Eric Swalwell Lays Naked Gun Control’s True Ambition ~ VIDEO

Opinon By Larry Keane

USA – -( U.S. Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) might be gunning to outdo President Barack Obama’s “best gun salesman” title. That’s right. He’s at it again, reminding every law-abiding gun owner and potential voter of what’s truly at stake in the next election.

Rep. Swalwell reiterated his threat of mass gun confiscation this week. He aired this threat on ABC’s “The View,” couching it as a mandatory “buyback” that would strip the more than 16 million modern sporting rifles from legal ownership should he be elected president.

“Ban and buy back every single assault weapon in America. I’m the only candidate calling for that,” Swalwell told the approving panel. He cited shootings, none of which were committed with the rifle he’s set his sights on.

Double Down

This isn’t a slip. Rep. Swalwell is openly embracing disarming American citizens and denying them their constitutional rights.

It’s not the first time he’s made blatantly unconstitutional threats to deny American’s their right to keep and bear arms. He first floated the idea in April, but added the threat of jail for those who would oppose the measure and not “voluntarily” submit to his mass confiscation plan. He offered a caveat, in what could only be surmised as his idea of a concession. He said gun owners could keep modern sporting rifles if they were stored and locked at a hunting club or shooting range.

Other Democratic candidates for the White House have embraced federal gun licensing schemes, compulsory registration and bans on future purchases of modern sporting rifles. U.S. Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.), for example, supports a federal gun ownership licensing plan. Sen. Bernie Sander (I-Vt.) said the United States should follow New Zealand’s lead and embark on gun confiscation.

Rep. Swalwell is just the most honest about his true intentions. His true goal isn’t to prevent the criminal misuse of firearms. This sitting U.S. Congressmen is calling for unilaterally confiscating firearms from law-abiding citizens.

End State: End Second Amendment

Congressman Swalwell is just laying out the true goal. He wants to end the right to keep and bear arms. In his view, after all, the Second Amendment allows for that. He says he doesn’t want to repeal the Second Amendment. He just wants to bend it to his will.

American voters might consider Rep. Swalwell a joke, or his protestations an empty threat. But he’s deadly serious. He was challenged on Twitter about the potential havoc he would cause should he embark on such an unconstitutional endeavor, noting such a move could provoke a violent reaction. In fact, the Second Amendment was written to ensure the citizens could resist a tyrannical government and defend themselves. After all, the Battle at Lexington and Concord occurred because British troops were coming to take the colonists’ firearms. Should the citizenry resist a tyrannical federal government Rep. Swalwell appears to believe it would be appropriate for that government to threaten its citizens with nuclear weapons.

This isn’t leadership. This isn’t in keeping with upholding the Congressman’s oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

It is a clarion call to all voters, not just gun voters. The danger isn’t law-abiding gun owners. It’s politicians who pervert the Constitution to serve their political ambitions and warped vision that citizens serve the government instead of the values of our Founding Fathers that deemed the government is designed to serve its citizens.

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  • 64 thoughts on “Eric Swalwell Lays Naked Gun Control’s True Ambition ~ VIDEO

    1. Trump is the hand holding America from falling down the well and until Americans begin taking responsibility for USA his grip will continue to slip. Nope, I’m no fan of his gun stuff that has us bent but until USA steps up to the plate down the hole you go. They’ll ban every fucking gun in USA while he sits there waiting for USA to grow some balls and stand up. Until then you’re fucked. I don’t blame Trump I blame USA. Trump will stand with USA when USA gets off it’s ass until then you’re fucked. Let me know when you’re ready, I’m bored as fuck.

    2. … and still nothing, nothing at all about the POTUS comments with Piers Morgan On Guns and Suppressors (sorry Silencers). Sounds like he wants more than just those. That he’s very proud of; bumpstocks and red flag laws.

      The country is at stake and with it (vice versa) the US Constitution. These are very dangerous times. over. They’ll take them first city-by-city then one-by-one, next then town-by-town. Then it’s ‘Resist or hand them’. They will kill resisters and them for any and all nearby casualties so individuals are no problem. Groups/Orgs will be labeled extremists.
      They have control of the news info network and we have been labeled state, county and whatever your skin color, ethnicity or race. You’re Pro-USA, Anti-abortion, Pro-gun you cannot even be not pro-gay nor anti-gay, you must choose. It doesn’t matter if you’re one of the previous then you’re still guilty.

