Can Northwest Voters Learn Something Important from Seattle Stabbing?

Seattle stabbing suspect Christopher Morisette. (Screen capture, YouTube, KCPQ)

U.S.A.-( Could a violent triple stabbing in broad daylight on downtown Seattle street provide a learning opportunity for Washington State voters who have been all-too-willing to pass restrictive gun control measures in recent years, or will those citizens miss the lesson completely?

A violent repeat offender identified as Christopher Morisette, 29, allegedly stabbed three men on a busy sidewalk with a knife he should not have had under provisions of an earlier court case. According to KIRO Eyewitness News, the local CBS affiliate, Morisette has a criminal history that includes arrests for assault, burglary, trespassing, car prowling and theft. He's been arrested several times and in court more than 30 times, according to published reports.

But the knife attack represents an escalation that is more than just a warning sign. It signals the suspect’s evolving aggressive behavior which, apparently by his own admission, might be fueled by drug use.

It also underscores what Evergreen State gun rights activists—currently suffering from full imposition of Initiative 1639, which requires proof of safety training to purchase any semi-auto rifle and a ten-day waiting period, among other restrictions—have insisted for years. Penalizing law-abiding citizens will not prevent criminals from committing violent crime. Making it more difficult for honest people to buy firearms and defend themselves won’t stop dangerous people from getting guns, or other weapons.

The Seattle case proves that you don’t need a gun to seriously hurt or even kill somebody.

Morisette allegedly used a common folding knife, possibly a sidelock model, in the attack that sent two men in their 70s to a local hospital. When he was arrested blocks away from the crime scene, he was naked, having stripped all of his clothing away. He had allegedly thrown the knife into a commercial delivery vehicle, where it was recovered by police.

When he was released from jail on New Year's Day, it was on the condition that he comply with the requirements of mental health and drug treatment programs and “not to possess any weapons,” the KIRO story noted.

But like firearms that wind up in criminal hands despite gun control initiatives in 2014 and 2018, ordering someone not to have a knife almost translates to a dare. People intent on doing harm will get their hands on a weapon, and in this case, Washington voters will be reminded that anybody can purchase a knife in the state, no questions asked. One needn’t even provide identification.

Knives or other sharp objects are used in more homicides nationwide than either rifles or shotguns in any given year, according to the FBI Uniform Crime Report.

For example, in 2017, the most recent year for which data is available, there were 15,129 homicides of which 403 involved rifles (of any kind) and 264 involved shotguns. That same year, 1,591 people were killed with “knives or cutting instruments.”

Knife allegedly used in Seattle attack. (Seattle Police Department)

Specifically, in Washington that year, there were 228 murders of which one each involved a rifle or shotgun, but 36 were committed with knives or cutting instruments, the FBI report said.
The lesson for Washington voters is that bad guys don’t obey the law. Regardless of the gun laws, it is illegal to murder someone in Washington, or any other jurisdiction.

It will be interesting to watch over the next couple of months to determine whether this high-profile knife attack, which made national news reports on at least two networks, results in a further spike in applications for concealed pistol licenses. Already, Washington—considered a “blue” state politically where voters approved two billionaire-backed gun control initiatives—has the highest number of active concealed pistol licenses of any state on the West Coast. When Ammoland checked with the state Department of Licensing, there were more than 622,000 active CPLs in circulation, and just over 100,000 of them were in King County, where Seattle is located.

All three victims in the Seattle stabbing incident are expected to survive, but the gun control laws haven’t prevented criminals from shooting people in Seattle. One man was killed in a shooting several hours after the stabbing, in North Seattle. In late May, another man was fatally shot in the city’s north end.

There have been other shootings across Washington State this year, and over the past few years, that were not prevented by passage of a citizen initiative almost five years ago requiring so-called “universal background checks.”

There was an interesting passage in the Seattle Times story covering the stabbing.

“For years,” the newspaper said, “Seattle police and the city’s political leaders have introduced initiatives that aim to combat crime and keep the peace in a downtown core where homeless, drug-addicted and mentally ill people mingle with thousands of office workers, commuters, and tourists who flood the area daily.

“Police can’t predict and prevent random acts of violence,” the story continued, “like Tuesday’s stabbings, Seattle City Councilmember M. Lorena González said after a public-safety committee meeting on Wednesday.”

The story quoted Gonzalez, who acknowledged, “What we are currently doing now is not working and we need to do something different.”

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Dave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

  • 13 thoughts on “Can Northwest Voters Learn Something Important from Seattle Stabbing?

    1. There will be a new initiative on the ballot to require a background check to buy a knife and disallow a knife changing hands without the state being paid a fee. Always the money because money is power to democrats. This type of criminal activity (stabbing) is to be expected when a state is run by criminals, corrupt politicians and liberals.

