New Effort to Split Gun Vote: ‘Gun Owners for Safety’ Just in Time for Election

A new group called “Gun Owners for Safety” has been launched by the Giffords gun control group. They’re reportedly offering gun owners an alternative to the NRA.

U.S.A.-( Almost like clockwork, another ostensibly pro-gun organization has appeared on the landscape just in time for a national election in which the gun vote will be critical, and this one was launched by the Giffords gun control organization, and according to The Hill, “It seeks to offer gun owners an alternative to the NRA, which remains stringently opposed to most anti-gun violence proposals.”

This new outfit is called Gun Owners for Safety (GOS), launched Friday. By no small coincidence, it already reportedly has chapters in key swing states, including Texas, Colorado and Minnesota, and claims to be building chapters in Michigan, Virginia, Ohio, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. They also “plan on building out chapters in Nevada, Vermont, Oregon, South Carolina, and Wisconsin.”

It is significant that Oregon is mentioned since there is another group in that state, Gun Owners for Responsible Ownership. According to their website, “We envision an America where all are safe from gun violence, and where responsible gun owners take the lead to promote safe gun ownership and sensible laws and regulations.” Oregon is not considered a swing state, either, but its gun owners are an active bunch that have been fighting extremist gun control efforts for several years.

The Pacific Northwest has become a haven for gun prohibition politics with the billionaire-backed Alliance for Gun Responsibility based in Seattle.

The arrival of COS on the national scene only two weeks ahead of the 2020 presidential and congressional elections—in which gun owners hoping to protect their rights—is eerily reminiscent of the now-defunct American Hunters and Shooters Association (AHSA), founded in 2005. Their effort was also designed to provide “an alternative” to the NRA, and their political support was almost universally for Democrats.

Translation: Split the gun vote between Second Amendment activists and hunters who didn’t care for the NRA’s aggressive brand of gun rights activism. That group folded after about five years.

According to their website, GOS insists, “We can prevent gun violence while also supporting the Second Amendment. Gun Owners for Safety unites hunters, sport shooters, and collectors who want commonsense gun laws.”

It’s what some in the gun rights movement call “camo speak,” but it is recognizable by using words from the gun control lexicon, such as “commonsense gun laws” and “gun violence.”

As their message stresses, “We also have a responsibility to help keep our families and communities safe. Right now, we’re facing a real crisis in America: too many are losing their lives or loved ones to gun violence. But the vast majority of gun owners agree that there are responsible measures we can take to save lives.”

The group has emerged just as mail-in ballots are appearing, and citizens in states where in-person voting is occurring are now lining up, sometimes for hours, to cast their votes.

According to The Hill story, “Gun Owners for Safety plans to take advantage of the weakened state of the NRA, which has faced accusations of corrupt leadership and illegal spending.”

The question is whether GOS will be able to accomplish its mission by using this sales pitch:

“For too long, gun laws in our country have made it too easy to get a gun without a rigorous background check. Now more than ever, gun owners must work together to find smart solutions that will save lives and support the Second Amendment. It’s time for sensible background checks and responsible gun laws. We can help save lives and protect our Second Amendment rights for generations to come.”

But there may be a fly in their ointment, as the saying goes, and it already has a foothold.

It’s the Second Amendment Foundation’s “2A First Responders” project, which has been gaining considerable momentum since its launch some weeks ago. SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan Gottlieb says advertising will continue at least for a couple more weeks.

This effort has been receiving thousands of responses. Activists are invited to text “PROTECT 2A” to 474747, he said. The message on SAF’s website is blunt:

“Defending our Second Amendment rights depends on engaged activists like YOU, who are willing to dedicate their time and energy.  The FREE 2A First Responder program seeks something more valuable than your money–it seeks your time. 

“This volunteer program is geared toward individuals who wish to ACTIVELY ENGAGE in the defense of their rights, who are looking to INCREASE THEIR ACTIVISM further, and who can become FORCE MULTIPLIERS by recruiting additional volunteers and building their own local networks of 2A First Responders in their communities. 

“If this sounds like the program for you, please click the button below and complete our brief Freedom Form to enroll. The program and everything associated with it are ABSOLUTELY FREE!”

Whether Giffords’ new group will have a significant impact on the Nov. 3 election remains to be seen, but it is off to a heady start. With chapters in the critical swing states, and many gun owners grumbling about the NRA’s current problems, activists are reminding one another, and anyone else who will listen, that every vote will count.

People who are leaving on fall hunting trips are being urged to get absentee ballots and fill them out before heading to camp.

Democrats Joe Biden and Kalama Harris have made their gun control agenda a matter of public record, and there have been strong hints they may try to pack the Supreme Court if they win next month, in order to prevent the advancement of Second Amendment cases.

