With No New Leadership Options, an Uncertain Future Lies Ahead for NRA


NRA Board of Directors
With No New Leadership, an Uncertain Future Lies Ahead for National Rifle Association

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- For almost a decade I’ve been asking people in the firearms and Second Amendment community to seriously consider who might take over as Executive Vice President of the NRA if Wayne LaPierre were to retire or be hit by a bus.

About 6 years ago I got really serious about that question and was raising the issue in my regular columns, then 3 and a half years ago, after the election of Donald Trump, there was talk that Wayne might be offered some sort of position within the Trump administration, and I was very actively asking people for suggestions of possible successors, or at least the qualities a successor would need in order to be successful and keep the NRA strong. Finally, last year all sorts of accusations of financial improprieties and self-dealing among LaPierre and other NRA executives, broke in major media, and a lot of people began asking the same questions I’d been asking for years, but the same answer kept coming back… Crickets.

No one knows who would make a good CEO for the NRA. A few people have someone they like for the job, but there’s no one that everyone – or even a strong majority of people – are ready to get behind, and that’s the only reason Wayne LaPierre is still sitting in that office. If there were a good candidate that a majority of people could agree on, Wayne would have been gone last April. But Wayne has very deliberately made sure that anyone close to the organization with enough name recognition and clout to be considered a serious contender, is discredited and pushed away from our Association.

A few years ago, questions about a successor to Wayne would generally elicit a few halfhearted suggestions of Chris Cox. That made sense and follows a well-established pattern in the Association, but Chris had some pretty strong detractors among the Board. Still, when the whole mismanagement and self-dealing scandal blew up last year, Wayne seized an opportunity to paint Chris as a traitor and back-stabber and pushed him out of the organization.

Another name that was often mentioned was Oliver North. While LTC. North had his fair share of detractors, he was well-liked and respected on the Board and among the majority of the membership. LaPierre managed to skewer North’s chances of even being considered for the EVP position, by painting him as a highly-compensated stooge for the NRA’s long-time PR firm, Ackerman McQueen. North had attempted to contact LaPierre, to encourage him to step down, for the good of the Association and his own reputation, and warn him that Ack-Mac, whom LaPierre was in the process of suing, was preparing to release some dirt about him. LaPierre painted that as “extortion” and a “coup attempt,” resulting in North’s resignation from the presidency of the organization.

The only other person who had ever been seriously mentioned as a possible successor to LaPierre, was Kyle Weaver, who had served several years as the Executive Director of NRA General Operations. Many on the Board thought Weaver would be a better choice than Cox, but three years ago, Wayne fired Weaver out of the blue. When Directors asked why Weaver had been fired, they were told by LaPierre that he couldn’t discuss it yet, but that it was complicated… but unquestionably necessary. He assured them that they would be informed about the whole sordid affair soon. But soon never came. Directors still don’t know why Weaver was fired, but he collected his full $720k salary for two years after he was gone, then recently took over as Executive Director of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

By eliminating or casting aspersions on the few people who might be considered as serious contenders for his job, LaPierre has managed to remain in power, in spite of serious allegations of malfeasance and mismanagement.

He is actively supported by only a small minority of the Board, but without a clear, viable alternative, the majority of the Board that is unhappy with him, doesn’t see a way forward around LaPierre. None of them even had the guts to nominate anyone to run against him in the last election, and there’s a high likelihood that no one else will be nominated this year either. That means that LaPierre would once again win reelection by default, to be reported as “unanimous,” even though no vote is even taken.

At this point, unless someone can talk a prominent political luminary like Dick Cheney into coming out of retirement to lead a restructuring of the Association over the next year or so, I see little chance of anyone being able to successfully challenge LaPierre. By the way, if anyone has contact with Mr. Cheney, please let him know that I’d really like to talk with him.