    2. I am old enough to remember the 1960’s when a lot of people thought gun control was a good idea. They got their way after the the Texas Tower shooting and the Kennedy/King assassinations, with the passage of the 1968 Gun Control Act. Guess what? Violent crime DID NOT decrease it went up. Then states started issuing concealed carry permits and the federal and state governments started locking up criminals. The feds did way with parole in 1987. In spite of high-profile shootings which the media and gun grabbers glam on to and spin for more gun control, all violent crime is down from 1990. If there are correlations here, it is more guns in the hands of law abiding citizens, and holding the offenders accountable instead of punishing those law abiding people with gun control is the correct path. Of course now the democrats, to include Biden, want to release a million criminals. Hell, the federal system has less that 250,000 locked up now. Would a democrat president order releases from state institutions? That would not be legal. Not only a stupid idea, but democrat morons don’t even know the fed inmate population. Of course the end result of releasing criminals, open boarders and, citizen disarmament would be a defenseless population. With the resulting bad economy and higher tax burdens, most people could not even afford alarm systems. That’s was the democrats want. A defenseless, poor, dependent, beaten down population of sheep they can control. That’s their end game. Maybe the democrats aren’t as dumb as they act. But, the American people are not dumb either. Let the current presidential hopefuls run their mouths. They will reelect Trump.

    3. Laws have never stopped those intent on committing crimes.
      But politicians and bureaucrats are as asinine as the laws they pass. This madness of legislating people who obey the law thinking that will magically transfer over to those who don’t is proof these people are as incompetent as well as stupid.

    4. Once more David Codrea’s saying has been proven true and correct:

      If a man cannot be trusted in public without a gun, he cannot be trusted in public without a custodian”.

      WHY was this mental case allowed to freely roam the streets of Seattle? THIRTY “visits” to the local courts and he’s STILL allowed to infest the public?

      Too bad one or more of King COunty’s 100,000 folks who paid the state the requsite bribe for their Mother May I Card to carry concealed were not close by. There may well have been fewer holes in the older gentlemen who are in hospital, and some new holes in this criminal misfit.

      the “wise latina” councilcritter said this:

      “What we are currently doing now is not working and we need to do something different.””

      Duhhhh… good MORING schweetheart….. no kidding. How’s about a change of course beginning with the cit council that begins to clam down on the homelsss invasion?

      Seattle homeowners can face destructive legal action if they are caught with too many people living in their home, or if they quietly convert a garage or attic to a new separate living space. Yet the (mostly voluntary) homeless are given free reih to camp, shoot up, poop, wherever they feel like doing it….. and “we can’t do a thing about it”? Come ONNNNN now…. if the regs for “auxilliary dwelling units” were to be eased drastically perhaps there would be a few hundred more living spaces inside the city? Of course, its been proven many times that these streeet people would never move into places like that. There would be “house rules”. And these creeps are all about self rule.

      The FACT remains nowever, that the like of this Gonzales creature, by their adamant refusal to DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT aids and abets this situation. When property values inside Seattle tank so badly their property and sales tax revenues also tank, maybe someone will begin to stir themselves up from their slumber and DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT?

      A no-quarter-given purge of ALL camping and squatting in public spaces, and unwanted activity on private land, would send the clear and unavoidable message that must come… and these homeless louts will be singing a new song…. “just lookin fer a home.. liie a boll weevil….
      and perhaps Seattle might return to being a pleasant place to live and visit.

      Personally, I will NOT go anywhere near that SHole unarmed. And many places, never at night, armed or otherwise.

      1. But let someone’s ex-wive, girlfriend, disgruntled co-worker file a “red-flag” order and his life is turned upside down. The real criminals and abusers would just ignore the order like they ignore laws anyway and hurt people. Meanwhile someone living in a state where there is a mandatory waiting period for a gun purchase could be his next victim.

    5. They are looking for something to do to lower crime? It is right under their nose. Do something with the homeless other than just let them camp on the street. They bring nothing but drugs a filth to a city and as long as they are allowed to do this the city is going to be a shithole and attract more crime. I am glad I do not live in a city my patience with these types would, probably, make a criminal out of me.

    6. Why don’t we let the socialist west and east coast do like their role model mayor in socialist London, and ban all sharp knives and sell only blunt knives to the sheeple?!! THAT OUGHT TO SOLVE THAT PROBLEM AND THAT MORON MOOSEBUTT THINKS PRESIDENT TRUMP IS STUPID HOW FUNNY PEOPLE LIKE HIM INVENTED THE WORD STUPID AND YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID!!

    7. This story does one thing, it proves that the only agenda that leftist bureaucraps have is to disarm law-abiding citizens. They KNOW that the majority of conservatives are gun owners, and that until the right is completely disarmed they cannot have complete control, complete power, and usher in the one world order.

      1. Careful Dave, now the dipshits running the city and county may try to ban knives too. That would be the next (il)logical step for the libtards. Most voters in King county would sadly go along with it, and bring the rest of Washington down along with them. It’s time to push for state electoral colleges. WA, OR, and CA would be completely livable places again.

    8. i’m afraid the “something different” we need to do is further increase the militarization of the police force or a total ban on guns in seattle. it very well might be upheld in the 9th circus court of appeals. leftists are never going to alter their stance on firearms, they hate them all equally. criminals are just another victim of our society.

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