Semi-auto “Assault” Rifle Defense in Waukegan, Illinois: two killed in Home Invasion

Boyfriend uses AR15 to Defend Self, Girlfriend against Masked Home Invader, artas-iStock-1057969246
Semi-auto “Assault” Rifle Defense in Waukegan, Illinois: two killed in Home Invasion, iStock-1057969246

U.S.A.-( On the morning of 22 September, about 10 a.m., two home invaders disguised as utility workers, displayed a handgun as they forced their way into a home on the 100 block of Frolic Avenue. A woman in her 30’s had a toddler in her arms as she answered the door.

As the two men, 34 and 36, forced there way inside, the woman turned and screamed. The house is very modest, only about 650 square feet. It has a full basement. The home invaders were later identified at brothers Jimmy and Christian Tenorio.

Image from Waukegan Police, cropped, scaled, and text added by Dean Weingarten

Two roomers were renting space in the house. One of them had rented the basement. The other was not home.

The basement roommate heard the screams, grabbed a semi-automatic pistol, and came up the basement stairs. He engaged and shot Christian Tenorio, who had the revolver. He then ducked back into the basement.

Jimmy Tenorio retrieved the revolver and started dragging his brother toward the door. The basement resident re-engaged with an “assault rifle” of unknown make and caliber. A gunfight ensued.

Both Tenorio brothers ended up on the small front lawn. Both were found there by police. Both were deceased.

Waukegan is a few miles south of Kenosha, Wisconsin, across the Illinois border. It is less than 20 miles from Kyle Rittenhouse’s home in Antioch. From the Waukegan Police Department Facebook page:

CID believes that Christian and Jimmy arrived at the home and knocked on the door. The door was answered by a female victim, in her 30s, who rents the home. Christian and Jimmy then forced their way into the home. Christian, at this point, displayed a loaded revolver handgun.

The female victim began to yell for help. A male victim, in his 30s, who rents the basement, heard the commotion and went upstairs with a loaded semi-automatic pistol. The male victim then confronts the Tenorio brothers and shoots Christian.

At this point, Jimmy retrieved the loaded revolver handgun and began to drag Christian out of the home. The male victim retreated and then returned with a loaded assault style rifle. The male victim and Jimmy exchange gunfire.

Both brothers were pronounced dead on the scene, by apparent gunfire, in the front yard of the home.

The female victim and male victim both have valid FOID cards. Neither Tenorio possessed a valid FOID.

During the incident, the female victim was babysitting a small toddler. The toddler was not injured. The female victim was also dog sitting a small 3-pound dog. The dog ran out during the incident, but has been returned unharmed. Neither victims were injured. There is a third roommate at the home, however that roommate was not home during the incident.

CID has determined that the single-family home was the intended target of the incident. However, both victims and the third roommate, from the home, do not know why the brothers would target the home.

In the Facebook comments section, Rubin Cantu has started a gofundme account to help the victims of the home invasion with living expenses. The defender left his job because of numerous death threats. It is alleged the Tenorio brothers were gang members. From

The 2 residents are heroes. They did what was necessary to protect the baby. The 2 armed men were gang members and sadly, since the home invasion, the male resident has continuously received death threats. He had to quit his job and is unsure how he will be able to live a normal, quiet life while receiving so many threats. The female resident has also lost her babysitting job and is experiencing severe mental anguish.

We appreciate your support in helping cover some of their daily expenses, mortgage and grief counseling while attempting to regain some normalization in their life.

We also ask for prayers for all parties involved as the loss of life is always unfortunate, regardless of the circumstances.

This is another incident that shows the value of semi-automatic rifles in defense of self and others. The police characterize the number of shots fired as “multiple”. It reinforces the utility of checking and validating the credentials of individuals who claim to be utility workers.

Two earlier homicides happened at a Motel 6, a block away from the Frolic Avenue home invasion, in late August and on 8 September, according to

American citizens are becoming more armed. Waukegan is about 18 miles South of Kenosha, in Illinois, between Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Chicago, Illinois. The defenders in this case both had Illinois Firearm Owners ID, (FOID) currently required for legal ownership of firearms in Illinois. That requirement is being challenged in the courts.

