Informed Response to Jaundiced Opinion RE: ‘Uncertain Future Lies Ahead for NRA’

Official Communication by Marion P. Hammer

Unified Sportsmen of Florida Executive Director
NRA Past President

NRA Leadership Board of Directors
Informed Response to Jaundiced Opinion RE: ‘Uncertain Future Lies Ahead for NRA’

Florida – -( With amusement, I read the tedious screed in AmmoLand News titled “With No New Leadership Options, an Uncertain Future Lies Ahead for NRA.”

First, let’s be clear, the NRA is not looking for new leadership. We have an outstanding, super-qualified, self-less, dedicated Second Amendment-to-the-bone Leader. And that is not likely to change until way off in the distant future. So, the author need not worry himself about who will lead the NRA – but you can bet the farm it won’t be him or any of his henchmen.

Neither is it likely to be any of the self-important folks who are currently hinting around that they will be NRA’s next EVP. Those currently trying to leverage themselves into positions to take over the NRA are embarrassing themselves and are too blind to see that people are laughing at them.

It takes an extraordinary person to run the NRA.

It takes someone who can raise more than $1 million a day to keep our Association running. A person who can go on national TV and go head-to-head with politicians and the biased-media and stand on principle and never give-in. Someone who can take the lead and protect gun rights under countless withering attacks.

It takes someone who will stand firm, in spite of being called every dirty and degrading name in the book – not just by local media, but by the international media – after every dreadful tragedy. It takes a leader who can stand firm on principle and refuse to budge one millimeter when pressured by people like Presidents Clinton and Obama.

Our leader has never been a deserter like the leader of another pro-gun group who buckled and agreed to accept the sweeping Manchin-Toomey gun control bill disguised as the so-called universal background check bill.

Unlike other so-called “pro-gun” groups, the NRA doesn’t want a leader who will sell-out freedom and the Second Amendment.

For more than 25 years, the NRA has prospered under a leader who has frustrated generations of politicians and fought every gun ban, ammo ban, waiting period, gun registration, and every cockamamie gun control scheme imagined. We have a leader who has withstood the frequent government-sponsored attacks aimed at bringing the organization down and deliberately considering our members merely collateral damage. Our leader has the mettle to withstand billions of dollars of negative attacks and never waver.

But, perhaps, more importantly, we have a leader who is and has been willing to serve and sacrifice his personal life, his privacy, and his personal safety. In fact, do you know anyone who would be willing to stay at their job after being “swatted” just because he stood unflinchingly for our gun rights?

The suggestion, by the author of that tedious screed, that Wayne LaPierre has worked hard to sideline all successors is about as silly, and as crude as the tired old “pull my finger” joke. I know for a fact that Wayne has spent the last two decades trying to identify and groom the next Executive Vice President. Some showed promise but none could fill the shoes of the true uncompromising leader our members deserve.

That tedious screed was also laced with untruthful claims like saying that Lt. Col. Oliver North resigned from the presidency of NRA. That is totally false. North did NOT resign. He simply was not re-elected by his peers. His successor, Carolyn Meadows was unanimously elected President in his place.

North merely submitted a letter saying he had been informed that he would not be “endorsed for re-election,” so he ran away. He got on a plane and left town before the election was held. Resigning would have been the honorable thing to do. But he opted for a vanishing act.

Simply put, North abandoned the NRA after he failed in his extortion attempt to take control of the NRA, a move orchestrated by the firm that employed him. He abandoned NRA members at the Member’s Annual Meeting and then abandoned his fellow NRA Officers and NRA Board members and the NRA Board Meeting. That’s an indisputable FACT. Check the records.

Let me be clear. I write this not to urge or convince you to sing Wayne LaPierre’s praises — although you should. Or, to discourage anyone from applying for his job.

I do it so people will have a full and honest understanding of the burdens the job brings — burdens you will never see in any job description. And because, contrary to what that tedious and deliberately misleading screed suggests, when the timing is right, Wayne, the Officers and the Board of Directors of the National Rifle Association of America would like to see as many qualified candidates as possible because that is what’s best for our cause, our members, and the mission of the NRA.

But, I also do it so that some folks who fantasize that they are qualified and think they are in line for the job will have a true appreciation of what Wayne has gone through for the many, many victories that have been achieved and the countless and innumerable gun control schemes that have been defeated.

Many have coveted the job. Even across generations. From father to son. I’ve personally witnessed that. Some of you who are old enough have personally witnessed it too. The simple unvarnished fact is that none of them has had the spirit, skills and the guts to do the job.

