NRA Applauds Challenge to Colorado’s Unconstitutional Magazine Ban


A Magazine Ban is a Gun Ban
NRA Applauds Challenge to Colorado’s Unconstitutional Magazine Ban

Fairfax, VA – -( The National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) praised the Colorado State Shooting Association (CSSA) today for filing an amicus brief in support of a challenge to Colorado’s unconstitutional ban on common rifle and pistol magazines.

“Magazine bans do not deter criminals or improve public safety. Instead, they unconstitutionally burden the rights of law-abiding gun owners,” said Chris W. Cox, executive director of NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action.

At issue in the lawsuit is one of the measures signed into law by former Gov. John Hickenlooper which bans the possession, sale, purchase, or transfer of ammunition magazines that hold more than 15 rounds.

“The only people impacted by this ban are the law-abiding citizens who will be forced to defend themselves, their families and their homes from violent attack with sub-standard ammunition magazines. The National Rifle Association will continue supporting the rights of Coloradans to protect themselves,” Cox concluded.

National Rifle Association Institute For Legislative Action (NRA-ILA)

Established in 1975, the Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) is the “lobbying” arm of the National Rifle Association of America. ILA is responsible for preserving the right of all law-abiding individuals in the legislative, political, and legal arenas, to purchase, possess and use firearms for legitimate purposes as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Visit:

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    1. 6/20/19 At a town 45 minutes west of here , had a gang related shooting. Cops traced two perps to a residence . They had local cops plus sheriff’s swat team comprised from three counties . Stand off for several hours . One perp came out the other started shooting cops opened up riddled front of house wounded him twice. This morning cops went in to talk with sheriff upset that that was first time anyone had ever shot at them!!!

    2. Magazine bans are nothing more than gun control schemes hidden as common sense gun safety B.S. Today the magic number is 10 round magazines, tomorrow it’ll be 5 round magazines or they’ll decide you don’t need the weapon at all. The anti-gunners pass gun, ammo or components restrictions or bans then like NY they make it so you can’t remove your weapon from the home to visit a range to shoot or even take it out of state without triggering a felony violation.

            1. @USA…had read (it might have been on Ammoland) maybe a year ago where NRA was looking at a ” office ” in maybe Vail Co.

    3. Highly recommend reading Judge Benitez ruling v. California magazine law. The week it was in effect millions of magazines flooded onto the state. It’s currently stayed, but it’s so powerful I can’t see the SCOTUS not ruling in its favor.

      1. I’ll second your recommendation,it’s worth the time to read, Judge Benitez ruling v. California magazine law will be used in most future court cases to come on magazine bans.

    4. It’s not how well you can aim. Nor if you should shoot or not. It’s the individual rights to determine what he needs. Just as it’s your right to say where you will live or what type of car you drive. Besides if it come to a fire fight for what ever reason, I will want a drum not just a 20 or 30 rou d clip.

    5. As usual, sloppy sloppy, sloppy, on the part of the nra. There is no such thing as a magazine ban! There is a communist democrat confiscate weapons from law abiding citizens plan. And there is an anti crime plan. You won’t hear the nra supporting an anti crime plan, or using correct definition terminology, because that would call all criminals, justifiably, democrat turds in the punch bowl. And you will hear them using the communist democrat term of gun control to appease the weasels. But you won’t hear wayne le pepe using the correct definitive term of “communist democrat gun confiscation from law abiding citizens” because it’s factually correct, but politically truthful, but insensitive.

    6. You can never trust these bans!,to Bloomberg,Pelosi,Feinstein,etc,they are always just the first step in an eventual complete ban on firearms!Feinstein is even on record as saying if she could she’d take away ALL guns!This from a woman who carries a gun in her purse!!they are lying,hypocrites!,Over 3 million lives are saved by law obiding,trained,American gun owners each year!When guns are outlawed,only outlaws will have guns!The NRA and other groups,must fight back to keep our rights safe!

    7. I’m all for the 2nd Amendment & believe that we should be allowed to carry a firearm to protect ourselves and our loved ones and homes. This is stupid though to claim that someone needs to be allowed to have more than 15 rounds to defend themselves. If you can’t take care of the problem with 15 shots you better not start that dance. Hell if you can’t take care of it with 5 you better just run. I have handguns and rifles too by the way & will blow a hole through the first SOB that tries to get in my door.

      1. Jody,
        You’ve obviously never been in a gunfight. You need enough ammo to get done, what needs to be done, in the time it takes to git-r-dun, by the good guys, at the shooting pace required to defend you and yours, at your pace, until the fight is stopped or over. A comfortable defensive pace is one round per second. A comfortable offensive pace is one shot per breath. As for starting the dance- complete miss! Good guys can’t legally, and never actually, “start the dance”. But they damn well need to be able to end, or finish the “dance”! If it’s bad, and you need to gain fire superiority in order to get you, and yours, butts out of the fire, behind cover, or to someplace safe, figure a minimum of 60 rounds. At your round count, all you’ve got is a flash, and run, and hope for the best.

        1. @Mark J, Wow at first I just laughed at JODY Hoffman’s comment. Then I went to shear horror that someone would actually think that. Jody can limit her defense if she wants to, but for my circumstances and past experience, I want to be the fastest with the mostest!
          Out here at the ranch, it would be easy for a dozen thieves to drive up and start shooting. Then when the rancher is dead … load up the entire herd and empty out the house, at their leisure.
          Five rounds and run? Run to where?