The Tenorio brothers did not have Illinois FOID.

About Dean Weingarten:Dean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of Constitutional Carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

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WI Patriot

Chalk one(2) up for the good guys…


I agree.




Once again, bad guys not playing by the rules. Federal firearms regs only hassle the good guys. Remember that on 3 November!


Two less Dirt Bags! and the public has been saved from their future crimes.


NOW……. we need to “round up” the rest of the gang that is threatening these two (to taste the heel of a boot and the back hand of justice). In my most kingly / dictatorial voice: Throw them all “into the pit“.





Matt in Oklahoma

“Nobody needs a ….” because they don’t want you to WIN like this homeowner did.


THAT is how you deal justice to a criminal… Swift and final !


It’s quite inconvenient to call the company and get verification of employment before answering the door every time someone knocks, even if was possible. Better to answer the door “prepared”.


Did your state a lot of good to make the good guys get licenses, didn’t it?


which is why this unconstitutinal pre-qualification to make use of an inalienable and non-infringeable RIGHT is being contested in the courts. About time. Maybe it will get to SCOTUS this time, and with Barret in place might find enough votes to end it. Illinois, a few years back, was FOrced to adopt a shall issue handgun “Mother May I Card” programme. Else the chap in the basement would likely not have had HIS little “heater”.


Whether it had been an ‘assault-type” rifle is inconsequential. What about these 2 morons that assaulted the safety of the the residents? I would have grabbed the most potent weapon I had available to counter-assault the invading offenders. Wouldn’t give it a second thought to allow them a fighting chance at that point. It would be over my dead body, but preferably over theirs’ first if it came down to it. Bravo for the resident who had the presence of mind to defend what’s his to defend with all the firepower available. Just as Kyle Rittenhouse did. Justifiable and the… Read more »


“a loaded assault style rifle.” Really? Come on Why do they continue to perpetuate a falsehood.


Seems like a textbook case of using your pistol to fight your way to your rifle. Great outcome. Couple of cowardly gang jerks thinking they be tough guys got dirt-napped. Needs to happen A LOT MORE OFTEN.


if this pair were so quickly identified as “gang members” why were they armed and out in public and not accompanied by a qualified custodian?


Because a democrat judge/prosecutor/mayor/governor let them loose. Had they been homeowners, they’d be the ones being prosecuted.


When second’s count, the police are minutes ( or more ) away.
Be your own first responder.


Yeah, usually day late and dollar short. There was a time when I got jumped and robbed at gunpoint, but when the police showed up they were incompetent. They caught the perpetrators at another location with the same M.O. but couldn’t even bother to inform me that they got caught. Wouldn’t even allow me to I.D, the perps in a lineup or press charges. Had to find out for myself days later that they got caught committing the same crime less than 4 miles from my location an hour apart, but they couldn’t even put 2 and 2 together. I… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by 2ndA'murrican
Capn Dad

And so we see again that the police can not protect you. In this instance, like so many others, the police were the second responders. The renter, who eliminated the threat, was the first responder. Insofar as the so called “assault rifle”, shouldn’t the first responder (the tenant) be at least as well armed as the second responder (the police)? Of course we should. Always remember that the police have no duty to protect you; are not physically located anywhere near you enough to be a deterrent; and lastly in many cases are not competent enough to protect you.

Last edited 2 years ago by Capn Dad

Way to go victims. Two less Hidden Biden voters…..but, being Hidden Biden voters guessing they will still be able to vote multiple times from the grave. Vote early, vote often, don’t let being dead deter your vote……that’s what Community Organizers are there to assist your voting rights.


Are the police going to do anything about the threats? Not until there is another body!

Green Mtn. Boy

Good for you, now GO AWAY.


Look up 80% guns. Act on what you find. They won’t know to take them when they start confiscating legal law abiding people’s guns.


or use them against tyranny! In this case, it’s better to be buried by 6 than judged by 12 liberals!