Even though there’s little chance of anything coming of it, let’s engage in a thought exercise to consider what sort of person is needed to step into the EVP position at NRA.
The first and most important qualification is that they must be unwavering in their support for the Second Amendment, and have a solid grasp on the political and philosophical issues surrounding that fight. We simply can’t afford to have another EVP who doesn’t understand and isn’t fully committed to liberty and the right to arms. They must also be someone of the highest integrity, that can be trusted to always act in the best interest of the membership, and be extremely conscientious about spending the members’ money.

Beyond that, there are three basic models the EVP of NRA can follow:

  1. They could be a professional manager who focuses exclusively on running the business of the Association efficiently, and who avoids the limelight and public debate, leaving that to the PR staff.
  2. They could be the chief spokesperson, lobbyist, and cheerleader for the organization, serving primarily in a PR role, while leaving most of the day-to-day operational issues of the business to professional managers hired for that purpose.
  3. They could try to be both the dedicated manager and the chief spokesperson, as LaPierre has tried to do.

Realistically, the EVP of the NRA is going to be a blend of some sort. It’s unrealistic to expect them to fill all of the possible roles and it would be foolish for them to try. A good leader hires good people who do the job well, making the leader look good.

As mentioned, LaPierre, who came up through the ranks as a lobbyist, and had no serious business background, has tried to fill all of the roles, but still blames subordinates for any failures or shortcomings. That’s not how a good leader operates, but then, few people have ever suggested that Wayne LaPierre is a good leader.

The question now is whether anyone with the necessary qualifications, will step up to run against LaPierre, and whether anyone on the Board will have the cajones to make a nomination.

We’ll probably learn the answer to that when the Members’ Meeting, that was supposed to happen on April 18, is finally rescheduled. I expect that to be announced soon, and to be scheduled to run in conjunction with the already scheduled September Board meeting. I also expect the NRA establishment to downplay the Members’ Meeting and try to keep it as small and narrowly-focused as possible. Since it only requires 100 Voting Members to be present to constitute a quorum, they could easily meet that requirement with just the Board of Directors and their spouses.

Regardless of when or where the meeting is scheduled, I intend to be there and hope you will too. The next chapter in the history of the NRA could begin right there, so don’t miss it.

Jeff Knox
Jeff Knox

About Jeff Knox:

Jeff Knox is a second-generation political activist and director of The Firearms Coalition. His father Neal Knox led many of the early gun rights battles for your right to keep and bear arms. Read Neal Knox – The Gun Rights War.

The Firearms Coalition is a loose-knit coalition of individual Second Amendment activists, clubs and civil rights organizations. Founded by Neal Knox in 1984, the organization provides support to grassroots activists in the form of education, analysis of current issues, and with a historical perspective of the gun rights movement. The Firearms Coalition has offices in Buckeye, Arizona and Manassas, VA. Visit: www.FirearmsCoalition.org.

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Green Mtn. Boy

None of the current BOD should be considered as they by voting to keep La PewPew in place, have proven themselves unworthy.


Wayne LaPierre is the NRA’s “Bernie Madoff” and the NRA is his personal pyramid scheme. The BOD is a powerless fraud.
“Non-Profit” my A$$. Indictments are inevitable.

StandWith Me

I, like many I know, will not extend our NRA membership until Pepe LePew is gone completely out of the NRA. No officer position, No BOD member, Nothing.


Life member since 78, but "in-active" since LaPeePee got busted. Any correspondence Ive received from the NRA has been immediately discarded (unopened btw). Not a penny from me until LaPeePee is outta there. The NRA has been dead to me. My meager donations have been going to the GOA, and I have joined the Buckeye Firearms Association.


I thought the title of this article using the term, “Lies ahead”, was absolutely spot on, especially if LaPierre continues as grand master of the NRA. At this point, anyone would be better than LaPierre if the NRA is ever to continue as a viable entity.


Well Jeff what about you?
It would be fitting imo for you to replace Wayne.

