Grilling While Armed – The Top 20 Recipes

Grilling While Armed - The Top 20 Recipes
Grilling While Armed – The Top 20 Recipes

USA – -( What’s more American than BBQ and guns? Not much! National Talk Radio Personality, AmmoLand News Contributor, Author and BBQ enthusiast, Mark Walters, with noted firearm expert George Hill announce the highly anticipated release of their long-awaited BBQ cookbook, Grilling While Armed-The Top 20 Recipes, How to get off the gas and become your neighborhood BBQ pit boss in one day.

Grilling While Armed – The Top 20 Recipes

Together, Mark and George combine the uniquely American experiences of Second Amendment freedoms and classic smoked BBQ by matching a great smoked BBQ recipe with a great firearm to wear while you celebrate the freedom lifestyle that only America affords. With foreword by legendary BBQ smoker cooker manufacturer, Ben C. Lang II from Lang BBQ Cookers and contributions from award-winning Texas BBQ Pitmaster, Bill Cannon of Texas BBQ Rub fame, Mark and George want to take you from the gas grill and move you to the spiritual experience of mastering real BBQ that only real wood, fire, and coals can bring.Buy Now Gun Deals


Available for interviews: Please email CCW Broadcast Media, LLC [email protected], Contact Mark Walters.

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Wild Bill

@OV, OMG! Another missed opportunity. If I only knew anything about cooking. Open MRE. Find heater pouch. Add amount of water indicated. Do not stand down wind. Place MRE entree in hot water. Show off really groovy weapons while waiting.
Mark and George should have contacted me for pictures.

Wild Bill

@OV, The weather misforcasters said no rain for us. So it rained all Sunday. I have been rained on in about every shit hole that the Army could arrange for me, but this was an odd, hot windy, rain. I went out to chores in shorts, T-shirt, and muck boots, and got soaked immediately. I got back to the house and I was completely dry except my boots were half full of rain water. Just bizarre.