The Five D’s of Progressive Socialism ~ VIDEO

I Vote with Stupid Democrats
I must admit, progressive socialism is just plain dumb, unless you seek the collective subjugation of free people. There is no wonder that progressive socialists would come up with the idiocy called “common core.” It’s dumb.

USA – -( I believe that it was famed physicist Albert Einstein who once quipped that the pure definition of insanity is to continue to do the same thing and expect different results.

I cannot think of a better way to describe our very disconcerting fellow Americans of the progressive socialist ilk. On Monday evening I was invited to dinner by some NYPD conservative friends at a restaurant called T Bar on 3rd Avenue, on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. There we had to endure a very loud-mouthed “useful idiot” who proudly proclaimed that George Soros was one of the greatest Jews ever. Uh, really? I cannot begin to mention some of the other purely comical things this individual was saying. I can tell you this: beware of the fella in NYC that has a really bad fake tan — talk about orange — and is a really bad-looking version of former WWF wrestler Rick Flair.

As I ponder the mania at the California Democratic Party Convention, where candidates like Hickenlooper and Delaney were booed for, well, not being stuck on stupid, it hit me. What manner of person would accept or follow a philosophy of governance that abjectly fails? It’s a proven fact. Even worse, it is an ideological belief that depends upon violence for its implementation.

You know that this week was the 30th anniversary of Tiananmen Square. But, we do not have to look back that far, just turn on the TV and see what is happening in Venezuela right now. How very interesting that we do not see much coverage of Venezuela on liberal progressive media outlets. How odd that we have never heard of London’s mayor condemning Hugo Chavez or Nicolas Maduro as threats to Democracy. Doggone, has anyone heard little Sadiq Khan say anything about the murder, torture, and internment camps for religious minorities being run by China’s Emperor for Life, Xi Jinping?

Just yesterday I shared a piece with you asking if the capital city of Austin, Texas — deemed the San Francisco of the south — is the new model for the Lone Star State? Well, y’all responded and so did Liz Peek in an op-ed she wrote.

As written at The Hill:

“During the Democratic Party convention that took place over the weekend in California, candidates not hewing to today’s progressive manifesto were loudly booed.

John Hickenlooper, former governor of Colorado, was jeered by the liberal audience when he dared to say that “socialism is not the answer.”

Similarly, former Maryland Representative John Delaney was heckled for saying that “Medicare for all” is “actually not good policy nor is it good politics.”

That apostasy led “the Boss,” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), to chastise Delaney for this “awful untrue line” and to tell him to “please sashay away” from the Democratic primary.

It turns out that Democrats may champion free health care and free college, but they sure don’t like free speech — even from the mouths of their own candidates.

But the most astonishing thing about the progressive free-for-all that took place in and around San Francisco was not the obvious distaste for debate or the lack of tolerance. It was is that nobody addressed the elephant in the room: namely, that the city, and the state, are a mess. The quality of life in California is in free fall thanks to liberal policies exactly like those the candidates want to impose on the entire nation.”

Did any candidate notice the squalid tent cities and the human waste fouling the streets of what was once one of America’s most beautiful cities? Did anyone pay attention to the rising crime rate and soaring cost of living? Or the net exodus from the high-tax state, especially by millennials? From 2007 to 2016, California saw its population shrink by 2.5 percent, losing a net 1 million residents.

According to a poll taken earlier this year by Edelman Intelligence, 53 percent of Californians are considering leaving the state, up from 49 percent the year before. Among millennials, the figure is 63 percent, a response that makes New York look downright popular. Out-of-control housing costs is one reason so many are thinking of quitting the Golden State; high taxes is another. In 2018, California boasted the highest marginal tax rate in the U.S., at 12.3 percent, with an additional 1 percent slapped on to those making $1 million or more. The majority of people moving to California are migrating in from other high-tax locales like New York, New Jersey and Illinois; they must not know any better, or maybe this is a bizarre manifestation of Stockholm Syndrome.”

And, this is what we want for Texas? For the entire United States of America?

California Governor Gavin Newsom, who, when confronted with the facts about potential disease outbreaks due to the homeless scourge, responded how proud he was of the diversity in California. Really? Dr. Drew Pinsky is talking about typhoid outbreaks and Newsom responds with the same ol’ tired blather about diversity?

Please, all of you departing California, why is it that you take these same failed uber-leftist policies to successful States like Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and elsewhere? Why would anyone come into a State like Texas with its incredible growth, opportunity, and prosperity and want to model it after Austin, which is self-acclaimed, modeled after the failure called San Francisco?

Therefore, I must deduce that there are five Ds that describe the mentality, ideology, of the progressive socialist left:

Delusional: Not only do we have Joe Biden, who believes that he walked with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Sen. Richard Blumenthal, who believed he was in Vietnam . . . the concept of progressive socialism is delusional.

For that very loud individual in the restaurant to exclaim that George Soros is one of the greatest Jews, there is no other word than delusional. Then again, think about it: what type of person would embrace the same philosophy that is being evidenced in Venezuela? Spare me the “smart socialism” line. Heck, I have even heard some use the term “socialist capitalism?” Those are two diametrically opposed economic models, then again, delusional people pay no attention to facts.

Deranged: I would offer the example of Antifa or any progressive socialist protest. Furthermore, the leftist reaction to facts only gives witness to their derangement. Of course, we have had to endure BDS and TDS (Bush and Trump Derangement Syndromes). And, who could ever forget the faces on election night 2016? Safe spaces, puppies . . . yes, those are necessities for deranged people.