When Wayne forced Chris Cox out that it for me, when their soliticers call for donationing I just tell them I’m not financing Wayne and when Wayne is gone we’ll reconsider. I have Life Membership so that’s fine.

My gun club that required NRA membership just amended the by-laws to any pro-gun org, GOA, SAF, etc.


Because of its size and national recognition, there are few who dare to criticize the NRA. Likewise, in mirror image, there are few who put the glass on Wayne LaPierre. But I feel that LaPierre is an egotist who can be stroked to actually lend the influence of the mighty NRA to causes and legislation obverse to its stated purpose. I refer to legislation authored by no other than Chas. Schumer, and supported by LaPierre, that was supposed to restore the rights of veterans who had been adjudged with PTSD and had lost their right to own arms. With the… Read more »


I questioned the need for ‘Lil Wayne’ long before the current problems. He has proven himself to be without honor as even a man as innocent as a baby would have resigned long before now for the good of the organization. He cares nothing for anything other than himself. The NRA needs to be restructured to eliminate the EVP position. They do not need it any more than the USA needs a King.
TL Davis
Benefactor Life Member


so glad I did not become a life member, then I would have to kill myself. not another penny of my assets will be sent their way. what a shame that a once great civil rights organization was fallen by the pride and greed of one man.


Im an NRA Life member . I think the NRA will slowly go downhill as long as WLP is EVP. I now support GOA ! I think they will someday buy the NRA headquarters after they go defunct and take the top spot so to say !


We need someone not interested in power, or getting wealth or fame or hobnobbing with elitists. Someone who would welcome and demand transparency and spread responsibility among subordinates. There is no need to be the only one carrying the water. Its exhausting and can lead to a haughty attitude. Like wasps protecting their nest, there should be a multitude of NRA leadership that can hand the anti-liberty crowd their a$$e$ in spades. I think that is why there is a multitude of smaller organizations out there in the midst of the blood and the mud, suing the pants off every… Read more »


@Mudhunter – Having a multitude of pro-gun organizations works on many levels. The anit’s use of parallel independent organizations has been part of our problem for quite some time – nice to give them a taste of their own medicine. For example one of our complaints has been that the NRA compromises on some point, followed immediately by more calls for compromise from other organizations. Doesn’t matter what terms you negotiate with one group – that group may comply with the agreement and momentarily stop pushing. Unfortunately their sister organizations are not bound by the agreement – usually immediately complaining… Read more »


First move would be to move NRA out of the DC metro area and away from the stink that is Washington DC. They have become too big for their own mission. Once the current gang is gone I will think about writing checks. I am hoping that someone will take over the Instructor/Coach/RSO programs and Instructional programs. NSSF or IHEA would be a good choice.


Who are the board members who support LaPierre? Replacing them should be a priority.

Charlie Foxtrot

@MikeRoss, please go to https://www.savethe2a.org and start reading. There is another link that I will post in a second reply to avoid having this post held up in moderation. The NRA Board of Directors consists of 76 people. No other organization of this size has such a huge board! 75 of the Directors have 3-year terms and 1 has a 1-year term. 25 of the 75 get elected one year, then the next 25 the next year, then the next 25 the next year. There are 2 barriers to replace Wayne LaPierre. The first is getting a replacement nominated. It… Read more »


Huge boards are a classic executive ploy to marginalize the board and empower the executive. I’ve never seen one as massive as the NRA’s.

Charlie Foxtrot

, this is the second link: https://helpsavethenra.com


My vote goes to Adam Kraut (member of TGC on YouTube). I believe he could and would get the NRA turned around. We need someone kneck-deep in the legal system and able to efficiently and effectively navigate the BS political arena. We need someone to restructure the NRA into a NO-compromise Second Amendment powerhouse. Given his steadfast drive and Second Amendment legal experience, I believe Adam Kraut is up to the task. I am Life Member of the NRA and am appalled and ashamed at Wayne LaPierre’s corrupt behavior and his willingness to keep himself in power when he knows… Read more »

Charlie Foxtrot

, Adam Kraut turned down an open NRA Board of Directors seat last year. He is with the Firearms Policy Coalition legal team now. I am pretty sure he has no interest in running the NRA at this point.

