Knife Rights Celebrates National Knife Day!

National Knife Day 2020 AMMOLAND
National Knife Day 2020

U.S.A.-( August 24th is National Knife Day and Knife Rights wishes all knife owners the very best on this celebration of all things knives. National Knife Day is a time to remember that while knives are tools used by millions of Americans at home, work and while recreating, sometimes they are also tools used as arms in order to protect one’s person or loved ones. In some areas of the country, they are the most effective legal self-defense alternative to banned or restricted firearms. Knife Rights is the Second Front in Defense of the Second Amendment.

Help Knife Rights continue to forge a Sharper Future™ by Rewriting Knife Law in America™ and you could WIN!  With our record of 32 bills enacted repealing knife bans in 22 states and over one hundred cities and towns, you know your donations are getting it done for knife owners in America.

With over $100,000 in prizes in the Ultimate Steel Main Drawing, and over $18,000 in the Tail End Bonus Drawing, those who donate now get two chances to win your choice of prizes! Already donated?  Donate again and increase your chances of winning a Main Drawing prize and also get a chance at a Tail End Bonus prize!  See all the prizes at:

Every prize has been generously donated, so 100% of the proceeds supports Knife Rights’ legislative initiatives. Every penny raised goes to support our efforts to forge a Sharper Future for all Americans.

Knife Rights is the One Getting it Done for America’s knife owners.

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Knife Rights ( is America’s foremost advocacy organization for knife owners; Rewriting Knife Law in America™ and forging a Sharper Future for all Americans™. Knife Rights efforts have resulted in 32 bills enacted repealing knife bans in 22 states and over one hundred cities and towns since 2010 as well as numerous victories in courts throughout the nation defending the civil rights of knife owners.