Florida Carry: Restore the Right to Bear Arms in Florida!

Florida Capitol Building in Tallahassee
Florida Capitol Building in Tallahassee

U.S.A. – -(Ammoland.com)- Florida’s Commissioner of Agriculture recently suspended the issuance of Concealed Carry Permits statewide as part of a Government shutdown mandated by the recent State of Emergency declared by Governor Ron Desantis (R-Florida). According to the FL Second Amendment advocacy group Florida Carry, this violates a recent FL Supreme Court ruling. Florida Carry sent out the following information:

In 2017 The Florida Supreme Court ruled that:

Chapter 790 permits individuals to carry firearms in public, so long as the firearm is carried in a concealed manner. Pursuant to section 790.06, Florida employs a “shall issue” scheme for issuing licenses to carry concealed firearms in public. See id. Under this licensing scheme, which leaves no discretion to the licensing authority, the licensing authority must issue an applicant a concealed carry license, provided the applicant meets objective, statutory criteria. Id. Accordingly, as the Fourth District observed in explaining the breadth of Florida’s “shall issue” licensing scheme, the right of Floridians to bear arms for self-defense outside of the home is not illusory…

Norman v. State, 215 So. 3d 18, 21-22 (Fla. 2017)

The State of Florida has now suspended Concealed Carry Licensing. See Agriculture Commissioner “Nikki” Fried ‘s (D) order shutting down Concealed Carry licensing and providing an automatic expiration extension of 30 days for existing licensees.

In 1987 the National Instant Check System (NICS) did not exist and criminal history records were not as available by computer as they are today. The fingerprinting requirement for Concealed Carry licensing is no longer necessary.

We call on the Governor to waive the fingerprinting requirement and expedite concealed carry licensing or, if the Department of Agriculture is unable to process Concealed Carry Licenses quickly, suspend enforcement of Florida’s Concealed Carry and Open Carry Bans.

These laws are only constitutional if licensing is available.

Florida is just one of several states suspending or restricting citizen’s 2A rights in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. Thankfully, groups like the NRA-ILA and Florida Carry are keeping gun-owners informed, and holding politicians accountable for their actions.

Florida Carry, Inc.

About Florida Carry

Florida Carry, Inc, is a nonprofit, non-partisan, grassroots organization dedicated to advancing the fundamental civil right of all Floridians to keep and bear arms for self-defense. Their website is www.FloridaCarry.org.

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The Collector

As an Executive Member of Florida Carry…I request that EVERY Floridian join this EXCELLENT gun lobbying organization.
These people do so much for your Florida carrying of self-protection…even though you may not see it.

We enjoy much less carry restrictions here in Florida than is placed in citizens of many other states, BECAUSE OF the Florida Carry organization….they ARE your front line in the battle to keep and carry your firearms within Florida!


I didn’t see anything on the litigation tab on your site, what is the status of your suit?


A license for a God given right. Just can’t wrap my head around that. Is He getting kick-backs? If God’s a democrat, I give up.


I’m hearing more about sales getting held up to citizens who have already been investigated and been issued a CCL. Joe blow walks in, buys a weapon and walks out in an hour, Sam hill applies with an approved CCL and ends up in limbo. Being assigned “Decision Pending” is neither approved or denied, a denial has no legal appeal rights. No reason for the denial has to be stated. While the CCL is issued by the Department of Agriculture, the background investigation is done by Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Now it’s an understatement to say the gun shops… Read more »


Marrion Hammer and the RINO antediluvians in the state legislature are on the short list of people I’m perfectly OK with contracting Wuhan Flu.