Wild Bill

@CF, Perhaps we could let Adam Kraut speak for himself.

Charlie Foxtrot

@Wild Bill, he did, last year. That was my point that went right over your head!

Wild Bill

@CF Adam Kraut turned down an open NRA BoD seat last year. Adam Kraut has not been offered the NRA Executive Vice President position (what you call “… running the NRA…”). Board members do not run the NRA. Then you presume to speak for Adam Kraut.
Your poor logic and lack of English writing skills argue against your having earned a Ph. D.


Esp. since a Phd’s primary job is writing! Thus the old Univercity saying: “Publish or perish”. I’ll bet you ten bucks CF can’t even find the word in this post that I misspelled!

Charlie Foxtrot

, looks like we have another sore loser here! Do you have anything to say that is actually on topic, or are you just mad that you also lost arguments in the other thread?


CF) so as a high and mightly PhD, did you manage to find the misspelled word above? Or is 5th grade spelling yet another class you managed to xerox your way through (along with the next 20 years worth of knowledge that you also don’t have)??? 🙂 🙂 🙂


Did you see the misspelled word above or not? If so, say so.
if not, just admit you can’t spell. Is it just not possible for you to stay on topic for even a minute or two? No?
🙂 That tiny level of focus must’ve made at least ten years or higher education damn difficult for you huh? 🙂
🙂 Let’s make it possible for you to answer a question correctly: What is two plus two? 🙂


WB) But perhaps we should ask Mr. Foxtrot what discipline he earned his claimed doctorate in? If it’s underwater basket weaving, or “gender studies”, I might buy it. The only requirement for that is a pulse! 🙂

Wild Bill

, You read my mind!


WB) Ha! My guessing IS getting better 🙂
And I cannot help noticing a certain Phd claimant that is suddenly extremely conspicuous by his absence!
Just another Nuclear Strategic Air Command B-52 pilot that doesn’t know what ANY of his primary flight instruments are called? Or is he just the same miscreant with a new sock puppet? You be the judge 🙂

Wild Bill

, I bet a jar of pickled herring that he fits one of those categories.


You and “Knute” = dumb and dumber. Stop acting like babies with computers or you’re both going to get timeouts in a dark closet…..

Wild Bill

BobD, I could say the same about you and Cluster Fnck, just as easily because you have just written a garden variety, street level, unfounded insult. So… I won’t.


Bobd) “5. Sidetrack opponents with name calling and ridicule. This is also known as the primary attack the messenger ploy, though other methods qualify as variants of that approach. Associate opponents with unpopular titles such as “kooks”, “right-wing”, “liberal”, “left-wing”, “terrorists”, “conspiracy buffs”, “radicals”, “militia”, “racists”, “religious fanatics”, “sexual deviates”, and so forth. This makes others shrink from support out of fear of gaining the same label, and you avoid dealing with issues.” https://vigilantcitizen.com/latestnews/the-25-rules-of-disinformation/ How’s that working for you? BTW, as a reminder, the issue I’m NOT getting distracted from is: What is CFs so-called PhD in? WHAT area of… Read more »

Charlie Foxtrot

and @Wild Bill, some of us belong to the workforce that is still employed and does not always have time to play with you children. So, please excuse my short absence today, as I had to do grown-up stuff.

Wild Bill

@CF, It is true that I don’t belong to the labor force, but I can not help but wonder who would hire you.

Charlie Foxtrot

@Wild Bill, Adam clearly stated that he was not interested in anything NRA when he declined that seat. He has moved on! Have you heard any different? NO, so all your posting here is just trolling a guy who you lost arguments with in another thread.

As for your personal attacks, it seems you are going down that road now more often when you run out of arguments. Yeah, really convincing!

