Virginia Democrats Playing Rope-a-Dope on Gun Confiscation Plan ~ VIDEO

Opinion by Erich Pratt

Massive Pro 2A Turnouts Continue Amelia County Virginia
Massive Pro 2A Turnouts Continue Amelia County Virginia

Virginia – -( It’s no secret that Virginia Democratic officeholders dislike the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. As it turns out, they aren’t big fans of the First Amendment either.

Last year, when Republicans controlled the legislature, Governor Northam asked for “an open and transparent debate” on his anti-gun agenda. However, as soon as he learned that his party had won control of the legislature, the time for debate seemed to be over.

Rather than welcoming discussion, Governor Northam and other Virginia Democrats have attempted to quash all dissenting views, so that they may proceed unimpeded with their plan to reshape the Commonwealth in the image of places like Chicago and New York City — places where gun control has worked oh-so-well.

One might have thought that after more than 120+ of Virginia’s localities passed Second Amendment Sanctuary resolutions, those in power in Richmond might be at least somewhat curious to find out what has motivated such an unprecedented level of nonpartisan grassroots opposition.

On the contrary, they simply placed their hands over their ears and yelled la-la-la.

Second Amendment Sanctuary resolutions represent fervent petitions to the state government, imploring the new Democratic majority not to carry through on their threats to engage in the wholesale destruction of constitutional rights.

Yet in response, with a dismissive wave of the hand reminiscent of Virginia’s last royal Governor, Lord Dunmore, Virginia’s Attorney General blithely declared the Sanctuary resolutions to be of “no legal effect.”

Virginia Democrats at all levels have also resisted attempts by gun owners to better understand the workings of government.

Gun Owners of America recently filed more than half a dozen Freedom of Information Act requests with various officials and agencies in Virginia government, including to the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, the Criminal Justice Services, the Department of Health, Senators Dick Saslaw and George Barker, and outspoken anti-gun Delegate Kathy Tran.

But the great majority of GOA’s FOIA requests have been ignored, in violation of the clear statutory deadline for a response.

Just days ago, state Senator David Marsden was caught on a hot mic at an appropriations hearing, mockingly referring to gun owners as “little kids” and advising other legislators: “don’t respond to them.”

When that tape became public, Mardsen reportedly doubled down on his comments, claiming the next day in an email that gun-rights supporters have been “behav[ing] badly” and that many of them have “mental health issues.”

Then, at another hearing, three days later, newly elected Prince William County Democratic Chairman Ann Wheeler warned at least three times that gun owners were not to verbally approve of anything being said by their compatriots.

At one point, Chairman Wheeler went so far with her threats that she needed to be reined in by another supervisor, who reminded her that she had no autocratic right to control people outside the board room expressing their opinions.

Apparently, Virginia’s gun-owning “deplorables” are not even fit to be in the room as our rulers vote to take away our Second Amendment rights.

Rumors have even circulated that some Democratic General Assembly members might take the day off, or at least go into hiding, during VCDL’s Gun Lobby Day in Richmond on January 20, in order to avoid listening to what gun owners have to say.

Key Democrats also have said they are considering banning firearms in the Capitol and on its grounds before the rally — in spite of the fact that there has never been any sort of issue in the past — again, seemingly with no motivation other than to provoke.

The day before the General Assembly convened, former mayor Bloomberg appeared in Richmond with former Governor Terry McAuliffe, to praise Democrats’ recent victories. But when asked about a billboard discussing the Northam/Bloomberg gun confiscation scheme, he let the cat out of the bag, quipping that it was “the best news I’ve gotten today.”

Bloomberg really does favor disarmament. Even after a good guy took out a bad guy in a Texas church recently, Bloomberg voiced his displeasure saying, “You just do not want the average citizen carrying a gun in a crowded place.”

Virginia’s Democratic officials, bought and paid for by Mayor Bloomberg, have received their marching orders, and are determined to enact his radical anti-gun agenda regardless of what Virginians think, including their own constituents.

In other words, they are determined to radically alter Virginia’s laws, institutions, and traditions, many of which date back nearly 400 years — with absolutely no thought to the consequences — legal, political, or otherwise.

