Virginia & NY at the Forefront in Attacks On America’s Sacred 2nd Amendment Right

A free constitutional republic can only prevail where the citizens are armed; take away the citizens firearms, and a free republic must and will fall
Part Three.

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam. The State Government of Virginia has wasted no time in waging war against the Second Amendment. Virginia’s Government, long a bastion of support for the Second Amendment, has reversed course with alacrity and speed.

New York – -( The State Government of Virginia has wasted no time in waging war against the Second Amendment. Virginia’s Government, long a bastion of support for the Second Amendment, has reversed course with alacrity and speed.

With the reelection of the Radical Leftist Anti-Constitutionalist fanatic Ralph Northam, and with Virginia’s Democrats in firm control of the Virginia State Legislature, thanks to Michael Bloomberg’s infusion of millions of dollars into the State elections, the Second Amendment is under concerted attack in Virginia. This turn of events would heretofore have been thought unbelievable. But, with a new wave of people moving into Virginia—those who hate the Second Amendment or who simply see it as irrelevant—and with Bloomberg’s able and substantial financial assistance, a new disturbing reality faces those Virginians who trace their ancestry back to the origins of the Nation.

Indeed, it is mystifying and ironic that this old “Commonwealth”—a term which denotes that Virginia truly belongs to the people—no longer does belong to the people. That is, evidently, perfectly acceptable to many recent residents of Virginia, who obviously have no appreciation of, or even comprehension, of the Nation’s Bill of Rights, and of the critical importance the Bill of Rights has to the very existence of and preservation of a free Constitutional Republic, a Republic where the citizens are truly Sovereign—a fact that no other Nation on Earth can honestly claim for itself.

Virginia’s proposed expansive “assault weapon” ban bill—receiving massive pushback, to the surprise and consternation of Northam and other anti-Second Amendment zealots—has been tabled for a year, pending debate. This speaks to the determination, will, and fortitude of Old Virginia.

New York

New York State Capitol Sign Andrew Cuomo iStock-599691094
New York State Capitol, iStock-599691094

And this brings us now to a discussion of New York. With Andrew Cuomo safely, securely ensconced as New York’s Governor, for yet a third term, and with Democrats now in firm control of the State Legislature in Albany, the Second Amendment is under renewed aggressive, vigorous assault.

Cuomo is plowing relentlessly ahead with his anti-Second Amendment agenda. He is not one to accept delay, and he is using the Safe Act, as the framework upon which to launch a further offensive against the Second Amendment.

Recall, although the Safe Act is often perceived principally as an Act placing a ban on a substantial number of semiautomatic weapons, the Act is much broader in scope, attacking the right of the people to keep and bear arms on multiple fronts. The Safe Act is New York’s many-headed Hydra beast.

Significantly, Cuomo aims, one, to expand both the domain of banned firearms; two, the domain of Americans who cannot lawfully own or possess them; three, to attack companies and organizations that support the right of the people to keep and bear arms; and, four, to make the ownership and possession of firearms for those few New Yorkers, who can still lawfully own and possess firearms, so oppressive and repressive that they will eventually capitulate and voluntarily forsake the exercise of their sacred right.

With Anti-Second Amendment, Anti-Constitutionalist Democrats holding majorities in both the State Senate and Assembly, a full-frontal assault on the Second Amendment is once again rearing its ugly head and is well underway. Andrew Cuomo promised those who elected him to Office that he would not ease up on his assault on the Second Amendment and would launch an aggressive new offensive against it. He is hell-bent on seeing that effort through, as New York’s “red-flag law” and other insufferable and restrictive anti-Second Amendment bills sadly but clearly illustrate.

Do You Want A Gun? Cuomo Demands Mental Health Evaluation!*

The NY Safe Act Infringes Ever Further on The Citizenry’s Unalienable Right To Keep And Bear Arms

New York State Senator, James Sanders, Jr. Democrat, introduced New York Senate Bill 7065, on January 8, 2019.

A few days later, on January 15, 2019, New York Assemblyman, Thomas J. Abinanti, introduced a mirror image of the Senate bill, in the New York Assembly: Assembly Bill 1589.

These bills are directed to expanding the domain of Americans residing in New York who cannot lawfully own and possess firearms.

While this Act does not have a short title descriptor, a synopsis of does set forth its purpose:

“AN ACT to amend the general business law, the mental hygiene law and the penal law, in relation to requiring a mental health evaluation prior to the purchase of any firearm, rifle or shotgun.”

Further, although this new Act makes no reference to the Safe Act, the allusion to the Safe Act is clear enough, as both bills amend sections of New York’s Consolidated Laws that were first amended in the Safe Act, and they operate to constrict the rights of New York gun owners further. Thus, logically, it is appropriate to consider New York’s Safe Act, and any subsequent restrictive firearms’ measure, as part and parcel of one expansive and unified anti-Second Amendment program, implemented incrementally and systematically to undermine the rights of New York’s gun owners. The aim of the New York anti-Second Amendment agenda is to whittle away at the fundamental right of the people to keep and bear arms to the point that the exercise of it in New York essentially ceases to exist.

