Philadelphia ‘Gun Violence’ Counselor Reportedly Shoots Male Prostitute to Death

While Philadelphia’s useful idiots demand to disarm you, look at what one of the city’s “gun violence crisis responders” has reportedly done while on the job. (Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office/Facebook)

U.S.A. – -( “A Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office employee who works with victims of gun violence has been placed on administrative leave and is being investigated for fatally shooting a man who tried to rob him Tuesday morning,” The Philadelphia Inquirer reports. “DeVonte’ Douglass, who aids victims of gun violence as a peer crisis responder in the office’s Crisis Assistance, Response, and Engagement for Survivors (CARES) program, is being investigated for fatally shooting Vernon Harris, 31, just before 10 a.m. …”

That makes it fair to ask what Philadelphia city worker hours are and if Douglass was supposed to be out and about counseling victims (or as the DA Newsletter puts it, “finding creative ways to keep taking care of their clients”), particularly since the man he allegedly killed has been “described by authorities as a male prostitute [who] tried to rob Douglass at gunpoint.”

Big Trial, a Philadelphia trial blog, fill in some details:

“According to police, the two black males met at 27th and Cambria. Douglass, 28, of the 2900 block of North Bambrey St.,  got into a white Dodge Durango driven by Harris, 31, of the 1800 block of Harrison Street, and then they drove to the cemetery. After their encounter, which took place in the back seat of the vehicle, with the windows open, Douglass told police, Harris stood outside the vehicle and pointed a gun at Douglass, and demanded all his money.”

So it was a business meeting, just not official business. Because he was reportedly wearing his DA ID badge, it’s fair to assume Douglass did not use up vacation time or take an approved leave. And that makes it fair to wonder what it is about working for the City of Philadelphia that makes employees feel comfortable engaging in such blatant policy violations on the people’s dime — and not fear having to honestly account for their time.

It’s also fair to wonder, since prostitution is a crime, if using a gun during its commission won’t have any accessory carryover. And while few would dispute Douglass’ right to defend himself, it is curious that he is a “gun violence professional” working in an anti-gun administration for Larry Krasner, a soft on (actual) crime DA.

It’s no surprise that Philadelphia is a “Bloomberg Mayors” city, and one that is continually trying to pass infringements in violation of state preemption laws. So it’s good for Douglass that he already has his concealed carry permit, because the city, using COVID as an excuse, is making citizens wait months instead of the required 45 days.

He does have a permit, doesn’t he?

That’s not clear, because Big Trial says “Police recovered a 9 mm gun registered to Douglass.” Since that’s not a requirement (the prior link to the city administration says “PA records handgun sales in a state database”), one wonders if they meant he had a Pennsylvania License to Carry Firearms. Noting his position with the city, that’s something to be looked into, as well as if that means he was compliant with state law on guns in vehicles and Philadelphia Code on guns in public facilities like his place of employment.

Since Krasner’s office has recused itself, we’ll need to wait to see what the state investigation concludes, and how many of these points are raised.

“Your Philly DA’s office: where Krasner hires an employee who allegedly ends up shooting and killing a man,” The Inquirer article quotes a U.S. attorney and strong critic of the district attorney. “You can’t even make this stuff up. The destruction that Krasner has wrought on that office is a tragedy.”

The mess “progressive” policies have made of the Democrat-controlled city is pretty evident by events unfolding in Philadelphia, with riots and looting and burning over police defending themselves against a knife-wielding “family man” who:

“…had at least three standing protection from abuse orders filed against him, by his mother and the mother of his children … was arrested for stabbing the mother of his children [was arrested] for kicking the windows and door panels of a police vehicle [and] during a robbery… allegedly grabbed a woman by the neck, and … held a gun to her head… [H]e violated a protection order filed by his mother by throwing water in her face, punching her in the face, and threatening to shoot her [and] was a mentally ill career criminal with some 18 arrests; an amateur rapper seen on video cavorting with guns that, as a convicted felon, he was barred from possessing…”

In a seeming  sick parody of what the entire Black Lives Matter movement is supposed to be about (as opposed to the Chinese communist-manipulated subversion that it is), we are “treated” to such examples of cognitive dissonance as “Looter Calls Philly Police to Report Looting After Fellow Looters Steal His Car” and “Looters were shooting looters.”

None of that is more absurdly contradictory than a “gun violence crisis responder” working for an anti-gun administration reportedly shooting a prostitute to death while on the job. That seems as good an excuse for more riots as any, but for some reason, it’s getting a pass. The U.S. attorney is right. You literally cannot make this stuff up.

And these are the people who want our guns.

About David Codrea:
David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

David Codrea

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Don’t you just hate it when blow jobs go bad. He should have just paid the guy, said thank you and moved on.

Gene Ralno

This cavalcade of comedy is precisely where Bloomberg, Biden, Schumer and other infringers would place us.


I get a kick out of the priest/minister or WHATEVER with the anti AR sign… Where is his sign with the alter boy getting plowed in the ass by the priest/minister ???? THAT is what the church SHOULD be protesting…. 10,000+ lives ruined by the gay/pedophile church leaders and they ignore that.
Must be a church thing….
Ironic, the word ASS is clearly visible under his BULLSHIT sign. Yeah, he is probably one of THOSE priest/ministers… Cast the spotlight on something else father.


