Running-Scared VA Democrats Threaten Second Amendment Sanctuaries Counties


Richmond, VA-( Democrats in the Commonwealth of Virginia are threatening communities that declare themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries.

On Wednesday, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam said that localities could face “consequences” if law enforcement officers don’t enforce the new proposed gun laws.

“There’s not going to be retaliation. That’s not what I’m about. I’m about making Virginia safer,” Northam told reporters. “If we have constitutional laws on the books and law enforcement officers are not enforcing those laws on the books, then there are going to be consequences, but I’ll cross that bridge if and when we get to it.”

Since the November election, Democrats have been proposing sweeping new gun control legislation. The Democrats, backed by Bloomberg money, took control of the Virginia legislature. Most of the state remains pro-gun.

Over 80 counties that have been feeling the threat of the proposed gun control bills have declared themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries. These counties have stated that they will not enforce laws that infringe on their citizen’s right to bear arms.

The overwhelming Second Amendment Sanctuary movement has shocked and angered Democrats in the Virginia Commonwealth because of the supporter’s belief in the sanctity of our Bill of Rights and the real nature and size of this organic grassroots movement by everyday citizens.

Congressman Gerry Connolly went even further than Gov. Northam. He pushed for prosecution of police officers that refuse to enforce the proposed unconstitutional laws.

“I would hope they either resign in good conscience, because they cannot uphold the law which they are sworn to uphold, or they’re prosecuted for failure to fulfill their oath,” Connolly told the Washington Examiner. “The law is the law. If that becomes the law, you don’t have a choice, not if you’re a sworn officer of the law.”

Democratic Virginia Rep. Donald McEachin proposed cutting off state funds to counties that pass Second Amendment sanctuary ordinance. He wants to do what is tantamount to blackmail to force these localities to enforce gun laws that violate their citizen’s rights.

“They certainly risk funding, because if the sheriff’s department is not going to enforce the law, they’re going to lose money. The counties’ attorneys’ offices are not going to have the money to prosecute because their prosecutions are going to go down,” McEachin said.

McEachin said that the Governor could call in the National Guard to enforce the new gun laws. He would turn Virginia into a police state to satisfy the anti-gun lobby’s thirst for gun-control.

“And ultimately, I’m not the governor, but the governor may have to nationalize the National Guard to enforce the law,” McEachin said. “That’s his call, because I don’t know how serious these counties are and how severe the violations of law will be. But that’s obviously an option he has.”

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring doubled down on enforcing the new gun-control measures. He played off counties passing Second Amendment sanctuary ordinances as a stunt by gun-rights groups. He implied that what these counties do is inconsequential and will have no bearing on the enforcement of new state gun laws.

“So, when Virginia passes these gun safety laws that they will be followed, they will be enforced,” Herring said.

Groups like Gun Owners of America think that these Democrats are hypocrites. They point to the Governor’s support of immigration sanctuaries. GOA Executive Vice President Erich Pratt thinks Northam is acting more like a dictator than a governor.

“Gun-grabbing Democrats like Gov. ‘Blackface’ Northam crow about how gun owners need to follow the law. But it is Northam and his minions who violate the ‘Rule of Law’ every day,” Pratt told AmmoLand. “Consider Northam’s support for bogus laws that would imprison Virginians for simply possessing common firearms that are still legal to own and possess in all 50 states. He is running roughshod over the rights protected in the Constitution.”

“And he despises the fact that county supervisors and sheriffs would be so impertinent as to declare their counties as Second Amendment sanctuaries. Meanwhile, he has vetoed legislation to dismantle immigration sanctuaries, thus protecting people who have broken the law to enter the country.”

“Northam can’t have it both ways. He’s either for sanctuary counties or he’s against them.”

“Is the Governor going to follow Rep. Gerry Connolly’s suggestion to arrest local sheriffs who don’t want to assist Northam in stealing private firearms without compensation and in violation of the Fifth Amendment? Or is he going to pursue Rep. Donald McEachin’s proposal to activate the National Guard to assist his ‘legal’ theft of firearms from local citizens?”