Wild Bill

@CF, You changed it from “… Adam Kraut turned down an open NRA Board of Directors seat last year.” to “…Adam clearly stated that he was not interested in anything NRA…” Wriggling out of your past statements shows that your past position is untenable.

You are not the judge of who has or has not lost an argument. You do not have the qualifications.

Charlie Foxtrot

@Wild Bill, both statements are true, but then that’s not what you are interested in anyway, right?

It seems we have two butthurt children here that can’t stop making personal attacks, because they lost their arguments in that other thread. LOL

None of this back and forth and these personal attacks are productive, so I will leave both of you to play with each other. Have fun!

Wild Bill

@CF, Putting words in other people’s mouths again. That is not a real debate technique, of course, did you know?


It IS a technique to distract sheep though. The “strawman”. You just make up stuff that was never said (the strawman), and then show how smart you are by tearing down your own strawman.
It’s #4 of the 25 ways to fool sheep:
CF and his new sock puppets have done at least half of them.
I’d create a couple dittohead puppets of my own to show how easy it is, if I was willing to stoop to their level.


Yep just renewed my membership.
I still give the NRA a “round-up” but will not donate to them.

Ej harbet

Im rooting for the errent slow dozer! Scrooge la pierre has done more than any gungrabber to impede the restoration of the 2a.


One of the major hurdles to overcome is who, in their right mind, would want to step into the current mess NRA is in? That aside, there is someone, who is well qualified, whom I have known for decades. His support of the RKBA has never wavered and his knowledge of NRA is unquestionable. I am, of course, referring to you Jeff. You had a great mentor in your Dad whom I was also friends with.

Ej harbet

I agree draft jeff if alan wasn’t so busy id draft him! God protect you mr gottlieb.
And jeff i dont hate you but i am confident that you’d do the right thing by the constitution if you controled the nra and used the weak metal to forge a real weapon against our wannabee enslavers.


I’ve only been a member of the NRA for three and a half years, with one and a half remaining in membership so my remarks may not be as deeply developed as longer term members. When reading this piece I noted no author at the title, as I read through ,several names came to my mind to fill the EVP post. Names like Col West, Adam Kraut or Jeff Knox came to the forefront. Dick Cheney never entered my newcomer’s imagination, He was (*#&$#*) vice president not EVP of NRA. Celebrity means nothing to me! Upon completing the article I… Read more »



Dave in Fairfax

reno, Turn your capslock off. All caps is taken as yelling and gets ignored.

Charlie Foxtrot

, so the NRA should get run out of Virginia (where its headquarters actually is) by Bloomberg, instead of fighting the state’s gun laws? Yeah, that’s a winning strategy!

Also, Wayne LaPierre has run the NRA now for 29 years. The corruption inside the NRA is even older than that and has flourished under Wayne LaPierre’s leadership. This isn’t Wayne’s first rodeo of getting close to being ousted by reformers. He will survive this one too!


Whoever it is, it had better be quick. The NRA gets no more of my money until that elitist prick LaPierre is gone.


The Libs are laughing and rubbing their hands in glee every time someone like you stays something stupid like this. Stop making their jobs easy and stand together.


There needs to be a restructuring so that the organization does not rely on a cult of personality and strong-arming of the Board. There has been little-to-no adult supervision with unchecked expense accounts and a decades-long relationship with both the legal and PR firms. Members have virtually no input to their organization, and even objective Board members can have no input (and are pushed out). The structure needs to change or there will be no change other than the names on the letterhead.


I have to agree with Chuck; Cheney would be a continuance of ineptness. Why not go with something obvious and pick from a pool like Gen. Colin Powell, Tom Selleck, Rev. Kenn Blanchard, Colion Noir, Jerry Michulek, Chuck Norris, Kevin Sorbo (both of these are devoutly religious men, which would help immensely in sending a new, inclusive message as well), James Earl Jones, and probably best of all, Gary Sinise and Joe Mantegna. The NRA needs to get back to its original mission as its primary job, and let the ILA (and rename it, PLEASE) concentrate on advocacy.There are enough… Read more »


The NRA needs to send a message other than the 2A/gun safety/firearms competition??? The NRA has lost enough focus and adding religion to the mission is misguided.

