Biden Chooses Anti-Gun Becerra to Head Health & Human Services

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra. (Screen snip, YouTube, California DOJ)

U.S.A.-( Democrat Joe Biden sent another strong signal about the direction on guns his administration will take by announcing his pick to head the Department of Health and Human Services is Xavier Becerra, the anti-gun California attorney general who replaced another gun prohibitionist, Kamala Harris, when she was elected to the U.S. Senate.

Becerra is the defendant in several ongoing gun rights lawsuits filed by the Second Amendment Foundation, Firearms Policy Coalition, and others. He’s been sued at least five times by SAF.

If he is confirmed as HHS Secretary next year, he will be in a position to put the full force of the federal government behind the notion that guns are a health risk.

Various anti-Second Amendment groups have been crusading for years to declare “gun violence” a public health crisis. None of these groups ever seem to create a ripple in the news when there is a fatal stabbing or someone is bludgeoned to death. Becerra would likely get plenty of support from such organizations.

But he may have trouble being confirmed depending upon the outcome of the double Senate election in Georgia on January 5th. If Republican incumbents Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue are re-elected, it gives the GOP a thin majority. Republican Sen. Tom Cotton of Alabama already said he will vote against confirming Becerra.

Fox News is reporting “Republicans slammed President-elect Joe Biden after he announced his choice of California Attorney General Xavier Becerra for secretary of Health and Human Services on Monday, and they criticized Becerra’s record on abortion and other issues.”

Conservative groups such as the Alliance Defending Freedom and the Susan B. Anthony List has labeled Becerra an “extremist,” Fox added. Religious leaders are also slamming the choice, again on the abortion issue.

In September, Becerra’s office made a big splash with the announcement that he was leading a “coalition” including the anti-gun Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence “in filing a lawsuit against the Trump Administration demanding the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) correct its interpretation of what qualifies as a firearm.”

The lawsuit is aimed at defining so-called “80 percent” frames as firearms.

It’s no small wonder why Giffords Executive Director Peter Ambler issued a ringing endorsement of Becerra when news broke Monday about Biden’s pick.

“After four years of Donald Trump, Americans desperately need strong leadership from the top to confront public health crises like the coronavirus pandemic and gun violence,” Ambler said in a prepared statement. “Xavier Becerra is a superb choice to take charge of Health & Human Services, which will have one of the most critical missions in the Biden-Harris Administration. Becerra has an impressive record of taking action to protect and improve public health, he’s been a partner in the fight against gun violence, never backing down from special interests like the gun lobby in his mission to save lives. We look forward to working with him and the rest of the cabinet to address gun violence.”

No doubt most of the resistance to Becerra will relate to the abortion issue, but Becerra would remain no friend to American gun owners as head of HHS.

Last year, when a killer opened fire at the annual Garlic Festival in Gilroy with a semi-auto rifle he brought from neighboring Nevada, Becerra lamented “We cannot enforce California laws in Nevada.”

At the time, KGO reported that despite California’s restrictive gun control laws prohibiting the sale or import of so-called “assault rifles” into the state, “the suspected gunman brought one into the state.”

Gun rights activists shook their heads because the media, and Becerra, missed the point entirely. Determined killers will ignore gun control laws and find ways to commit their heinous acts. Transporting the gun into California simply underscored the problem with such laws: They don’t really prevent crimes.

While he was in the state assembly representing California’s Legislative District 31, Democrat Becerra voted against legislation prohibiting junk lawsuits against gun manufacturers for crimes committed by third parties misusing their firearms. He voted against reducing the waiting period for firearms purchases from three days to one day. He was rated “F” by the National Rifle Association.

Biden is in the midst of picking people to fill his cabinet positions as the possibility of any reversal of the election grows increasingly remote. Over the weekend, President Trump traveled to Georgia in an effort to get out the vote for Loeffler and Perdue, while insisting he won the state and contending he won elsewhere.

About Dave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms, and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

Dave Workman

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Guns ARE a health risk to criminals, crooked democrat politicians and bureaucrats.


Not enough of this type of discipline is practiced.


shouldn’t the secretary of health and human services be someone connected to the healthcare field and know something it and not be a lawyer who only knows how to subvert the law?
get ready people. if this bogus administration gets in, we are in for a world of hurt.


Man, don’t know if I thumbs up because I agree or thumbs down because I don’t like what you are saying but what you are saying is the truth. It’s obvious that Joe’s priorities are. 1. Lining his and family pockets, 2. Giving away America’s wealth, 3. Take away our guns so they can have total control and domination over the people so they can enslave us. 4. End America and start the New World Order.

Remember, sucky chucky shumer said “today Georgia, tomorrrow the world”

Stay armed for a safer America.


Agree! But buy more ammo now, until Biden puts a tax on it and/or limits the amount you can acquire. Weapons are still readily available, but I’ve noticed an increase in prices for many.


Biden is compromised and is not fit for the office. We will not and cannot allow it to happen. Becerra would usher more anti-gun nonsense to our already broken healthcare system and the quack doctors that buy into the anti-gun hysteria.


The dimms want the whole country to be run just like CA. It’s their wet dream, and if Harris/Biden is inaugurated it will likely happen.


When Reagan was President, CA was blood red, but the state flip-flopped into a blue quasi-totalitarian hell-hole, and the situation gets worse almost daily. The majority of Californians are extremist Liberal pukes or illegals. The rest are sheep.

uncle dudley

The country doesn’t need another liberal nut from California in a major position in the government, they have ruined their state and they should stay there.


Unfortunately, they are leaving the State in droves and most take their radical Socialist views with them.


Beccera is a spanish speaking nazi.