“Governor Northam’s declaration of war against gun owners is really an attack upon the God-given rights of law-abiding Virginians and upon the state and federal Constitution that he swore to uphold.”

“Gun Owners of America has been mobilizing its activists to urge their supervisors and sheriffs to resist the Governor’s dictatorial actions. And we do not relent until the despotic threat from Richmond has abated.”

A showdown is brewing in Virginia. It could shape not only the future of gun rights in the commonwealth but the future of gun rights nationwide. The citizens of Virginia are standing up to what they see as tyrannical moves by the Democrat controlled state government.

These citizens encourage law enforcement officials to uphold their oath to defend the constitution of the United States and of Virginia.

About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot News Podcast which can be found at John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%’ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on leftist deplatforming methods and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, on Facebook at realjohncrump, or at

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Those laws are repugnant to the Constitution and are void. I doubt the line troops of the Va. National Guard would enforce them. Stick to your guns Virginians.


The national guard should march into to governor’s mansion and put Mr. blackface and his commie cronies under arrest

Dave in Fairfax

SS, I wish I thought that you are right, but I’ve seen the NG and police used too many times, in too many places, to trust them to do anything but follow orders.


You do have a point there. Just like the British Red Coats who were just following orders. Well all I can say to those who just follow orders is get ready to find out what happens after you are shot in the head.


Most likely the National Guard will follow orders to a point. Question is whether people start shooting at them before they refuse to follow their orders. If people start fighting against the N.G., you can bet that the N.G. will feel justified in continuing – using all means at their disposal. Remember that N.G. is made up of neighbors, most of whom are probably gun owners and sympathetic to gun rights. Appeal to their leaders and avoid anything which they will see as aggression justifying murder on their part. Remember Kent state, young N.G. soldiers thought someone fired at them… Read more »


the three companies of Redcoats “securing” the North Bridge at Concord did NOT follow orders, as they fired without a command to do so. Their score: three hits, one minor, the other two fatal. The Acton Militia, under Captain Isaac Davis, DID follow orders….. “don’t fire unless fired upon”, and then WHEN fired upon, and their Commander instantly killed, his Second issued the command “Fire! Fire fellow solidiers, for God’s sake fire as fast as you can”. They did. One half of the officers and a large number of lobsterbacks were hit, taken out of action, such that they again… Read more »


Pretty good, he wants to threaten, people for not following his laws but yet he’s disregarding the US Constitution talk about Hypocrites

Dave in Fairfax

Phil, Judging from his stand on post-birth abortion he’s hypocritical about his Oath of Hippocrates as well.

Treadin' Water

Hippocrates is the father of modern medicine. I think you mean hypocrites.

panem et circenses

Ralph Northam is a physician. He meant what he said. Northam is violating his Hippocratic Oath to do no harm if he can’t realize a baby is a human being.

Wild Bill

@USA, Ok … but you are aware, of course, that the DoI is not law.


Northam told reporters. “If we have constitutional laws on the books and law enforcement officers are not enforcing those laws on the books, then there are going to be consequences, but I’ll cross that bridge if and when we get to it.” Apparently Northam is a functional illiterate. There is nothing “Constitutional” about a single one of this psychopathic control freaks proposals. So not only would he be violating his own oath of office, but he is requiring, no demanding that the officers violate theirs also. A recall drive is underway to remove the little Napoleon from his throne. I… Read more »


Simply enacting legislation does NOT make the resulting laws Constitutional or legally enforceable! Connolly and the rest of those cuckoo-clock circus clowns better realize that fact, before their elephantine mouths overload their hummingbird asses.

I’ve seen war… and no sane human being wants it anywhere near American soil. But if those DemonKKKrats are too rock-stupid to realize when to stop pushing… civil war will indeed be the result of their ignorance and egotistic stupidity. They will bear the responsibility.

