Gun Group’s Legal Defense Fund For Disabled Vet Convicted Of Violating NFA Laws


Jeremy Kettler, who is a disabled combat veteran
Jeremy Kettler, who is a disabled combat veteran

Washington, D.C.-( Kansas resident, Jeremy Kettler, served his country with distinction. While fighting for the United States, he experienced hearing loss.

In 2016, the disabled U.S Army vet purchased a suppressor to use on his firearms during target shooting to prevent further damage to his hearing.

Kansas has a law called the Second Amendment Protection Act. The law states that firearms made within the borders of the state and kept only within Kansas are exempt from national firearms regulations.

Kettler purchased a suppressor from a military surplus store run by Shane Cox. Cox started producing and selling suppressors marked with “Made in Kansas.” Cox reassured Kettler that Second Amendment Protection Act shielded both parties from the National Firearms Act which requires a long waiting period and a $200 fee to buy a suppressor.

States have been making their own immigration and drug laws that directly contradict federal laws for several years. The federal government seems to be turning a blind eye to states like Colorado, California, and even the District of Columbia for their decriminalization of marijuana and sanctuary state statuses, but the Bureau of Alcohol Firearms and Tobacco (BATF) was not going to extend the same flexibility of enforcing the law to gun owners.

Kettler believed he complied with the law when it came to owning the suppressor. He uploaded a video to Facebook about the purchase of the unregistered suppressor. The ATF would use the footage against Kettler in court.

Federal authorities arrested Cox and Kettler for violating the National Firearms Act of 1934. Prosecutors charged Cox with the illegal manufacturing and selling of unregistered suppressors. They charged Kettler with possession of an unregistered suppressor. The court convicted both men on the charges.

The two appealed their convictions to the Tenth Circuit of Appeals. They challenged the lower court’s ruling that the men’s belief that the Second Amendment Protection Act protected them from federal law was not a valid defense. They are also challenging the constitutionality of the NFA itself.

Gun Owners of America (GOA) has stepped up and started a legal defense fund for Kettler. In January of this year, GOA petitioned The Supreme Court of the United States to hear Jeremy Kettler v. United States challenging the constitutionality NFA.

GOA Executive Director Erich Pratt sees this case as a good chance at getting the NFA overturned by SCOTUS for being unconstitutional.

“With the Kettler case, GOA is challenging the NFA before the U.S. Supreme Court,” Pratt told AmmoLand News . “The real purpose of the NFA is to chill the exercise of a constitutionally-protected right.”

“Consider that if a wage earner failed to pay a $200 tax, the IRS would impose a minimal fine—maybe even, garnish his or her wages. But not with the NFA. In failing to pay the $200 tax for a suppressor he bought in compliance of the laws of his home state, Jeremy Kettler incurred the wrath of the Obama administration which charged him with penalties that could have resulted in ten years in jail.”

Attorneys Generals from Arkansas, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Montana, South Carolina, Texas, and Utah have filed amicus briefs with SCOTUS on behalf of Kettler.

SCOTUS is due to rule if they will hear the case this week.

About John Crump

John is an NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot-News Podcast which can be found at John has written extensively on the patriot movement, including 3%’ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on leftist deplatforming methods and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, on Facebook at realjohncrump, or at

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Free Helicopter Rides For Commies




Federal government only has ‘claimed’ power over INTERSTATE COMMERCE. The federal government has NO POWER over the several states and the People therein, nor commerce or inventions that are not sold outside the state. READ the Constitution. Wyoming has the same law. Wyoming also has a law that states any federal official must register with the county Sheriff and be escorted by a Deputy, because FEDERAL GOVERNMENT HAS NO POWER IN ANY STATE, only the 10 square miles of Washington, D.C. and the federal enclaves. Try READING the Constitution. All ‘gun control laws’ are un-Constitutional because they violate Article 6… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Babs, Such a mix of false, partly false, and some true. Where do you get, “FEDERAL GOVERNMENT HAS NO POWER IN ANY STATE, only the 10 square miles of Washington, D.C. and the federal enclaves.”? And what makes you think, “Federal government only has ‘claimed’ power over INTERSTATE COMMERCE”?