You can’t make this stuff up.


It is a city run by DEMOCRATS what else did you expect????


The whole situation appears queer to me. Communist scum shooting Communist scum! Particularly when the communist scum who did the shooting, while on the city’s time, was out looking for a male whore with whom to hook up!!! Who is running the City of Philadelphia now?!! Whomever has the job there of approving the hiring obviously needs to be replaced!!! Also sounds to me like Larry Krasner needs to have his donkey thrown out in the street as well!!!


rest assured they already have a comlete roster of what we have, and most likely where it is. De facto registration. Sorta like BATF’s registry they are building from NICS and Bound Books.


Bizarre – cannot add anything to this convoluted story. I speaks for itself.

American Patriot

Guess the prostitute didn’t use protection……


Naw! The whore did not use protection! I guess most of them do not!!! After all, I guess a bullet resistant vest is not part of a whore’s outfit!!!


MOther May I Cards register the gun carrier. Some states also register the individual guns. One can have the Mother ay I Card and no gun, and have a gun and no Mother May I Card. One cal only carry a gun lawfully in most places if they have the Mother May I Card. It will be interesting to unravel the details of the public employee who was theoretically “on duty”, had a concealed handgun upon his person, and was engaged in unlawful activity whilst so armed. My smeller is sniffing more hidden dirt in this “encounter” than is already… Read more »


DeVONte… beez workin’ fo da city….. an likes “gettin ‘it’ wet”, on da DOWN LOW, while on da clock.
(I’m willin to bet, he just didn’t want to pay the poofter)


😉 🙂 🙂 Yetther!!!


Trick or Treat.

Philadelphia is a House of Horrors.


Mack , , , Naw! Philly is a House of Whores, not horrors!!!!

Elisa Delaurenti

These Cities are given million$ to implement their new “reimagine law enforcement” schemes, and these “Violence Interrupters” are making big money to push disarmament.


Elisa Delaurenti . . . If this is the best that Philly can do, just cut all of the federal taxpayer money off . . . ALL the money!!!


There is nothing in this piece that doesn’t make me feel like vomiting. Perversion at every level. It will never make the nightly news.

Scotty Gunn

After he dumped his load, he then unloaded on him some more….

John Dow

If Douglass was on duty/work time, doesn’t just about every govt agency prohibit carry of firearms on the job? (LE excluded of course, but how long will that last?)


John D. …. You mean Two Gun Douglas?

Matt in Oklahoma

Politicians already did that with China years ago when they sold out. They know everything and duplicate it.

Watch um

Question; who shot who with his other “gun” before the other shooting happened during the robbery, hahaha


Watch um . . . The article does not say who was pitching and who was catching. Does it matter?

Matt in Oklahoma

Mostly Peaceful encounter


Matt in Oklahoma . . . Except for the last part. Douglas should have given over his lunch money,


I have nothing politically correct to say so I’ll just say LOL..Surely the BLM LGBTQ Should be protesting such an abuse of power.
Black lives matter right?

Last edited 1 year ago by SEMPAI

This will definitely get the “Q”s butts and ears perked in the air…. and they’ll be “sniffing around” the DA’s orifice…. errr, I mean office… looking for some kind of ‘action‘.


Pay back was a Bitch, maybe.


Great article with one exception. The author mistakenly suggests the BLM movement is a good thing, subverted by the CCP. Nothing is farther from the truth: they are trained Marxists whose goal is Communism and their rallies are strategically planned. “Melina Abdullah, of BLM’s Los Angeles chapter, told an interviewer that the demonstrations in that city had been strategically planned: “We built kind of an organizing strategy that said, build black community [to] disrupt white supremacy.” Their targets, she said, were the neighborhoods where “white affluent folks” lived. “That’s one of the reasons the marches and the protests were in Beverly Hills.”… Read more »

uncle dudley

The city of Brotherly Love, guess they should change the motto.


Incestuous brotherly love?


Grigori . . . Good Comment!


It was two “Brothers” involved in some sick kind of perverted love, so I suppose the motto still applies.


that sort of conduct is NOT love in any sense or meaning of the word. Don’t Orwell that word.


more like “City of Brotherly Corruption”


uncle dudley . . . . Nothin’ new. Philly has been that way for years.


Hey, the “brother” had needs, YO!


Cities like Philly, B’mo and Chicago have to get on a step ladder in order to look up to cities like Tegucigalpa, San Salvador and Caracas.

Last edited 1 year ago by nrringlee

nrringlee . . . YUP!!!



uncle dudley

You can’t fix stupid!


well, it looks like half of the supid quotient out that day did indeed get “fixed. Permanently. Now, let’s see what the legal system can to do “fix” the other half of the stupid quotient in this story.


Tionico . . . Ain’t NOTHIN’ gonna’ happen!!! Douglas is one of the Fair Haired Boys of the Philly Communist Party and they is in control!!!