Wild Bill

US, Long time no hear from! We have to think in asymmetrical terms. We can not match the fed gov in conventional war. They have no end of logistics, we have no logistics.
Merry Christmas, and Many Happy New Bullets.


Thanks, Bill! Hope you and yours had a great holiday season (including a very Merry Christmas!) You are, of course, quite correct. I can just hear Barry Fitzgerald (in 1951’s The Quiet Man, with John Wayne) Irish voice, saying “Asymmetrical terms, at all times…” LOL


“A showdown is brewing in Virginia.”

A War is is brewing in Virginia.

That’s what’s coming.

Now, if the Left would simply surrender …

Dave in Fairfax

Mack, They never do. A hard rain’s a gonna fall. Sic Semper Tyrannis.


Do you honestly see any of Obama’s pajama boys arming up and fighting? They will surrender when they see no one will fight their fight FOR THEM, and their private security details quit and join the Constitutionalists.


Arizona, right you are, they want someone to do dirty work for them.

Wild Bill

@AZ, Yeah, They are parlor revolutionaries. They are only able to use words. Our system is taylor made for them to infiltrate, prevaricate, and degenerate.

jack mac

Mack: The left will not surrender, they will attempt to destroy what they cannot have.


I know that correct.

The alternative is their defeat.

I know this: WE will not surrender.

Sic Semper Tyrannis.


Bring it Ralphy…
91 (out of a possible 133) declared sanctuaries as of this morning!!!

Don’t Tread On Me!

Some guy

It’s time, people. You either draw the blood of democrats now, or you die a slave in one of their re-education camps. They are confident that in the end you are more interested in living as a slave than dying as an American.

Wild Bill

@Some, Take the point!


Northam is aspiring to be another Josef Stalin. But to be fair he is only following a popular trend in this country by punishing law abiding citizens and protecting criminals and illegal immigrants . It must be a great shock to him that people are opposing him. because he is just babbling on.


But Sanctuary cities for Illegal Aliens that are economic burden on tax payers are OK. The Democrats are getting crazier by the day….


Northam is right about one thing, where was the gun owners in July?

People ignore these type of things all the time think this will do nothing and not a big deal and wonder why we have lost the rights liberties and freedoms we have. These politicians know this and why they have grown into the masters / tyrants they think they are.

This governor’s attitude tells me he wants another revolution. “Give me liberty or give me death” isn’t just a dead man’s Quote!


So many people have given up on the rigged voting system that it’s pitiful. Dead people vote all the time. Some people vote 20 times. Illegal aliens are voting. The people that are put before us to vote for are put there by special interests in the first place. Not voting is a way people are withdrawing their consent from being “governed” by psychopathic control freaks. That’s where so many gun owners were in July. And it all boils down to the inevitable. THEY want us disarmed because THEY are getting scared of the armed slaves. So vote all you… Read more »

Wild Bill

@CL, You write, “… Not voting is a way people are withdrawing their consent …” Even if true, that would be the wrong technique, and guarantees failure. Totally unsat.


if you are not voting you are derelict in your duty as an American citizen. what do you do besides sit behind your keyboard and complain? do you challenge your local legislators during votes on legislation you oppose? do you write letters to the editor of the local paper? you got to do something besides sit at home and clean your guns, you can come over and clean mine after i go to the range again.


Speaking about a rigged voting system, I believe NY just passed something making it legal for illegals to get a drivers license hence making them legal voters.

Autsin Miller III

That’s a good question Uncle T but I also wonder if there are enough voters of the blue persuasion in the metro areas that even had the county folk voted (and I have no idea if they did or not) they may not have been a plurality anyway.


state delegates are elected locally, i n their own disricts. Thus the big citeis cannot influence the voting for all the districts, only those in/near the big cities.


What Northam does not get is that if those counties wish to pass legislation granting sanctuary to the 2nd Amendment within county lines, then those laws too are constitutional. F’in moron! So these disgusting liberals want sanctuary states cities and states for illegal aliens going against Federal Law but cry foul when counties appose their state laws. F’in pussies!

