Antifa Unsuccessfully Tries To Protest The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Sturgis, SD-( When we heard that Antifa was planning to protest the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, we thought it was a joke, but the group did end up trying to protest the biker rally. They were unsuccessful by any metric.

Every year hundreds of thousands of bikers from all around the country descended on Sturgis, South Dakota, for the world’s largest and most famous motorcycle rally. Even in the face of the global COVID-19 pandemic, bikers made their yearly pilgrimage to the small town that becomes the mecca of the bike world. This year the bikers were joined by a small group of members of the anarcho-communist group known as Antifa.

Antifa decided to protest South Dakota Republican Gov. Kristi Noem’s decision not to shut down the bike rally as they demanded. Antifa claims it wanted the rally shut down because of the novel coronavirus world pandemic. The group said the rally would increase the spread of the virus. Some of the bikers found the group’s reason hypocritical since Antifa has been protesting by the side of Black Lives Matter around the country without regard to the pandemic.

Another reason the group gave for protesting the biker rally was that they were standing up against white supremacy and President Trump. The group believes that most bikers are Trump supporters. The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally draws partygoers from all races and walks of life. Several predominantly Hispanic and Black motorcycle clubs attend the rally every year without fear of white supremacy. President Trump has never attended Sturgis or any other motorcycle rally.

One of the protester’s signs read, “We don’t want you here. Coronavirus, White Supremacy, 45.”

The number 45 is a reference to Trump. President Trump is the 45th President of the United States. Protesters and others use the number as a nickname for the President.

The protest started peacefully, with most bikers ignoring the black mask covered protestors that marched on down Main Street. One of Antifa’s favorite tactics is to block off a street. One biker rode his motorcycle by the group. A member of the black-clad demonstrators kicked out at biker’s bike as he passed the group. Motorcycles to bikers are more than just a vehicle. They treat their bikes as a part of themselves. They are scared objects.

This trespass against the biker’s ride set off the rowdy crowd. Bikers swarmed the Antifa members surrounding them. The noise from the crowd was deafening. Eggs were thrown by the bikers and hit an Antifa member. Police had to move in to protect the group from the angry bikers. The police officers had to escort the group to a safe spot away from the rally attendees.

Police Chief Geody Vandewater said the scene “was little chaotic for a bit.” The bikers vastly outnumbered law enforcement officers. The rally’s attendees did respect the officer’s request that they stay back away from the protesters. The protesters want the state to defund the police but depended on the same officers to keep them safe from the massive crowd of pissed off bikers.

After the protest ended abruptly, police arrested one of the protesters from Rapid City South Dakota. The officers charge the man with disorderly conduct.

Antifa did not try to protest the rally again. The 80th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally ended on Sunday.

About John CrumpJohn Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot News Podcast which can be found at John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%’ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on leftist deplatforming methods and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, on Facebook at realjohncrump, or at

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“Toto, I Have A Feeling We’re Not In Seattle or Portland Anymore”


Nice, well done! I love it. As my Dad used to say, You done good boy, you done real good.

Rick D

they would have looked really cool wearing their ass for a hat


ANTIFA needed police protection. Damn, if the Stuirgis Police had been defunded for that moment in time>

Watch um

Too bad the police didn’t just leave town for about 30 minutes and let the crowd take care of business, wait make it 2 hours so the protesters could be desposed of and the street be washed down


It’s going to happen soon.

uncle dudley

The cops should have let the bikers beat the living dog shit out of the anti American antifa protesters for all the disrespect they have put on our country.


Choose your fights wisely little white sympathizers..where was your backup? You know BLM..NFAC.. they weren’t there for you were they? Yet you feel the need to protest for them, Now who’s the Slaves ?
Good thing the cops were there to save your asses !!

Last edited 2 years ago by SEMPAI
Heed the Call-up

Too bad the police did not stand down like they do everywhere else Antifa is present.

jack mac

Glad you noted that.

WI Patriot

Oh, this alone would’ve been worth the trip…how very entertaining…

Green Mtn. Boy

A good game of motor cycle enthusiasts versus Communist’s,gee I can’t see a problem for the motor cycle enthusiasts.


.S. – You can get a hitch on some bikes. Rode with a guy who pulled a pop up tent camper behind his GoldWing. Seeing him pull away from 600cc crotch rockets through curves, towing his trailer and scraping pegs-muffler-faring-etc, was truly a magnificent sight. Lacking both his skill and his courage, I’d just let him go…. he’d eventually slow or wait for the rest of us to catch up.

