Seattle ‘CHOP’ Zone Turns Deadly, Resident ‘Wants Neighborhood Back’

Seattle Police montage of Seattle's CHOP area during the fatal shooting that could change things dramatically in the "occupied zone." (YouTube, KIRO, Seattle Police)
Seattle Police montage of Seattle’s CHOP area during the fatal shooting that could change things dramatically in the “occupied zone.” (YouTube, KIRO, Seattle Police)

U.S.A.-( The slaying of a 19-year-old man and wounding of another in Seattle’s so-called “CHOP” (for Capitol Hill Organized Protest) zone over the weekend could be a game-changer politically for the city’s far-left administration.

A Twitter message from “Capitol Hill Neighbors” sums it up: “This is no longer about BLM – it’s chaos. A teenager is dead and somewhere a mother grieves. Neighbors support BLM and free speech but demand the City Council comes to its senses and negotiates w/SPD and mayor to clear the area. We want our neighborhood back!”

Six city blocks in uptown Seattle’s Capitol neighborhood, including a popular city park, were essentially surrendered to protesters in the wake of violent demonstrations in the city. The riot and aftermath protests were initially in reaction to the death of George Floyd while in custody of Minneapolis, Minn., police, one of whom kept a knee on Floyd’s neck for more than eight minutes.

But things have gone beyond that, and an assertion by Socialist Councilwoman Kshama Sawant, published in The Stranger, a Seattle alternative newspaper, attempts to blame the deadly shooting on right-wing extremists, and ultimately President Donald Trump. At least nobody has so far blamed it on the “easy availability of guns,” but that is certainly possible.

According to The Stranger, Sawant issued this statement: “It is no accident that right-wing hate and violence has grown dramatically with Donald Trump in the White House. If this killing turns out to be a right-wing attack, President Trump bears direct responsibility, since he has fomented reactionary hatred specifically against the peaceful Capitol Hill occupation, and even threatened to intervene with federal troops. Also responsible are the conservative and corporate media outlets, both locally and nationally, which have themselves whipped up right-wing hate by completely misrepresenting the nature of the peaceful protest occupation, and who are continuing to do so even now, claiming that this shooting proves the CHOP is descending into chaos. Seattle’s establishment Mayor Jenny Durkan and Police Chief Carmen Best also share responsibility for having portrayed our protest movement as violent.”

Apparently Sawant believes Seattleites have forgotten some burned police vehicles and trashed and looted businesses downtown. That unrest eventually led to the occupation several days later, and she knows it.

At a rally in Tulsa, Okla., over the weekend, Trump told the audience he has offered to help take back the seized area, but so far Democrat Washington Gov. Jay Inslee apparently hasn’t requested it.

KIRO News, the local CBS affiliate, identified the dead teen as Lorenzo Anderson, “a local rapper who goes by the name ‘Lil Mob.’”

What happened when police tried to respond to the shooting turned into bad publicity for supporters of the CHOP zone. According to the Seattle Police Blotter—with body cam video to back it up—“Officers attempted to locate a shooting victim but were met by a violent crowd that prevented officers safe access to the victims.” By the time police were able to safely move in, both shooting victims had been transported separately by private vehicle to the hospital with “volunteer medics” attending their wounds. At last report, the surviving wounded victim was in intensive care.

KOMO News, the ABC affiliate in Seattle, quoted Victoria Beach, representing the African American Community Advisory Council, stating, “I’m so mad at the mayor. I feel like she might as well have had her hand on that gun because she’s allowing this.”

She was referring to Mayor Jenny Durkan, whom many critics of the CHOP zone believe has treated those behind the takeover of several square blocks on the city’s Capitol Hill with proverbial kid gloves. She has talked about negotiating, but now one person is dead in a shooting.

Durkan is the mayor who said the protesters aren’t terrorists, they are patriots.

KOMO ran a survey via Twitter asking whether the city should “move in now to end” the CHOP zone occupation. More than 22,000 viewers responded, with 72 percent favoring an immediate end to the zone.