Gregory Peter DuPont

Governor Blackface speaks…..



Wild Bill

@CL, Say again. over.

Ansel Hazen

I think that’s “Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Gonads Off”.


So… as these Predators and Parasites come for our freedom, all in the name of “Global” good of course, don’t let the fact that, Total Disarmament is what they are after…. They intend on making us to try and explain to our children and grandchildren how we let their freedom slip thru our fingers. Yeah I know…that’s stuff that nightmares are made of….

Wild Bill

@Stripe, The patriots of VA could have been a bull work against the very thing that you write about.


“And ultimately, I’m not the governor, but the governor may have to nationalize the National Guard to enforce the law,” McEachin said.
He is an ignorant ass. The governor cannot “nationalize” the Guard. McEachin thinks the Guard members will turn against their neighbors? against the veterans and former Guard members?
McEachin has no idea of the number of Guard members who own the guns that will be banned. Are they going to turn them in?
Why are gun prohibitionists such fools?


He ought to pronounce his dictatorial edits in BLACKFACE to show what a moron he is


“I would hope they either resign in good conscience, because they cannot uphold the law which they are sworn to uphold, or they’re prosecuted for failure to fulfill their oath,” Connolly told the Washington Examiner. Ahem…. the law they swore to uphold is ….. THE CONSTITUTION. Y’now, with the Second Amendment in there somewhere? Against all enemies foreign …AND domestic? If you think that lower legislative bodies (counties) should respect laws passed by upper legislative bodies (state), then apply the same respect up the chain (Congress) and to their master, the PEOPLE.



Country Boy

“If we have constitutional laws on the books and law enforcement officers are not enforcing those laws on the books, then there are going to be consequences, *but I’ll cross that bridge if and when we get to it.”*

LOL something tells me Northam isn’t gonna make across that bridge.


Yes we have laws on the books sadly YOU are the ONE that’s intent on BREAKING them.

Dave in Fairfax

Doszap, You didn’t address your reply which makes it look as though you are talking to CB. I hope you meant to address it to the Governor.


Tyrants HATE freedom-loving Americans.
Time to refresh the Tree of Liberty.

Will Flatt

It’s been time for well over 25 years. People are sick to death of this sh!t and are itching to TOTALLY ERADICATE THE PROBLEM. When the fury is unleashed, it will be of biblical proportions.


Yep, the Tree of Liberty is one thirsty b!tch right now.


“If we have constitutional laws on the books and law enforcement officers are not enforcing those laws on the books and RIGHT THERE is the issue.. ARE these threatened laws, constitutional, that is, enacted persuant to the US COnstittioin, and that of the Commonwealth of Virgina? Those laws that are will be enforced by the sheriffs and other LE officers. Those that are not, will not be. Anyone thinking aobut a recall election for this tyrant Northam? And how about for some of the more rabid delegates threatening things like deploying the National Guard? If the turnouts we’ve seen for… Read more »


Local city police owe their allegiance to whomever signs their paycheck and pays their pension.
There is NO Constitutional authority for city police as that was to be the Militia or the armed populace at large.


“The law is the law. If that becomes the law, you don’t have a choice, not if you’re a sworn officer of the law.”
Of course they have choices. If the People support those choices, then the politicians can go pound sand up their ass.

Wild Bill

@Rac, Some say “The law is what the judge says it is.” I say the law is what the leo says it is … for a while anyway. Policeman or guardsman, they can all “see no evil, hear no evil, and do no evil”. Por ejemplo: “Well your honor, I’m returning this warrant. We did not find a thing.”