Charlie Foxtrot

@chuckfab, FYI, Tom Selleck unexpectedly resigned from the NRA Board of Directors in September 2018. Also, having a “devoutly religious man” as the head of the NRA is not sending a new, inclusive message at all. The NRA is not a church! The NRA needs a house cleaner! A manager that fixes what is broken and leaves after 2 years. The NRA does not need a celebrity as its leader at this point! A spokesperson, like Colion Noir, is very good at PR, but what management expertise bring they to the table? Lastly, a wish list is far from reality!… Read more »


Excluding some one because they are religious is right out of the Libtards book. Your other two paragraphs are spot on.

PS. Fuck inclusion. Just another virtue signal word.

Charlie Foxtrot

@Bobtail, Did I say excluding someone, because they are religious? NO, absolutely not! Stop twisting my words like a liberal! Again, the NRA is not a church or a religious organization. In fact, it could lose its non-profit status over being a religious organization, as that violates the NRA’s own bylaws! We have other organizations for religion! If you only want devout Christians in the NRA, then I am gone. (I am currently an NRA Life Member and my religious beliefs are none of your fracking business!) If you want the NRA to be a true pro-2A organization, then you… Read more »


Make up your mind, Karen. Either Christians are allowed in the NRA or they are not.

Charlie Foxtrot

, well, when someone has no arguments to make, they just lie about what the other side said! Please point out where I said Christians not are allowed in the NRA! I did no such thing, so you are a LIAR.


My friend, may I suggest you log off and relax? Following your comments for the last 30 minutes I wouldn’t be surprised if a stroke was to follow. Not being mean; you just worry me. Stay well.


Whatever Karen. Take another Xanax and open up that next box of wine.

Wild Bill

@CF, Look at the pot calling the kettle … black!


@bobbedbrain – OK, you cannot be on the NRA B of D. Not because you are a Christian, either. Being able to read and reason are requirements.




Tom Selleck has enough smarts and life experiences to know that when all the engines are on fire it’s time to punch out. He left right as the fires started to become public but he did so in a typically classy manner. He may have left unexpectedly at the time but anyone who has been paying attention to the situation now completely understands why.


The NRA needs a proven (and honest) corporate manager, not a celebrity face.

The manager can delegate celebrities to do celebrity jobs.

Do it the other way, you end up with Schwartzenegger’s California. Woops.


Draft to Knox

Mr. Knox, I believe you have taken complete leave of your senses. To even pretend to consider Dick Cheney for anything other than obscurity in the dustbin of history is beyond absurd.

We need another self-centered, egotistical, narcissistic, (… redundant, I know …) failed “leader” like we need another Obama.

No, better the NRA continue on to a well deserved and ignoble death than what you suggest. The NRA has been essentially useless since 2016 and there are other, better organizations available.


Besides, didn’t Dick have some shotgun alignment problems?


LaPierre will take the NRA down to keep his position. If the board won’t stand up and do what’s best for the organization, then they’ll just go down with the ship too. LaPierre is too ingrained in the NRA to solve the problem with his removal… but it’s a good start.

Xaun Loc

Hell, he already has.


Not to put too fine a point on it, but shouldn’t it be “Xuan Loc?”


As it stands, I hold little hope that the NRA can or will recover from the damage caused by LaPierre and his minions. I know this is an unpopular opinion but I believe our best hope to recover is New York Attorney General Leticia James and D.C., Attorney General Karl A. Racine prosecuting LaPierre and the BOD and forcing a restructuring of The NRA into compliance with it’s non-profit status.