In that effort to undermine the Second Amendment we see New York doing the following: one, further constricting the types and number of firearms the average American civilian citizen who happens to reside in New York may own and possess; two, further contracting and constraining the domain of individuals in New York who may lawfully own and possess firearms; three, making gun ownership and possession so costly, and the regulations and licensing requirements so confusing and oppressive, among those few remaining civilians who may still lawfully own and possess firearms, that the psychological stressors become overwhelming and gun owners capitulate, voluntarily forfeiting their firearms, foregoing their exercise of the sacred right to keep and bear arms; and four, going after firearms’ manufacturers.

Many New York gun owners may simply go “underground” but that opens them up to serious retribution if found out. Thus, they become felons and are no longer lawfully permitted to own and possess firearms in New York: an outcome that Cuomo and the other Anti-Second Amendment Zealot Collectivists find as no less an undesirable outcome. For this will mean the number of New York residents lawfully owning and possessing firearms is effectively, massively reduced.

But what is happening in New York and Virginia is a foretaste of what Americans can expect if either the Marxist, Socialist Radical Left and Progressive Democrat Globalists of which Sanders is emblematic, or the Centrist ,Transnational, Corporatist, Globalists of which Bloomberg is emblematic, take control of our Nation. We will rapidly see the decline and fall of our great Republic.

Those of us who wish to preserve our Free Constitutional Republic know that the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution is absolutely essential to maintenance of that free Constitutional Republic; to the sovereignty of the American people; to the autonomy of the individual; to the integrity of Self, and to a non-relativistic ethical system grounded in the eternal existence and vigilance of the Divine Creator.

We know how President Trump feels. He has been under incessant, vile, relentless attack from the day he entered the Republican Party race for the Party’s nomination for U.S. President, through the point in time he took the Oath of Office, and up to this very moment. There has been no let-up, and there won’t be as long as Trump remains in Office.

Similarly, the constant, obdurate attack by those elements both here and abroad who seek to tear down our Nation, and to tear down the very concept of the independent, sovereign nation-state, as evidenced through the artificial, bizarre, oddly cobbled-together EU, know full well that the U.S. can never become a cog of a transformed stateless new world order as long as an armed citizenry exists.

The armed citizenry is an impossibility in the EU and in other Governmental constructs, such as exist and persist in the Commonwealth Nations, whose citizens—essentially subjects of the realm—are not permitted to own and possess firearms unless the Government deigns to bestow that privilege onto them, a privilege rarely provided the Hoi Polloi of society; and so, by that fact alone, the populace is perceived to be and is, in fact, dependent on, submissive to, degraded and subjugated by the Government and will always remain so.

*The Arbalest Quarrel wishes to acknowledge David LaPell’s timely reporting of this matter which he brought to the attention of Ammoland Readers on January 29, 2020. AQ takes an especial interest in New York’s restrictive gun laws, having written several articles on Cuomo’s NY Safe Act of 2013, not as a rehash of David’s excellent exposition, but as a supplement to it.

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Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country. The enemy is no longer at the gate, but among us. Like the leaches they are they must be excised of their blood-sucking ways because they will “continue to suck” until the host is both unarmed and dead.


What a display of an ill perceived and out of control authoritarian dictatorship, within the “Republic” that aggressively and continually displays a menacing and unethical contempt for any constitutional or statutory limitations upon their conduct. Hammers and Sickles for all……..No Free man ever said…


These two anti American pieces of whale shit aren’t looking at this as they obviously should… They have their sights on about 50% of the nation, those being the legal, bother no one, have done nothing wrong, gun owners of America. Their anti gun actions could be seen as a few going after many. What happens to the lying Mr Blackface and the N.Y. Mongrel, and other anti gun, socialist, communist, ANTI AMERICAN scum when the many finally have enough and go after the few…. There will be no one loyal or dumb enough to protect you, nowhere to run… Read more »


Hey, now, the entire Left Coast is right there, too.


Both of these liberals pita’s need to voted out of office or recalled in New York Virginia…Virginia can be fixed in the next general election of which will happen as for New York….NYCITY IS THE 10 million plus liberal socialist that Upstate New York can’t overcome is why you have Democratic Socialist Liberal Leadership in the Socialist Empire State…..So sorry New York but naked true…You’ll never have the people to vote for Second Amendment Rights In state government as long as you have documented Liberal Socialism in New York City like Chuckles the clown Cuomo, Dinkless Del Blasio, the mouse… Read more »


His ads, just like Mini Mike are a FUCKING JOKE… The W-E-L-L PAID ass kissing IDIOTS in the ads will say whatever this little troll PAYS them to say. He belongs behind a curtain and to be known as the Wizard of AZZ.


EVERONE is laughing at this baby killing, brainless TWAT !!! Kaitlin could have decked the bitch, but SHE has class…