Although there are plenty who see themselves in that role and will staunchly claim that they are qualified and willing to do the job right now. They are not.

Some will even their tout their ability to work with (and even perhaps miraculously “guide” the viewpoints of) former gun control advocates

But, seriously folks, do you trust your gun rights in the hands of a selfie-taking, keyboard warrior who’s never had to raise $1 million a month – much less a day? Or has never worked to pass a good bill or kill a bad bill at any level, much less lead an organization through one crisis after another?

As a state lobbyist who has worked hard to initiate America’s Right-to-Carry and Castle Doctrine and who has had the privilege and the honor of being President of the NRA, I can tell you that our members will not put up with these keyboard cowboys who have probably never even read the Constitution of the United States and could never sit down in the same room with a United States Congressman much less the President of the United States.

We need proven, strong, steady, and shrewd leadership. Someone who President Trump himself calls and trusts and someone who will give President Trump the unadorned truth. We have that leader. And, we should all pray that our leader for the next generation is just as dedicated to our cause as Wayne LaPierre.

Marion P. Hammer
Marion P. Hammer is a current member of the NRA Board of Director and a former President of the NRA (1995-1998)


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The fact that you idiots think having Marion freakin Hammer defend Wayne was a good idea just shows how completely out of touch with you are with all of your members, past, present, and future.

I’ll tell you again, not another dime until LaPierre is out, and I’ll now amend it to include this bruised-knee twat.


When a surgeon removes a tumor they may have to remove some healthy tissue to prevent regrowth. They do not destroy the entire body or plant used and worn out parts. If you have someone whose actions, or lack thereof, is destroying an organization then you eliminate that person and reorganize. The NRA has maintained the tumor, lost support of their members, lost direction and their original goal.

American Cynic

The 2nd Amendment is enshrined in our Constitution, we have a right to bear arms. Within the confines of your state’s regulations, go out and enjoy your right. Keep your skills up. When it’s time to vote; vote your conscience. And if they come to confiscate your guns, it will have to be by way of an amendment to the Constitutional. As far as the NRA goes, who leads, what they ultimately do, that’s all political toilet paper. Last I checked, I don’t load politics into my magazines, and politics doesn’t shoot out when I pull the trigger. All that… Read more »


What a pile of drivel.
Guess alzheimer has shown up.


I purchased some reloading supplies last night online and was given the opportunity to “round up” for the NRA.

The vendors who post this question on their cart page should offer their customers a third choice and it should read something like: “Not a snowball’s chance in Hell!”


Life member here. The local rifle club requires NRA membership. What did my dues pay for? A tie? A shoe? Maybe not even a whole shoe for LaPew. Just where the hell was the NRA the last year and several months? Nowhere near Virginia, obviously. And what little they did do, appeared to be counter-productive. Now Bloomberg is casting evil eyes on Georgia and Texas, saying “You’re next!” Do they not realize the gravity of the situation? I’m looking at yet another missive from NRA, asking for donations, this one threatening the end of the NRA itself, along with the… Read more »

Ej harbet

The crazy cat lady speweth! What i was going to write after that was blocked by my self imposed filter


Custom-tailored suits, lavish expense accounts and tropical trysts aside…if an organization that I pay dues to, to represent my position on an issue (whatever that issue is), and they betray my trust, then I’m going to find another voice to support. Whatever you think about bump stocks (it could be ANY firearm-related item (ie. ammo, mag capacity, etc), when I hear NRA is siding with politicians because they’ve become too cozy at social events…that infuriates me. When I see what Northam is doing in Virginia re: 2A rights, and is right in the NRA’s back yard, and I don’t hear… Read more »


As fine a job of LaPierre ass kissing as has ever been done by one of his best and long standing disingenuous toadies.


All snarkiness aside, this is really sad and upsetting. As a Lifetime member of the NRA I truly WANT to see this organization get back on track, but that doesn’t seem to be happening, and this woman’s post is one of the reasons! Heck, as good as the GOA, SAF and others are, we need a fully functional NRA as part of the mix now more than ever if we’re going to survive the attacks on the 2A that are now becoming a generational issue. But if her post is anywhere near the mindset of the NRA Board, then that’s… Read more »

Big Dave C.

How much have revenue and donations declined since the NRA’s recent troubles? If you are going to give WLP credit for raising $1M a day, then you also have to hold him accountable for the recent declines.