About Dave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

Dave Workman

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Just made a donation to the GOA. F the GOS. The Marxists love to co-opt words and change the meaning like “gun safety” and “common sense gun laws” to fit their agenda.

Green Mtn. Boy

This,the title of the org should cause one to be more than a bit leery of them.


They pick their names using Orwell’s latest edition of the Newspeak Dictionary. Examples: Slavery is freedom. Thought is Evil. Speech is Violence. Guns Kill.


Don’t forget the classic “It will save lives.”


GOA is a waste of time and money. They never get anything accomplished. Join and donate to the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) and to Citizens Committee to Keep and Bear Arms (CCKBA). These two organizations have a track record of actually getting things done.


Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA)

uncle dudley

I wonder if this new group came up with the name so they could endorse Kelly in the Arizona senate race?
Every gun owner doesn’t need a fake organization calling themselves Gun Owners For Safety to tell them a damn thing, we know they are a gun grabbing group who wants to eliminate gun ownership.
They are frauds.


Hey Unc, I have a safety on my Crossman BB gun. Does that qualify?


We already HAVE a “common sense gun law”. It’s called the Second Amendment.

Elisa Delaurenti

“I own guns BUT……” Too many have fallen for that “common sense gun control” trope. These people are dangerously misguided and naive.


Those people are USEFUL IDIOTS.


useful to the opposition.


This is just another way for the liberals to reel back in their “ lost sheep “ they are giving all the new liberal gun owners a place to go thinking this is their new “ gun group “
Just afraid they will realize how good it is on the side of real Americans that truly care about the 2nd . Trying to scare them back into the flock…


They are not liberals. They are progressives, leftists and in many cases complete communists. Liberals believe in freedom, free choice, free markets, individual liberty and a very light touch of limited government. Rush Limbaugh destroyed that word decades ago when he allowed leftists, progressives and socialists to hide behind it and did not call them out and remind them of the true definition. So if you are wondering why we win 100% of our battles here in Arizona, here is a hint. Clear, concise and correct language on our part and calling out our opposition for hiding behind Orwellian language.


I do not think that they are even “Progressives” cause that communism schtic goes back all the way to the clans of the cavemen


You must be right because the people from Arizona move to Oregone and help the commiefornians screw it up. I have not met a transplant that is not a demonrat yet that comes here and almost immediately gets into a political position. I am starting to think that because everyone refers to Oregone as a left coast state and thinks of Oregone as demonrat, it is causing more demnonrats to move here because they believe that is the majority. They don’t know the truth. The truth is that Oregone is republican and if our vote for governor was based on… Read more »


The Giffords are anti gunners they’re against the second amendment. This is a anti gunner group they started. You’re better going to Gun Owners of America or Firearm Policy Foundation if you don’t want to be with the NRA.


Sad that Kelly made Giffords into The Village Idiot of Gun Control to get him into politics.




It’s not too surprising that news has come to light concerning Mark Kelly’s dealings with China. Probably more influence peddling, just like H. Biden.


Gun Owners For Safety, GOoFS for short


I for one am happy to see groups that reflect my interests as a gun owner. Believe it or not, many gun owners don’t fall for the NRA propaganda and support common sense regulations on ownership.


The US government originally understood the fact it has no Constitutional authority to regulate firearms. Corrupt politicians wrote up the NFA to make an end run around that fact by using taxing authority to the same effect as regulatory or policing authority. A prohibitive tax equal to a year’s salary was utilized, to place select firearms out of the reach of the common man, and handguns were originally included in the NFA. The 2nd is a prohibitive statute, that recognizes a pre-existing right to bear arms (rather than granting or creating it) and its sole purpose per SCOTUS is to… Read more »

Dave in Fairfax


Since this is Jeff’s first and only comment, I have to wonder if he is in some way related to the groups being discussed. They may well be keeping an eye on articles referencing them and using targeted responses in an attempt to maintain/gain credibility.


– I too am a gun owner for common sense gun regulation. It doesn’t get much more straight forward or clear than “shall not be infringed”.
Common sense says that top level restriction on governmental restriction means nothing’s if not applied to all lower levels of government.

None of these fake gun owner groups have any common sense or respect for others.


Thank you Dave. There are times I think Will and I may speak different languages. He is correct that I am a liberal (believing in individual rights and liberty), but assumes that I am a “Liberal” (those who claim to support liberty through rights suppression – liberating us from individual thought and responsibility). Perhaps he objects to my refusal to surrender our language to 1984 type revisions. I will never accept use of “gun violence” as a single inseparable word. I will not sever liberal from liberty or conservative from conserve. I remain a nonviolent gun owner and a liberal… Read more »