Racial Distribution in Gun Permits for Donations Scandal Merits Investigation

They have their guns—you, not so much, and California citizen disarmament edicts are designed to make sure it stays that way. No wonder such a corrupt system invites corrupt conduct by those claiming “authority” over our rights. (Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook)

U.S.A. – -(Ammoland.com)- “The former CEO of an executive security firm charged in an alleged scheme to trade political donations for concealed-gun permits from the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office abruptly pleaded guilty in the case Monday, in what prosecutors called a ‘significant development’ for a corruption probe that could threaten Sheriff Laurie Smith’s two-decade tenure,” The Mercury News reports. Others caught up in the investigation have been indicted for “brokering a deal for … AS Solution to receive up to a dozen concealed-carry weapon permits in exchange for $90,000 in campaign donations to committees supporting Smith’s 2018 re-election bid.”

It comes as no surprise that Smith and Undersheriff Rick Sung both pled the Fifth Amendment. Nor is it a surprise that an authoritarian hypocrite who denies a Constitutionally recognized fundamental right to “average citizens” would then turn to the Bill of Rights when there’s something in it for her. It’s also revealing — and almost humorous, were it not so offensively ludicrous and reeking — that “Supervisor Mike Wasserman repeatedly claimed that his bad memory prevented him from remembering whether he knew he was getting an illegal favor with a permit renewal.”

Such corruption is enabled and practically guaranteed by California’s “may issue” concealed carry permit laws, assigning the power to local sheriffs and police chiefs to approve or deny applications. That means Democrat-controlled urban areas are really “may not issue,” unless the applicant is “connected” and there is an incentive for the top LEO to either ingratiate him/herself or to return a “favor.”

Some of us have been calling attention to the injustice of unequal protection and denying rights based on “big club and you ain’t in it” discrimination for decades. One need only look at the way then-Los Angeles Sheriff Lee Baca handled permits for the rich and famous, while “ordinary people” were mandated to be defenseless. It’s no surprise that his corrupt ways ended up landing him in federal prison for obstruction and lying to prosecutors. Ironically, Baca will be a “prohibited person” when he gets out.

At this writing, Smith and her lawyers are no doubt waiting to see if/when the other shoe will drop and charges will be filed, and what effect her connections with, and knowledge about, Santa Clara luminaries will have. That brings to mind an observation that the corruption probe won’t be complete until discrimination in permit issuance is fully investigated and made public.

How do the earnings and race/sex demographic numbers and rates for permit recipients compare to the general population in Santa Clara County and in all counties throughout California? Are minority citizens afforded the same opportunities, or is “may issue” permitting controlled by police officials effectively racist?

The Democrat-dominated government in California makes great noise about how “inclusive” they are. How does that work in practice for which citizens are “permitted” by the “authorities” to exercise “the right of the people”?

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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At the foundation of every progressive society you will find corruption. Progressive ideology is simply a quest for power by elites. Corruption is the key mechanism of achieving power over the majority of the people. Santa Clarita County is only one small example. Contra Costa, same thing. Orange County used to be. As with many of the coastal counties. Inland, in places like Kern, Fresno, San Bernardino and Riverside Counties you find “shall issue” Counties because they value liberty over elite power. As soon as Californians figure out this simple truth of their culture the sooner they can deal with… Read more »


nrringlee . . . The “citizens” in The Peoples Republik of Kalifornia are too STUPID to figure this out!!! They just follow along like the docile Sheeple Lemmings they are!


To me there is nothing worse than a corrupt Cop.


That’s worse than a criminal. I hate liars and decivers=democraps.


What else is new? Barbara Boxer, who for better than a decade has demanded total, absolute gun confiscation across the nation, has a concealed carry permit. And that “gun safety” proponent Chuck Schumer? Ditto. Like Chicago mayor Lightfoot and the sanctimonious Pelosi, both of whom think salon visits are a necessity for them but a criminal offense for you, this selective application of “gun safety” is, once again, an example of “what is good for me is not good for thee”…




If this isn’t reason and proof enough that the Federal Government needs to approve reciprocity and constitutional carry nation wide, I don’t know what else is. We need the house, senate and presidency like before but this time WE THE PEOPLE need to push for our freedom and be relentless like the left is against the 2nd amendment towards securing our freedom to carry at all times, no questions asked and no permits required and no fees blocking us from obtaining their sometime given privilege which is our right. These permits to buy a gun or ammo and the need… Read more »


I live in Florida and we have a good permitting system here. The whole of law enforcement is restricted from our process. The only bad thing right now is, a progressive, liberal, Democrat was elected as the head of the Department of Agriculture. That agency Handles all permits in the State. Hopefully the people will get this traitorous Wench out next election!

uncle dudley

It seems to me that Californians have brought this on themselves by electing democrats to every office and even the sheriff’s office is a political office which has extreme power. It is a shame that money is the driving force behind the conceal and carry license, the above figure of $90,000 for 12 licenses breaks down to $7500 per license, that should cause major concern for every citizen. Where is that anti-gun state attorney general or the Ronald Regan look a like governor on this? Everyone involved needs to be held accountable and the rights of the average citizen needs… Read more »


The Gabbling Nuisance might LOOK a little like Ronald Reagan, but that’s about the end of their similarities, aside, perhaps from the fact they both ove two legs and two arms. I think Reagan was about the last decent governor that state had.


