Kyle Rittenhouse Abruptly Extradited to Wisconsin

Kyle Rittenhouse

U.S.A.-( On 31 October, 2020, there was an extradition hearing for Kyle Rittenhouse in the Lake County courthouse in Waukegan, Illinois. The Judge ruled that Kyle should be extradited to Wisconsin, for the self-defense shootings of people who followed and attacked him in Kenosha, during the riots in that city. Kyle worked as a lifeguard in Kenosha. His home in Illinois is about 15 miles from Kenosha.

The hearing was held on Friday morning. The judge issued his ruling Friday afternoon.

John Pierce, Kyle’s attorney, had said he would appeal the extradition. It was implied that Kyle would stay in custody in Illinois until the appeal was processed.

That did not happen. Kyle was handed over to Kenosha sheriff deputies at the state line on the afternoon of Friday, 31 October. From

Kyle Rittenhouse sits while listening during an extradition hearing in Lake County court Friday in Waukegan, Ill. Rittenhouse was then turned over to Kenosha County sheriff deputies at the state line at around 3:45 p.m., Covelli said. Part of the shooting incident was caught on video by other protesters. There had been some looting and damage to businesses, including buildings being burned.

Fighting the extradition hearings had always seemed to be a delay strategy to keep Kyle out of the hands of Wisconsin authorities, who seemed more interested in buckling to the demands of radical leftist protestors than in evidence or justice.

The left has been calling for Kyle to be assassinated in prison.

Kyle was not allowed out on bail in Illinois, because he was charged with a crime for which there was a potential life sentence. Under Illinois law, no bail was allowed.

In Wisconsin, bail is allowed, but bail bondsmen are not. A bail board determines the bail to be set. In Kyle’s case the bail is set at two million dollars.

A website has been set up to gather contributions for Kyle’s defense. It is

Numerous videos of the shootings are available on the Internet. One of the best documentaries has been done at v-radio on Youtube. It shows a detailed analysis of what happened with the identification of the players, documentary evidence of their backgrounds, slow motion analysis of the critical points, and an explanation of the conflicts between the people defending private property and the rioters.

Kyle’s attorney, John Pierce, said the prosecution is a political prosecution. It is difficult to avoid that conclusion, once the evidence is seen.

It is unknown where Kyle will be imprisoned in Wisconsin. Perhaps the Kenosha County Jail. It is unlikely there will be a bail bond hearing until Monday, the 2nd of November, because of the weekend.

In ordinary circumstances, a 17-Year-Old boy who fled from attackers, and when finally cornered, successfully defended himself against them with a rifle, would be honored as a hero. When it was discovered his attackers had criminal histories, while he was a dedicated police supporter, people would nod their heads and see the obvious, especially as the action was all caught on video.

In the upside-down political world of today, a police supporter is called a white supremacist. His self-defense actions are called murder. His protection of property from destruction during a riot is called a provocation. His attackers, with long criminal histories, are called heroes.

Fortunately, the election is near. The political motivation to destroy Kyle Rittenhouse may abate a bit after the election.

Consider. If Kyle Rittenhouse can be politically prosecuted for his self-defense, all documented on video, what chance does anyone else have in a politicized criminal justice system, where you are prosecuted because you opposed the destruction of private property during a riot?

About Dean Weingarten:

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of Constitutional Carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

Dean Weingarten

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Get Out

There are to many videos out there that show Rittenhouse was the victim of violent thugs intent on doing harm if they had caught him. Rittenhouse should have been released long ago.

uncle dudley

The TV news said this morning that bond was set at two million dollars for Rittenhouse, I hope some wealthy gun owner fronts the money to get him out of jail.


That would be great, they put him in with the adults in Kenosha. But his shyster lawyer Pierce controls the money donated, which was over two million, and he’s already taken one million.


Most government agents and practically all politicians, are ever held to account for their illegal actions, or if they are, it is a slap on the wrist, but ordinary citizens, especially patriotic conservative citizens, are the single most abused and discriminated against people in the nation and always held to the proverbial double standard in lieu of real justice.


We all need to donate to save Kyle!
Remember one of our sons could be next!


too bad we can’t get inside and follow the money trail.. WHO has that Illinois judge bought and paid for? What “evidence” was brought to lead to his extradition? On WHAT basis was he charged in Illinois with some rap that could get him life in prison? This thing has stunk from the beginning, and as it “ripens” it only stinks more.


Kyle Rittenhouse is an American Hero. The frivolous charges again him need to be dismissed, and he be released, ASAP. The prosecutors who charged him need to be disbarred and made to some hard time.


We ALWAYS seem to be on the defensive on all the inter related issues and events. We need to pick some easy to win fights with high power lawyers and multi billion dollar lawsuits that cripple the anti-second amendment/anti-liberty crowd. And then work our way up through tougher cases, using the funds previously won to augment further progress. There is simply too much corruption, illegal\un-Constitutional activity, anti-good guy DAs, government officials violating their oaths/treason involved in too much gross negligence, oppression under color of authority, frivolous/malicious prosecution\illegal investigations/illegal arrests etc.that cases can not be found to go after. Ignorance of… Read more »


In the 2A Rights world this is why we say,  “Nobody ever wins a gun fight. But if you’re lucky you end up the one who gets to keep breathing.”   Yeah.. a 17yr old kid probably should not have taken it upon himself to go to a riot to ‘help’ by volunteering as an Emergency Med Tech and to protect a business in which he had no financial interest. And he shouldn’t have taken a gun. But nothing he did was illegal. He should have probably stayed home and watched video games. Just like de Tocqueville imagined. Then he wouldn’t have ruined his life. There are lots… Read more »

Get Out

IMOA there’s a simple solution, every gun owner in Wisconsin that believes Rittenhouse defended himself from the violent thugs should volunteer for jury duty when the trial starts.


Except that there is no such a thing as a “voluntary” jury. They are pre-selected, in secret, behind closed doors, and then forced to comply at the point of being put in a cage if you don’t comply. It wasn’t that way before 1933, but that’s how it is now, and has been since well before either of us was ever born.

Get Out

That shouldn’t stop qualified citizens from making it known to the court that they are willing to be seated as a juror. Imagine if you will if thousands of qualified citizens descended on the court house requesting they be placed in the jury pool? Make them tell you no.

Last edited 2 years ago by Get Out

Juries are oicked called for duty blindly and at random, from the active jury pool in the county of jurisdiction. MAYBE in that county there will be a lot of gun owners/freedom champions.

Some guy

Kenosha is more than likely a blue dot in a red sea. This kid is going to be an example to all of you what happens when you oppose the democrats. In a few days they’ll have “found” enough ballots to control everything.


“what chance does anyone else have” I have an answer for that one Mr. Weingarten. None whatsoever. Not without a bought and paid for ‘friend’ inside of the INjustice system. Corruption and cronyism is all that exists in the US now. Just as in every other empire at the end of it’s life. Pax Roma and Pax Brittania were the same, and Pax Amerikana will be no different. Empires are founded on, and grow out of, corruption and evil, so they always die the same way. Their own evil eats them from the inside out. That way the sheeple don’t… Read more »

Some guy

I’m so tired of listening to the people that are talking about how much they are going to fight back. This kid is being crucified, the deep state is finding ballots to flip the election, and you’re not going to do a fucking thing.


So many state legislatures and state AG’s were bought off by Soros,Bloomberg, and others. Globalists really do want anarchy inside the USA. Democrat Party is stepping up the pace on establishing Marxism as the governing ideology.