Speaking With Republican Candidate for Virginia Governor, Merle Rutledge Jr.

Speaking With Republican Candidate for Virginia Governor, Merle Rutledge Jr.
Speaking With Republican Candidate for Virginia Governor, Merle Rutledge Jr.

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- Merle Rutledge is running as a Republican for Governor of Virginia. Rutledge is a Constitutionalist Republican and hopes to be the next Governor of the state. He runs on a campaign of gun rights, dealing with illegal immigration, pro-life, and reforming the war on drugs. His goal is to represent both rural Virginians and those in the urban areas. He is against shutting down the economy due to COVID and says we have an epidemic of RINOs and liberal snake charmers in the Commonwealth.

Rutledge says he wants to represent real Virginians as the next Governor instead of special interest and out of state donors. I had a chance to speak with Rutledge about running for Governor and what he plans to do if he wins.

John: I always start with the same question. What made you want to run for Governor?

Merle: I always say God called me to put my hat into the race. I’ve been dealing with local, state, and federal officials since I was 16 all the way to the present. I have seen them all go to Richmond or D.C and just become lame duck career politicians that run on lies. I know it far too well that politicians get into office and sell everyone out.

America is at a time that they don’t want Mr. or Mrs. Perfect. They want someone that is going to fight for people of all backgrounds and walks of life. A politician that doesn’t look down on them and going through what they are going through at the dinner table. I have always been in a position to help and be a gift from God in people’s lives. Politicians are supposed to be about public service, and far too often are just helping themselves. I’m here to do the people’s business with conservative wisdom and values.

However, I am not bought off by special interest groups like the others and not here to get endorsements from politicians. I’m here to work for all Virginians and make them understand in a different way that an unarmed Virginia will make Virginia into one of the worse run states in America. We see that in all the strictest gun control areas, they have the most crime. I support the Second Amendment and never received a dime from any gun-rights group. I stand for the Second Amendment because it is the right thing to do—the ability to protect yourself from evil.

John: What is your background with firearms?

Merle: I have a .38 and a .22. I love them both. I prefer hand to hand combat. If I pull out my gun, I plan to use it. I’m not some actor running around the halls of Richmond or walking around this state carrying and won’t see the gun for what it’s meant for and whenever necessary. I will not hesitate to defend you, me, or our families from monsters and pedophiles that continue to prey on all of us. I am the equalizer.

John: Virginia has enacted universal background checks. What is your stance on that law?

Merle: We don’t need a universal background check. I am against it completely. Your gun, Your business. If you act recklessly with a gun, then the laws we have, even though most should be repealed, is good enough. I will not entertain any gun control conversations or make knee-jerk statements that dilute my stance on the Second Amendment. I will stand my ground and every gun owner’s ground on making sure Virginia is for gun lovers.

John: Most Democrats in the Virginia legislature want a so-called assault weapons ban. If you are Governor, would you sign it if it came across your desk?

Merle: Absolutely not! I will not entertain any gun control. I plan to expand on our rights with the castle doctrine, second chance administrative restoration of gun rights for non-violent criminals, and case-by-case scenarios on felons having their gun rights decided by a board of gun owners, not judges. I want a state-recognized gun. I plan to enhance and upgrade our rights to lethal use of force with a stronger stand your ground law. Gun safety classes will be the option against these pedophile sex ed classes in our schools. The earlier our children know how to use a gun properly, the earlier we have a safer Virginia and future.

John: Local counties have now begun instituting their own gun restrictions. How would you combat those restrictions?

Merle: I would convene a meeting with those counties and tell them that the day of gun control is over. I will call on every legal avenue to throw out those restrictions and make sure our legislature knows that I will pardon all those in violation of their regulations where no felony has occurred. Just the simple civil disobedience for violating those gun restrictions will lead to an automatic pardon of those found in violation of those restrictions. I am the 2A insurance plan.

John: Do you support Constitutional carry?

Merle: I want to throw out the need for concealed carry permits. It is nothing more than another tax scheme to get more of Virginian’s money for pork-barrel projects with lawmakers. “Your gun is your business,” is my motto.

I also plan to pardon all those that were convicted for simply being in possession of a firearm. I will not hesitate to pardon gun owners not bowing down to Ralph Northam and the DNC. I will be encouraging more women to become armed as well. Restraining orders are not enough. We shouldn’t be scared of guns in Virginia. We need to get used to seeing law-abiding gun owners, just like so many are used to seeing a mask. I rather see a gun.

John: Do you support the automatic restoration of gun rights for felons?

Merle: Yes, and a gun owner board that decide on those with serious felonies which I would sit down with them to address those scenarios. Second Amendment issues and resolutions should be left to Second Amendment supporters.

John: Do you support red flag laws like the one currently active in Virginia?

Merle: Absolutely not! No trial, no taking of anyone’s gun. I have seen this law abused beyond belief. It needs to be gone.

John: Some people claim a Republican can’t win the race for Governor. How do you plan on winning?

Merle: Going after the voters that Democrats abandon and change the messaging, so it applies to everyone, and being unapologetic of my conservative values. Also, sending the message clearly that your family deserves strong leaders in and out of the households. We need to get back to tough love.

I’m going to be that mean Republican coach that everyone loves. When I was young, I hated my coach because he was tough on me. He always wanted me to practice later and work harder on my game. After I started winning and seeing the hard work pay off, I loved the coach I hated because I saw what he was trying to do for me. He was trying to make me better and not a quitter.

This is exactly what I will do for Virginia. Right now, I have the best chance to get that message out and win back Virginia. The DNC offered the miseducation to Virginia families. I will offer the truth and make the family bond stronger, not vulnerable. I’m going to be Governor of Virginia, and I won’t have to sell out the Republican creed to do it. I will embrace it fully and explain in a way that it applies to the dinner table and social justice issues.

Voters need to see someone new that is willing to tell it like it is, and they don’t feel like someone is taking favorites. They will respect my values and positions. They may not agree all the time. However, eventually, they will see how their life is better and full of options and that I was the best one to be in the position for change. What else do we have to lose?

The candidates that are already in the race can’t win but get all the money they can lose. Sounds like the last decade. Right now, it’s a new Republican attitude and candidate named Merle Rutledge Jr. My political views may offend some, but our country and our freedoms are more important.

John: How can people support you?

Merle: Word of Mouth, Donations, and making up their mind not to chase a political name and focus on winning Virginia by any means necessary. If I lose, none of the answers to your group’s questions can happen. I know they want it to happen sooner than later.

Readers to learn more about Merle Rutledge Jr. here.

About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at www.crumpy.com.

John Crump

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This guy has his shit together. We could use a country of Governor Rutledge’s!

Ansel Hazen

And did I hear correctly Mark Robinson won his race in NC?


A good, honest, faithful, conservative black man running for office? Now that doesn’t fit the narrative? Does it?

You’d think that the black community would embrace this opportunity to take a huge step out of the cesspool in which the Democrat party has created for them. This will be, once again, a shameful public beating of a good black human being by the party that says they’re taking care of the poor black folks of this country.

(Maybe we’re missing something here?)


Mr Rutledge, if by some misfortune or mischance Virginia doesn’t elect you, I would be quite happy to see you come down here and run for Governor of South Carolina in two years. Our crop of prospects, as it currently stands, is not real great. I think you could change that.

Ansel Hazen

He would probably choose Maine though after I tell him about the lobsters. 🙂