Rex Nanorum’s Christmas Buying Guide for Gun-Guys

Christmas buying guide
Christmas buying guide

U.S.A. –-( As soon as the Thanksgiving turkey is shredded down to bones and pumpkin pies are hunted to near-extinction, we start looking ahead to Christmas and its surrounding holidays.  For many this means trying to figure out the perfect gifts for friends, family members and even stuffing your own stocking a little.  Let us help you along with some ideas ranging from practical to decorative in this, our 2019 Holiday Buying Guide.

Gun Gear:

The basics come first, but sometimes it takes a while to fill every need.  Help your fellow shooters out with the following.

  • Shooting mats

If you shoot prone, then even the worst shooting mat is better than none.  Especially useful for those who shoot long distance, a quality shooting mat can ease discomfort and let you focus on the shot rather than the rocks digging into your elbows.  A good mat such as Armageddon Gear’s Ultralight Shooting Mat doesn’t break the bank, but keeps your gear organized and your body happy.  Price: $59.99

Gun owners Christmas buying guide
Shooting mats
  • AR15 magazines

If you’re reading this, I’d wager you own an AR, or know someone who does.  When it comes to mags, more is always better.  “Buy ’em cheap and stack ’em deep” they say, so check out GunMag Warehouses bulk deal.  10x Magpul 30-round Pmags (Gen 3) in a bulk pack.  Buy a box and pass one or two mags to your friends.  Price: $119.99.

10 PACK Magpul PMAG GEN M3 AR-15 .223/5.56 30-Round Magazine
10 PACK Magpul PMAG GEN M3 AR-15 .223/5.56 30-Round Magazine
  • Silica for Gun Storage

Winter is coming.  With it, a prolonged period of disuse for many guns that see only the summer sun.  From family heirlooms that have lost their bluing to guns valuable for their status with collectors, you need more than a gun safe to keep them from harm.  One of the long-term issues guns face is slow rust caused by moisture in the air.  Grab some (almost infinitely) reusable silica gel canisters from Lockdown Safe and Security Acc and know your guns are protected from damp air in the safe.  The 750g canister protects up to 57 cubic feet.  Price: $15.89

Gun owners Christmas buying guide
Silica for Gun Storage
  • Shoot-N-C Targets

Everyone needs targets.  While some train with steel and some with self-sealing polymers, almost every shooter goes back to paper at some point.  Shoot-N-C has been a mainstay at almost every shooting range I’ve been to.  Help your buddies out and grab a pack.  From $5.99-$29.99.

Gun Culture:

Sadly, you don’t spend all day at the range.  But when you get home, you’re still thinking about guns!  So are these content creators.

  • PK Patchworks

Morale patches have hit full bloom over the past couple years, going from one-off novelties to a full fledged market segment.  While nearly every aspect of pop culture and military life can be covered, combining “Girls N Guns” is as timeless (and successful) here as anywhere else.  PK Patchworks hits gaming pop culture notes with their Girls Frontline parodies, so get a patch to match your gun.  Or like me, get the patch while you wait for your gun to ship!

Christmas buying guide
PK Patchworks


  • Weapon Outfitters

While Weapon Outfitters masquerades as an outlet for the highest quality parts and accessories your gun collection might need, behind the scenes it’s all modern pin-up photography combined with a Japanese Anime flair.  The success of the calendars from the last two years has been expanded for 2020 to include Safe For Work (SFW, $19.95) and Not Safe For Work (NSFW $29.95) variants.  You’ll also find t-shirts, morale patches and oh yeah, those quality gun parts are there somewhere too.

Christmas buying guide
Weapon Outfitters

General Interest:

They aren’t guns or pictures of guns, but I think many shooters will be interested in these.

  • Three Rangers Distilled Spirits

They started with Single-Barrel Rye, but there’s Vodka and Gin coming too.  Three Rangers represents the past, present and future Rangers.  They also represent good booze!  Check local availability here.  Price: Around $50.

Gun owners Christmas buying guide
Three Rangers Distilled Spirits
  • Kershaw Knives

Kershaw Knives (and premium sister brand Zero Tolerance) have been slinging excellent blades onto the market for decades.  The Tualitin, Oregon based companies know their way around proper blade design and manufacturing.  They have many options in the $20-$30 range, going up from there.  Pictured below is one of their automatics, the Launch 8.  Price: $89.99.

Gun owners Christmas buying guide
Kershaw Knives

Just a couple ideas as you’re scrambling to find last minute gifts for the shooters in your circle.  Have some other ideas?  Sound off in the comments!

About Rex NanorumJens Hammer

Rex Nanorum is an Alaskan Expatriate living in Oregon with his wife and kids. Growing up on commercial fishing vessels, he found his next adventure with the 2nd Bn, 75th Ranger Regt. After 5 tours to Afghanistan and Iraq, he adventured about the west coast becoming a commercial fisheries and salvage SCUBA diver, rated helicopter pilot instructor (CFII) and personal trainer, before becoming a gear reviewer and writer.”

Rex Nanorum


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Those calendars look great … but where are the “SFW” ones actually “safe for work”?? In snowflake-land CA or I’m sure NYC, you’d get fired for having EITHER a calendar of gals (“sexual harassment by creating a hostile [to women] work environment” — even if the women are clothed) OR posting ANY photo of a firearm in the office (a “threatening” work environment) because some folks would be afraid that you were planning to come in and shoot the place up next week and complain to management or H.R.. I wish I was kidding, but they really DO think that… Read more »


“They aren’t guns or pictures of guns, but I think many shooters will be interested in these.”
Do better, guys – gun porn is hot enough, no T&A necessary.

Wild Bill

Whomever they are, they sure know how to attract one’s attention to whatever it is that they are peddling. Fill my Christmas stocking!