      A cancer called Marxism and its many incarnations has spread for decades through the govt branches, depts., institutions, agencies and private/public businesses. THIS has never ever been just about guns.

      1. Correct, it is the entire destruction of USA. A meltdown of everything American but nothing is going on according to many posters here who are entirely outside the loop of real knowledge of what is going down. This goes much farther than those pesky deep state traitors on everybody’s screen. It is global issue and Americans are losing their country while making wise cracks at other Americans trying to point out why this is happening. Trump didn’t tweet, “Americans will not go quietly into the night” because he is going to save USA while Americans sit back and watch their country stripped away making wise cracks about it. Not just about guns but they are an issue for what IS COMING. Know it all’s here will survive just fine because they are above it all and everybody. Superior actually.

    3. You guys do realize the CIA knew Swellmouth (Jerry’s Kids) would piss us off this much and is why they put him up there right? You can tell Clark (running defense for him) likes him due to the lack of nail driving on Kents behalf which should be an indication. I’m reading my Bible again Clark and it mentions you.

      Romans 1:29-32 New International Version (NIV)

      29 They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit and malice. They are gossips, 30 slanderers, God-haters, insolent, arrogant and boastful; they invent ways of doing evil; they disobey their parents; 31 they have no understanding, no fidelity, no love, no mercy. 32 Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them.

    4. Swalwell gives me a solid case of the ass. But so do the order sordid, mindless and brain-addled Democrat wanna-be’s. A sorrier lot we have never seen, except for Obama, of course. He set the bar (low, not high) for someone in the Oval office with very bad juju. Now, we have 23 or ? pretty much cut from the same mold (pun intended). And Swalwell has got to be one of the worst examples of an airhead among them.

    5. If this nutcase didn’t have a platoon of armed guards someone would have offed him by now. I really think his biggest problem is ignorance and too much time playing video games.

      1. @Tcat, Ignorance may be his biggest problem, but hunger for power appears to be a close second. I suggest a pickup truck. A 4WD pickup truck big enough to accidentally run over the whole platoon, and him too. Puttin’ my faith in cheap whiskey!

        1. @ Wild Bill, yes that sounds good. I think a 1980 Ford F-250 could do the job. Maybe a sheet of 3/8 lexan bolted to the front just to melt bullets.

    6. When you’re polling at 0% you’ll say anything to get some publicity. He is also ignorant about the issues that the bulk of the population is concerned about, and it ain’t guns.

    7. I give this guy points for honesty. At least he’s starting out honest. When he bothers to tote up the cost of a buy-back such as he proposes he’ll revert to confiscating the private property of citizens as with the bump stock debacle. Also, he’s not much of a tactician when he threatens to use nuclear weapons on any resistance – unless he has a nuclear bomb that can spare the 2nd Amendment hating Demo who lives next door to me.

      1. We have massive amounts of pro gun liberals in Colorado it’s just that they reserve the pro part for them only because they do not like conservatives they want conservatives disarmed and they like to be regulated. They are privileged/entitled scum but don’t worry because when the shooting breaks out it will be them shooting each other so just stand back out of the way. Police here are patrolling the liberals not the conservatives so what does this tell you. I got pulled over in a liberal neighborhood because they call cops on non liberals here for no reason and the cop took one look at me and said, “what are you doing in this neighborhood these people are assholes” and we both laughed and I said yes I know and I’m leaving now because they’re tailing me. He thanked me saying, “they will just keep calling until you go” so I went and we laughed. Those liberals actually give me the stink eye in passing when we drive by each other cause their nuts. I have Muslim lives next door and I tell em Antifa told me Allah is a tranny. Let them fight that shit out while I sit back and watch. Rest assured Swellmouth nuking USA still would not be treasonous. Bet money on it.

    8. “….buy back every single assault weapon….” Give me a price tag for each ‘assault weapon’ I have. In addition to ANY firearm I might have, I have a drawer full of knives, some pretty long ones that should bring a good price, you know, butter knives, carving knives, et. al.! I even have some ‘heavy hitters’ that would be nasty in some ‘assault;’ small to large hatchets, axes, one very pointy pick, other stuff that ‘looks’ pretty much as deadly as anything the vikings used! Just curious why the ‘gubment’ would want all this ‘used’ gear, as the only things they have ‘assaulted’ would be my food, yard, and “me?” Almost forgot, ‘monkey wrench;’ just saw a video termed “road rage,” where some whack threw a wrench through the window at the driver of the car next to his – an “assault weapon wrench” perhaps?