The NRA, as much as any other organization seeking respect for civil rights, shouldn’t be about any one person.

Will Flatt

Well it looks like Marion Hammer has earned her NRA kneepads. Good God, that’s a lotta… you know.

Ej harbet

Sir! Thanks for imposing the nausea diet on me with that!


For once I agree with you.
She definitely is suffering from alzheimers or something similar.

Charlie Foxtrot

Well, at least we got a proof of life about Marion Hammer. We also got a proof of her incompetence: The NRA’s lack of a succession plan. The NRA leadership fails in what every single leadership training course teaches: Have a succession plan! Hire the talent that eventually will replace you!

While Marion Hammer was busy writing this drivel, the NRA members still have not been informed about the NRA Board of Directors election. Just another proof of incompetence!

Wild Bill

@CF, Hmmm, lucky us.


Marion Hammer is part and parcel of the problem. Her “leader” has been bunkered up for over a year now, doing absolutely no good for his remaining membership. Meanwhile, long-time members and volunteer instructors like me (30 yrs) have already walked away, because we’re tired of belonging to a national organization who thinks we pay them to legitimize their continual “politically-convenient” surrender of our rights, against our desires. The sooner LaPierre mans up and resigns, or completes the traditional bunker scenario, the sooner NRA can start recovering. It won’t happen until then, and if you put it off much longer,… Read more »

Will Flatt

“…or completes the traditional bunker scenario” …as in playing Russian Roulette with a chambered Walther PPK 7.65??

Naw I think you’re missing the 3rd option. WLP does a credible personation of Major Kong from ‘Dr. Strangelove’ and rides the flaming NRA dumpster all the way down to impact at Ground Zero. That’s how I see this most likely to play out.


I request an ‘Informed Response” please:

Would be so kind as to discuss the differences between Neal Knox and the ‘Winning Team’ — you can start with this:

Thank you.

Dr. Strangelove

When Wayne LaPierre’s Wardrobe Fund starts fighting for my rights, like the bump stock ban and red flag laws, maybe I’ll start donating again. To paraphrase Reagan, I didn’t leave the NRA, the NRA left me.


Before the Cincinati NRA membership revolt, NRA leadership was the stodgy, almost country-club type of Fudds. Very disconnected from the members. After the revolt, there was a bylaw cleansing, to head off any future people’s ambushes. Positioned between the member’s rights and a professionalized and corrupted congress, The NRA began to modulate the argument (playing to both sides), not quite trying for an outright victory. Slowly the country club, or boardroom persona emerged once again, My respect is for the membership who have supported the organization, out of an ever hopeful optimism, that evil can be defeated, and in the… Read more »

Former Director

It should be noted that Ms. Hammer is, and has been since Wayne’s term began, the only “state” lobbyist who receives well over $100,000 every year from the NRA. She is anything but unbiased.

Ej harbet

He tempts me! He tempts me!


I have to wonder where $1M a day goes in the NRA. On the other hand, it is clear that people who have lots of money to spend can find all kinds of ways to do it, and they always need more, for some reason. I just can’t say that I see an NRA presence, or positive effect for gun rights from them in this country, that seems to me to value out at over a third of a billion dollars per year. This is speaking as one who has contributed a good share, in the faith that the NRA… Read more »

Wild Bill

, Since it began, the membership has sent the NRA a river of money. Enough to bribe every politician, judge, and bureaucrat from that day to this. Still we have the NFA, the GCA, and state infringements on our Civil Rights too numerous to mention.
The money went for Wayne’s houses, cars, clothes, and minions, rather than for protecting our Civil Right.

Heed the Call-up

Almost as bad as her diatribe is that Ammoland decided to post such tripe. She made a Leftist pining over Obama look more salient and worthy of respect than her.


Sometimes you need to give someone the rope to [email protected] themselves with. Her showing her arrogance may open more eyes and hasten the exit of Wayne and co. from leadership.


Well, that was childish. Keep putting your fingers in your ears and screaming “NANANANANANaaaa!!!!!” Ms Hammer. It won’t change the fact that the NRA under the thumb of Wayne LaPeirre is breathing it’s last breath. The vast majority of the membership will no longer give full support to the NRA until LaPeirre and the current BOD are gone.


So which is it?

“In fact, do you know anyone who would be willing to stay at their job after being “swatted” just because he stood unflinchingly for our gun rights?”

“Many have coveted the job. Even across generations. From father to son.”

Your drama is kind of conflicting.

