New Frontier Armory Settles With NJ Over Magazine Sales

Ninth Circuit Panel Ruling Holds California Magazine Ban Unconstitutional
New Frontier Armory Settles With NJ Over Magazine Sales

TRENTON, NJ-( New Frontier Armory has agreed to stop selling standard capacity magazines to residents of New Jersey and pay the state $50,000.

New Jersey sued New Frontier Armory after the company sold magazines to two undercover investigators from the Garden State. In 2018 the first undercover agent purchased a 30-round magazine from New Frontier’s website. The rabid anti-gun Attorney General Gurbir Grewal sent the company a cease-and-desist letter over the sale.

In 2019 Judge Jodi Lee Alper of the state Superior Court in Essex County issued an order to temporarily suspend New Frontier’s ability to sell the magazines to buyers in New Jersey. The company sold magazines that held 15, 30, and 100 rounds to a second undercover operative.

The New Jersey government made the import or possession of magazines holding more than ten rounds illegal. Since the law has passed, no New Jersey residents have turned in their magazines to the state police or other law enforcement agencies.

Standard capacity magazines “significantly increase a shooter’s ability to injure and kill large numbers of people quickly,” Grewal said in a statement released to the press. “This settlement not only holds New Frontier Armory accountable for its unlawful conduct but also puts gun dealers on notice that we are closely monitoring internet weapons sales.”

On September 2nd, New Frontier Armory and New Jersey agreed to a settlement. In addition to the money that the company must pay to the state, it also must “clearly and conspicuously” warn customers about the New Jersey laws restricting the size of a magazine that states residents can own. New Frontier Armory has complied with the demand.

New Frontier Armory added a warning under its listing of 30 round magazine that states, “Certain U.S. jurisdictions restrict firearm magazines sales.” The company also added a link that explained the New Jersey laws to its customers. The new edition to the website listings is the result of the agreement.

Many residents of New Jersey have taken it upon themselves to import magazine kits. The seller ships these kits disassembled magazines. Although the law doesn’t specifically ban the kits, it is a grey area in the law. There are two magazine laws on the books in the state. The first law prohibits the possession of magazines holding more than ten rounds. The second ban the sale and manufacture of magazines holding more than ten rounds.

According to New Jersey firearms attorney Evan Nappen, it would be a jury question to whether the resident broke the law by possessing the kit. He said he wouldn’t want to be the test case. If the owner assembled the magazine, then the owner would have broken New Jersey law.

When AmmoLand asked Nappen about New Jersey suing New Frontier Armory over the sale of the magazines, he called it a nuisance case. Nappen pointed out that it wasn’t a criminal case and just another example of AG Grewal’s crusade against the Second Amendment.

Nappen told AmmoLand, “This action by the AG has no effect on crime in New Jersey.”

During the Clinton Assault Weapons ban where there were round restrictions, crime remain steady. Studies by the Justice Department revealed that the ban made no difference in crime rates. Other studies have backed up the DOJ’s claim of the ineffectiveness of the ban.

AG Grenwald’s office and New Frontier Armory Armory didn’t return AmmoLand’s request for comment at the time of this writing.

About John CrumpJohn Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%’ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at

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I said it before and I’ll say it again. The gun control act of 1968 was the start of it all. And it has been a systematic attack on our 2nd amendment rights ever since. This is just another prime example of politicians trying to get control.

Dave in Fairfax

Sorry, you’re off by 34 years. go back to the NFA in 1934.


Hi Dave. Isn’t that when they banned machine guns because of gangsters and robberies? Too young to know and wasn’t around at that time.

Last edited 2 years ago by musicman44mag

Musicman44mag – No, NFA did NOT ban full autos (machine guns). It did create the ATF under the IRS to collect a $200 tax to own once an application passed a background check.

The law was challenged in Miller v US, and upheld by the Supremes of that time. Interestingly, only the government briefed the case.