      These ‘gun confiscators’ are such mindless dolts they ignore America’s true genocidal problems – none of them have a thing to do with ‘guns.’ 70,000+ Opioid deaths per year, 1 MILLION abortions ea year, according to Childhelp, more than five children each day — or more than 1,825 per year — are killed by parental abuse.

      That number represents more than 91 Sandy Hook incidents, but where are the media, or our vaunted leaders, (Obama, Shotgun Joe, Candyboy Smellwell?) calling for some ‘killer parent’ ban? In the news, Adrian Peterson’s two year old was killed by his mother’s boyfriend, and the numb-nut did not use a gun!

      I only ask one thing, when they wanna come ‘confiscate’ my property, with some NO KNOCK, 0 dark thirty, visit. Just REQUIRE Candyboy Swellhead (my Marine vernacular has the other word for this twit, but I’ve mellowed in me oldt age), or one of his acolyte gun banners, to be the FIRST one through my door!

    9. Eric is and idiot.. buy back… how much are you going give me for a black rifle with a pistol grip and has a 30 round mag.. 700$800$ more? You don’t have enough money.. all the city with major gun violence are ran by the liberal Democratic Party .. Democrats bring fear with out reason . Liberal gun free zone is where all the shootings take place..

    10. How do you “BUY BACK” something you NEVER OWNED?
      Question. How many NRA members have been involved in these mass shootings that they want to stop?

    11. I would like these people to answer one question ? Why they’re not attacking the problem ? Any one with some common sense knows a gun or high capacity magazine is not the problem it the person behind it. And the last i checked they don’t pay any of my bills or put food on my family’s table i did by working 10 to 12 hours a day . So who do they think they are to try to take something from me ? Sorry. can you image what could be done if the money spent on both sides was put to fixing the problem not a symptom. But the average person isn’t heard .

    12. As Thomas Jefferson said “The tree of liberty must, from time to time, be watered with the blood of tyrants and martyrs for that is the natural manure upon which a free republic grows.” And is Salwell is not a tyrant I do not know who is one. SIC SEMPER TYRANIS!!!

    13. To all readers of the comments section I want to remind you that we are all(?) gun owners and advocates, here we comment and name call and carry on like uneducated fools. Don’t jump to defend the MANY intelligent responders because look around to see the stupid replies from MANY MORE commentators . So many are ‘butt hurt’ and strike out at shadows ,none of the people that want to disarm us are reading here. They ARE watching TV shows like the view and have no other source of input. Here we are’ preaching to the choir’ and share a similar viewpoint that is not distributed to the mainstream media it’s like David and Goliath. How can we supporters of the 2nd get our message out? Not by ranting and name calling here, cut the childish insults and act like adults. I know that we all get steamed up about jerks like Swalwell ,but ranting HERE is doing us no good and only feeding our lowest reactions. Contact your legislators and elected officials and let them know how you feel, and keep it real. Even writing a good letter to the editor is a step forward. If you MUST respond here please re-read your submission before posting. PM

      1. It certainly goes without saying that many commentors here are passionate about their point of view. Certainly many in the choir have done as you suggest and write or email their legislators over issues such as WA’s 1639 or OR’s SB 978. I did.

        As a confessed Ammoland addict, l come here to seek information, to find inspiration, to stay engaged, and often find humor l can appreciate. But in posting here, have also had sand kicked in my face and have posted a few jabs myself. I just don’t dwell on it.

        I hope you find my comment acceptable and l certainly respect your right to comment as well.

    14. I’d love to punch this weak piece of shit in the face. Thankfully, he’s the only person in America that would vote for him.

      1. 1776 Civil War 2.0 Part 2 coming when they attack with large scale widespread violence trying to boot Trump from 2nd term.

    15. Eric Swallows is a useless piece of shit. How in the hell can one state produce so many mental retards. California is a shit hole country in itself. All these democrats and Hollywood stars trying to tell the rest of the country how to do things, but will not lift a finger to clean up their own cesspool of a state. Eric Swallows and Linda Lovelace had something in common, they both sucked.

