pointed out that assault [semi-automatic] weapons made abroad have been used in mass shootings such as the one in Las Vegas in 2017, the Dallas police shooting in 2016 and the Pulse nightclub shooting that year.

The National Rifle Association has accused Harris of using a “failed 2008 and 2016 presidential candidate’s gun control playbook.”

Harris previously announced four other executive actions she would to take if Congress failed to pass gun reform in her first 100 days in office. They include near-universal background checks and revoking the licenses of gun makers and dealers that break the law.

The Firearm Industry Trade Association says, “AR-15-style rifles can look like military rifles, such as the M-16, but by law they function like other semiautomatic civilian sporting firearms, as they fire only one round with each pull of the trigger.”

There are roughly 15-20 million assault [semi-automatic] weapons in circulation in the U.S., and more than 4 million of them were imported, the Harris campaign says. In addition to banning AR-15-style assault [semi-automatic] weapon imports, Harris would suspend all other assault [semi-automatic] weapon imports until the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) conducts a study of whether those imports should be permanently stopped under existing law, such as the 1968 Gun Control Act and firearms bans put in place by the George H. W. Bush and Clinton administrations.”

Yes, I would love to have a debate on the Second Amendment against Harris, Bloomberg, Swalwell, Booker, and the rest of the cast of characters who believe that gun control, confiscation, disarmament, is a winning issue for them in 2020.

What Sen. Harris is seeking to do is abjectly unconstitutional. Her aim is to use the tyrannical power of her office, as president, to strip individual American citizens of their constitutional right. It may sound good to the deranged followers of progressive socialism, but it will not succeed.

Just why won’t it succeed? Because Americans now, just as back in 1775, will not tolerate this. There is no difference between these people and King George III, or Hugo Chavez.

What stands in their way? Yes, the nation’s oldest civil rights organization. No, it ain’t the doggone NAACP, which was started by two white progressive socialists . . . and run by a black communist.

The nation’s oldest civil rights organization is the NRA.

I believe that out of this current organizational turmoil, our nation will witness a stronger, more committed, NRA. It will be an NRA that will regain the trust and confidence of its five million members, and increase its numbers. It will be an NRA that will not have to send out incessant solicitations for funding and support. The resources will flow because a new, reformed, re-energized NRA will go on the offense and instill fear in the hearts of the tyrants of the left.

Law abiding, legal gun owners do not need to respond to the actions of demented individuals who would cause harm to others. When there is a fatal car accident involving alcohol, no one seeks to punish the alcoholic beverage-maker or the maker of the car, so why do these leftists demand on gun control and the eradication of a constitutional right? After all, having a drivers license is a privilege, not a right.

As a Battalion Commander in the 4th Infantry Division, 2d Battalion, 20th Field Artillery, I told my soldiers, before we deployed to Iraq, that the most expendable person in the unit was me. No single individual is more important than the unit they are called upon to serve.

America needs the National Rifle Association in these troublesome times. But our Constitutional Republic needs the NRA focused on its core competencies, its mission: to train and educate this nation on marksmanship and responsible gun ownership, and to ensure we will never be subjects, but armed individuals . . . citizens.

Hey, Kamala: “Molon Labe,” or as it is translated down in Texas, “Come and Take It!”

Allen West Headshot
Allen West

Allen West is a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army and NRA Board Member. Mr. West is a Senior Fellow at the Media Research Center to support its mission to expose and neutralize liberal media bias and is author of the book from Brown Books Publishing Group, “Hold Texas, Hold the Nation: Victory or Death” available on Amazon.

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Bruce Dzamba

Any of you who are not dues paying voting members of the NRA and actually vote in their BOD yearly elections should STFU!

Nine year former NRA Director

The current NRA Board is much, much to large (76 members), elected by “rigged” election rules, and 90% Wayne’s syncophants. It will not and csnnot bring reform to the nest of self-serving snakes at NRAHQ.


It was proven just a few short weeks ago that LT COL West and the rest of the BOD couldn’t pull off a defeat of LaPee. There are no other methods to change the NRA into what he wants. It ain’t gonna happen under the current due suckers so why pound more salt in the wound, they are not going anywhere. From the looks of things, there are lobbyers working the NRA over. Why else would they be chipping away at our rights. Come back and talk to us when the dust has cleared and the executive positions have been… Read more »


I agree with Lieutenant Colonel Allen West. Although it’s like a drop in a barrel, opinions don’t get things done though. The thing about all of those “Left”, “Democrats” and “Anti-Gun” people is that they have done NOT ONE THING to stop or reduce criminal activity. All their actions are ONLY against Law abiding citizens. What good have they really done. there biggest problem is they can’t recognize the problem so they end up doing the opposite of what is needed. The NRA really hasen’t been a friend of the gun owner. WHY, well they are always on the defense… Read more »


“We Need a Strong, Focused, & Reformed National Rifle Association”

We already have that; it’s called Gun Owners of America.