Devious: The whole concocted Russian collusion scheme is all that needs to be said. When delusion, derangement, and deviousness are combined, yes, we get progressive socialists who are telling themselves, we must impeach President Trump. All those promises of free stuff, yes, that is the devious tactic they use.

Dangerous: There is a common theme among progressive socialists throughout their existence: disarm the populace. The hunger for power, control, leads them to use the tactics if threats, intimidation, coercion, mandates, and yes, violence, to implement their ideological agenda. As stated, this week was the anniversary of Tiananmen Square, and we see what is happening in Venezuela. The rhetoric never changes, nor do the results: liberty-loving people die.

Dumb: This one is the most revealing. I do not need to say any more, as Einstein defined it as insanity. I must admit, progressive socialism is just plain dumb, unless you seek the collective subjugation of free people. There is no wonder that progressive socialists would come up with the idiocy called “common core.” It’s dumb.

California, New York, and our college and university campuses are the breeding grounds of progressive socialism. This failed ideology of leftism is then exported throughout our Republic. Now, why would anyone want to hang out with, or embrace, a philosophy that is delusional deranged, devious, dangerous, and dumb?

The simple answer is that they are stuck on stupid.

Allen West Headshot
Allen West

Allen West is a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army. Mr. West is a Senior Fellow at the Media Research Center to support its mission to expose and neutralize liberal media bias and is an author of the book from Brown Books Publishing Group, “Hold Texas, Hold the Nation: Victory or Death” available on Amazon. Read more from Allen West at .

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ras 52

Thank you Allen West, great post.

John Jameson

It really hurts to be a witness to the spread of the malignancy known as Socialism. Karl Marx would be proud of AOC and those who cling to her divisive, destructive, and deluded support of Socialism. We know it fails, but AOC is not old enough to have seen its fall. She is doomed to repeat history having never learned from it. She is afraid to debate because she could not help but reveal her lack of knowledge.


I LIVE IN COLORADO–we now specialize in stupid socialism, and it has and will get much worse! The real problem is this will NOT get turned around–too many illegals, nut cases, socialist/communist Democrats and “free stuff” promises has blinded a whole generation. It is over, the country (and individual freedom) is severely wounded and will die as we knew it 25 years ago. I give us just 20 years–if that.


The 5 D’s are alive and well here in this piss poor duma of californicate. Col West hit the mark dead on. The next election here in californicate will seal the deal for this pitiful region. The self proclaimed esteemed governor of californicate is now procuring free EVERYTHING for the illegals clamoring to this region. He has also stipulated to all females wanting a free abortion to come to californicate. It will be taken care of. Newscum has been quoted as stating as ” he really doesn’t see the need to elect another governor of this duma. He fulfills all… Read more »


Lieutenant Colonel West is exactly RIGHT, I have lived in South Texas for 68 years and watched as YES I WILL BE NON PC wetbacks are taking over The Great State of Texas from the south. They have forced all most all of the baby doctors to leave South Texas because they are using government freebees to pay and they the wetbacks are sueing the doctors if their child has a mole anywhere on his or her bodies!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then we have the IDIOT SOCIALIST FROM CALIFARTIA, COLORAPEYOU, ORGOTYOURMONEY AND OTHER SOCIALIST AND YANKEE COMMUNIST STATES AND THEY ARE VOTING FOR… Read more »

Clark Kent

‘If I owned Texas and Hell I would rent out Texas and live in Hell’ – General William Tecumseh Sherman. ‘Nuff said.

Jack Mac

Clark, that was General Philip Henry Sheridan who said that not Sherman. ‘Nuff said.

D. Burke

…and unfortunately you can’t cure stupid.


Maybe a 6th D for despicable?


I hate going to Disney. Yep, I said it. And it’s for many of the reasons listed above. Just crossing the border into CA with my wife and daughter gives me the heebie jeebies. It just feels different.
I still take a gun. But knowing that I could be pilloried and imprisoned for life in the depths of Mordor while my family is shamed and forced to live in cardboard boxes on the steps of the state capitol; really scares me.
Could we maybe get a disney in Phoenix??

Clark Kent

Arizona is rapidly turning blue. Where have YOU been? Wake up.


Mr Allen West is a very intelligent individual. I enjoy reading everything he writes. As for California and its people wanting to leave, I can not blame them. But they need to leave their BULLSHIT beliefs and ideology behind. The rest of the country does not need poisoning. I suggest doing like China and set up camps to retrain these peoples thinking before they are allowed to leave. And when all has left that wants,except for Gavin Newsom, All the Democratic Politicians, and all their illegal Immigrants. Then we build a wall on our southern boarder that goes up the… Read more »

Clark Kent

Feel free to move to China pronto! You won’t be missed! Buh-bye!

Kelly Wilson

Your are absolutely correct with your assessment of the progressive socialist. I worry that more idiots will join this cult that has no idea what socialism really is. I do know that the big fight is coming and we all should be ready. These morons are going to pick a big fight where weapons will be drawn and that’s when they will TRY to disarm us. Especially if one of them is in the Whitehouse. We must defeat them now. SOCIALISM KILLS. Thank you Mr West. Your a true Patriot and a good man.

Ben Scratchin

Patriots protect the Constitution – Progressives promote Socialism.