Virginia’s Democrats won last November at the “ballot box.”

Now, Democratic officials are attempting to extinguish all forms of dissent, refusing to listen to Virginia’s gun owners when they take to the “soapbox.”

Finally, Virginia’s governor and attorney general have claimed that counties and cities have no choice but to enforce unconstitutional gun laws, putting law-abiding Virginians in front of the “jury box.”

Virginians are fast running out of “boxes” with which to preserve their most fundamental constitutional rights.

GOA’s Senior Vice President Erich Pratt
GOA’s Senior Vice President Erich Pratt

Erich Pratt is the Senior Vice President of Gun Owners of America, an organization representing more than two million gun owners.

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Deplorable Bill

What these people are doing is tyranny. I do not see a way out of this barring the LORD returning other than bloodshed. With the elected leadership actively pursuing a socialist/communist/dictorial America the ONLY options for the citizenry are enslavement or fighting back. The governments job is the safety of the citizenry, the promoting and advancing of our GOD given, unalienable, constitutionally protected RIGHTS and freedoms. When government becomes destructive to these ends, it is in the right of the people to alter or abolish it and to create new government. How does that work? Voting? Ballot box/special election? Impeachment?… Read more »

Deplorable Bill

USA, the one I read says HE is coming — SOON. Israel is72 yrs. old now. When referring to it HE says “This generation shall not pass” One day soon, that trumpet is going to sound. The dead in CHRIST will rise then we who are living will be called up and so shall we ever be with the LORD. There are lot of happenings in life both good and bad but the return of JESUS is something I am looking forward to. Until then, we get to fight against the evil in this world. We war against powers, principalities… Read more »

moe mensale

Discussing eschatology with you would be an exercise in futility since “your book” claims they’ve already happened. Really? Wow. Apparently everybody on earth that’s alive missed out on the 2nd greatest event in recorded history. I can’t believe you actually said that. That was actually dumber than any of the crap you have ever posted here. Just unbelievable.


Plus the Virginians are Americans under duress, and they will have many more thousands of Americans in the mix with them.
Real Americans have TRULY had all they are going to take.
Dems should be told to cease and desist or else.


DB, that was the first coming(as the LAMB). The Millennial Reign is the second PHYSICAL return.( THE LION)
No one knows the day or hour when Christ returns the second time,for a thousand year reign.Satan and his Angels(Demonic Powers) will be cast into the abyss for that 1000 yrs ,and the be released on mankind.That will usher in Armageddon, and then the end shall come.Then read Rev 21,all things,ALL become new.

Dubi Loo

I hope all those called to jury duty remember, or research, the concept of Jury Nullification.


Yeah it’s real simple when a Judge tells you HOW YOU MUST rule on a case under his guidelines, he is FOS.YOU are the ultimate power in the Court not the JUDGE.
Pompous asses.


Bullet nullification is faster and has more impact (pun intended).


The soap box is a lost cause. You can’t win using logic, facts and truth against people who either don’t possess any of these, or people who only want to destroy individual rights and stay in power. The ballot box either isn’t being utilized enough, as demonstrated in the outrage of gun owners in several states (Virginia, New Mexico, Washington State, and others) who, had they voted, could have not elected liberal Democrats, or, the election system within the states (many, if not all) are corrupted/broken and can’t be fixed. The next ballot box move is organizing the same 2nd… Read more »




You are absolutely right on and I hope we (gun owners and believers in the purpose of the Second Amendment) will stand up and completely push them so far under they will never attempt such a criminal thing again. Maybe I’m hoping for too much.


Six feet under is just about right.


@JPM “demonstrated in the outrage of gun owners in several states (Virginia, New Mexico, Washington State, and others) who, had they voted, could have not elected liberal Democrats” Ok, that is assuming they automatically would have had a legitimate vote. Do not forget, part of the problem is also the Republican party, who has been putting up candidates that are akin to trying to drink milk watered down with toilet water. It’s not just the Democrats, it is treason within the republican party for no other reason than maintaining and exerting power over the American people via elected office. No… Read more »


The apathy and inaction of gun owners/non-voters is disgusting and disheartening. On display is the 3% and right now we’re on our heels.


