Oliver North Resigns as NRA President ~ VIDEO

Indianapolis, Indiana – At 10:00 am today at the NRA’s Annual Meeting of Members, NRA Board member, Richard Childress read a letter from current NRA President Oliver North explaining why he is stepping down from the NRA as president and not running for another term.

We will update this story as we get more information.

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William Finne

I completely agree. Life member since 1962. I cannot support salaries in excess of 1 million per year.


Long live the NRA, where would we be without it? That said, who knows yet what the truth is. When the truth comes out many here and at the NRA HQ will likely be shown as media Demo Communist sympathizers and nematodes.

Concerned in Middle America

Until this weekend I thought that if Wayne LaPierre either got good advice from his lawyers to walk away with his bag of money, or the Board of Directors (BOD) did their job and told LaPierre to resign, or both, the NRA would survive. That didn’t happen. The NRA is now effectively toast. The State of New York investigation may have started as a political assassination, but now that all of LaPierre’s financial and administrative malfeasance is public knowledge, he has handed the NYAG everything they need to destroy the organization. I thought we could survive if LaPrierre and his… Read more »

Bob Hampe

That’s why I support the Gun Owners of America there doing more for less than the nra
Secure the second amendment and remember our service men and women didn’t die in vain


Been a NRA member since I was 12 years old and a life member for the last 25 years, Sorry I do live in NJ, and laws have not gotten better they have got worse! yes phone call after phone call after mailer after mailer for MORE DONATIONS$$ as a NJ resident NRA has not helped me, I am done donating to the NRA till I see some action in NJ !
Even California see s some action


good bye ollie..looks like you accomplished what you set out to do..infiltrate and divide..the question is, will the nra regroup and remain strong or be conquered by the communists on the left


The rest of the NRA administration needs to follow North or be forced out for the good of the organization. Sadly, it won’t happen and the NRA will continue under the “leadership”, oversight and megalomania of LaPierre and his hand-picked board of gutless toadies.


return to the time when only life time members vote..


That would put the final nail in the coffin as a significant number of existing members are already holding back any further financial contributions until LaPierre and his band of over-paid cronies are removed.

LaPierre’s been collecting 2-1/2 times the annual salary of the POS while he’s been doing nothing more than lining his cronies pockets with very NRA funds that were meant to protect our 2nd Amendment rights.


I joined the NRA in 1962. I left the NRA in 1997. After the The loses that accumulated over those 35 years I no longer saw a need to throw my support for an organization that only cares about “money “.
Support your local state organization.



My dues have been used to pay LaPierre, Cox and North millions of dollars each. How is THAT representative of the membership ?

Like politicians the above scoundrels are supposed to be “servants” to the people who are the National Rifle Association itself. They are not. They are only self-serving as is every politician in state or fedgov offices.

Good riddance to North. LaPierre and Cox should follow.


Ever wonder why the NRA membership has
remains at the same stagnant lever? The NSSF
has done far more. I also read that Ollie has gotten
a million from Ackerman McQueen as well. Seems like it’s time to “drain the swamp”.


I dropped out of the NRA when I noticed the amount going to the pockets of the upper crust and their cronies and less actual being done for the cause and 2nd amendment protection. Then I and MANY OTHERS got completely PISSED at the nonstop hounding for money contributions. The donation calls/mail/email harassment was the final straw. If the NRA board wants to line both their and their figurehead pockets, THEY can pay for it. I have better places to invest that will actually help law abiding citizens. The NRA leaders have gone from being “WE THE PEOPLE” spokesmen to… Read more »

Gas Block in WA

Good riddance to bad laundry.

Tom Clark

I’m for Ollie North



Me too. I’m for not letting the door hit him in the ass on the way out !

Dave in Fairfax

Why? He’s not for you. He’s a gun grabber, in case you didn’t know.
Do some searching on his statement about who should have guns and which ones.

Will Flatt

The Cult of Wayne LaPierre must end, or it will be the death knell of the NRA. In the past I have been frequently and vocally critical of the NRA senior ‘leadership’. I’ll rejoin the NRA… IF it survives and IF they get rid of LaPierre, Cox & Powell. Should NRA not do the latter, then the former won’t be much of an issue. I would honestly like to be able to support NRA again under new and effective leadership. NRA members, if you haven’t already, raise some Cain with the BOD. They will only act in the membership’s best… Read more »

Mr. Walkker

Does anyone think it is coincidental that Oliver North resigned after POTUS withdrew the USA from the UN Small Arms Treaty madness? Anyone…….and BTW, those full color mailers, with multiple full color inserts, encouraging members to donate more and more, with a pre printed payment/donation form attached, die cut perforations and all, business reply mail, no postage needed, but put one on anyway because the pennies add up, and on and on it goes. Anyone have any idea what it costs to mail, Full Color, Over sized piece like that in the United Sates Bulk Business Mail System? How much… Read more »


As a member of the NRA and GOA, I have full right to compliment and complain when each do good or fail their respective memberships. As such, I find the NRA position on Bump Stock and Red Flag Laws shameful and deserving of criticism. I also find the NRA as it was instrumental in achieving the District Court ruling finding the standard capacity magazine ban in CA unconstitutional deserving of compliment. GOA, like NRA, has had successes and failures – the distinction between the two is, in my opinion, the leadership of the NRA treats the organization as its personal… Read more »


Let’s see if any BOD members step down in disgust over this whole schittfest of Wayne L./Ackerman-McQueen

Rocky Mountain

Alphabet agency gun and drug running plant and now extortionist criminal. Let em settle up in the OK Corral. None of em promote 2A anyway as it is written in plain English. Asta la vesta babe. Roll that clown act up and give those suckers back the dues they paid.

Joseph Drouin

The NRA is garbage. They’ve helped more gun control get passed than any anti-gun group ever has. They’re all for donations, not gun rights. They’ve never supported us.
Fpc, Goa and your state pistol/rifle associations have done waaaay more with alot less funding.