Grizzly Cartridge Co. Brings The Heat To The .300 Win Mag

Three new options for the .300 Win mag bring hand-loaded performance in a factory-loaded option for your rifle.

Grizzly Cartridge Co. .300 Win Mag
Grizzly Cartridge Co. .300 Win Mag

Rainier, Ore. – -( When it comes to magnum rifle cartridges, there aren’t many that match the versatility of the .300 Winchester Magnum.

This belted cartridge was introduced in 1963 as an alternative to the .375 H&H and .338 Win Mag. to use the popular and abundant .30-caliber bullet and bring unheard of velocity and long-range accuracy that exceeded the popular .30-06. Grizzly Cartridge Co. brings their many years of expertise in crafting the best ammunition for your rifle to the .300 Win Mag with three exciting new loads that will exceed your expectations.

Since its introduction, the .300 Win Mag quickly gained favor with hunters and has grown into an important round for long-range tactical shooting as well, making it one of the chamberings that is in the “must have” category when manufacturers look to launch a new rifle line. Whether you’re shooting that classic Model 70 from the 1960s, or you’re bringing home a brand-new .300 Win Mag rifle from one of the many companies that chamber it, there is a Grizzly Cartridge Co. load for you.

Why choose Grizzly Cartridge Co. for your .300 Win Mag? It all comes down to quality. They start with high-quality precision-matched brass and the perfect primers for absolute control. The real secret is in the powder formulation.

In the days before large-scale pharmaceutical companies, pharmacists were closer to alchemists than they are today. If you had a headache, they would blend ingredients right there on the spot to create the perfect blend of medicines to cure your ailment. That is similar to how Grizzly perfectly blends their powders for each round they produce. Probably the most common bullet weight for the .300 Win Mag is 180-grain. The Grizzly 180-gr. Nosler AccuBond Spitzer load pushes a 180-grain Nosler AccuBond Spitzer bullet to 3,200fps and is a great option for hunting elk, deer and other big-bodied game. A bonded-core, soft-point bullet will retain much of its weight on impact for terrific hunting performance. Matched with the Grizzly powder, brass and primer, and this is the .300 Win Mag load to cure your fever for big-game hunting performance.

Looking for a little more velocity? The 165-grain load from Grizzly brings you 3,275fps speed and stellar long-range hunting performance. Another option is the 150-grain that the Grizzly load pushes to 3,350fps, making it an exceptional choice for long-range shots. Whichever load you choose, Grizzly Cartridge Company’s stellar blend of custom powders delivers consistent and accurate rounds for extreme range shots. If you’re looking for hand-loaded performance in a factory-loaded option for your .300 Win Mag rifle, there is no better option than those from Grizzly Cartridge co.

Each round is carefully loaded in the USA and under the strictest guidelines. Available now, this ammunition is ready for your fall hunting adventures.

Grizzly Cartridge Logo
Grizzly Cartridge Logo

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