These Democrats who won’t hesitate to superimpose unconstitutional laws on citizens and then demand blind obedience to those laws (“The law is the law.”), would have been the first in line at protests and civil disobedience when it came “civil rights” and voters rights, even though that would have been exactly the same thing the Sanctuary Counties are doing. It’s okay if they disobey a law they disagree with, whether it is Constitutional or not, but anyone who isn’t a liberal or Democrat is bound by the same law, and Law Enforcement Officers MUST enforce illegal or unconstitutional laws regardless… Read more »

jack mac

The majority of the police are servants of our public servants. The police are considered enforcers and no longer peace officers. The right to arms restricting laws are more than infringements, instead are acts of oppression. Any who force compliance to such acts are enforcers of oppression. Our public servants are increasing their power over those they serve by recruiting more enforcers.


Bloomberg bought Virginia, and you can be sure the cronies he’s put into office are following his orders. Now, Bloomberg has geared up to buy the presidency. 120 million gun owners can make his candidacy the worst defeat in the history of our nation. And the amazing thing is just how easy that will be–you’ve just got to vote. Vote in every local, state, and national election. With a 95% turnout among gun owners, we can change the direction of our nation before it’s too late.

Once socialist democrats have taken control, the only way out will be revolution.


you’ve got to vote and not only that but more, talk with your firearm friends and buddies, write op-ed’s…

Wild Bill

@USA, DJT is changing the face of the judiciary, rooting out corrupt bureaucrats, and improving the economy for the middle class. The storm that cleanses the Congress and state legislatures must be created by us.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New House of Representitives.


If I lived in VA I would be charging this public servant with a felony crime of Perjury under Oath. !, for Violating his Oath of Office. 2. For violating the Supreme Court decision of 1803, ” That any Law Repugnant to the Constitution is Null and Void ” 3. For threatening Law Enforcement officers, the same as ” Quid Pro Quo ” and extortion. Sheriff’s are elected officials and have the more power as any civil servant. State Police haven’t the authority to arrest a Sheriff, Only another elected official has the authority to do so. In doing so… Read more »

Wild Bill

@OM, While I admire your enthusiasm, only the office of the City or County Prosecutor or the Office of the state AG can bring charges. And we can not force them to bring charges.

Dave in Fairfax

WB, Exactly correct, and they won’t do it since they are complicit. Much like what happened with Holder and his dept declining to prosecute him.


What is missing in these arguments is the Militia which is the true intent of the 2nd Amendment. But if we mention that, we are the radical extremists that can’t be taken seriously. We need to refresh people’s memories. This government is the prime example why the militia is still relevant!

What types of Arms would the people keep for Militia service and bear to “repel invasions” ART I, § 8, CL 15 ?


Wild Bill

@UT, Abrams, Bradleys, A10s.


“but the governor may have to nationalize the National Guard to enforce the law,”” Not true. This isn’t how things work. Only the President can nationalize a state’s National Guard.


“Nationalize” yes, but he can still call out the National Guard to quell domestic “disturbances” within “his” state. The problem he is going to run into is when the Guard (that is made up of state citizens of Virginia) open up the armories to the locals and give them some REAL militia toys to play with. At some point Northam will be taken out in the street and treated like Nicolae Ceaușescu was in Romania. You can bet your bottom dollar that Northam has already been considering what COULD happen if he keeps poking the lion. But then again maybe… Read more »

Wild Bill

, You are correct, sir! Only the National Command Authority can move the NG from title 32 status to title 10 status!


You Governor are a POS, and a typical DemoNcratic lying Bstd.
Nothing you say is to be believed,or heeded.


Looks like the governor and the legislature have overstepped the powers delegated by the people in the Virginia Constitution.
Article I. Bill of Rights
Section 13. Militia; standing armies; military subordinate to civil power
“That a well regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained to arms, is the proper, natural, and safe defense of a free state, therefore, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed …”


And Section 17: “The rights enumerated in this Bill of Rights shall not be construed to limit other rights of the people not therein expressed.”


Northam took the same oath of office as any National Guardsmen, Police Officers, and Sheriffs, and it is he who is in violation of that oath. That oath includes the phrase “to uphold and protect the constitution of the United States”, which includes a Bill of Rights, “The Right To Bear Arms”. Besides threatening American Citizens while protecting illegals and criminals.