      1. Is why I say to build a wall along Cali border with a mote on the outside filled with raw sewage and a mote on the inside filled with radioactive waste sludge. Lol. Funny thing about Cali is that it was this bad 35 years ago but suddenly people have just noticed.

    16. eric swalwell and his gay lover cory booker are pieces of crap. Both are turds. Swalwell and booker are mentally unstable, hysterical, psychotic, meth addicts, who masterbate to photos of Micheal Bloomberg! Who in the hell in their right mind would vote for such evil, deranged madmen such as these two butt lickers? Ypu notice the gun banning demon-craps no longer talk about crime or street gangs or drug dealers but spend all their time talking about banning firearms from law abiding American citizens! Once they ban and confiscate all your guns, then they will institute their socialists “New World Order ” plans of Bloomberg and George Soros! And will probably put them as dictators of Amerika! Bloomberg and Soros are funding the gun banning cults (mostly run by big city hysterical. gullible women) and they make up lies, why tell the truth when you can make up a fantasy story. This is the same group of people and women who back in 1918 said if you banned all alcohol (and prostitution) that eveything would be peaches and cream, and the general public believed it! What happened was you got booze running gangs, illegal bars all over (even the politicians who voted for prohibition went to these places!), thousands dying from poisoned homemade booze. Now a 100 years later, this same mentally unstable group wants to ban all firearms in America. On the news a nurse and a doctor are accused of killing 80 and 20 some patients, but because they didn’t use a gun its okay. In Japan a man went on a stabbing spree and stabbed 17 people killing one, but thats okay because he didn’t use a gun! During WW2, Japan and Germany had plans to invade and conquer the USA, but were afraid pf all those gun owning Americans, today these gun banning cults and democrats would welcome them as their saviors!!
      Vote for President Trump in 2020, just say “hell no!” to any democrats running for any office, they are all evil! Support and join the NRA and GOA and other pro-gun and pro- hunting groups. Background checks = gun registration = gun confiscation = democrat storm troopers kicking in your front door and hauling you off to a New World Order gun control concentration death camp!

      1. Correctamundo, Keep cranking it up and you’re likely to be issued the Clark Kent award of leftist disapproval and denial and around here we call that “over the target”. Remember Hitler was partnered with Islam and there were Islamic Nazi’s identical to what we have right now in USA. Open source info confirms this complete with pictures as well as the Pope was involved with the Nazis and the Bush crime family. All open source info of which Clark Kent hates.

    17. Swalwell, and others of like mind, have yet to specifically state how any of their restrictions, or even confiscation, will keep firearms out of the hands of criminals, yes criminals who care less about such restrictions or confiscations?

    18. NFW Swallowswell…. If you are actually stupid enough, which it seems you are, to try this….. PLEASE be the first person at my door…

    19. yeah.. i’m going to take political advise from a washed up ” comedian” (who was never funny in the first place..J.B.) and a washed up b-list actress whose biggest role to date was a guest spot on Star Trek !!. Best part is Swalwell talking about other groups taking “dirty money” !!!

    20. Trump needs to step up and put in 50 state reciprocity carry for all states just like he said he was going to do DAY 1 if elected ! Well he got elected so step up and go even further and go 50 state constitutional carry!

      1. Trump? The same guy who banned bump stocks? The same guy who said “…first take the gun(s),then due process. The same guy who is now talking about a suppressor ban?

        1. Spot on DGF. Trump is no friend to the 2nd Amendment..or he seems lost on the subject. We can only hope he listens to his sons. I think he speaks before thinking to often. But even the bumpstock ban (a joke) is the wrong move. Someone really needs to educate him on suppressors……not the NRA for sure.

        2. So now that one deranged idiot used a 45 with a suppressor in a murder rampage, Trump is suggesting a ban on the hardest of all firearm accessories to obtain legally. Did that read right? Can’t wait to see how the NRA weighs in on this one. Anybody see photo evidence of the alleged murder weapon or are we being fed fake news?

          1. NRA will be on board to ban it.
            They fully support gun control.
            Hold compliance class’s even.
            Bootlickers love that shit. Can’t get enough of it and those decals lure them in well. Lifetime members of bootlickers club.

    21. Bad news for the buy back morons. I personally built all of my ar15s and they are NOT for sale. Try buying the other cucks guns , it’s a no go here. If they want to take them by force, better pack a lunch.