You quit doing what I was paying you to do and I don’t make a fortune. Now I spend my money elsewhere.


My NRA membership is expiring this month. I choose not to renew (and hardly think I am the only one), instead my money will go to SAF or some other pro-2A organization. It is because of Wayne and the NRA that our gun rights are on shaky grounds and constantly being assaulted. It is because of Wayne and the NRA that I can no longer purchase or own a bumpstock. It is because of Wayne and the NRA that too many states have passed unconstitutional “red flag” laws and the Congress is poised to assist, and reward, the states for… Read more »


Just expired…


Hey marion I’m ashamed you live in MY STATE maybe you and da boyzzz should have showed up when northam was pissing all over you and laughing at you.
Not one word in VA , not one speech , not one appearance, when all your members were calling for your help in your OWN STATE. My money goes to G.O.A. NOW that’s your fault.


I agree. All the NRA does is beg for more money and when they should have been at the forefront of the fight in Va, they were MIA in their home state I might add. So I’m standing firmly behind GOA and VCDL. These people are true to the 2A not just the money they bring in, so they can buy fine suits and shoes. When I get their mailings now, I toss them without even opening them. It’s sad to see the biggest lobby for the 2A get so money hungry that they forgot what they there for. On… Read more »


You and your “dear leader” both need to go.


Talk about a “tedious screed”, Marion. Both you and Wayne have forgotten the NRA is not yours. You have not been responsive to the members. You both have to go.


I don’t know who does more damage to the organization they lead, Wayne LaPierre or Nancy Pelosi.
The miss spending is as undeniable as Pierre’s good intentions, but he should resign in shame for what he did, and what he is doing to the NRA.


They’ve already stated they still believe Wayne is the best leader and no one is going anywhere anytime soon.

Joe Wilson

IMHO Marion P. Hammer has earned herself a cell right next to Wayne for being his enabler. She should be proud.

Another question for Marion; has she ever taken money from the NRA for herself or any of her organizations?

Joe Wilson
NRA member #4875884


Talk about drinking the Kool-Aid, Jim Jones would be proud. In my opinion the NRA will never again be our representative for gun rights. If the organization continues, it should be for teaching safety, training, and education. My suggestion is the other organizations join forces to combat the anti-gunners before we have lost all of our rights. They should combine their leadership, funds, and legal resources to fight back with the best arguments possible.


I’m a Benefactor member and will not part with another dime until WLP is HISTORY!
Likely you and some other “oldguard” board members need to go too.
I surely didnt vote for many of you this once proud organization has been taken over by the administration for their benefit NOT for the members or mission!
Save the Second!

Former Director

WLP is the tumor, the NRA Board (people like Marion) is the cancer. Unfortunately they have changed the Bylaws so that there can be no INTERNAL cleanup of the Board.

Wild Bill

Dear Marion, The parable of the lawn mower. Once I had a lawn mower that no longer worked. So I got rid of it. Let those with eyes see and those with ears hear.


“Informed response”? That would lead the reader to believe it was based on fact and not a personal bias of the writer. Sadly, such is not the case.

This would be an informed response to the NRA’s situation:


I recently received an “Urgent Reply” request for renewal from NRA.

Oh look, just for you,we are reducing membership fees — and wait there’s more: if you act right now, we’ll toss in a free gift!

Seems like a going-out-of-business sale.

Kind of like Neiman Marcus.


Marion, you win. Not only did you ‘out screed’ Jeff, you also threw in plenty of snark for good measure. You’ve done great work for the NRA, Marion, but maybe you’re too close to see the problem. Let’s say, for the sake of the argument, that you are 100% correct in your defense of Wayne LaPierre. So what. He has lost the trust of too many members, he and about 60 seats on the board need to go. Why does the NRA have so many board members? That in itself is suspicious, and there’s never been an adequate explanation. There… Read more »

Former Director

The huge B/D is designed to be INEFFECTIVE. And it is.


Marion, Constitution? I guess I always thought that it was based on the will of the people? The people are the NRA members and they are voting with their pocket books. Ask a majority of the members what they want the NRA to do then do it…..


Wayne has passed his expire date and is beginning to smell. The NRA members that I know have all decided to not support the organization until Wayne goes. I am a life member for many years and am disgusted with the organization today. The NRA is now in a slow death spiral and it is sad that the current leadership cannot look past their own interests. RIP NRA.