If this commie POS somehow gets confirmed, we will only be allowed to arm ourselves with dildos.


And, I’ll wager Kamala LipLock has a bunch of them in various shapes and sizes.


In other news, water is still wet…


I think we should EXPECT anti-gunners in EVERY position!
It HAS TO BE common knowledge by now that citizen disarmament is their TOP PRIORITY!
They are RELENTLESS in achieving this goal.
Nobody seems to be able to return any of the many freedoms already lost.


They may ultimately be forced to try confiscation to meet their Marxist goal of citizen disarmament. Depending on the timing of such efforts, our country could easily end up in a second Civil War. Despite what the lying Socialists say, “not to be infringed” means precisely that. Next, Biden’s goons will probably go after controlling the cost and availability of ammunition. If you haven’t noticed, costs have skyrocketed and availability is very limited.


“Gun Safety” is about to become a “Health” problem.


“Gun Violence” was declared an “epidemic” some time ago.

Trump gave the Center for Disease Control funding to “study” it and Biden will significantly increase that budget. Guess what the conclusion will be.


Gee, I couldn’t guess what all of these college studies are going to say. Let me see. It might be a safer America because people might not be able to shoot one another because God knows if they get more guns, more people might, could, or possibly get killed?

Stay armed for a safer America


Here’s what they won’t say:

  • The firearm ownership rate in rural area X is 10 times that of the Garfield Park and Englewood neighborhoods of Chicago
  • The murder and non-negligent homicide rate in those two neighborhoods in Chicago is 150 times that of rural area X
  • After much further research, we have concluded the cause of violence in which firearms were used is mainly due to the dysfunctional micro-culture in neighborhoods with high crime rates. That micro-culture results in extremely low impulse control.
  • Firearm ownership is not the problem
Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC

I know what you mean. I can’t remember which three states it is but law enforcement, the people, the politicians and pro gun groups say that if you take three major cities out of the equation of gun deaths in America, one of them being Chicago, we actually have a lower rate then some countries that have total gun control. So, with that in mind, it really is a lie that they are selling to the people and gun crime is not as rampant all across the USA as they are telling us. Brittan is pushing for new gun controls… Read more »


If you just remove violent neighborhoods of major cities from both the numerator and denominator, the murder/non-negligent homicide rate in the U.S. is on par with other countries. There is a neighborhood on the south side of Chicago with an extremely low murder/non-negligent homicide rate. Most neighborhoods on the North side are the same way.


Make sure you have plenty of spare parts and lots of ammunition.


Armed to the hilt and highly trained.


The little less talk and a lot more action. All this Blah Blah Blah gets nothing accomplished or changed. Continual screaming on the interweb is no different than all the Libs who screamed at the sky when Trump won. The difference is the Libs will act upon their control with a united front unlike the Republicans who fight amongst themselves. We have witnessed the slow yet steady destruction of Our Right by politicians, the courts and private businesses (Interweb) for many decades. We have relied on a system that has been taken over by Judges and Bureaucrats who answer to… Read more »


Becerra has been one of Nancy Pelosis pets for quite a while.


Just as a preview of coming attractions I was contacted by his office regarding an inquiry on California complying with the Federal LEOSA. Not only did this ass clown’s flunkies tell me that they didn’t have to comply with Federal laws and after explaining the Supremacy Clause to them they then flat out told me that the California AG’s Office does not have to comply with the Constitution. You can bet money this is the attitude that he would bring to any position he holds.


States across the Nation have effectively repealed the Second Amendment.
It’s not a personal thing . . . not needing to comply with the Constitution applies to ALL democrats, it’s not just Becerra.


Biden will not be inaugerated without a new election.


I only liked this much of your post. “Biden will not be inaugurated”. I pray that the electoral college or the senate will take care of that.

Stay armed for a safer America


And if they inaugurate him without a new election, the battle cry will be; “‘Here come the commies!” and we will take back our Republic the way they did starting in 1776. Just say NO to Biden and his Gang.


A new election is appropriate, but the Swamp (including many Republican members of Congress and high level bureaucrats) are hell-bent on not letting that happen. It also appears the Supreme Court is bending over backwards to make sure Biden is victorious.


In 44 days he will be and before 2021 is over Kameltoe Hairyazz with be, Either after he resigns for health reasons or the democrats 25th him. The only thing that can stop him taking office now is sudden death or a Coup D’etat. Which is as unlikely as President Trump winning the election by Court action. There just aren’t enough POTG willing to put their Asses on the line. They’d rather scream at the Interweb. Much in the same way Libs screamed at the sky when Hildabeast lost. at least in my state we gave President Trump the largest… Read more »


Will, thank God for Texas for fighting for the truth and justice!


My State Florida has signed on, too. American by birth and a Southerner through circumstances. Proud to be a citizen of the great State of Florida! Arm up and carry on!


I wish I could be proud to say I am an Oregoneian.

But, I try and fight the commie bastards with my vote.

Arm up and carry on for a safer America


and the American way!


musicman44mag,the American way indeed! God bless America!


These Commie bastards have always been in bed with Satan. They consider him a Supreme Deity.


God Bless the Republic of Texas. We Michiganders always side with Texas. From what I hear, it’s Snowbird Heaven.


The Supreme Court has acted cowardly and punted by saying Texas couldn’t prove it had been qualified to be included in the litigation. I think all the other lawsuits supposed to be heard by SCOTUS have been concluded and Trump didn’t win a single one. Something stinks here. Courts throughout the land have ruled against every lawsuit filed by Trump’s attorneys. Many appear sufficiently documented to prove their legitimacy.
Some even appeared to be criminal in nature, and the courts turned the other cheek.