Times-Dispatch Writer Gets It Exactly Backwards in Militia Article

Armed, trained, disciplined and unified citizens — the whole people — ensuring security and freedom are the most invincible guarantors of justice and peace. The Founders knew that when they included the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights. (Metropolitan Museum of Art / CC0)

U.S.A. – -(Ammoland.com)-“In these incendiary times, formally blessing an armed militia to assist law enforcement is akin to tossing a Molotov cocktail into a fireworks factory,” a Tuesday Richmond Times-Dispatch offering by columnist Michael Paul Williams asserts. “But that’s what’s up in Halifax County, whose Board of Supervisors is considering the idea of the Halifax County Militia serving as an auxiliary to local authorities when called.

Volunteers from the Halifax County Militia have reached out to local authorities asking to work with them. As much as Williams tries to portray the idea as one that will set a bunch of armed yahoos loose to wreak havoc on the streets, the goals if one chooses to consult a less ignorantly biased report, make lots of sense.

“We’re not trying to be law enforcement officers. What we’re trying to do is create that supplement. We’re an extra pair of eyes. We’re extra bodies, Halifax Commander Mitzi Thompson explained. “If something in the future did happen and the law enforcement were overwhelmed in some kind of way, we do have the training to come out and assist them.”

“All the members of the militia undergo ‘basic’ training in skills such as firearms safety, weapon proficiency, riot control, military tactics, unarmed self-defense, first aid, and search and rescue,” the report elaborated. “[M]ilitia members also will take FEMA courses so they will be ‘call-out qualified’ to respond to natural disasters.”.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if we get violence happening in the next 10 minutes to have a local militia to call up while we wait on the national government to get the National Guard in there?” Supervisor Ricky Short, who presented the proposal as a board resolution, asked.

He’s right.  Now think bigger. Imagine a more destructive and longer-lasting disruption of society – go ahead and pick whatever cause comes to mind, from a protracted power outage, to a catastrophic natural disaster, to invasion, to whatever. Look at how this country went nuts when people couldn’t buy toilet paper. What do we think is going to happen when the utilities and supply/distribution systems break down for days, then longer?

It’s not hard to imagine authorities triaged to those areas and efforts of greatest need. That means there will be no one to provide essential services, including policing, outside of those areas. How does it not make sense to have the good citizens of this country prepared and organized so that if and when the need arises, they have a structure and a chain of command they can coordinate with and receive direction from? How else would we maintain order in otherwise unserviced areas?

Naturally, the statists on the board who have let their prejudices rule their decisions were quick to reject the idea with kneejerk stereotypes.

“We just don’t need people that are not recognized as police and military out here with guns running around, Supervisor Stanley Brandon, identified by Williams as “one of three Black supervisors” declared. “America already has enough problems with policing and racism, even from officers actually trained to do the job. Law enforcement is no place for private militias.”

First off, that’s not what they would be doing, and the extent of their activities would be directed by the authorities. And how many times have we seen the ridiculous fallacy of claims that police are the “only ones” qualified to be armed?

“Who is going to govern them?” Williams quotes a resident asking. “Are you going to be responsible for them? Are you going to pay them when you call them to duty? Who is eligible to join? If they kill somebody, who is going to be liable?”

“All excellent questions, yet to be answered,” Williams proclaims.

But they have been answered, in the Constitution, Article.1. Section.8:

“The Congress shall have Power … To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions; To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia, and for governing such Part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States, reserving to the States respectively, the Appointment of the Officers, and the Authority of training the Militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress.”

It’s the government’s job to figure such details out and impart the rules to the Militia members. That’s where the “well regulated” part of the Second Amendment comes in. It’s not the fault of citizens who believe in the wisdom of the Founders that corrupt government has shirked its duties regarding “the security of a free State,” forcing them to form free associations with those of like mind. After all, we’ve seen that not only can the government not protect them, it cannot even protect itself.

And nothing says you’re on your own like the sight of police officers, like some in Richmond, taking a knee and raising their fists in solidarity with those threatening “No justice, no peace” (that is, to wreak violence and destruction unless they get their way).

Instead, Williams points to Kenosha as an example of how things “could go wrong,” claiming Kyle Rittenhouse’s defense is that “he could have been part of a ‘well regulated militia.’”