I left NRA years ago. To much internal politics and mismanagement of funds. They have lost focus on there mission and have been lining there pockets . GOA has taken the fight to DC


The NRA likely cannot be fixed by attempting to perpetuate the existing conglomerate, and its too large, sycophant laden, dysfunctional board. … Its operations need to be deconsolidated. The following is directional for discussion, as an actual plan would need a rigorous think through “all” of the strategic (goals and legal) and operational considerations. That said start with the analysis that the NRA had fundamentally three purposes: i) member advocacy and benefits (the PAC could be viewed as part of this function); ii) legislative policy making (“think tank”); and iii) education of all things related to ownership and use of… Read more »


I think the NRA needs to go way the doo doo bird went. All legal fees, law suits and all other, God only knows what else, would have to be taken care of. So, NRA goes away never to be heard of again.


No, they are not the only one, but they are really good at what they do !
Today, belonging to only one pro 2nd Amendment organization doesn’t seem to be enough. Too many law suits for one outfit to manage. Today, it’s gonna take more than one.
Don’t forget to join and support Judicial Watch. While not a single purpose pro gun organization, they are making liberal, gun hating, unconstitutional, members of our government, on both sides of the aisle, clean up their act through many lawsuits and freedom of information spotlights shined into dark corners !


I joined the NRA in the early 80s. Probably would have save a ton of money if somewhere along the line I would have becomes a life member. I am a member until 2024 and have a Range Safety Officer cert through them. I sent $52 to both the PVF and ILA this year but until the craziness gets cleaned up will probably not donate more, renew my cert or membership in 2024. I also joined a couple different other gun advocate groups. I saw this coming when they started advertising Wine and Cigars. Two things that have nothing to… Read more »


How about Lt. Colonel West? He could probably do the PR role well though not sure about management skills outside of military duties and a congressional office.

Charlie Foxtrot

That last piece about the Members’ Meeting is interesting. The NRA is truly a corrupt organization, where the bylaws are written to protect the corruption. Anyway, is there any indication yet how the NRA Board of Directors election went? Will the NRA members be informed about that? Maybe in September, I guess. Or maybe with the next NRA Rifleman. Is the 76th NRA Board of Directors seat then filled by this fake Members’ Meeting in September? Interesting times! Layoffs, furloughs, pay cuts and benefit cuts at the NRA and a letter from Wayne LaPierre that was mentioned in the last… Read more »

m r c

someone with a no NO COMPROMISE attitude ring a bell?


There ARE organizations who absolutely refuse to compromise our 2nd amendment ! Granted, they don’t have the multi-million dollar office complex and don’t offer any slick magazines. But they fight and institute law suits just as hard, if not harder than the NRA. There is GOA (Gun Owners of America), SAF (The Second Amendment Foundation) JPFO (Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership), CCRKBA (Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms ), and others. They all accept NO COMPROMISE on 2nd amendment issues and actively pursue actions against States, Governors, Congress Critters, Cities, and anyone who designs… Read more »

Elton Rambin

I will suggest Michael Bane as New EVP of NRA.


I find all of this negative rhetoric regarding the NRA as very sad. There may be some shenanigans going on within the NRA that are bad for the organization and I admit that the fear tactics they use in fund raising are off-putting. But, I think that you have to take the attacks with a grain of salt and skepticism. The NRA throughout most of its history played nice with the Federal Government and what did we get? Bans on shipping, ownership, background checks just to name a few. Finally, the NRA had enough. They started fighting back against politicians… Read more »

Charlie Foxtrot

The NRA lost $100,000,000 in a preventable lawsuit. Source: Wayne LaPierre at the last NRA Board of Directors meeting. Losing about a quarter of the organization’s revenue in a preventable lawsuit is not a “shenanigan”! It is gross mismanagement. Any other CEO would have been fired by now! The NRA supported the bumpstock ban, red flag laws and many other gun control laws. The NRA opposed or derailed constitutional carry laws and many other pro-gun laws. The NRA spent very little money and effort in keeping Bloomberg out of the state where the NRA’s headquarter is in, VA. The NRA… Read more »