Bob McCool

Nutty Sovereign Citizen rhetoric


In this day and age of Big Data Collecting (Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Etc..) anyone who likes to brag about shit they have done or are doing on these sites, must be simple minded. I have known since 2000, when these companies all decided to turn there collective data, over to the Feds and LEA without question. This is so they can stay in business and keep collecting data to sell at a high profit. There are at least 10 of the top companies that do this kid of practice. It has become big business. Did not Hitler practice doing something… Read more »


Sock it to him over a piece of metal he thought he was legally possessing. I just read in the local rag that a meat packing house, not far from here, got caught paying a whole factory of illegals under the table. Two formans in the place got community service and the owner, who led the operation, had to pay some major fines and IRS penalties but no jail time.This went on for years. Now everybody walks and I think that includes some illegals but this vet gets stomped on for owning a piece of metal. Different strokes for different… Read more »

James Campbell

I dropped a note to Eric Trump asking him to educate his old man.


Well said. Eric’s dad was I’ll advised by NRA regarding bumstock, now surpressors. We should follow up on the case.


“The United States of America” ……………… I see it as 50 franchises granted by the Fed.
For there to be all things equal, they must follow the Constitution and Bill off Rights. What’s up with individual privilege?
United we stand divided we fail and fall!


Is there any chance that whoever writes headlines for this site might go back to elementary school to learn basic English grammar?

Here’s a hint for the headline writer: Contrary to your headline, the legal defense fund was NOT convicted of violating NFA laws (but that IS what your headline says)


Sign the petition on to say no suppressor ban

Bart Gulley

I signed the petition and forwarded it.

Wild Bill

C and Bart G, Yep, me too. Forwarded it to everyone for whom I had an email address. Signed a few others while I was their.

American guy

First, stay off of Facebook, you see the government monitors it especially the atf. FDR was an gun banner, he also copied Germany when Hitler said “guns and gold are enemies of the state”, so guess who did the same thing over here? The only reason why sound suppressor were included in the illegal 1934 gun control act , was that some joker with the fish and game told a senator that if they banned all suppressor, that it would stop all poaching! Yeah, right, has all poaching stopped? No it still goes on (and will get worse with all… Read more »

Bob Koceja

Total agreement.
10 yrs, no parole.
If they can kill innocent babies, They can execute Murderers.
As a matter of fact, there should be no murders in prison.

Shame on any Gun Owner who votes Democrat.


In Missouri SB367 has been introduced, which mirrors KS protection act. Many claim, as those did in KS, activity such as Kettler engaged, would be protected activity.

These laws or proposals forbid state agencies in assisting the prosecution of federal laws – they do not bar such prosecutions.

The case may be argued and won, absent any 2nd Amendment discussion. The Supremes may grant cert and find, as it has in the past, the commerce clause within State sovereignty (intrastate) trumps federal interstate restrictions.

My vote, cert should be granted!

Concerned citizen

How come Oakland California can legalize magic mushroom, which violates federal law and its just fine with the feds. And they allow illegals to stay there. But the states cannot legalize sound suppressors? So drugs are okay, which some people when they get “high” and flip out and go nuts and crazy, but a piece of metal which saves hearing of shooters is ruled as a dangerous device?


Silencers are mandated on all registered vehicles. Race vehicles have to comply with noise abatement, too.

Hey irs are you going to tax all the vehicles with silencers or send all untaxed vehicles owners to ten years in prison?

Chris Mallory

Under our system of Federalism, state laws to not have to mirror Federal laws. The Feds cannot force the states to criminalize actions or enforce Federal laws. This should have been learned in 6th grade.

Yes, the NFA is unconstitutional, but our judges lack the guts to call it so.
Yes, the Commerce Clause has been raped to the point it is unrecognizable. It should only apply to actions of the states which restrict interstate commerce.


Interesting that the ATF goes after a suppressor manufacturer and one buyer… Was this the first and only can that Cox produced? Are there other firearms and firearms accessories manufacturers in Kansas that are in the ATF’s sights? What made this event catch the eye of the Obamination? There has to be a scheme since libtards don’t do nothing without tying it to their grand scheme of tyranny. Watch your back, Kansas.
Good on GOA for their support of Kettler and Cox.




I hope this case is successful and support its actions.

Some dude

I’ll be very disappointed, but not at all surprised, if the SCOTUS declines to hear this case. Should I be favorably surprised this week, I will certainly donate to the cause again! This case is not only about silencers, but also about the constitutionally of the NFA, States Rights, and maybe just as importantly, it’s about the gun rights of disabled Amy vet Jeremy Kettler, who was spared prison, but remains a felon.

Carol B Combs

Well said. SCOTUS will not hear the case. A few SC Justices will complain (maybe Clarence Thomas and maybe Kavanaugh) and then it will be on to something no one cares about.

Big Jim

Is it a coincidence the first Civil War started in Kansas about wether or not it would be Free or pro slavery? John Brown i believe.