Will Flatt

Dems are bucking for civil war. They will get their wish, not realizing that they will be the first to go when the fury of fed-up Americans are released!

Green Mtn. Boy

Gov. “Coonman” and his minions really want to be responsible for the second shot heard round the world as the second Revolutionary war starts,just don’t challenge their Illegal Alien heavens of Sanctuary Cities.

Will Flatt

‘Coonman’ and his ilk don’t know what they’re about to unleash. When they kick it off, this is gonna go nationwide. Every (D) Tyrant will become a target right along with every illegal alien, every MS-13 animal, and every antifa soyboy, etc. They will be swept from the face of our land with a fury of biblical proportions. People are SICK TO DEATH of their sh!t and are itching to ERADICATE THE PROBLEM COMPLETELY.


Wow, such deja-vu…….

Mark 2nd

Virginia is a very fitting place for Civil War II to start. Virginia was where Robert E. Lee (a democrat) surrendered at Appomattox court house. Virginia saw the most major battles during the Civil War. Now we see the slavers trying to reinstate slavery in our nation yet again and it appears Virginia will be the focal point of our next war against slavery and oppression. Virginia’s people were tough and hard fighters during the first civil war (albeit on the wrong side back then) and they will be tough and hard fighters in this fight against tyranny and oppression.… Read more »


Mark 2nd, slavery was not the only issue that caused the war. Robert E. Lee was a true Virginia hero and he fought for his home state of Virginia as did many other Virginians, most of them never owned slaves! In Virginia we will fight the good fight against unconstitutional laws passed by evil democrats! And we thank you for your support! We are all in this fight together, every state, every person who loves freedom, and we shall prevail!

Mark 2nd

I’m in agreement with you ras. I know Lee was nothing like the demonrats of today. I was making an analogy as best I could. I know the history of the Civil War as I am a Southerner from Huntsville Alabama. The North and South have switched sides now, with the South being mostly Republican and the North mostly democRATS (communists). This war isn’t along geographical lines though, this is about preserving our Republic, our Constitution and ultimately our freedom. We must fight and we must win. We’re with you Virginia.


Thank you Mark, we need all the help we can get! We must stop the democrats from forcing unconstitutional laws on us!


Thank you, Mark. I am sure you will find no issue quartering here, as we will happily accept the assistance from our fellow Americans, regardless of their home state. Sic semper tyrannis.


Politicians constitutionally work for the people. When they invoke there will against us they are unconstitutional. Being a dictator, invoking a police State. This has gotten so blatant, going against the peoples will. When will the liberals wake up to all the Rights being taken away. They falsely give, but demand taking Rights away! Tyranny is upon us.

Will Flatt

Liberals are the ones demanding others’ rights be taken away!! They want all the privilege for themselves and literal death to everyone who disagrees with them. They will kick this off and when the fury of the American patriots are unleashed, it will be of biblical proportions!

We will never be free till the last Democrat is strangled to death with the entrails of the last communist.


Will, very good description of him. Coward fits him well also.


They swore to protect and defend the constitution PERIOD! I don’t understand why people vote these MORONS into office!! They need to start a petition having Blackface recalled!!! California of all places has a massive petition to recall Gavon NeSCUM!


Their pattern of conduct is nothing short of menacing, unethical behavior. They make you feel pestered and harassed constantly. Just watching them makes one sick…Just watch’em, and you will understand how criminals think. So much for a flotilla of ships and troops off of our shores waiting to come in. They’re already here…..


this is what leftists do, they LIE about everything. they say they want to protect people, but want to take away the ability to do just that. they say they will uphold the law but allow for immigration sanctuary cities and counties where law breaking illegals commit heinous crimes daily. they will try to arrest law-abiding citizens for not following their gun control laws, but they do not try to arrest the illegals here that are committing crimes.