Ok, I agree with most comments, Wayne is old and appears to be more and more out of touch, but I don’t discount the years of good he has done. While Marions ra ra response is Also out of touch with why people are upset with LaPierre, most people forget that politics is a give and take nasty business. Using Hardline Tactics, however absolutely correct, usually gains you nothing. Some things in politics have to be looked at when they occurred, Clinton had the votes to pass his monstrosity of a gun ban, but the NRA made sure there was… Read more »


Lack of transparency makes for lack of trust. Excessively expensive promotional deals that do not return much bang for the buck sow the seeds of distrust. Ordinary citizens do not see Wayne as one of them, but a slick political type. Shall not be infringed means the government has been taken out of the equation in dealing with peaceable ownership, carrying and use of firearms. The police state mentality, and because they say so are two things that NRA does not address and holding ALL bad operators feet to the fire. Even to suing bad actors/organizations/agencies into bankruptcy. We can… Read more »


Marion; What you people do not seem to understand is that whether Wayne is guilty as charged or pure as the fleece of the lamb, he is damaged goods. There is nothing between Heaven or Hell that can restore his credibility. If he had any respect whatsoever for the NRA he would have resigned long before now. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men cannot restore one percent of the NRA membership’s faith in him. It is over. It is done. With Wayne at the helm, the ship is going to sink. Ther is no alternative. The first… Read more »


You feel better now Marion? Get up, dust your knees off and go away. Until LaPierre and the likes of you are gone my support and money will go to GOA, a truly no compromise ( bump stocks?, suing ATF on behalf of Alabama CCW holders?) organization.


She needs to do more than dust off her knees. She need to wipe the brown off her nose and wipe the drips from her lips after writing that piece of garbage.

Black Powder 26

I agree with all those who have posted prior to mine. Time to go Wayne the NRA will not get another dime from me until there is a total house cleaning. So hit the road Wayne and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out and that goes for the rest of the cronies and lackeys that lick your boots! A once proud organization has turned to total crap!


Up until now I had some respect for Hammer, mainly because she did some good for Florida, but this op-ed reads more like a delusional rant then an informed piece.


My response to you is Virginia. The NRA did nothing leading up to that disaster but post a billboard asking for money. The NRA, sadly doesn’t even know where the fight is taking place, let alone showing up for it.


NRA is DRT in VA.


Maid Marion will do Wayne’s bidding until the end. Should the NRA end up in bankruptcy, it will not be because of any government entity “weaponizing” their position or because of a microscopic organism from China, it will be Wayne’s fault. If Wayne didn’t have a gigantic ego, he would have resigned for the good of the organization. The problem is that Wayne believes that the NRA is his organization, to do with, what he wants. Should it fail, it’s our fault, not his. I will not donate again until he and his cronies are gone, along with their “golden… Read more »

Former Director

Of course she will, he pays for her loyalty. Indirectly but still an annual payment that greatly benefits Ms. Hammer.


Dear Clueless Lackey,

The members have had it with the NRA leadership. Let’s not debate the support to the 2A, let’s focus on the corruption, mismanagement and the board’s complete lack of oversight of the leadership.

People want change, not spokesmen in $20,000 suites. People want a board that approves actions and expenditures beforehand and not one that rubberstamps retroactively whatever WLP already did.


F&@k LaPierre, Cox and the rest of the NRA leadership. They won’t get another dime from me until the NRA gets new leadership from the top down.

Its obvious who is paying the bills for this author.

And North is a true patriot


I remember Wayne La Sellout on Diana Feinstein’s 19 May 1986 Law, No new manufactured full automatic weapons.On the 1994 sellout on semi auto’s, the banning of Chinese firearms and ammo. No word about about Obama-bin-Biden and ending Russian firearms and ammo coming into the US. I was a member back in the ’80’s and 1 year in the ’90’s and until the leadership changes and there is NO compromise on the second Amendment I will NOT join the NRA.

moe mensale

“I remember Wayne La Sellout on Diana Feinstein’s 19 May 1986 Law, No new manufactured full automatic weapons.”

You remember incorrectly then. Feinstein wasn’t elected to Congress until 1992. You can’t blame her for that one.

Carl up North

Dear Marion, Barf barf, gag gag, liar liar!


Wayne LaPierre’s talent for organizing skimming off the top, money laundering, and duping people out of money would certainly have the likes of Charlie Luciano and Tommy Lucchese singing Wayne’s praises.

“Non-Profit” my A$$. Indictments are inevitable.

Green Mtn. Boy

She is wasting her words and time in backing La Pew Pew and she is one of those responsible for said thief still being in place.