Stan Clare

I’m a member of both. We don’t need to divide ourselves, we need to unite and become stronger.

Martin Bare

I am too. Your comment is dead on-target!!! The NRA IS IN TROUBLE at the worst possible moment in time!

William Geittmann

I 100% agree with you, Martin!!

rich z

To those of you who seem to be ANTI NRA, Stuff it . If the NRA goes down, TURN IN YOUR GUNS. You people are surely haven’t looked at the other side. OR your out to help the LEFT kill the second . Five million plus two million is a very large number , two million minus five million is to loose the second. This GOA and NRA LIFE member thinks that you should think about what you are doing . Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face.

Roy D.

Just wait until Dr. Strangelove reads your post.


Rich, I can not agree more with you. They are either with us or against us. If against us , then fuck them all.


“If the NRA goes down, TURN IN YOUR GUNS.”

you and what army? my rights do not hinge on any organization. can you spell “INALIENABLE”? sure you can.

congress can pass whatever they like. armed citizens have, and have always had, the ultimate veto power. we outnumber every trigger puller they can muster by 100 to 1 if only 3% of us get off our behinds and fight…and the other side knows it and FEARS us! yet we still act like timid little mice? WHY?

we should be staring them in the eye and daring them to do it.

Matt in Oklahoma

Y’all do whatever you want. I’m done with them. Scrapped off my stickers and I’m not renewing next month. I’ll figure out something on the instructor certification. I shoulda learned in the 90s the first time.

Dr. Strangelove

: You’d be more convincing if you learned to spell ‘scraped.’

Roy D.

And we hear from the peanut gallery. Don’t worry about Matt, he’ll be fine.


It’s Strange that you worry about spelling instead of the thought expressed. Spelling is not near as important as the meaning of an idea.

Wild Bill

Now Dr S. Scrapped means throw away. Scraped means to abrade or rasp. You don’t think that Matt removed the stickers and then kept them, do you?

Don Razskazoff

If he believes what he says, LaP will fall on his sword

Green Mtn. Boy

“We Need a Strong, Focused, & Reformed National Rifle Association”
So gut the organization of La Pee and all his fellow miscreants no matter where they are including Board of Directors,Not One More Penny To Negotiating Rights Away since 1934.


Answer- get rid of Wayne & Chris.


“I know what the NRA did to ensure people who look like me, recently freed slaves, were able to have their Second Amendment right.”

Ban mail order, which blacks used to avoid racist store owners that would deny them a sale? Require retailers keep a record of your purchase and race with every firearm sale?

The NRA was never good.

Roy D.

I thought you knew not to air dirty laundry where all can see. Even if it is true.


If it’s an open, avowed, enemy of the Constitution of the United States like the NRA, I have no qualms about discussing their history that is already a matter of public record.

Roy D.

I like the cut of your jib.

Gene Ralno

Harris and her sorry ilk can bluster all they want and even pass new laws. But the fact is, they’ve howled so hysterically and for so long, nobody takes them or their laws seriously anymore. Even in radically democrat states of New York and Connecticut, only about 20 percent of the newly criminalized owners have complied with the laws. Now that the laws there are more than six years old, I doubt that any actionable firearms will be found because people aren’t stupid. But they are angry and many fear and even hate their government. I don’t know why it… Read more »


20%? last I heard it was under 5%. massachusetts passed their own bump stock ban. they got 3. out of the whole state. vermont passed their magazine ban and NH gun shows are flooded with cars with vermont plates, buying ever magazine they can get their hands on.

in ww2 the Vichy government and the occupied government in france practically begged people to turn in their guns. they kept cranking the penalties higher and higher but they never got more than a small sample of what was actually out there. this is where we are now.


OMGoodness, LTC West! Thanks for telling it like it is. Agree 100%! You have a passion for the NRA that some don’t right now. Members and non-members alike are angry and frustrated by what they see as a betrayal of their rights. You’ve seen all the comments here. You’re frustrated too from what l’ve read of yours. A regime change seems necessary and proof of life before any ransom is paid. We need leadership like yours!!!

William Geittmann



Allen West wins the Golden Flip-Flop Award : “… we do not need the distractions that currently face the NRA. We need not focus on single individuals, but rather what shall we secure, and pass on, for future generations. ”
Well , That didn’t take long.

N.R.A. are finished, they are exposed as compromised and collaborators with the Anti Freedom swamp.
G.O.A. can and will replace them as millions rightly refuse to give NRA a dime ever again.
NO Compromise G.O.A. is 2 million strong , lets make it 5 Million.

Will Flatt

Amen, bro! I’m already ahead of ya. Been a GOA Life Member for 15 years, told NRA in 2007 to take my NRA Life Membership and kiester it up their compromising, sellout rear end – and NEVER EVER ask me for another penny! (That, after the NRA peddled an antigun bill to disarm veterans and told everyone it was a pro-gun bill, thinking that gun owners wouldn’t read it!) …NRA has been selling gun owners down the river since 1934!