Arizona Don

If the VA governor is about making the state safer for its citizens gun control laws that take guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens is exactly what he should not be doing. Why do so many democrat leaders not see that where the restrictive gun laws are the strictest gun crime is the highest. Examples are Chicago, Baltimore and Detroit just to name a few. There are dozens more that could serve as examples as well. Restrictive gun laws actually assist the criminal by taking guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens. Those criminals do… Read more »


Sorry, But you are OK with cities covering for illegals, You have no say over this!

Wild Bill

@Mott, The voters of VA have had their say.

Dave in Fairfax

WB, you are exactly correct. We had an influx of progressives during the Obozo administrations. They came to be part of the Transforming of America and managed the Transforming of VA. Others came due to the temperate climate, high wages and tech jobs. The result is that Northern VA and the Tidewater areas increased greatly in population, and it was a Progressive weighted increase. That gave those areas unprecedented voting power and drove the state elections. This is exactly what happens with all urban centers, be they in NY, CA IL or TX. It demonstrates the urban/rural divide in this… Read more »


“… because I don’t know how serious these counties are and how severe the violations of law will be…” Allow me, as a resident of one of the Virginia counties to have recently passed such a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary resolution, to elucidate your clearly dim understanding. We are extremely serious. We also know that these resolutions are legally inconsequential, but they are not meant to serve any legal purpose. And it isn’t the sheriffs’ offices around the Commonwealth that should concern you fascists threatening to trample the freedom we enjoy. No, these resolutions collectively serve as a warning, an admonishment… Read more »

Ansel Hazen

God Speed brother. Keep your powder dry. America is watching and we will have your back.


I don’t think “Mr. BlackFace” understands how 2A sanctuaries work. Virginians asked for bloomberg/soros backed gun control? GFY Ralph. WE WILL NOT COMPLY.


And yet Sanctuary Cities for illegal alien-hood…which is NOT a Constitutional Right in any copy of the Constitution that I have read, is just peachy. Hypocrites.

Ryben Flynn

The State National Guard cannot be used as a Police force to enforce the State law. Posse Comitatus.


Wrong, the regular military cannot (tell that to Waco) but the state guard can, it is under the authority of the state’s governor.

Wild Bill

@Gentlemen please … “The Posse Comitatus Act is a United States federal law (18 U.S.C. § 1385, original at 20 Stat. 152) signed on June 18, 1878, by President Rutherford B. Hayes. The purpose of the act – in concert with the Insurrection Act of 1807 – is to limit the powers of the federal government in using federal military personnel to enforce domestic policies within the United States. It was passed as an amendment to an army appropriation bill following the end of Reconstruction and was updated in 1956 and 1981. The act specifically applies only to the United… Read more »


Better kit up VA….Hard times a-comin!!!!!


And we Virginia patriots will set the example for the rest of the nation. Bloomberg may have bought our Commonwealth’s republic with his cash, but we will purchase it back with our blood mingled with that of tyrants. Sic semper tyrannis.


How many times did Bloomberg vote?


In liberal Fairfax County, an individual claiming to be a plainclothes federal law enforcement officer alluded to the obviously confrontational nature of the proposed legislation at the latest Fairfax County board of supervisors meeting. Specifically, he noted the unprecedented (in his view) spike in open and public conversation individuals have been having about the prospects of murdering those politicians in favor of these statutes (and not just on the internet, or a bunch of angry guys in gun shops, either). These words after they were uttered elicited nothing but cheers from the crowd, in (emphasis) liberal Fairfax county. If these… Read more »


These are moments in which the mettle of the common man is tested, when he must choose between a longer life of oppression in relative comfort, or a shorter life marked by hardship and loss. To one who understands the past generations’ blood shed for the precious liberty we have inherited, and infers the future generational impact such a decision will have, there IS no choice but to rise up and defend the Enumerated Right upon which all others hinge — from the maw of tyrannical autocracy disguised as “safety” and “common sense.” Those who accept either lie lack the… Read more »

Ansel Hazen

Ray, the crime of treason carries with it the possibility of the death penalty. What government official who has authored, voted for, or signed into law unconstitutional legislation is not guilty of such a crime?
What public official who has pledged an oath to uphold the constitution is not just as guilty?