Wake up America, you are witnessing a microcosm of what National Democrats ruling would look like in America. If we allow this in Virginia, we invite it in every state in the Union. We will quickly devolve into a War torn 3rd world country. The enemy is no longer knocking, but seated at the dinner table, we are in grave danger, time for a paradigm shift in thinking and action.

Will Flatt

All these VA commiecrats ought to be made an example of.


Ballot box, soap box, cartridge box (PMAG)…


The 2nd Amendment states “the right to keep and BEAR arms shall not be infringed.” In MacDonald v. Chicago the Court upheld that right and incorporated the 2nd Amendment via the 14th Amendment. This means that state and local governments are bound by the 2nd Amendment. Those governments cannot infringe on the right to keep and bear arms. All of the proposed laws by Virginia democrats are unconstitutional. Many laws in many states are unconstitutional. Illinois, Maryland, New York, California, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Oregon, and Washington State have unconstitutional gun laws. If Ginsberg’s seat is vacated and Trump gets to… Read more »


The reason why the 2nd Amendment is linked to the 14th Amendment is because the 14th amendment was nothing more than trying to restate the supremacy clause, Article 6, section 2.

The Constitution is very easy to understand. It doesn’t take a genius, it is not secret knowledge, those who advocate against what is in it are doing so because they want their opinion to be law instead of the Constitution. Plain and simple.


Shame on VA democrats, VA one of the original states that ratified the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.


No, Bloomberg, you – YOU!! – do not want the average citizen carrying a gun (in a crowded place, or anywhere else). To which my reply is very simple… go to hell.


“In other words, they are determined to radically alter Virginia’s laws, institutions, and traditions, many of which date back nearly 400 years — with absolutely no thought to the consequences — legal, political, or otherwise” Virginia’s Democrats won last November at the “ballot box ”They will lose at the Bullet Box,as it appears THEY are dead set on going that direction.” Damn I am glad I do not live there right now. THEY dare to tell AMERICANS what we can say,and where?. Since guns are not allowed in the capitol, how about everyone wear a ROPE noose around their necks.… Read more »


This is coming to ALL states. The fight for our rights is now.


Once these vipers get into office they no longer represent, but rule over us. Time and again and no matter what level of government, this is how these politicians transform us into their subjects. Every now and then they get caught revealing what they truly believe. What are going to do about it?


You know the ULTIMATE answer to that,we will be left with TWO choices.


(Virginians are fast running out of “boxes” with which to preserve their most fundamental constitutional rights.)
Well if They don’t stop there is one Box left the “Cartridge Box”! I don’t think anyone wants Us to go there, but You can only push People so far before They respond in ways You don’t like. This is not a Democracy it is a Republic and the Rights of the Minority (if gun owners are) Cannot be Infringed by Simple Majority! The last time someone came to take Americans guns They didn’t get a warm welcome!


‘Soap box, ballot box, cartridge box’ – Abraham Lincoln.


Even if the SCOTUS ruled against the 2nd, we would still not comply. The COURTS do not have the authority to take away GOD given RIGHTS anymore than a Constitutional Amendment does.(as I have said before the 2nd is just for the FEDS benefit),not the peoples.
The RTKABA was here since man was PUT on the earth.


Nothing in the Constitution authorizes any level of government to disarm the people. They used legislative gymnastics to apply the commerce clause and inter-state trade to make the NFA stick, as a tax.

The founders expressly listed and limited the powers granted to the federal level and the state level, and reserved all other power to the people. State and national government are now assuming power and authority they simply do not have, and we the people will withdraw consent to be governed if they do not cease and desist.


It is really nice to know that the democrats and anti gun enthusiasts are open to listening to what not only they are saying but what we are saying. Listening and comprehension is a two way street. If they refuse to listen that should cancel all their fake laws and unconstitutional moves. What they are doing is illegal. They don’t seem to understand they cannot just walk all over the people. The people will not put up with their nonsense. And since bloomberg cannot do simple math and doesn’t care about the people how does he think he will be… Read more »


Well well well, who’s the fascist now?


Demoscum?, they always have been.