Peaceably Assemble and to Petition the Government, January 6th in D.C. ~ VIDEO

Peaceably Assemble and to Petition the Government, January 6th in D.C.
Peaceably Assemble and to Petition the Government, January 6th in D.C.

U.S.A.-( President Trump has called the People to peaceably assemble in Washington, D.C. on 6 January 2020. The People will petition the Government to redress grievances, particularly the fraudulent election of 2020.

Half the country believes the election was stolen from President Trump. Half of the rest are uninformed or misinformed. The evidence is accumulating, day after day. It is creeping through the censorship of big media and the tech oligarchs. More and more people are becoming informed. More and more people are becoming angry.

The report by Peter Navarro lays out the election fraud in the six swing states for all to see.

The Immaculate Deception 12.15.20

The peaceable assembly in DC is a way to redress the people’s grievances. There are many grievances.

Those who have seen their jobs shipped overseas to China, as the Chinese Communist Party steals the Western world blind, with the assistance of our ruling class/media/and tech giants, are likely to show up.

The veterans, who risked life and limb, and saw buddies die as they fought to preserve the Constitution, and now see it being shredded, are likely to show up.

Those whose businesses have been destroyed, fortunes lost, dreams imploded by state governors determined to destroy the economy to get rid of President Trump, are likely to show up.

Those who lost loved ones to lawless illegal immigrants, who flout our laws and disrespect our culture, egged on by politicians who wish to replace their current constituents, are likely to show up.

Those who see their children indoctrinated in government-run schools to disrespect their parents, hate themselves and their country, are likely to show up.

Those who are tired of being told people can change their sex as they change their clothes, who see children deliberately being sexualized under the age of eight, and who are threatened if they oppose such indoctrination, are likely to show up.

Those who have been told, they have to hate themselves because of the color of their skin, that discrimination is the only reason for inequality of result, and, if they will not repeat the lie themselves, they will no longer have a job, are likely to show up.

Those who see a corrupt ruling class who claim citizenship of the world rather than allegiance to the United State; a ruling class which sees military power of the USA as a problem, rather than prudence in a dangerous world; a ruling class which sees American patriots as deplorables, instead of creators of solutions; those who see the reality of the rulers, are likely to show up.

Those who see the United States as the greatest nation which has ever existed on the face of the earth, a nation which has achieved the greatest prosperity, the greatest freedom, the greatest technology, the greatest military strength, the wealthiest and fattest poor people on the planet, are likely to show up, to oppose those who want to destroy the United States as it exists.

All who want to show up will not be able to. The hour is late. There are only a few days to make it to DC by the morning of January 6th.

Americans are problem solvers. We instinctively form committees, organize church groups, and learn to rely on each other when the defense of the nation requires it. The commercial planes to DC are filling fast. Buses are being organized. Caravans are being created from as far as California.

If you do not have the means to go, several friends can pool resources to send a representative.  People who cannot spare time can sponsor those who have time to spare.

People can support those who are able and willing to go in many ways. The People will need shelter and support on the way. Volunteers will need to organize parking and shuttles closer to D.C.  If you cannot go, there are many ways to contribute.

With President Trump as the Commander in Chief, patriots need not worry about being machine-gunned in the streets, as a dictator might in a nation without the Constitutional guarantee of a peaceable assembly to petition the government.

The United States is not Venezuela… yet.

Whatever happens on 6 January 2020, will be history-making, and significant for the future of the United States.

Years, decades, in the future, people will be asking: Where were you on that fateful day?

About Dean Weingarten:

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of Constitutional Carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering and retired from the Department of Defense after a 30-year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

Dean Weingarten

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Wouldn’t it be nice if republicans could show the kind of unity that demonrats have shown in the past and not show up to the inauguration if Joe Kamaltoe gets it.

Capn Dad

Peaceably assemble all you like but it will solve nothing. There is now only one way to avoid a communist takeover.


The USA is now more divided then in 1861. At that time we were most all the same faith,origin, DNA and looked alike north & south. Shiver to imagine the divide today when both sides have little to no common bond with 1/2 the others in the country. It cannot continue .


pureamericana . . . YUP!!! Arm up!!! Get ready!!!


Republicans still believe in the rule of law and fair elections. Maybe we should be playing by Democrat rules. The only time Democrats follow the Constitution is when they can use it against the people.


That would be a logical fallacy (tu quoque). In other words, two wrongs don’t make a right. The more we follow and enforce the Supreme Law of the Land the better off we will be.


Cruiser . . . Well past time to clean out the country of those who do not believe in and refuse to follow the Constitution of the United States, whether they be in the population or the government! Arm up! Get ready!


When Oaths of office, peaceful protests, litigation, voting, writing and calling doesn’t work. Only one way to STOP TYRANTS!!!




Your posts are welcome and refreshing Mr. Weingarten, your choice of content I find valuable in these troubling times. I have thought a lot about the challenges we face going forward as a country and about the damage that has been done to this great nation by the media and the demoncrat/commies. History shows us Judeo/Christian conservatives are normally slow to act against transgressors but once the hammer drops watch out. I am looking forward to seeing this Commie infiltration receive its fitting end and when the commies are sent packing they can take all the demoncrats with them.


“Only through ballots or bullets can a civil society be created and sustained.” With election integrity nonexistent (no photo ID required?) only peaceful separation or civil war will preserve a Constitutional America. I vote for peaceful separation but will do my duty either way.

Last edited 1 year ago by Bob
StandWith Me

We have been peacefully assembling and petitioning — to no avail. From SCOTUS through all courts, from Top US politicians to state government, from Pres. Trump’s staff to department heads, all are corrupt, anti-Trumpers, RINOs, commies, CCP loving etc. and don’t give a dam about the majority of the American people. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is one definition and display of insanity. The US Constitution gives us many reliefs from the tyranny exercised by those below President Trump. The question is does the American people want to use those remedies legally… Read more »


SWB . . . . No one wants to go to war with the government! HOWEVER, the Oligarchy that is in control now is about to be replaced by a Centrally Controlled Communist Police State Government. That is something that we CANNOT TOLERATE!!! Time for American Patriots to take back the country by whatever means are necessary!!! Arm up!!! Get ready!!!


I hope that the events that follow the new President’s arrival are a lesson to the indolent right in this country. I cannot begin to express my disappointment over the right’s laziness during the last four years. I’m even depressed over their blind allegence to an administration they only think they know. But if losing the better candidate wakes them up (yet) again, it’s the only way the people get closer to their established American duties. This election loss — no matter how it manifested — is probably going to be one of the last wake-up calls we will be… Read more »


Seems like 10 years ago but it was only a few months ago when Trump said they found a waste basket full of votes and all those votes where for him. My first and only question was simply, show them to us! He could not and cannot show us the Proof as there is none………………. People that write this kind of stuff are simply in it for the money. If they had to change to some lefty topic to make more money 90% of them would flip. There just in it for themselves. Free Your Mind. Be Party Blind. Yet,… Read more »


I saw the video of it yesterday, full of Trump ballots. Do just a smidgen of research. MSM is blocking and burying the truth.


gooder12 . . . you need to pull your cranium out of your gluteus maximus you stupid s.o.b. and stop being a shill for the Communist Democrap Party.

Get Out

FYI, It was nine military absentee ballots for trump that were found, he lost the Pennsylvania race by 50K anyway.