He could have been “well regulated” if the government would do its damned job. And Rittenhouse’s defense, simply put, is that he was defending himself. See for yourself how he is being railroaded by politically-motivated prosecutors being pressured to deliver the young man’s head to the mob:

Williams has no incentive to acknowledge this stuff. Besides, the easiest course is to play the race card, tell readers how the NAACP opposes the idea and how a “progressive” academic points out “militias are overwhelmingly white and male [raising] concerns about how they would be perceived in many communities, especially given our current divisive political climate, including events where self-identified militia members have opposed protesters fighting for racial justice, and in the context of a national history of some jurisdictions using armed white folks to enforce white supremacy.”

“In this context, the board is kicking a grenade, not a can, down the road,” Williams concludes. “This colossally bad idea is beyond divisive; it’s a provocation. It needs to go away.”

Either that or the core purpose of the Second Amendment needs to be implemented in the way the Founders intended. With the Militia of the several States being comprised of “the whole people,” the members would come from all demographics, would train and serve together, and would be subject to all the disciplines and laws detractors cite as reasons to disallow them.

The Militia hasn’t been “replaced by the National Guard” as latter-day gun-grabbers would have us believe. The Militia Act of 1903 (the Dick Act), which replaced the 1792 Militia Acts, clarified that the Militia is not the National Guard through recognition of the unorganized Militia.

And that presents a problem of its own, as Constitutional scholar, author, and attorney, Dr. Edwin Vieira, warns, calling that an example of Congressional “malfeasance… beyond the pale.”

“Under no circumstances may Congress leave the Militia unorganized, unarmed, or undisciplined–let alone knowingly and intentionally impose such conditions,” Vieira instructs. The very term is “an oxymoron.”

That’s deliberate, because those who would rule in a monopoly of violence know there is no more egalitarian power-sharing arrangement than the right of the people to keep and bear arms, and there is no more unifying force than the people working together to secure “the Blessings of Liberty.”  That is the best and most equitable way to achieve justice and peace, with the people themselves assuming much of the responsibility for ensuring it.

Maybe the real question here is, who benefits from a disarmed, dependent, and divided populace? Maybe instead of “Defund the Police,” the demand ought to be “Fund the Militia.”

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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This relationship is it attuned to volunteer fire department and paid for by tax dollars fire department. I don’t particularly ever recalling homeowner standing in front of burning home saying no only a professional fire fighter can put out my house.


Terry…….Spot on analogy however……..please don’t refer to paid FDs as “professionals” and infer that “vollies” are not. “Professionalism” is measured by how the individual(s) or group in question handle themselves and as such there are some non-professional paid crews as well as a huge number of professional non-paid crews. As a “vollie” for 25 years I have seen this personally. As an officer I have had to contend with and do my best to manage those non-professionals in mutual aid/support situations. But returning to your original point, yes there are NOT any justifications for anyone to assert that volunteer militia… Read more »


I have personally responded to a number of fires, of various types, (house, chimney, brush, and car) multiple times, (sometimes my ONLY motivatioin was to keep MY house from burning when the neighbour”s cought fire and if not IMMEDIATELY extinguished WOULD have taken mine, as it was only six feet away). Every time I had my work done before the pros showed up in their Big Red Trucks, sirens, blinking lights, and all. When something needs done NOW, don’t wait for “da pros” to show up with all their fun stuff and “do their thing”. Do it NOW before its… Read more »


It is hard to get the word of the militia out to the public. Our local newspaper had two anti-milita letters to the editor. They don’t seem interested publishing that support the militia. It doesn’t help that many of the states having a “militia act” don’t keep a militia or if they do, they have been disarmed. For example Idaho doesn’t even bother and Washington took the M16s away from their militia. Individuals coming together to form a militia is a noble tradition that needs to be endorsed again. If the unorganized militia is comprised of people 17-45, I’ve aged… Read more »


Well i didnt know the age limit was 45yrs old and im 56 and still work my ass off building homes and remodeling Hotels! I may not be able to run very far or very fast but i dont plan to run from anything since we are defending our own homeland! I may not be able to run and wont run from the enemy but i can march strait forward into the breach!I will give my all to ensure this country remains free and safe for my children and grandchildren!!!% May GOD have mercy on all our souls,and may those… Read more »


Amen, at 60, and in the grips of degenerative joint disease, I can still hold a position and maintain a field of fire or function as a medic with nearly 40 years in EMS and Health Care.

