SIG SAUER Continues to Redefine Everyday Carry with P365 XL Pistol

SIG SAUER P365 XL Pistol
SIG SAUER P365 XL Pistol

NEWINGTON, N.H.-( SIG SAUER, Inc., is continuing to redefine the expectations for Everyday Carry with the introduction of the P365 XL pistol by combining the capacity, control, and shootability of a full-size pistol, with the concealability of a micro-compact. The P365 XL, much like its predecessor, is set to redefine Everyday Carry. Again.

“When the P365 was introduced it hit the market by storm, and was a game-changer when it comes to Everyday Carry, by delivering unprecedented capacity in a micro-compact size. The P365 instantaneously became the top-selling pistol, and one of the most award-winning pistols in history,” began Tom Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Commercial Sales, SIG SAUER, Inc. “With the P365 XL we have once again redefined Everyday Carry by delivering 12+1 capacity, or 15+1 capacity, in a highly concealable, compact profile while bringing many of the XSERIES features to the P365 that are extremely popular and sought after by consumers.”

The SIG SAUER P365 XL is a 9mm striker-fired pistol, featuring the XSERIES P365 grip module with an integrated carry magwell and extended beavertail, a flat trigger with a 90-degree break, and a 3.7” barrel for increased accuracy while retaining concealability. The P365 XL features an optics-ready slide, compatible with the new SIG SAUER Electro-Optics ROMEOZero and RMSc Optics, comes equipped with X-RAY3 Day/Night sights, and ships with two 12-round magazines (15-round magazines available separately.)

The P365XL Pistol Specs:

  • Total length: 6.6”
  • Barrel length: 3.7”
  • Weight (Incl. magazine): 20.7 oz.
  • Height: 4.8”
  • Width: 1.1”
  • Sight Radius: 5.6”

The SIG SAUER P365 XL pistol is now shipping.


SIG SAUER, Inc. is a leading provider and manufacturer of firearms, electro-optics, ammunition, airguns, suppressors, and training. For over 100 years SIG SAUER, Inc. has evolved, and thrived, by blending American ingenuity, German engineering, and Swiss precision. Today, SIG SAUER is synonymous with industry-leading quality and innovation which has made it the brand of choice amongst the U.S. Military, the global defense community, law enforcement, competitive shooters, hunters, and responsible citizens. Additionally, SIG SAUER is the premier provider of elite firearms instruction and tactical training at the SIG SAUER Academy – a world class, state-of-the-art, 140-acre training facility. SIG SAUER is headquartered in Newington, New Hampshire, and has more than 1,700 employees across eight locations, and is the largest member of a worldwide business group that includes SIG SAUER GmbH & Co. KG in Germany. For more information about the company and product line visit:

  • 26 thoughts on “SIG SAUER Continues to Redefine Everyday Carry with P365 XL Pistol

    1. I own a P365 and am pleased with the gun. However, reported, and experienced, concerns continue to make me wonder if the gun is, and will continue to be, reliable. Those concerns, and how they will be addressed by Sig, is another topic. This comment addresses how these guns are set up to shoot. This is a direct quote from Sig’s FAQS page and states that “All SIG SAUER production duty/combat pistols are set up to use a “combat” sight picture. This is where the front sight completely covers the bullseye of the target.”
      I have heard of a “6 o’clock hold” and a “center mass hold” but never a “combat sight picture.” I’m not trying to make fun of Sig, and how they regulate their guns is their business. But for them to expect shooters who have trained for years using a center mass hold to accept a gun that will shoot 2-3″ low at 10 yards is not acceptable. Because to hit an eyeball at 10 yards one needs to aim at the forehead of the target. And according to Sig the front sight will completely cover the eyeball, so how are we expected to hit a target we can’t see? If your Sig consistently shoots 2-3″ low around 10 yards it is not you, it is the way Sig built the gun. They do sell a replacement lower front sight for $70. Yeah, right! And as for the XL if the current P365 issues are not acknowledged and corrected I would wait for a year and for a price drop. If I don’t get a replacement sight for mine for free or nominal cost there will be a used one available.

    2. Fits in your pocket or hidden in your waist band. Whats not to like? Concealed Carry shooters have only shot and killed maybe a dozen or two policemen in the past ten years in America while deterring an unknown number of criminals estimated as somewhere between zero and “thousands” depending on whether or not the estimate is provided by a gun safety group or , in the latter case, ANY gun industry sales and marketing source. Such as the NRA, a gun industry sales and lobbying group dedicated to “guns everywhere for everyone” in America. What could possibly go wrong if hundreds of thousands of Americans walk around with a hidden pistol ? Other than the worst per capita gun violence rate in the developed world that is. It’s all good.

      1. Violent crime today is far lower than the 1980/90s. There are more guns and gun owners now in America than anytime in history. As guns and gun ownership increase, violent crime continues to drop. Guns save 2.5 million lives per year via defensive use. We don’t even rank in the top 10 in terms of violence per capita, which is what really matters. Gun violence is not a valid stat. Saying someone was stabbed or beaten to death (instead of shot) doesn’t give solace to the victim. All that matters is murders. As guns increase, murders decrease.

      2. you cant just pull numbers out of your a ss and try to pass them off as facts, go read something other than the NYT or bloombergs trash and you will find violent crime is down in states that dont crap on the 2A and your NRA gibberish is right out of the dem talking points hand book for idiots

    3. It’s bigger, it’s heavier, and how many rounds do you really need? The p365 has 10 +1, the XL has 12+1 or 15+1. Quite a “lump” for a concealed carry. At 9mm, and 10 rounds, if that’s not enough, spend more time at the range!

      1. @George…Think I told this once before . After an altercation in Florida . The news media ask the sheriff involved , why they had fired so many rounds (I think it was over a hundred) . His answer “because that’s all we had ! “

      2. I love the “if you need more rounds go to the range” comment that always comes up.

        Sometimes one may be defending him/herself against multiple assailants. Although it’s not common, it does happen. 12 or 15 rounds is better than 10 in that scenario.

      1. From the article lol

        SIG SAUER P365 XL is a 9mm striker-fired pistol, featuring the XSERIES P365 grip module with an integrated carry magwell and extended beavertail, a flat trigger with a 90-degree break, and a 3.7” barrel for increased accuracy while retaining concealability.

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