American Patriot

The same words repeated over & over…..If the democraps had “ANY” common sense they’d be Republicans!


“If we have constitutional laws on the books and law enforcement officers are not enforcing those laws on the books”

Pretty much sums up the error in his logic.


Governors have the authority to send in state police to take over the elected sheriffs position, failing that the state guard can be called in. Then citizens may show up to get actively involved and those that do will be arrested and their firearms there and at home, etc. confiscated, arrests made and trials conducted. So if this hits that tipping point whatcha ya gonna do, kuz boss, there is no backing out? This is all dangerous stuff but the real solution is to contact the various state legislators bringing this on to debate and defend their side of the… Read more »

Wild Bill

, Which state are you writing about?

Wild Bill

, Ahh, then VA Govenors have the authority to send state police to take over the elected sheriffs position? I wonder what other state governors have that authority.

Wild Bill

, What?! Really? Maybe it is time to find a new “not corrupted yet” candidate!


Will, that just sounds so……..nasty.

Wild Bill

, Perhaps we could confront him with some situation that takes personal courage, and test the theory.


If Governor Blackface Northam gets his dream anti-gun bills passed after doing the moonwalk and the dust settles I wonder what this means foe the NFA of 1986? I see the suppressors are up to be banned but I have not seen any discussion on transferrable Machine guns legally purchased under the NFA. When the left uses the term “Assault Rifle” it confuses everyone as to what they are talking about since there is no such class of gun. It would be about par for the course for semi-auto guns to get banned while M134 GE Miniguns are legal if… Read more »


What FAIRFAX RAY says is true. Northern VA is filled with immigrants who have little if any awareness of our Constitution, which is why the Marxists (Democrat’s) push open borders. Secondly, history (real history) hasn’t been taught in over 3 decades. Education has been “dumbed down” (John Taylor Gatto) so again there’s no awareness of what’s going on. The more a government becomes centralized, the more secretive and diabolical it becomes (Acton: “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely”). Marxists ignore the Constitution and create their own self serving rules which can change to suit them at any… Read more »


“All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void.” —Marbury v Madison 1803. Repugnant – distasteful, offensive, disgusting. Contradictory, incompatible, inconsistent. Null – without value, effect, consequence, or significance. Void – having no legal force or effect; not legally binding or enforceable; useless, ineffectual, vain. Therefore, all laws inconsistent with the Constitution are without value or effect and have no legal force or effect and are useless, ineffectual and unenforceable. Or, as Saint Augustine so aptly warned us, “an unjust law is no law at all.” If the government passed a law saying that parents had the… Read more »


I agree the SHOULD BE prosecuted. The chances however are slim to none as the DOJ is filled with liberals.


Regarding the Second Amendment:These gang problems, riots, and the illegal destruction of property are exactly why we have the Second Amendment and our AR-15s legislators wish to ban. One of the very reasons our founding fathers placed the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights is because the Local Police, National Guard, and the Professional Military can not always be in every place at once in times of National emergency or crisis. We the people have the right, responsibility, and duty to protect our families, friends, and neighbors who can not protect themselves for whatever reasons. Likewise the 2nd Amendment… Read more »


No way in hell asshole, there have already been 3 attempts on my family an I by MS-13 to kill us and that is one of the very reasons I have firearms. Until all of those assholes are arrested, locked up for life, or dead in the street; I for one will never give up my firearms. The real problem facing the Commonwealth of Virginia is the ever increasing presence of the gang MS-13, it’s under age Sex Trafficking, and its Drug trafficking rings operating right here in our Commonwealth, right under the noses of our legislators who mysteriously gloss… Read more »