New Range-Finding Digital Weapon Sight from Omega Sights

OmegaSight digital weapon sight
The new OmegaSight combines recording, range-finding, and BDCs into one sight. IMG OmegaSight

U.S.A. -( How many times have you wished that your sight had a built-in rangefinder? Well wish no more… Not only does this sight have this tremendous feature, but it also has an integrated Hi-Def 1080p video camera that will record all of the action and allow instant playback, all on its large LCD screen.It’s called the “Omega,” and it’s the newest and most innovative accessory since the scope.  The “Omega” boasts all three devices all-in-one…a mil-dot Sight, real-time Rangefinder up to 600 yards, and HD Video Camera. This lightweight, water-resistant innovation, provides technology that will provide better shooting accuracy, more humane shots, and memories you can share.

Whether your choice is a crossbow, shotgun, rifle, vertical bow, black powder, or even a handgun, the “Omega” comes with all of the hardware needed to mount to your shooting choice.  It also has a remote control feature that allows operation with little to no hand movement. You can shoot from any angle, even shoot without shouldering your shooting device.

Manufactured by Lil Bow Peep, LLC, of Medina, Ohio, the Omega retails for an amazingly affordable $399.99.

To learn more about how you can get the new OMEGA SIGHT, go to or contact [email protected].

Range it! Film it! Shoot it!

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About OmegaSights

Omega is the brainchild of former Ford engineer, Mickey Kennedy.  A hunter since childhood, Mickey often pondered that there must be something better than the conventional peep and pin sight. Mickey and his fellow huntsmen set out to design a sight that considered all factors.  “We wanted a site that would simply range the target, aim and shoot.”  After years of trial and error, the sight was finally perfected.

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Xaun Loc
Xaun Loc (@xaunloc)
1 year ago

Hmmm…. It has a reticle apparently designed for bow hunting, not firearms It is a fixed power sighting system because any change in “zoom” requires re-zeroing (yes, they tucked that information as a very brief text flash in the instruction video). Even a SFP optic maintains zero when you change magnification. Remember all that stuff you learned about how the human eye cannot focus on objects at two different distances… With this device (I won’t call it a sight), your eye has to be focused on the screen — at arm’s length for a bow or pistol, mere inches away… Read more »

Tim (@timber777)
1 year ago
Reply to  Xaun Loc

You are misinformed Xaun Loc, and I will help clear this up for you. There are 5 different reticles to choose from on the Omega, select the reticle scale best for your shooting device, whether a crossbow, shotgun, rifle. The zoom feature is only for zooming in to see your target better.You do not have to “Re-Zero” your sight unless you plan to shoot while at full zoom. If that’s the case sight in using full zoom. I have mounted it on my shotgun, rifle and crossbow and have had no issues, whatsoever. Simple to use, easy wide field of… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Tim