Mitt Romney, The Nation’s Judas, Now Crowned Harlequin King By Democrats


Mitt Romney Official Photo
Mitt Romney Official Photo

New York – -( A message for Mitt Romney. With your vote to remove U.S. President Donald Trump, you have betrayed your oath; you have betrayed your Nation; you have betrayed the Constitution, and you have betrayed the American people.

You must know the President is a staunch defender of our fundamental rights and liberties. Most importantly President Trump is a staunch defender of the Second Amendment and is committed to preserving the sacred right of the people to keep and bear arms. As our founders knew, a free Republic without an armed citizenry is undone.

If you had any integrity and common sense you would realize your duty to vote for acquittal. You should have done so. You did not.

You might think that voting to acquit the President on one false charge but voting to convict the President on a second false charge absolves you of your treachery. It does not.

You cannot “split the difference” here, much as you wish. You do not have the wisdom of King Solomon who, in order to determine a baby’s true mother, among two women each of whom claimed the baby for herself, suggested splitting a baby in two. Of course, the true mother would plead, and did plead, for the baby’s life to be spared. The false mother agreed to have the baby killed. King Solomon then gave the baby to the true mother.

Your attempted gambit to appease both Republicans and Democrats has not worked. It never could. You have appeased no one, and you have fooled no one, except, perhaps, yourself.

You thought you would appear reasonable, honorable, even righteous to the Senate and to the public. Instead, you come across as you really are, smarmy, shifty, vindictive, self-righteous, hiding behind a false cloak of piety, morality, and religion.

On the floor of the U.S. Senate, you talked about the oath you took as a U.S. Senator. This is what you said:

“As a Senator-juror, I swore an oath, before God, to exercise ‘impartial justice.’ I am a profoundly religious person. I take an oath before God as enormously consequential. I knew from the outset that being tasked with judging the President, the leader of my own party, would be the most difficult decision I have ever faced. I was not wrong.”

You were “not wrong?” Really?

When you say you are “not wrong” to vote to convict the President of high crimes and misdemeanors, you are also saying that your fellow Republican Senators, to a person, are wrong, in having voted to acquit the President; and that tens of millions of Americans who elected Donald Trump to serve as the President were wrong in placing their faith in him.

Did you not see the President’s Defense team successfully tear the arguments of Schiff and Nadler to shreds? Is it not clear to you that the impeachment and attempted removal of the President from Office was a sham from the start?

Can you not see that Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, and the other Radical Left members of the deformed, mutated Democrat Party, desire to destroy our Constitutional Republic and to destroy the sacred rights and liberties of the American people.

Can you not grasp that the Radical Left cannot destroy a Constitutional Republic until they first destroy President Trump who is a bulwark of our Nation’s freedoms and liberties?

Do you not see what is plain to every other American? Can you not see that Democrats’ desire to impeach and remove Trump from Office was not based on any action he had taken while in Office but was a part of the Democrats’ design to undermine the Constitution before Trump even took the Oath of Office?

Can you not see that these Democrats are once again hatching more schemes to prevent the President from performing his duties? Can you not see the dangers these Democrats pose to the security of our Nation, where the American people are sovereign, not Government?

You have allowed your own passions to override your reason and have joined forces with the enemy from within.

If you could not stomach the thought of acquitting the U.S. President because of your own personal animosity toward him, why didn’t you at least think about what your actions might do to the entirety of the Nation; to its people, and to the U.S. Constitution before casting a vote to convict the President of the United States on a bogus charge of “Obstruction of Congress.”

Is it any wonder the Demo-wrecking crew Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler and the other swarm of oily Democrats, along with their friends in the seditious media, would seemingly welcome you with open arms into their ranks, to be employed as their useful tool. Your hypocrisy and duplicity are on full display before the Nation, as are the hypocrisy and duplicity of the Radical Left Democrats. You belong to each other.

Better it would have been if you had never entered politics. But, having done so, your best recourse is to resign from the U.S. Senate. We suggest you go back to your work in private equity, serving your own needs, and not pretend like the hypocritical and duplicitous Democrats, to serve the needs of the Country and its people.

