Montana: House Passes Permitless Carry Legislation

Micro 1911 NRA-ILA
Montana passes open carry laws. IMG NRA-ILA

U.S.A. -( Yesterday, the Montana House passed self-defense legislation, House Bill 102, by a 66 to 31 vote.  Having now passed out of the chamber of origin, HB 102 will be sent to the Senate and may be referred to the Judiciary Committee for further consideration. Please contact committee members and ask that they SUPPORT House Bill 102.


House Bill 102 will strengthen Montana’s self-defense laws by allowing law-abiding Montana gun owners to carry a firearm for self-defense throughout the state without first having to obtain a government-mandated permit to do so.  Further, this bill will remove some of Montana’s “gun-free zones” from the list of prohibited places and stop the unnecessary disarming of Montanans as they go about their day-to-day lives.

Again, it is important that you please contact members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and ask them to SUPPORT House Bill 102.

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A Free People shall be armed. Montana is moving in the right direction. Constitutional carry is your right and not a privilege granted by bureaucrats.

Elisa Delaurenti

Just wait until you see our next bill, to be introduced here within a few days. It’s going to drive the anti’s the rest of the way to insanity.


Please. God, let that truly be so!!


For DemocRats, “… the rest of the way” to insanity is a very damnably-short distance (less than a “bunny hop).


As a Montanan I really appreciate Ammoland and NRA-ILA informing me about this legislation. It provided and excellent opportunity to provide input to my representative government. Thanks.

Elisa Delaurenti

As a Montanan, the Montana Shooting Sports Association is the ONLY pro-gun rights organization in this State. It would serve you well and in a more timely manner to sign up with us and keep track of our work directly. We write and usher through our Montana Legislative body ALL pro-RKBA legislation here in Montana. We have pages on Facebook, Gab, Mewe, FirearmsFriendly and we also have a email distribution list that you can sign up for to receive these notices and calls to action directly from us and in a far more timely manner. If you have any questions,… Read more »


No time for a turf war. I really don’t give a fig where I hear news from if it is an important issue. What I care about is getting good things accomplished in our country, i.e. USA, and not solely limited to being a ‘tribal’ Montana issue. Thank you NRA and Ammoland for the heads up and keep up the good work MSSA


Good first step.
Let’s see if the People-in-charge will LISTEN.
The “law” allowing Law Abiding Americans to DEFEND themselves needs to pass.
Do as the people they REPRESENT want them to do!
America needs Nationwide Constitutional Carry —- WITH — “qualified immunity” as is used with the Police when they are forced to defend themselves!