Trump Administration Legalizes Commercial Exportation Of Suppressors

Trump Administration Legalizes Commercial Exportation Of Suppressors
Trump Administration Legalizes Commercial Exportation Of Suppressors

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The American Suppressor Association (ASA) is thrilled to announce that the Trump Administration has officially legalized the commercial exportation of firearm suppressors, effective immediately. The State Department’s rescission of the misguided and ill-informed April 18, 2002, internal memorandum that unilaterally prohibited the commercial exportation of suppressors is the culmination of six years of work by the American Suppressor Association. The ability to compete in existing foreign markets will generate millions of dollars in annual revenue for small businesses across the country, increasing US exports, and creating hundreds of American jobs in the process.

On Friday, July 10th, the State Department rescinded its previous policy in the following statement:

DDTC Web Notice Regarding an Update to its Suppressor Policy

Effective immediately, the Department of State has rescinded its April 18, 2002, firearms sound suppressor policy.  This policy provided for enhanced guidelines for the approval and issuance of export licenses for sound suppressors and restricted their export to only official end-users such as government or military entities.  Henceforth, DDTC will handle suppressor exports in a manner consistent with other USML-controlled technologies.  This requires that applicants must identify a specific end-user.  Applications for the permanent export of hardware must include purchase documentation, a DSP-83 non-transfer, and an end-use certificate (as suppressors are considered Significant Military Equipment under the USML), an end-user statement, and an import permit (if required by the destination country).  Consistent with current licensing practices, all licenses will be reviewed and adjudicated on a case-by-case basis, and any pre-license checks or post-shipment verifications will be conducted as deemed necessary and appropriate based on the totality of the circumstances of the transaction.  Standard staffing protocols within the Department and interagency will be applied as required.

“For six years, the American Suppressor Association has worked to legalize the commercial exportation of suppressors,” said Knox Williams, President and Executive Director of ASA. “We submitted FOIA requests, helped draft and introduce the Suppressor Export Act of 2016, and educated members of the State Department and White House about the realities of suppressor technology. We applaud the Trump Administration for taking charge and allowing American businesses to compete in thriving markets abroad. This change in policy will create hundreds of jobs at a time when our country needs them most.”

The previous prohibition on the exportation of suppressors was based on the common misconception that suppressors, also known as silencers, are capable of eliminating the noise of a gunshot. Simply put, they cannot. On average, suppressors reduce the noise of a gunshot by 20 – 35 decibels (dB), roughly the same sound reduction as earplugs or earmuffs.

According to the National Hearing Conservation Association (NHCA), “although firearm suppressors do not completely eliminate the risk of [noise-induced hearing loss] from firearm noise, the risk can be significantly reduced…Therefore, NHCA supports the use of firearm noise suppressors as a form of an engineering noise control to reduce hazardous firearm noise exposures.”

About The American Suppressor Association

The American Suppressor Association (ASA) is the unified voice of the suppressor community. We exist for one reason and one reason only: to fight for pro-suppressor reform nationwide.

The ability of the American Suppressor Association to fight for pro-suppressor reform is tied directly to our ability to fundraise. Since the ASA’s formation in 2011, 3 states have legalized suppressor ownership and 18 states have legalized suppressor hunting. Much of this would not have happened without your support. For more information on how you can join us in the fight to help protect and expand your right to own and use suppressors, visit

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I bet those foreign entities, which our products are now able to ship to, do not have a $200 tax stamp and 6 to 12 month waiting period either. Suppressors and SBRs should be removed from NFA restrictions / NFA like GCA was never about safety, correctly stated it was and still is about control and penalizing the citizenry by stealing its purchasing power via tax stamps! This is evidenced by just a quick glance at the ATF. Once a desk or two tucked away in a basement somewhere in an IRS office, now mushroomed into an out of control… Read more »

Dr. Strangelove

Who cares? Legalize them for us.

Ryben Flynn

Only to Government or Military entities. Considering how much U.S. made suppressors cost, I doubt those foreign agencies would even consider it since suppressors made in the E.U are about 20% to 30% of the cost of a U.S. suppressor. $32USD for a .22 suppressor and up to around $200USD for larger calibers, while anywhere from $100 for a .22 and well over $1000 for larger calibers in the U.S.. And how much will the U.S. tack onto the price to cover the export licensing fee?
I doubt many will be sold overseas.


Cool. So now suppressor manufacturers will increase sales overseas and will be out of stock even more for us here.


Thats greaaaaaaat! So now we can export suppressors over seas but they are not legal in my state?Like i said Trump isnt doing anything at all to free up our 2A for Americans! He continues to tout protecting our 2A while at the same time absolutely doing NOTHING to change the laws or stop state Leftist scumbag Governors from restricting our 2A more and more! Demand he step up and stop them and reverse their unconstitutional laws now!!!

Red Falcon 1325

Export! Who gives a rat’s behind? What matters to me and a lot of other people is when will I no longer be held hostage and get robbed of $200 each time I decide to buy a new can?




No doubt the orange infringer will point to this to show how he’s pro2A. Meanwhile, all he’s done for us is enact more gun control via the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2018 and bumpstock ban.