During his remarks in Tulsa, the president stated that every city where there are continuing problems of unrest is governed by Democrats. Durkan is among the most liberal. A gun control supporter, her administration hasn’t made a peep about a widely-circulated video showing one of the alleged leaders in the CHOP handing an AR15 from the trunk of his car to an unidentified young man with no background check or waiting period, as required by citizen initiatives heavily supported by Seattle voters.

Among the demands of CHOP zone occupiers is to defund or abolish the police. A headline piece in Liberty Park Press on that subject was almost prescient. Apparently, keeping them out of the CHOP is having a similar effect.

It could only be a matter of time before the situation becomes politically untenable.

About Dave WorkmanDave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

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The majority of residents in Seattle voted for these idiots, let them live with their choices. If they want their neighborhood back, let them take it back, since they don’t want police. How’s that defund the police working for ya now?


Honestly I believe this is why the President has been so hands off on the whole situation nation wide. Give the populace a mouth full of the alternative and see how it tastes. Most people are good honest hard working citizens. The MSM like to focus on the radicals because it makes for a better story and advances their agenda. Yes this November will be a critical time in Our nations history. I would never attempt to predict what the outcome will be. I do believe that good will rise to the top one way or another. Just be prepared… Read more »


I love the fact that our president has been so hands off with this whole situation. As a die hard republican, I support the states rights for as long as I can.


I hope Trump stays completely out of it. Elections have consequences. Let the citizens of Seattle have what they voted for, democratic-socialist rule. Let them live with what they’ve allowed to happen within their city. Let the people of Seattle clean it up, or not.

As Americans head to the polls in November let vivid images of CHOP and life under democratic-socialist rule remain vivid in their minds.

Dr. Strangelove

CHAZ/CHOP has changed its name again, to Capital Hill Urban Marxist Protest Society.


Dave, I have zero Sympathy for the residents and businesses of Capitol Hill. Nor do I have any sympathy for the other businesses in Seattle, which were looted and destroyed, nor for the city taxpayers for the looted and destroyed cop cars, and not even the privately-owned owned cars on the street which were also destroyed! All of these nice people watching their businesses burn up, vehicles burn up, chaos, the violence; This is what those people voted for, Each time they voted for leftist Democrats for the last four decades! They voted Durkin into office, they voted Inslee into… Read more »


THIS is what the NATION would look like with ANY Democrat in charge. Look at ANY democrat seated/operated city…. Yeah, same as this !


Time to pop the popcorn and watch the show.
Seattle will move to dismantle ‘CHOP’ zone after shootings, mayor says | Fox News


YES, Mayor Durkin… do, indeed, “abolish the police!” Immediately!! Then, the responsible, patriotic citizenry can fix the problem, without any pesky interference from police officers (who are very unhappy at being prohibited – by you! – from doing their job, in the first place). Win-win!!!!!!!!


Let this crap go on for a couple more weeks (months) and see if the liberal/progressives enjoy the fruits of their labor. You get what you vote for…now live with it for a while so you won’t forget it.


“They are like children Colonel, little monkey children.”

American Patriot

Decisions matter, choose wisely!


Not that I wanted to SEE it happen, but I’m surprised it took so long for the shooting to erupt, and that ONLY two were hit. Video of that rapper head cheese guy with his AR/AKA or whatever it is, brandishing and threatening people with it, with total impunity (not to mention too seriously that I read he’s got a felony record, which means no Mother May I Card for the handgun he’s also carrying concealed), then the guy handing out live weapons from the trunk of is car, no BGC, no nuthin…. I hope SPD and/or WSP have been… Read more »


Right On T! While we’re at it let’s do the same for Inslee and B. Ferguson


You know, let the Lefties burn. They wanted anarchy, they have it. This is what it looks like.


couple weeks back right here on Ammoland was the three part series by John Crump Antifa OSINT. First publisehd in 2017, still relevant. VEY in depth, detailed, citations, reaessrch,references, etc. He digs deep. Go find it.

F Riehl, Editor in Chief

Antifa OSINT Profile : Violent Leftist Group – Part 1


The Mayor (in name only) is directly responsible for this scum infestation and the murder(s) within it’s limits. FACT !