Arbalest Quarrel

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“You have betrayed your oath; you have betrayed your Nation; you have betrayed the Constitution, and you have betrayed the American people.“

That describes most of Congress.


This asshole, Romney, no longer exists in my world…
He is lower than whale shit and that is on the bottom of the ocean.


He got his ass kicked by Webster and now all of sudden after what 2 years in Utah cause he couldn’t win up north anymore he’s an ordained mormon with a conscience? He will pay politically you know he will probably be jumping ship soon to the dark side…o well see ya round shitt Romney good luck with that.


The basic fact we are dealing with is that neither Romney or Lee would be in office were it not for the full support of the Mormon hierarchy. Read into that what you will.


After Romney’s disastrous reign as Governor of Mass. and his even worse performance as Presidential Candidate (WTF were the Republicans thinking?), the only place he could ever be “elected” to office was in Utah, where the Church of Latter Day Saints (LDS)/Mormons reign supreme and the church hierarchy decides who will be elected and serve for all offices. That being the case, he does what the church dictates for the sole good of the church and his “soul”.

Wild Bill

I don’t think that Mit is in line for a little something-something from Judge Jenienne anytime soon.


Uh, let’s see now. No. Wait. I got it. FVCK: Romney, Vinman, Waters (“Impeach 45! Impeach 45!), Schiff, Pelosi, Comey, McCabe, Baker, Rosenstein, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Strzok, Page, Schumer, and the rest of you tyrannical hacks like Swalwell. You know who you are. And, being familiar with it, you know right where to put it.


And they thought Nixon was bad!!!!!!!!


Perhaps he is thinking, according to his religion, the next person to become god will be himself.


Where were Romney’s religious convictions when he caused thousands of people to lose their jobs and everything they had worked for and yes, some people lost their lives because of that. Remember how he would buy out companies and then over barrow on them keeping the money and then bankrupt them. After that, he would send them overseas and make more money off of that. Where were Romney’s religious convictions when he was hiding his money in offshore accounts so he did not have to pay taxes on it? Here is a hoot. put Romney, Biden, and Clinton in the… Read more »


I’d be a little cautious talking about religious convictions after you were quick to try and bear false witness the other day.

As seen here.


Will, I voted for him also. I wish I could take that vote back!


Between Romney and McCain, i think we need to be on our toes for WOLVES IN SHEEPS CLOTHING!!! So glad the crappy McCain is no longer a threat to our country!!


And by the way Romney….God took care of McCain and He will do the same with you….lying piece of crap!!


God helps those who help themselves….hence the Second Amendment.

Green Mtn. Boy

Mittens the mouse that squeaked has always been a worthless POS,I don’t know how he even looks him self in a mirror.


The really disgusting part of this is that he claims it was all done because of faith
in God.


I held my nose and voted for both McCain and Romney. I hate to do that, but, the lesser of two weevils, etc. Not voting is a vote for the other weevil.


@TLS – Is that a reference to the great pirate-pastime of weevil racing?


I was a joke from ‘Master and Commander’. The ship’s captain pointed to two weevils on the ship’s doctor’s plate and asked him to pick the better one. The doctor picked the larger one. Then the ship’s captain said – in the British Navy one must always pick the lesser of two weevils.

Wild Bill

@TLS, Yes, a terrific scene in a terrific movie.


Trump is a staunch supporter of the Secind Amendment?? Now, exactly where are you getting your crack? Hes a “staunch suppprter” why? Because he stood up there and talked ad nauseam about just about everything he has done and said 1 statement about the Second Amendment that everybody knows about? Because he raised his voice a little when he said it makes him a staunch supporter? BS! That man has treated the 2A like everybody else in that town. He has lied right to our faces. Since he knows it’s under assault what, in 3 years, has he done to… Read more »


I see you got a -1 for speaking truth Bill. President Trump’s stance on bump stocks and RFLs are clear evidence he is not the staunch supporter of the 2nd as he and others proclaim.

A staunch supporter would never say take guns first, due process second.

Yeah, why isn’t the DOJ challenging all the draconian gun controls laws being passed in the States, which are repugnant to the Constitution?

It is as if Heller and McDonald were never penned by the majority of the Supremes!

