Smith’s Edge Stick Knife Sharpener – Review

The Smith's EDGESTICK is a bivy hunters dream too to help him sharpen his broadheads and knives in the backcountry.
The Smith’s Edge Stick is a bivy hunters’ dream too to help him sharpen his broadheads and knives in the backcountry.

U.S.A.-( I’m going to do Product Reviews on four different products that you can use to touch up a dull broadhead. Broadheads (BH) kill by causing hemorrhaging. A dull blade will push aside blood vessels instead of slicing them. You don’t want that.

I hate to be repetitious and bore you but I’m going to include the below that is in parenthesis with all four articles in case someone only reads one of my Product Reviews and misses the safety note which is the clause about using an old arrow shaft to make it safer for you when sharpening your BH’s.

Smith’s Edge Stick Knife Sharpener

Archery season is upon us. As you’re dragging out your hunting gear you discover that a few of your BH’s are dull. With a high percentage of Americans laid off right now you might not be able to buy new BH’s. Don’t worry, you can sharpen dull ones. To make it safer use a hacksaw to cut a 10 to 16-inch piece off of a broken arrow. This will make sharpening safer and help you hold stable. Screw the piece of arrow onto the BH. Stick the point into the appropriate slot on the handle of the Smith’s BH Sharpener to hold the BH steady so you don’t get cut when you tighten or loosen the BH.

You have two options for sharpening your BH’s when using Smith’s EDGE STICK.

  1. The preset carbide blades.
  2. The fine diamond stone on the EDGESTICK.

I’d say you only want to use the carbide blades if your BH is really dinged up. Carbide blades are super aggressive and you can eat up a metal blade fast with them. So use the carbide option sparingly. When the carbide blades wear out you can reverse or replace them (MSRP $5.00).

Now for the EDGE STICK fine diamond stone. If the BH is one that you can lay it flat on a stone and obtain the correct angle, then lay the BH on the stone flat and rub the BH back and forth across the stone. I’d recommend counting and doing it four times. Then rotate and repeat. When you have worked through all three blades repeat until sharp.

It is important to count how many times you rub the BH on the stone. When sharpening your knife, you don’t do it two times on one side and then five on the other do you? No, or you’d end up with a lop-sided angle. Also, I may be paranoid but I think that may make your arrow fly untrue.

If it is a BH that you cannot lay flat and sharpen, then lay the tip against a tabletop and while matching the angle of the edge on the BH, rub the tip of the stone on it. To hit the other side you’ll have to pull the BH away from the table and run the stone backward on the other side of the blade.

And yes, the Smith’s EDGE STICK stick can also be used for sharpening your knives. It comes with a fabric sheath that has a belt loop. If you’re a bivy hunter this will be a great tool to carry to sharpen your knife and BH’s while backpacked in since it is super lightweight and compact.

The MSRP on the Smith’s Edge Stick Sharpener is $21.99. Below is a short listing of the features.


  • Carbide blades for quick edge setting on very dull or damaged blades
  • Precision ground carbides provide a sharper cutting edge
  • Fine diamond stone for final edge honing
  • The interrupted surface on diamond stone speed sharpening process
  • Diamond stone can be used with or without a sharpening lubricant
  • Diamond stone will not wear down like a natural stone
  • Cast Aluminum Housing for durability
  • Fabric Storage Pouch for storage and easy transport
  • Stone Grit: Fine Diamond = 750
  • Stone Size: .375″ x 2.875″

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