          1. 2nd that and they already did that here. You’re hypothetical example is reality at my house. They like to come in the night too so what next night optics? Security cameras? Barbed wire fencing? No trespassing signs? Lockable front door handles? Exterior Security lighting? 4 of above listed are semi banned at my house in the population so please don’t say I’m full of myself. In fact they hold class’s to train neighbors to report such things as security cameras to police. In my state you will be on the list if have security cameras.

            1. Perimiter fence, dogs inside the perimeter, a dog or two inside the house. Dogs detect everything long before a human can. A man dog team is hard to beat. An armed man with multiple dogs is really hard to overcome. Dogs work cheap and like the pack leader more than the wife does. Dead and wounded intruders inside your perimeter wire is legally defendable.

            2. @Bill Yep+Yep+Yep+Yep+Yep+Yep+Yep+180lb Canie Corso with bite before bitten attitude+I’m the pack leader=Exactly Correct

      2. Jody if you knew what u were talkin about you would know that the 2nd ammendment is in place where it is (2nd) in order to be abke to protect the complete 1st ammendment and all foolowing ammendments…from who you say…well my unknowing friend from criminals including the ones that are in an elected position of govt.(tyrannical) duhh …brush up on this countrys true history!

      3. Eye opener #2 …u say we should be ALLOWED the right..that works if this are civil rights issued by a govt.
        The bill of rights are descrbed as god given natural rights, thus not allowed to you by another human ar all. Thus they cant be taken away by other humans thus the understanding that the 2nd ammendment is a natural right needed to put down an opposing tyrannical force trying to stop you from having and using aforementioned right…DUHH! now do u understand!

      4. Jody, people fall over after a single shot in the movies, but that’s the only place it happens. If you are home and 5 intruders show up, you’ll be less inclined to ration out the rounds on a per person basis.
        Oddly enough, the only times I’ve heard people complain about too much ammo is when they were humping it. As soon as it starts to be used up, everybody seemed to want more. Go figure.
        I’d agree that it’s silly to have a 15 round mag, several 30s are an improvement, but I take exception to your statement about being “allowed to have.” Slaves are allowed to “have” things, free people have what they want, not need.

        1. When I was in Nam (65-66) I had a habit of carrying upwards of 5 20 round mags in each ammo pouch and two bandoleers of 10 20 round mags each. I was a very young man then all of 21 years of age. I knew from talking with experienced Combat Veterans of Korea and WW2 to carry as much ammo as I possible could. I may not run out of ammo in a fire fight but someone else in my squad just might.
          Jody, I am qualified with the M16, M14, M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, and the M2 Carbine, as well the Colt 1911A1 .45 ACP and to this day I carry as much ammo as I possibly can physically do so. I know that in a fire fight you never have to much, and usually not enough. And yes I have a CCW.

      5. Your thinking is that ALL defensive shootings involve one-on-one situations. Home invasions usually involve 2/3 or more, while I’m glad that you are such a good shot, I’m not. I want a surplus of ammo remaining in the firearm at the end. Always better to be safe and alive than sorry and dead!

        1. Yeah, and why do they carry an extra two up to five mags on their duty belts as well?

          Maybe Jody should review the amount of ammo shot up during the Vietnam action, comparing deaths and injuries reported. That is an eye opener; yes the more rounds per mag and the more mags immediately available is prudent for self defense purposes.

          I have used 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 and 100 rd mags in an AR. (The 50 & 100 being drum style). Personally I prefer the 30rd mags; what others may prefer I have no say in and should not have a say in, equally the same applies to politicians!

      6. Jody,
        I don’t normally respond to trolls, but I will make an exception this one time.
        Out here in the country we have had several attacks by packs of wild dogs.
        I know that you are an expert shot and never miss, but I might need 20 shots to hit five vicious dogs while they are running and moving.
        Don’t forget that not every shot is a kill shot. Pistols are not death rays. Is entirely possible to need five shots per two Legged or four-legged attacker.
        And I won’t even get started on needing to protect yourself and property during a riot where you might have to shoot hundreds of shots like the roof top Koreans did in the Los Angeles riots.
        And of course once someone is in charge of it you don’t need that… where does it end?
        I don’t think any Jody needs 2 cars or houses or 10 pairs of shoes. I don’t restrict your freedom
        Don’t you restrict mine

        1. Here we have Coyotes and Wolves and while I thoroughly enjoy having both around they have stalked me for dinner and they WILL NOT go about their own way until they are made to do so and they move at about 35 mph so large or regular capacity gear is required. They generally come in packs though I have been pursued by just one at a time. If you limp they will come after you thinking your injured so we don’t limp around here. Limping is banned.

      7. @Jody…You should know when someone red flags you and the cops are busting down your door at 0 dark thirty ,
        1 they are coming in in a line,
        2 there will be as many as they can line up ,
        3 you will most likely be a sleep and will not have time to get your five rounds off ,
        4 where do you plan to run to ?
        Wild Bill , myself , and several others on here have found that the best alarm system is a good dog , no power failure there and loyalty you cannot compare to anyone any where or any thing !

      8. @Jody…I will quote a sheriff after a shoot out , I believe was in Florida some years ago . When asked by the news media why they had fired over a hundred rounds . ” Because that’s all the ammo we had ” !!!

      9. Tell me I can’t have a mag over 15 rounds and I immediately start looking for a 16 rounder. Or a 20 or 30 or 40 or 60 or a 100 round unit. And if they are out there, I will get one or more or I will make one or more. Stick your unconstitutional laws and bans up your stupid liberal butt!

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