Will Flatt

Once upon a time I would’ve thought Colonel Allen West would make an EXCELLENT EVP for NRA, had the BOD ousted WLP & drafted West. But I think that the last year has shown us that Radioactive Wayne is gonna ride the NRA all the way down to Ground Zero, just like Major Kong in ‘Dr. Strangelove’. West seems at this point to be just marking time in his BOD position and waiting till his time’s up before he leaves. The rest of the BOD like good little yes-men (and women) have circled the wagons around their false messiah and… Read more »


Unimpressed by Allen West. Made a lot of press releases about how all this corruption was news to him (not good optics for a corporate director), then did… absolutely squat about any part of it from then on. Total CYA.

Will Flatt

What pray tell would you have Allen West do all by his lonesome? As an isolated dissident director in a BOD that overwhelmingly has circled its wagons around WLP and stripped all dissdent directors of all their assignments & committees, what do you suggest West do?? And are you calling him a liar just because the insiders at NRA HQ subjected him to the mushroom treatment??


Clint Eastwood’s son Scott Eastwood; he’s young (34), energetic, patriotic and personable. I don’t personally know him but he seems like someone who could lead that organization out of the wilderness. My two cents.


“With No New Leadership Options, an Uncertain Future Lies Ahead for NRA.” This article is a load of fertilizer from the title on. The Liberals want to divide us in order to crush our rights and exercise absolute control over our lives, and articles like this only help them do so. Support the NRA. Period. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t rely solely on the NRA. I am a Front Line Defender in the NAGR, a member of the GOA and of my state organization, but the NRA has fought long and hard for us and even if I don’t… Read more »

Charlie Foxtrot

LOL! The NRA has laid off or furloughed many of its employees, has cut salaries and benefits to those that remain, is engaged in a more than $100 million legal battle over its own corruption and mismanagement, took a loan out on its headquarters, took another line of credit out from its bank, is still paying millions to its Executives and the few well connected, has (likely illegally) transferred money to and from other NRA and non-NRA organizations to cover its own expenses and line the pockets of its cronies, had 90 current and former Board members subpoenaed by a… Read more »


foxtrot. Please provide some references to where those allegations have been reported.

Charlie Foxtrot

, Have you been living under a rock for the past two years? Many of these issues have been reported here, on Ammoland. Unfortunately, Ammoland puts posts with multiple links under moderation, so this one has to suffice for now.

Secret Recording Reveals NRA’s Legal Troubles Have Cost The Organization $100 Million


@CF. Thanks. I appreciate all the references – especially that to source documents, e.g., ’18 – 990 which was not timely available w/o information requests, court documents which take time to access (and your ref.s allude to), etc. … No offense was intended by my asking; evidenced by my beginning with “Please …” Your post suggested you had specifics which I had not taken time to research recently; couple of years since I made an effort and concluded the NRA is anything but for its members. …

Charlie Foxtrot
Charlie Foxtrot

, Here is another one: https://helpsavethenra.com

Charlie Foxtrot

I hope this will help you in catching up on the last 2 years of the NRA and its internal struggles as more and more malfeasance and mismanagement was discovered. Many open letters have been filed with the NRA Board of directors as well, asking the Board to step in and fix this. The Board has failed to do its job!

Open Letters (Plural) to the 2019 NRA Board of Directors

Charlie Foxtrot

, the NRA’s tax filings are also a matter of public record. They reveal how much the Executives and Board Members make and what annual deficit the NRA runs: https://projects.propublica.org/nonprofits/organizations/530116130

Charlie Foxtrot

, here is the latest NRA 990 tax form from 2018: https://www.scribd.com/document/436265012/NRA-2018-990#from_embed

The NRA spent $66 million more in 2016-18 than it made, essentially running a $66 million deficit that needed to be covered by taking out loans in addition to other existing loans. Meanwhile, Wayne got multi-million Dollar salaries.