To quote Thomas Paine, ” If war must come, let it come in my time, so my children (and grandchildren) may know peace!”


Absolutely!! Payne echoed the feelings of all patriots.

At age 70, I’m certainly not the physical specimen that I used to be… but, as a VietNam veteran, I have the intelligence (along with the military training and skills – especially marksmanship!) to be of significant use to the conservative cause. And I damnably-well WILL be effective at it.

I believe that the appropriate response to DemocRat leaders is “Molon Labe.”


Take a closer look at how the milita of the colonial era were composed. Three “classes” of militia.. the Reguars, generally 18 to 55 ot so, depending (Captain John Parker was 55 at the time he led his 70 militia to stand their ground on Lexington’s Common that Paril morning when Gage’s Regular Army came to disarm them. Furthe,r he had advanced tuberculosis, yet was elected their captain, and served well. Then there were the young bucks, typically fifteen to early twenties, were members of their own family not yet married with their own. “Unattached” they could be Hat Coat… Read more »


I’m with you my brother. 56 and an electrician. I’ll be there to restore the grid if goes down and also ready to restore peace if I’m needed. God, family and country… I’ll protect them all.

jack mac

There are age and sex anti-discrimination laws now, nobody is “aged out.”


Good point

Boris Badenov

Only bodied out. Life’s knocks, hard and otherwise dictate that we remain moderately stationary.


There are groups, but the biggest problem for me as a retiree on a fixed income, is some of the training. Travel outside of the immediate area is something I must budget for, and often there’s insufficient time to do that. The local group in my town likes to use a specific range, but the fees the operator charges are two to three times the cost of any of the other area ranges. I’d end up paying more for an afternoon’s shoot in one day, than I pay for my yearly membership at an Indoor Range (where I’m an RSO).… Read more »




The dumbest comment in all this is how they act like there will be a bunch of wild drunk gun toting yahoo’s running around shooting up the town….
I would be willing to bet not only the “militia “ but every one posting comments here are more well trained and have better safety practices than 50% of our current “qualified “ law enforcement… no disrespect to LEOs.


You must be refering only to firearm usage. There is much more to doing the job of the militia than showing up with a BCM AR15. Knowing the law and constitution is a very much needed skill. A gloves off group of men, knowing what is right, helps maintain order. WE need a revitalized militia. Politicians many places fear such a concept.


I wonder what a statewide militia would do to these criminal politicians?

Boris Badenov

Invite them to a formal neck tie party!


I am referring to firearms and you are 100% correct. There is a ton of training in knowing laws and the constitution.
We need more people in general to learn and understand them.


knowing laws and the constitution. We need more people in general to learn and understand them. THAT should be taught by the time kids have finished fourth grade.. it was when I was a kid, and Dad tells me they had it earlier than that. Today the kids get “in service days” to go protest the fact we still have the right to keep and bear arms. Thus, as with the skills and drills necessary to maintain a “well regulated militia” we have outsourced our OWN responsibility..” FATHERS, teach your children…” This has been abdicated to the gummit skewlz, and… Read more »


Excellent point.
Fathers teach your children.
We have lost too much of that.


AMEN Swany a lot of us have come out of military and law enforcement service and joined a Militia!I know i did and stuck with it for a year.I was part of the secuirity detail tasked with security of the 2018Freedom Rally in DC.I just couldnt devote as much time to the group as i needed too.Because as Trump took over the White House jobs came back and 40hrs a week not just 29 1/2hrs per week as Obama made it so that more hours then that forced Companies to supply medical benefits and Companies just didnt want to do… Read more »


Well said David.
I believe that a return to classical American values may be what would save these United States.

Capn Dad

When the cops come for your freedoms (eg 2nd Amendment) they will just say “I’m only doing my job.” or “I’m just following orders”.


And why they will be shot trying to do so! I myself will never submit or turn over any of my property just because the crooked politician in charge of my state says so! When the new magazine ban went into effect in N.J. not one mag was ever turned in or pinned! I feel this is a sign of things to come during Murphy’s next election bid! I feel secure that he will NOT win his next election and i pray JUSTICE will be served as Governor Murphy or should i say Party Leader Commrad Murphy should be arrested… Read more »


right along with his nasty foul evil sidekick and cohort in his crimes, AtG Grewel.


Very Well Said Mr. Codrea!


