Pulsar Unveils Awesome Thermion XG50 Thermal Scope

Pulsar Thermion XG50
Pulsar’s new Thermion XG50 thermal optic. IMG Pulsar

U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- Pulsar is delighted to announce the release of the ultra-powerful Thermion XG50 thermal riflescope. This unprecedented riflescope boasts 640×480 microbolometer strength and 12-micron pixel detail to detect heat signatures up to 2,400-yards.

Pulsar Thermion XG50 Thermal Optic

As the first-ever riflescope to combine a BAE sensor, onboard recording, and multiple color palettes, the XG50 is in a class of its own. Its 1024×768 AMOLED display gives users stunningly clear images, and its continuous, digital zoom ensures varmint, hogs, and big- game are easily located. With a stadiametric rangefinder and rock, forest, and identification viewing modes, the XG50 misses nothing. The XG50 also boasts a defective pixel repair feature, guaranteeing long-lasting quality.

Thermion XG50 Rainbow
Thermion XG50 has multiple display modes including Rainbow. IMG Pulsar

The Thermion XG50 features:

  • 640×480 microbolometer strength
  • 12-micron pixel detail
  • 2,400-yard detection range
  • Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • BAE sensor
  • Multiple color palettes
  • Onboard video and audio recording
  • Stream Vision app compatibility
  • Manual, semi- and automatic calibration modes
  • External power supply adaptability
  • 13 variable electronic reticles
  • 5 rifle profiles
  • One-shot zeroing freeze function

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Pulsar logoAbout Pulsar

Every Pulsar device is designed, manufactured, and tested to ensure demanding professionals receive the most reliable, most advanced thermal and digital night vision performance the industry has to offer. The result of Pulsar’s commitment to industry-leading excellence is consistent world-class quality, precision engineering, seamless device operation, and cutting-edge proprietary software. Pulsar produces an array of advanced optical devices designed for law enforcement, security, home defense, and hunting applications, including thermal imaging and digital night vision monoculars and riflescopes, night vision binoculars, and goggles, rangefinders, IR flashlights, and related accessories. To learn more about Pulsar, visit www.pulsarnv.

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Just1Saddletramp (@just1saddletramp)
1 year ago

If anyone views hunting as a sport, this scope takes all the “sport” out of it. The true bottom line is this scope will make being a “sniper” a mighty hazardous occupation

Ryben Flynn
Ryben Flynn
1 year ago

If ya gotta ask….

$7200 MSRP backordered from Pulsar.
Found for $6000 at Kenzies Optics in stock.