Big Court Win For Gun Shows, Fed. Judge Blocks Gun Show Ban At Del Mar Fairgrounds

By C.D. Michel
Preliminary injunction means the popular, legal, and safe gun shows may continue while the case continues. Efforts to block similar bans continue statewide.

Gun Show
Big Court Win For Gun Shows, Fed. Judge Blocks Gun Show Ban At Del Mar Fairgrounds

Del Mar, CA – -( Despite the best efforts of well-financed and coordinated groups like Bloomberg’s Everytown For Gun Safety and Never Again California, the family-friendly Crossroads of the West show can continue to go on for now at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. That’s thanks to a judge’s order blocking the Fairgrounds’ ban on such events. The judge’s ruling was issued on Monday, June 17, 2019.

Following oral arguments, federal district court judge Cathy Bencivengo (an Obama appointee!) issued an order granting the request for a preliminary injunction, prohibiting the Del Mar Fair Board from enforcing its recently-enacted ban on gun shows which took effect January 1, 2019.

“We’re thankful Judge Bencivengo sees the Constitutional problems with banning these safe, perfectly-legal events and is allowing the show to go on while we continue to fight,” said Tiffany Cheuvront, civil rights attorney for the Crossroads of the West show. “We’re confident that as this case progresses, law-abiding Americans’ civil rights will not be unjustly violated and that we will prevail,” she continued.

Gun show opponents argue that these immensely-popular events should not be allowed on public property because gun shows “glorify the gun culture” – an expression that they use to censor and suppress – among other reasons, many of which are complete myths.

The reality is that less than ten percent of the activity at a gun show involves firearms or ammunition. The shows are a modern bazaar, with a wide assortment of food, interesting merchandise, and services available. Only the Del Mar Fairgrounds is large enough to accommodate the show – and there are no other suitable public or private venues in the area.

“These well-funded anti-gun groups are using every myth in the book to push their anti-gun agenda on a legal, safe, and family-friendly event that has been held for years because they simply don’t like guns,” Cheuvront continued.

Although the judge declined to issue a decision on the merits at this time, the preliminary injunction means that gun show promoters may now request dates and hold shows while the case continues.

“This is a huge first victory for those involved in the case including CRPA, Second Amendment Foundation, South Bay Rod and Gun Club and all of the individual plaintiffs,” concluded Cheuvront.

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Get Out

IMOA We need to attend any and all gun shows even if we don’t purchase anything on site. I usually just walk around and look at the items. I find ammo and gear gets cheaper late on the last day too. If there are anti-gunners there don’t become belligerent with them, just remind them your exercising your 2nd Amendment right just as they’re exercising their 1st Amendment right to deny ours.

Michael J

You call that a win? Well maybe. We continue to lose ground to these politicians and bureaucrats who has made it their personal goal to take away our rights. We should have been fighting these treasonous vipers at the ballot box when they began to spawn. Now these Anti-Constitutionists can and will impose their will to do whatever they want and the only recourse we have is to try to undo their damage in court. Let’s face it, we are dealing with cunning political criminals, placed in position by stupid people. Gun shows were the target of a group of… Read more »


Any official that swears to uphold the supreme law of the land, then turn around and try to undermine it should be removed from office immediately. Removing the ability of self preservation has always, in each and every case, the first move in tyrannical government takeover. To use an excuse based on a few idiots to punish those who had nothing to do with their criminal activity is very disrespectful to the victims. Self preservation and preservation of our States shall not be infringed. If you are a politician that intends on destroying our God given right and turning this… Read more »


Well said!