Regan was not all that great of a governor. He closed the mental institutions in kommiefornia and put the crazy people out on the streets. I was really worried when he became president because of that but he turned out to be a better president. Surprising to me.

Vote Trump the equivalent of George Washington in todays modern times and better than Regan. MAGAA 2020


Again a quick wiki search will tell you this sheriff is a Republican. Biased misleading reporting but who cares about facts.

Last edited 2 years ago by Tony

Lifetime career politicians and bureaucrats reak with the smell of corruption and favors. Term limits for all elected to public office would best serve ordinary citizens. Bureaucrats on the other hand are appointed to deflect issues away from those who appointed them.


Move from 6-Land 15 years ago and more happy about it every day.


Amen, you are not alone. Let the commies have it so they will stay there and not infect the rest of the country.


Except that corrupt sheriff happens to be a Republican


Where did you move to. I am getting tired of Oregone and how crazy anti gun it is. Looking at Wyoming and South Dakota now because I feel confident that if the Feds ever come down with we are taking your guns that the state will stand by WE WILL NOT COMPLY.


Exactly, I was looking at a property in Cody until he decided to run for president. When he did that I felt he was trying to take away votes for President Trump so I started looking at South Dakota.


What? He admitted he was trying to take votes away from Biden. He’s a huge Trump fan


Have you taken your meds today?


@John Dunlap – Straight comparison between demographics of permit holders and general population is along the lines of lies, damn lies and statistics. Ratios will differ simply Because people separate themselves culturally. Should compare how ratios differ in target region (Sant Clara or CA as a whole) to ratios in shall issue states such as Texas. Here in Texas, ratios differ despite our shall issue LTCs. Historically hispanics have been under represented though after the El Paso shooting that seems to be changing. Could just as well compare gender distribution and conclude that Texas’s permitting system is sexist due to… Read more »


Given California’s long history of corruption and “its a small club and YOU ain’t in it” MO, no statistics analisis could really be accurate. The FACT IS a few fols are connected and most are not. And it is generally they who are notwho suffer the most from the denial.

California need to do away with the entire concept of the Mother May I Card. The RIGHT aaccrues, by virtue of our birth, to all who have not forsaken it by conduct proving a level of irresponsibibility that precludes exercising that right.


All states need to do away with Mother May I Cards. We have a right that is not to be infringed, and it doesnt mention asking for permission. Nor does my state’s constitution.

Delaying of a right is has already been ruled illegal. In addition to the fact that laws repugnant to the constitution are void. We cant keep letting politicians in various places ignore the pertinent and established legal precedent set by SCOTUS.


Indeed they have been unclear in the past. That is to an extent is likely lawyers making job security for other lawyers. The core problem is often that there are past rulings, written so clear an 8 year old gets it, that have been willfully ignored. That mind set of rights not existing, except when government allows, has been around forever. It has been a serious problem since our ancestors allowed the ‘progressive mindset’ to seep into and grow roots in our political sphere back under Wilson and FDR. It is that mindset that needs cauterized out if we are… Read more »


@Random – It goes much further back than that. Why do you think the 2nd amendment was written? It was put in the constitution because the founding fathers studied history and recognized a pattern they wished to prevent reoccurring in the new country they were building.
This pattern predates the pharaohs.


Go read the first sentence of my second paragraph, I would say reread but it appears you did not read it the first time. If you do you shall see where it says:
“That mind set of rights not existing, except when government allows, has been around FOREVER.”
I then went on to state the point in recent history at which it was seeded and allowed to fester.

John Dunlap

I am mystified as to why your comment was addressed to me. Due to an issue with their then new comment system (and Ammoland’s disinterest in fixing it, though it would appear that they corrected it at some point without answering me) I haven’t read anything or posted here in over a year. I’m only here now because of an email alert about your comment. As for the article, which I just now read, the only color that matters here is green – as in green palms.


@PS – Those of us who grew up there did not derive joy from concept of nuclear annihilation. We knew that if the Cold War ever went hot, we would be radioactive dust before most people knew anything was happening. None of us took joy in that knowledge, other than perhaps the cold comfort of knowing we would not slowly die of radiation poisoning. Perhaps this is part of why we never worried about earthquakes, that being the “devil we knew.” I still admire the hard work my father did to contribute to strength of US nuclear, conventional and political… Read more »


Some may find it strange but there is a level of comfort knowing that if the balloon goes up you will not have anything to be concerned with twenty minutes later. Sitting on 400 warheads in Southwestern Germany circa early 1970s will do that.


Whistleblower accuses Trump appointees of downplaying Russian interference and White supremacist threat | News Headlines – St. Louis, Missouri


Ok, Beta, I’ll bite, its rehearsals tomorrow anyways. Can you site your source please.


What biased reporting. This sheriff is a Republican.

Ansel Hazen

And that’s a RINO to a real conservative. You can register as anything you want, it’s your ACTIONS that define who you truly are.


It is Coke vs. Pepsi, too much of either will fuck you up.

Only the sweet nectar of constitutionality shall set us free……

Last edited 2 years ago by Random71

Could Trump make it in prison on the mainline?


He can’t go to jail he has bone spurs in his heals.