    22. Cunt Pelosi wants Trump in prison.

      Trump says lock n load, pack your gun and defy Muslim Beast System if you need to.

      Trump is/has gone around the world discussing and celebrating D-Day and the defeat of Hitler. Just did a long speech about it at the Palace and is now do so here in USA, has discussed the fight against Nazi Germany everywhere to include France recently. He is leading USA into battle to get USA back, to establish global peace by defeating the enemy of humanity. Fulfilling Biblical prophesy.
      USA is going to war right here against the rise of the Fourth Reich Muslim Beast system. You want to be a free nation? Then prepare to fight for it otherwise were going to lose it.

      USA, USA, USA, USA, USA, USA,,,,,,,,,,,,

      1. They’re even over on you tube videos getting fired for going to peoples house and jacking off at the front door. Call them at your own risk.

        1. Then why don’t YOU become a police officer and show us all how it SHOULD be done? Put up or shut up.

          1. Clark. Because most of us have IQs that are far to high! They don’t want independent thinkers in the Gestapo. They want creatures who will blindly follow orders and degrade and humiliate citizens, and think that everyone is the enemy and guilty of something.
            By the way…Get back under your bridge, Troll!

          2. I’m not a hardened criminal but thanks for the offer.

            Gun grabbers involved in drug trafficking. Lol.


            Around here they drive right past the drug dealing house to go bother law abiding citizens and attempt to enforce unconstitutional laws they dream up on the drive over. Every person in this development knows you can buy meth 3 houses down. Know we know where it comes from. The cops.

    23. Just think of how funny this Swellmouth retard (Jerry’s Kid’s) would be with Slobbering Joe Kennedy as his Vice President.

    24. Former Broward County Deputy Scot Peterson has been arrested over his failure to do anything to stop the Parkland gunman during the February 14, 2018, attack.

      Jerry’s Kids gun control agenda is based entirely upon illusion and deception. Is why Nancy openly denies to examine and consider facts saying facts have no bearing on their agenda and are not considered. Facts are (besides Americans) their worst nightmare.

      1. Folks,
        SwallowAll IS NOT the problem. The problem are all those communists who have supported him with votes and money and publicity (i.e. the media).

        The time is ever approaching where the Tree of Liberty needs watering.

        BTW….do not forget….our southern border is under enemy attack. Supported and encouraged by 535 + 9 Quislings. Who in turn are supported in their treason by the communists of the media and our fellow citizens.

    25. Stats since Jan 1, 2019

      1,034,998 lives saved by using a gun
      5458 Homicides by use of a gun

      Current to the time of this post

    26. You can only have your Firearms taken. One of two ways. You can give them up willingly or pried from your cold dead fingers. The former only requires You Kneel and Allow Your Rights to be Taken. The later requires only that You be a Patriot and Fight for something Larger than Yourself. Many have died so that We can enjoy the Right We Have. Anyone not willing to fight for those Rights. Doesn’t deserve to have them. Keep Your Powder Dry.

    27. Swellmouth is Jerry’s Kids pushing Muslim Beast system gun control/confiscation that GOD’s chosen cannot obey because GOD has commanded us not to in His wrath to destroy the Beast. Sorry but nice try were under orders from above.

      1. Sorry, but you are obviously under orders from whatever lava bubbles inside your skull. Seek professional mental health treatment.

      2. He is only pushing for his own demise. This is the twit whom threatened the use of nukes against Americans.

        1. Correct, as stated in the Bible they run to their own destruction because GOD has commanded them to do so.

        2. Yes… despite Swallwell’s later attempts to deny it (he claims that it was “a joke”), that cuckoo-clock was dead serious when he first said that nukes would stop the civil war quickly.

          1. His nukes are just past my front yard so he will have to nuke the military to get me. I don’t doubt he would attempt it. He’d have to shoot it straight up then bring right back down on the silo and I’m not sure if that has ever been tested to see if it’s possible.

          2. @JoeUS, Shallowwell must knot know that National Command Authority is not within the legislative branch. He must not know that nuclear weapons detonated in a civil war would occur within the United States. Finally, he must not be aware that every survivor in the country would be after his scalp. How much of a threat can this not non thinker be?
            Hey, Swallowdude, the rebel army is forming up inside the belt way at noon tomorrow!

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