Now full autos, sawed off shotguns, SBRs and suppressor fall under this tax to own scheme with a waiting period of 6 to 9 months.

Dave in Fairfax

MM44M, What John said down below. It had lots of “Unintended Consequences”, Which people might want to read up on. Here’s the short list of NRA betrayals. It works, oddly enough as a quickie anti-gun law reference list. Isn’t that amazing. 1943 they supported the NFA 1938 They supported the FFA 1968 they supported the GCA 1986 They supported FOPA which banned MG manufacture and put a cork i civilian ownership FOREVER 1990 They supported the School GFZ Act 1993 They supported the Brady/NICS Act 1994 They supported the AWB 2017 They supported the Bump stock ban and talked Trump… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by Dave in Fairfax

Yep – all the while claiming if not for them, each of these draconian law’s infringing upon the 2nd “would be much worse”.

They threw the baby out and kept the bath water!


“They threw the baby out and kept the bath water!”
Along with Wayne LaTreen’s 200K/year worth of ‘wardrobe’!


…and people just keep on signing up and following the NRA like a bunch of lemmings.I am surprised that Ted Nugent of all people is still sitting in as a board member?


Ted Nugent is as complicit as LaPierre in the corruption and skimming, scamming of the NRA. NRA paid Nugent $50,000 plus expenses annually to twang his guitar and “preach to the choir”….under 1000 attendes…..for an hour on Sunday afternoons at the annual NRA Conventions. Also, paid him $50 each…..$60,000 for 1200….. to sign guitars for auctioning at Friends of NRA Fund Raiser Dinners. Were he the “true Patriot”…he is on the NRA Board…. he claims, Nugent should have signed the guitars for free allowing the $60,000 to be used for defending the 2A. The Second Amendment is truly really, really… Read more »


Didn’t stop the BAD GUYS, laws never stop the bad guys !!


This law needs to be reviewed, as do all laws !!


my first thought, precisely.

“arms” means weapons of military usefulness. Machine guns are in that category. The NFA INFRINGES heavily on the possession of “arms” by THE PEOPLE.

Tim Sullivan’s law restricting handguns in NYC, back in 1911, was a prior offense, but since no one tackled the City or State in federal courts, he got off with it then. Still doing it. Does not make it right.


Thats why we need the 2 amendment, our founding fathers knew this !!


Yeppers. That pesky Second Article of Ammendment is the last of four “boxes” we PEOPLE have at our disposal to maintain our liberty.

soap box
letter box
ballot box
cartridge box.

Don’t worry about the pine box, when tjey are needed someone will make them. Summa deze heer pawl a tish uns need to get fitted for theirs… and I include the guys in their black nighties in the class “poitican”.


Breaking the law to enforce the law. Typical for real criminals, but for legitimate businesses to navigate all of the 50 states tangled mess of legal or unlegal gun restrictions is not worth the effort. Most manufacturers won’t bother with these Constitution restrictive states and I don’t blame them.


Ahhh the undercover commies of New Jersey… They do NOTHING to stop the criminal, yet everything to stop a law abiding citizen. Typical SHIT HOLE Dem state.


A politician with a law never stops a bad guy with a gun.
He merely controls the good guys, which is his true agenda.




New Frontier Armory should never have consented to pay fifty cents in fines, much less $50,000 to the State of New Jersey. Firstly, the violation amounts to, in legal terms, malum prohibitum (not a violation of morality or human decency). Secondly, assuming the company is out of state, what authority has N.J. to impose a fine?


Death to traitors!



uncle dudley

New Frontier Armory must not have bribed the right people in New Jersey government to sell their products.


I don’t know how to take this. Be mad that they sold out to the powers that be or admire them for finding a way to get around the law by selling kits. Either way, I wouldn’t have given them the money and I would be packing up the house and moving to a free state because the employees that work there will spend their checks in that state supporting the commies that rule.


Be mad that they sold out to the powers