Is the Militia any different from a Volunteer Fire Department ??? There are thousands of those, across this country; Urban and rural…

They enjoy the support of the people, the appreciation of those helped, and the financial aid from the community…


“…who benefits from a disarmed, dependent, and divided populace?”



Michael Paul Williams is well known to VCDL as a notorious Hoplophobe.

Here is an example of his nonsense in a VCDL ALERT with comments from PVC (#4)


He also mingled among the crowd during VCDL’s Lobby Day in 2010. He tried various ‘gotcha’ question that didn’t work; he became increasingly frustrated that we wouldn’t give him what he wanted.

Last edited 2 years ago by Mack
Colonel Travis

Great writeup, David. Thanks for bringing it to our attention


Williams: “self-identified militia members have opposed protesters fighting for racial justice,” I’d like to see him cite specific examples of this “travesty” occurring. ALL the examples where “self-identified militia member have opposed protestors” the “protesters” were nothing of that sort, but rioters, arsonists, assassins, looters, assailants, and “racial justice” was the last thing on their agenda. Methinks he wilfully conflates marxist revolutiinaries with peacekeepers. Understandable, particulary guve his wilful ignorance, as it has happened multiple times in the past. But he remains wihtout excuse, as the truth is readily available to him. He refuses to acknowledge it, to his own… Read more »

Dean Weingarten

Great article, David.


Does any have a connection to a good supply of tar and feathers ?
If Antifart and BLM can get bricks delivered to them, I’m sure that we can be supplied with our protest needs !


Really is a shame that Hanging, Drawing and Quartering for Treason stopped. Now THAT was a deterrent.


Might I suggest the used oil from chicken restaurants. And of course it is best when used while good and hot. Just a thought.


Feathers, well most places have a mattress/bedding store, just pick up a bunch of goose down, or just get friendly with the chicken farmer….


my chickens have started molting, i’ve been saving them up for you.

Boris Badenov

Feathers, just check a poultry processing plant, for tar, any paving supplier. Rope is available in large quantities, I strongly recommend Sisal it’s very rough.


Check smaller local shops. Im sure they would be tickled to order you some if they dont have it, just get shingles to make it seem legit.


It’s incumbent upon all of us to keep a list of the names and addresses of all of the oath breaking local politicians, since they are the ones that have the most direct impact on your daily life. The State and Federal tyrants are the next order of criminals to be reckoned with, but are harder to get to. And a day of reckoning is imminent. We are watching.


Its about time that our,local,state and Fed Governments speak out about this and that “fact” that WE THE PEOPLE “are” the boss’s of these politicians! Even the most powerful leader in the world(our President) is the Peoples employee!If WE THE PEOPLE want to train,arm and equip out selves to ensure the safety,security and Liberty of the people,it is in our Constitution that we be permitted to do so! Also that those politicians that are against it are ordered,by our founding Docuement, to supply,train and financially support said Militias!As it is now,all militias have supported them selves as well as armed… Read more »

HCM Commander

Thank you for getting it right!

Mitzi Thompson
Commander of Halifax County Militia


Democrat leadership are terrorists!


@ PatriotSolutions The linked article is a “keeper”. Thanks for sharing.


I have, for YEARS, stated that the States across America have abandoned their RESPONSIBILITY to train the Militia of their respective States.


“This colossally bad idea is beyond divisive; it’s a provocation.”

Yup. Between laser blinders, highway blockades, restaurant invasions, bullhorns, mobs outside people’s residences, car hood riders, fireworks, cameras in everybody’s faces, and screaming psycho chicks, the BLM/Antifa crowd has the provocation business monopolized. The man’s a recognized expert, maybe we should take his word for it — there’s no room for competitors in the provocation business.

Boris Badenov

They are full service, they also check under the car also.


I read and posted your link.
The paragraph about “Doxing” is frightening.

Get Out

Amendment II
A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.


The name of the publication says you won’t be talking to any educated or logical people on this comments section. So. You nazi 2nd Amendment whack doodles. The US Constitution does NOT legalize private militias. Period. Nor does the 2nd Amendment authorize citizens ORE veterans to appoint themselves as law enforcement personnel. In other words, go F yourselves gun as/holes.


Your grammar, sentence structure and insulting use of profanity best left in Bars and Brothels tells me that I’m evidently addressing a low brow, uneducated, Cretin!