Wild Bill

@John Dunlap, It is up to us, as bosses of our federal government employees, to educate our federal employees, as well as rate them at election time. Anything less makes us poor bosses.
DJT, our employee, needs our guidance so that he can improve his performance before his rating is due, this coming November. Be a good boss.


Hey Wild Bill – if he reads Ammoland, I just did!


I believe you need to reread Bill’s comment. Go slow, now, I know its difficult.

Wild Bill

@Bill, I disagree that it is a lie to our faces. To be a lie, the statement must be untrue and an attempt to deceive.
Trump thinks that he is a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment. He does not know what it means to be a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment. Thus it is not an intentional attempt to deceive. It is up to us to firmly but politely learn him up.


Your right, Bill. Still the lesser of two weevils.


So Bill….you’re saying you would have voted for Hillary??? IS that what you’re saying?

Wild Bill

@Possum, of all the other possibilities, how could you come to that conclusion?


I voted for the fool only because, like McCain, he was the lesser of two evils between him and Obama, but he couldn’t even pull that off. I lived in Utah for a couple of decades, and it truly is the land of hypocrites . . . and Romney fits in perfectly. Hopefully the people there will wake up and vote him out, but I seriously doubt it.


Yes, it sure was great!


I know that Pres. Trump supported him for election, Pres. Trump has admitted he made a mistake. I hope all the people that elected Romney take a second look. I would give my left arm to be able to look Romney in the face and tell him off.


Hope so!

Ej harbet

I really hope pos romney is befell with consequences for his stunt. Sadly we just keep rotten scum in the refrigerator of society instead of throwing it in the trashcan of derision and scorn. And we wonder why society is rotting!


Remember how the left LOVED ole Mitt, before he became the GOP nominee……. THEN printed every hit & shit piece about him. Just like Bob Dole, and Johnnie McCain.
“F” the Dems!!

Wild Bill

@OV, Yep, that cat is out of the bag!


Couple of things here. First, DJT SR being a “staunch” supporter is a bit of wishful thinking. He’s commented on it a couple of times, but he’s taken no action whatsoever to save Second Amendment rights anywhere. If they want to preserve 2A rights, then the feds need to make it difficult if not impossible for states to preempt federal law on the matter like they’ve done on so many other things. Second, this isn’t the content I come to read here on Ammoland. This type of political rhetoric has the most tenuous of threads to 2A rights and gun… Read more »


Come On! Trump is a self centered sleaze. He panders for votes. Only slightly better than gun banning Dems.


@Grim did you vote for Hillary? She’s a fine outstanding citizen and not self centered at all kinda sounding like your anti trump which is fine that’s your choice but, I’m thinking he’s better than our other choices at the time


HAD TO!!!!!!!!!!!


Is that what you got too out of that comment?
Maybe a green party guy or a libertarian?


If the Hearing Protection Act was passed by the house democrats and it came forward for Trump to sign, would he?


I’ll answer my own question with a bet of $100.00


Interactions that are driven by partisanship reflect the limiting prejudices of the participants. Beyond this article and the comments that followed offers the portrait of our country and culture. People don’t share comms with one-another. The speaker or writer is right and if you don’t like it, you know where to stick it is the attitude. The natural consequence when force becomes the tool to favor one’s point of view is the birthing of a demagogue whose objective is to maintain their power, and it will be solely by force direct or fear of same.


WR — So you’re saying that the Patriots of 1776 were demagogues because they halted “discussions” with the British, and took up arms to implement what they wanted through “force direct or fear of same,” in order to preserve their way of life, verses a British way of life? What about WW1? Or WWII? Were we to discuss with Hitler his evil ways, and hope that he halted with the murdering of six million Jewish men, women, and children? Or do we take up arms and direct the fear of force down their arrogant, racist throats? Of course the speaker… Read more »


You’re right and that’s that.

Wild Bill

@WR, That is a very stilted paragraph.


Well, I would prefer very brief. Yes it is my brother Whatever he thought I had stated was taken incorrectly and followed with the forcing of his narrative against me. He responded in precisely the manner I had alluded to in my commentary with a vitriol toward me as an ‘other’.