“Ride your own road” – bikers tend to be willing to advise when asked, but insist everyone is responsible for their own safety, from mechanical to choice of pace.


Yep, trailer hitches are available for bikes. Yesterday I was behind a bike towing a small trailer on the Interstate. As a side note, I discovered that my car’s camera system that slows it down when you’re in cruise control and come up behind another vehicle doesn’t work on motorcycles. Good to know!

Dubi Loo

Kicking out at a passing motorcycle is a serious attempt to injure/kill those aboard. Shithead should have been charged with attempted murder.


At least felony assault


“Shithead” should have had his breathing privileges revoked… which would have been an unquestioned act of self-defense, against a criminal in the act of a felony. Case closed.


Hopefully the crowd reaction to these lightweight, antifa brownshirts will serve as a template for the rest of the country. Standing up to these punks shuts them right down. It also shows another aspect of their mountainous hypocrisy when they have to be protected by the very police they say they abhor and wish to defund. These people are cowards at heart, which explains why, whenever they are seen attacking someone you will note they hit the person from behind, never from a direction in which they will be seen and they always attack when they have the target of… Read more »


Speaking of striking from behind, a skateboard is now the weapon of choice among antifs jerks. Can we consider someone approaching with one to be carrying a lethal weapon?


“Police had to move in to protect the group from the angry bikers.” Should have let the bikers give out the same treatment they so readily give out. I do give a nod to the bikers for doing as the LEO’s asked….


ANTIFA was lucky they escaped with there lives. I’m a biker and you won’t find a more patriotic bunch. Bikers as a group are pro second amendment and pro USA. My suggestion to ANTIFA “abandon all hope if you mess with bikers” it won’t matter if it is peaceful just have a grave site picked out.

Rick D

as we like to say in the south “bless their hearts” they aint to bright lol. they need to stick to living in mommy’s basement.


Any Antifa clowns who enter Sturgis (even if the entry is initially peaceful) had better bring their own body bag, with ID tag – the Bikers won’t provide one.


Talked to the Harley Rep. about bike parts and how everybody is just going to have to wait to get parts they want. I told him the manufacturers should’ve never left the U.S. to begin with and its time to bring it back home. He said he thinks that’s a Trump ‘pipe dream’ it’s never gonna happen. To cheap to get parts made over seas ’cause they don’t have all the restrictions we do. With corporate goo-gobblers sucking up profits could give a $hit less if our kids will have jobs that go beyond anything from pushing some buttons and… Read more »


Having spent a few occasions @Sturgis. I can say unequivocally that the one place on the Planet you don’t want to Start Shit is in Sturgis. I’ve seen people get stomped into next week just for being a fool. Pulling this kind of Bullshit can get you DEAD.These Idiots had better be thankful of the fact that the Police were there to Protect them and the Fact that those in attendance generally have a positive view of Law Enforcement. There were in excess of 250,000 people there this year which is down from past years where there were as many… Read more »


Talk about being plumb full of stupid! Do these idiots also take off all their cloths and knock hornet nest out of trees with their bare hands too?


I felt a lot of pride for the riders at Sturgis during this brief fiasco. They went about their business of having fun while mostly ignoring those spoiled children. When one of the brats finally acted out, they expressed their outrage without burning vehicles, beating innocent bystanders, looting stores, or vandalizing public or personal property. When law enforcement asked them to back off so they could do their job, they did so respectfully. Well done!


Why didn’t I see this plastered all over the news on every station like they do the riots. Oh, must be because they were put in their place and lost the battle or maybe to much Trump paraphernalia floating all over the place . I didn’t even know that the Sturgis Rally had any problems especially like this. I made the 75th anniversary and almost went to this one. I am thinking of moving because I moved from Kommiefornia to Orgone and now it is ran by demoncraps. It’s not the place it was in the 70’s. Montana was my… Read more »


Let ’em try that in Sundance or Hulett or Buffalo Chip……only a few grease spots on the asphalt.


What kinds of flippin’ idiots? Oh, ANTIFA. Never mind.

Dr. Strangelove

Ironic that pantyfa cried for the police that they want to defund to protect them.


Literally the only thing allowing them to walk outta there was the police… hows that defunding agenda sitting with you now? Lmfao

a.x. perez

You were right the first time, it was a joke.